23 Coolest Shipping Container Homes Ever!

Shipping container homes have in the recent past become a popular trend. They offer numerous advantages to home owners. Moreover, they are highly cost-effective and take very little time to set up.

Take a walk with us into the realm of creativity to sample some of the most outstanding works in this field and get much-needed inspiration to come up with your own ingenious design.

Cool Shipping Container Homes:

#1 Costa Rica Containers of Hope 

Costa Rica Containers of Hope

This architectural masterpiece is a great example of how far a little creativity can go. Considering that the main challenge faced by shipping container homes enthusiasts is too much length and not enough width, the designer here placed two containers side-by-side to create a spacious and extremely scenic modern home.

The extensive use of glass for the outer walls further enhances the effect of space, making the house appear like an impressive blend of the regular indoors and an adventurous outdoor space.

The slanted roof design makes it quite an object of beauty while allowing generous air circulation within the interior space.

#2  Zigloo Domestique Shipping Container Home  

Zigloo Domestique Shipping Container Home

This is a remarkable choice for eco-friendly home owners around the globe. The project not only utilizes end-of-life containers that would otherwise have been disposed of, but in its construction it saves the life of approximately 70 trees by providing suitable alternatives to wood in the project.

Zigloo Domestique Shipping Container Home

It comes with all the convenient features of a modern home like air conditioning and floor heating to keep up with the seasons. It also features huge, picturesque windows that afford the tenant an amazing view of the beautiful outdoors all year round.

Zigloo Domestique Shipping Container Home

It has all the basics one would need in their living space spruced up with a touch of style.

#3 Honomobo Modern Modular Shipping Container Homes 

Modern Modular Shipping Container Homes

This extremely sleek structure has utilized the simplest of designs to execute a result many potential shipping container homes enthusiasts only dream of.

It has successfully converted an ordinary and drab container into a luxurious sanctuary complete with a patio for Sunday afternoon barbecue.

Modern Modular Shipping Container Homes

Look at the creative use of glass to maximize on light infiltration on the entire front side and the clever placement of the living room and kitchen on this bright side.

Considering that the cost to build a container shipping home is so many times lower than an ordinary home, it seems like one of the best innovations to the home ownership front.

#4 Casa Incubo by Maria Jose Trejos

Casa Incubo by Maria Jose Trejos

This is a fairy-tale like work of art; it almost seems too good to be true. The design makes use of containers stacked together to form an incredible storied home full of light and life. The cedar tree on the front porch almost seems like a part of the house.

The containers used are only slightly modified to allow for natural light to filter in and the floor is extended to create a beautiful porch.

The awnings on the roof top allow for extra light and fresh air while giving the home a touch of elegance.

#5 The Flying Box by 2A Design

The Flying Box by 2A Design

This is one of the most sophisticated and cool shipping container homes ever! It is extremely difficult to tell that it is made out of actual shipping containers. A few modifications here and there have completely disguised that fact and made it the perfect choice for someone who doesn’t want the material to seem too obvious.

A few modifications here and there have completely disguised that fact and made it the perfect choice for someone who doesn’t want the material to seem too obvious.

The Flying Box by 2A Design
The Flying Box by 2A Design

Even though the interior is relatively small, the predominant use of shimmering white creates an illusion of space. The seamless design, on the other hand, serves to create high visual appeal while erasing all traces of the material used in its construction.

#6 Shipping Container Guest House Unit

Believe it or not, this highly impressive piece was constructed using only one 40-foot shipping container. Its base rests on telephone poles and the floor is made out of recycled bamboo.

Shipping Container Guest House Unit

It is therefore not only a highly attractive unit; it is also an eco-friendly choice for an environmentally conscious homeowner.

Shipping Container Guest House Unit

It boasts a very simple functional design, incorporating only the most important elements of a guest room, a living room area, bedroom and a bathroom.

Yet all of these functional aspects are exquisitely incorporated into a charming work of art that gives evidence of forethought and great taste.

#7 The 4-piece Cross Box Residence

The 4-piece Cross Box Residence

As the name suggests, this home is made up of four shipping containers arranged to cross each other and form an architectural marvel that is quite rare for shipping container homes.

The upper pieces seem to be floating on thin air and give the home an appearance of mystery making it all the more outstanding.

The incorporation of a simple touch of nature on part of the roof makes for an interesting addition and adds to its compelling appeal.

The external finish takes the gold as it not only provides a unique aesthetic touch it also offers thermal padding to keep occupants warm and happy through the cold winter season. 

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#8 Container Love Germany

Container Love Germany

This modern and highly simplistic design makes use of two containers set adjacent to each other at a right angle.

It features a central courtyard that seems like an extension of the living room and the stunningly large windows make the house bright and lively.

Container Love Germany

Its set-up right in the middle of the countryside creates a stark contrast between the home and its surroundings making it seem very modern and giving its design an air of sleekness.

The construction project took a mere 4 weeks to complete and it was delivered to the site ready for habitation after a few finishing touches to the wiring and plumbing system.

