25 Relaxing Mental Health Gift Basket and Fillers Ideas

Mental health is a serious problem we have to face in this modern society. The unreasonable expensive living cost and social expectations put our mental state at risk. This situation got even worse when the pandemic hit and affected not only the economy but also our social interactions.

It is very important to support each other during these hard times. We can help our stressed-out friends to relax and unwind by giving them a basket full of self care packages or grounding items. 

So without further ado, below is a list of a simple but actually helpful mental health gift basket ideas to motivate your loved ones going through hard times. 

1. Mental Health Distraction Box

Mental Health Distraction Box

People with anxiety and mental health issues sometimes need to distract themselves from their own mind. This is what we call positive distractions as it provides us with an escape from overthinking and stress. This box includes A face mask, a coloring book, pencils, tea lights, calming teas, chocolate, sweets, biscuits, and positive quotes. Practically all the good ingredients you need for your mental health getaway. 

2. Relaxation Spa Gift Box

Relaxation Spa Gift Box

Taking time to relax is the best thing we can ever do in stressful times. This box contains the good you need to pamper yourself and forget about your daily struggles for a while. This box contains several items to give you an at home spa experience including different types of masks, headband, and natural bath bombs. 

3. Life is Tough but so are You Care Package

Life is Tough but so are You Care Package

Life is tough and each of us needs a best friend to remind us that we are also tough. This care package will be a great mental health gift for your best friend if you feel like they need a boost of courage to face the world. This box includes self care essentials including soy candle, boho mantra match box, body butter, and lip balm. It also comes with a pyramid natural stone that represents the sense of harmony and unity within ourselves and with the environment.

4. Mental Health Care Package

Mental Health Care Package

Coloring is a great way to relieve stress. This gift box aims to ease anxiety through focus and distraction in the form of coloring. It contains an adult art therapy coloring travel set which has 2 coloring books of 60 different designs and 12 coloring pencils. It also features an anti anxiety mini crystal pouch, nourishing Cucumber Mint gel face mask, and hot chocolates, herbal teas and biscuits on days when you need some warmth and comfort.

5. Anxiety Affirmation Box

Anxiety Affirmation Box

This mental health gift box is a great way to send someone love and encouragement. If you know someone with anxiety, you know that it can be hard for them to deal with anxiety attacks and the affirmation cards in this box are important for helping get through every attack. This box includes 12 beautifully designed anxiety affirmations, lavender bud sachet, button/pin, stickers, and so much more. 

6. For the Health of It Package

For the Health of It Package

Snacking is a simple way to boost our mood. But for some people with mental health issues, even snacking can make them feel guilty. This package contains a combination of sweet and salty healthy snacks which are light on calories. You can give it to a friend and they can enjoy their little snack time, guil-free. 

7. Low Fat Gourmet Gift Basket

Low Fat Gourmet Gift Basket

The way society judges us by our appearance can affect us in a negative way. For some people, it leads them to serious eating disorders that affect their health. We need to be careful in helping them to have a better relationship with food. This is a gift that says you care. It includes delicious and healthy snacks that are fat free and cholesterol free. So it is not only good for their mental health but their physical health as well. 

8. Vegan Delights Gourmet Gift

Vegan Delights Gourmet Gift

If you know a friend who is dealing with mental health and happens to have some mental struggles, this box can be a great gift for them. It includes best quality vegan items including red organic quinoa, couscous, french olives, and dried berries. They can use these items to spice up their everyday meal in a healthy, vegan way. 

9. Gold Heart Shaped Basket with Soap

Mental Health Gift Basket

Washing your hands can be as fancy as you imagine it to be. This bucket is filled with rose shaped soap rich with bacterial material effectively removing bacteria from your hands. The soap has a delicate texture and great scent that balances our body and mind. It has the most ideal effect on physical, mental and mental health. You can give it to your friend and let them experience a hand washing session that feels like therapy. 

10. Beachy Tropical Treats

Mental Health Gift Basket

This mental health gift basket offers the perfect blend of a bold and beautiful design, mixed with a host of fresh summer sweets and a super soft keepsake plush flamingo. As we all know, tropical treats are the best treats when someone needs a little mental vacation. With flavors selected to inspire their mind to wander to someplace tropical, this is a great gift for anyone who loves the refreshing flavors of the warmer climates. This gift basket includes a soft plush flamingo, different type of tropical flavored cookies, and lollipops. 

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11. Eucalyptus Spearmint Bath Set

Eucalyptus Spearmint Bath Set

Just by looking at the color theme of this bath set makes our mind at peace. It looks so peaceful and luxurious at the same time. Getting this gift basket to a friend is like giving them an experience to enjoy a luxurious spa, which we know will affect the mental state in the best way possible. It is specially formulated with calming mint fragrance to relax your mind, body, and soul. 

12. She Feels Loved Self Care Gift Basket

She Feels Loved Self Care Gift Basket

Show your support by giving your best friend this self care gift basket. Packed with wonderful self-care products, this gift box is ready to pamper her senses and offer her a well-deserved self-care session and endless moments of relaxation. The basket includes cute fuzzy socks, aromatherapy shower steamers, bath bombs, herbal tea, a coffee mug and inspirational cards that will make her feel special and loved.

13. Skin Care Giftable Set

Skin Care Giftable Set

Every person deserves a good skin care regime. Especially those who suffer with mental health issues. This set includes the best skin care products that pamper and nourish your body from head to toe. It includes skin care products, hand and feet products, lip moisturizers, and multipurpose ointments for your everyday needs. The design of the products is very unique and has a vintage look making it great as a gift basket set. 

14. Good Vibes Success and Inspiration Jar

Good Vibes Success and Inspiration Jar

Support for your loved ones can be expressed through different ways including this good vibes jar. It will amaze and make anyone happy throughout the whole month. It is a great way to lift up their spirit through hard times. It is an ideal mental health gift basket filler for anyone you care for. They can use it whenever they feel down and need their spirit to be lifted, they can use the inspirational and motivational quotes packed in this jar. 

15. Luxetique Spa Gifts Set

Luxetique Spa Gifts Set

Finding a way to express your love and support can be hard sometimes. But when in doubt, you can alway go back to the essentials. A spa gift is a simple gift set that actually does its job. It is packed with the best spa products including shower gel, bubble bath, 6 soap petals, hand cream, body lotion, and many more. The best part of this set is the luxurious tote bag that can be used in many different ways, such as going shopping, dating and running errands.

16. Mental Health Embroidery Kit

Mental Health Gift Basket

When overwhelming feelings take hold, sometimes you need an activity to help you focus and ground. This embroidery set is a perfect way to overcome heavy feelings stitch by stitch. This kit will keep your hands busy and mind occupied so you can get away from anxious thoughts. This kit is beginner friendly and filled with all basic embroidery kit including embroidery needle, thread, printed fabric, a hoop, and a detailed guide. With this kit, your loved ones will experience the therapeutic joy of stitching. 

17. Dear Self Weekly Prompt Card and Notepad

Mental Health Gift Basket

This deck is more than just affirmations. With this purposeful deck of cards, you can uncover your true story. This set will make a mental health gift basket filler since it is helpful and actually helps your loved ones to coach themselves to a more positive and realistic view and deal with challenges. The companion notepad can be used to write, sketch, doodle, and express feelings. 

18. The Grief Companion Deck

Mental Health Gift Basket

Grieving is healthy. It is an important part of healing. But it is not an easy phase to get through especially if you’re alone. This is why you need a companion to help you go through the hard times. The cards are grouped into three categories so you can choose the one that meets your needs at a particular moment.These cards provide you with gentle guidance as well as practical activities like creating a simple daily schedule to keep you from feeling overwhelmed. It is a great mental health gift basket filler that will make your loved ones happy.

19. Mindfulness Dice

Mental Health Gift Basket

The mindfulness dice is another great mental health gift basket filler idea. It is unique and practical and can be used every morning before you officially start your day. It contains 36 practices and thousands of possible combinations to perform. When we are in a bad place mentally, sometimes it is hard to just determine what to do in the day. With this dice set, you’ll enter each new day with a customized set of intentions to take on anything that may come your way. 

20. Self-care Journal

Mental Health Gift Basket

Journaling is the old way to cope with mental health struggles. But no matter how old and traditional it feels, it actually works. This is why many mental health professionals advise their patients to do daily journaling. Journaling can help you to tune into your feelings. This journal features questions to help you discover what inspires you and makes you happy. It is very easy to use and will be a great mental health gift basket filler. 

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21. Wine Country Gift Basket

Mental Health Gift Basket

This gift basket offers a wide variety of snacks and tea to satisfy any taste buds and entertain your mind when you need some kind of treats. This basket is filled with various delicious treats that can help to boost mood and give a sense of comfort for when we endure uneasy feelings. The basket also presents beautifully that can show that there are good things in this world, and sometimes happiness comes from in simple forms. 

22. Hearty Bites and Wine Gift Basket

Mental Health Gift Basket

Having a hard time? Why cope when you can celebrate? Sometimes, having a little bit of fun is what we need. And what can provide us with the simplest form of joy instead of good food and a good wine? Send this package packed with sausages, cheese, mustard, and wines to help your loved one remember the joy of life and help them keep going. 

23. Specialty Coffee Gift Basket

Mental Health Gift Basket

The best way to boost our mood is a good coffee. A hot cup of coffee every morning will set our mood and provide us with energy we need to survive the day. A coffee lover will certainly appreciate this gift basket since it provides them with the best quality coffee in different flavors. It also comes with a travel mug that is very handy to keep our mental state at top. 

24. Mental Health Stickers

Mental Health Gift Basket

It is important to be reminded throughout the day. Fun stickers can help us to feel happy and in a better mood. It can be great mental health gift basket fillers that can be useful and lift up their mood. They can stick the stickers in strategic places where they can see throughout the day. It is a great way to remind them of your love and support. 

25. Chocolate Gift Basket

Mental Health Gift Basket

And finally, there are no better ways to improve mood and give us energy boost other than a box of chocolate. We can even call it a box of joy since chocolate can actually make us happy. This box is filled with assorted goodness including milk butter pecan patties, cashew clusters, pretzel clouds, and many more. It is a little treasure box that will make everyone happy, because honestly, who doesn’t love chocolate?

latest post:

What do you put in a mental health gift box?

You can put everything that can help improve mood and happiness such as an inspiration jar, mindfulness gift, and or stickers. You can also add journals and note pad to help them write down their feelings everyday. A deck of prompt cards and grief cards is also a good idea. Don’t forget to throw several delicious treats as well. 

What do you send someone who is struggling with mental health?

You can send them some items that can help them to ease their mind. A basket of spa kit will give them the experience of comfort and luxurious spa that will help them to relax. You can also give them things that you know they will enjoy such as snacks or coffee boxes if they are a coffee lover. 

What essential oils are good for depression?

The Eucalyptus Spearmint Bath Set and Luxetique Spa Gifts Set includes several essential oils that will help people with mental health issues to feel more relaxed. We know that eucalyptus is great for mental health. These sets also contain several bath and spa products enriched with essential oils to give daily therapeutic experience. 

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