#9 Maison Container Life

Maison Container Life

This artistic structure has awed young and old alike by its delicately interwoven patterns and the outstanding expertise used to turn the 8 containers into one beautiful example of amazing shipping container homes.

Maison Container Life
Maison Container Life

The containers were stacked together and their interior spaces stylishly carved out to make a spacious family home complete with a winding staircase. Its latticed roofing system was designed to keep the interior cool even in the warmest of summers and the huge bay windows provide both a scenic view of the surroundings and a dose of fresh air when needed.

#10 EcoTech Mojave Desert Container Home

EcoTech Mojave Desert Container Home

Right in the heart of the Mojave Desert is a beautiful oasis that makes quite a name for prefab shipping container homes.

It is a 2-storeyed residence that has all its features highlighted in a sparkling white finish that greatly reflects the desert sun.

EcoTech Mojave Desert Container Home

It is a single-bedroom unit but has a built in photo studio with lots of natural light flowing in through the picturesque windows. Most of its external wall comprises glass for this very reason and gives the interior quite a touch of vibrancy and life.

EcoTech Mojave Desert Container Home

The roof is full of life with an irrigation and water harvesting system incorporated to provide natural insulation.

#11 Garcia’s Savannah Project

Garcia’s Savannah Project

This is one of the most unique shipping container homes that combine the prefabricated materials with natural materials found in its lush savannah setting. The home is made up of 2 containers creatively joined together by cutting out the side walls.

The flooring is partly solid wood and partly tinted concrete and it features one bedroom and a small kitchenette. Part of the roof is raised to create an interesting effect as well as to let nature trickle in in the form of light and cool mountain air.

Its external was left in the original state and this makes for a surprising contrast particularly after a guest steps into the contemporary living room.

#12 Six Oaks California Shipping Container Home

Six Oaks California Shipping Container Home

The six oaks residence provides an interesting blend of modernity and a rustic appeal. The home’s design was made to fit into the existing landscape and this earns it a place on the list of most cool shipping container homes globally.

It features a minimalist design that both connects it to its lush environment and also keeps it aloof. The house is only accessible by the use of a bridge, further accentuating its sophistication and mysterious appeal. The interior is open-plan and there is plenty of light filtering in through skylights, wall grates and perfectly placed extra-large windows.

#13 EBS Block Modular Shipping Container Homes 

Modular Shipping Container Homes

This range of products offers tastefully designed shipping container homes for sale that are delivered right to your chosen location ready to set up and move in the same day. They offer all the pertinent features of a modern home creatively fitted into one 20-foot shipping container.

The kitchen and bathroom spaces are retractable and are therefore fixed at the two ends of the structure. The home is designed using carefully crafted mechanical and electrical systems that allow for remote control operation of the various movable parts.

This means that any home owner can easily pack it up and move with it to the next location of choice

#14 Ecuador Shipping Container Home

Ecuador Shipping Container Home

Would you like to think completely outside the box when it comes to home ownership? Take a look at this amazing sample of shipping container homes.

It is made up of a total of 8 containers to create a sprawling modern living space. The modules have not been joined together and as such, the home can be disassembled and moved with ease.

The extended roofing not only enhances it beauty but also creates an extension of the living space joining it to the scenic outdoors and creating an architecturally balanced structure. There is plenty of lighting from all sides and the cohesive choice of colors creates a relaxing effect.

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#15 Colorado Home by Studio HT

Colorado Home by Studio HT

The choice of landscape surrounding this magnificent structure completely complements it, with the firm foundation on a rocky mountain-top giving it an edge of superiority and sleekness.

It is quite outstanding not only because it is the only visible sign of life for miles, but also due to the earthy colors chosen and the spectacular finish.

There is minimal use of windows on the structure but the few that feature are delicately placed at varying positions and angles to magnify the visual interest. The fact that it partly sits on the rocky outcrop and is partly suspended makes it quite a beauty to behold.

#16 Casa El Tiemblo Spain

Casa El Tiemblo Spain

The beauty of this masterpiece lies not on the simplistic outside that was left in the original condition but in the ornately planned interior that shames even the best of modern homes.

The relatively low ceiling benefits from the more than adequate lighting streaming in from all directions.

Casa El Tiemblo Spain
Casa El Tiemblo Spain

The choice of the color white is just on point as it creates lots of light reflection and makes the room seem dazzling. The open plan kitchen and living room design was the perfect choice considering the space involved and makes the ground floor area continuous and spacious.

#17 Simple Modern Shipping Container Homes

Simple Modern Shipping Container Homes

The most outstanding modern shipping container homes are not necessarily the ones featuring the most complex design. This is a perfect example illustrating the fact that simplicity at times trumps all else.

Simple Modern Shipping Container Homes

This spacious family home is simply made by stacking up the containers in an ordinary fashion yet it retains the design of a regular home. It features a lockable car port, sufficient lighting from the strategically placed huge windows and a back-side that would leave any beholder in awe.

The design is uniquely cohesive making for a visually appealing work of art achieved in the simplest of ways.

#18 Honomobo Modular Double Story Home

Honomobo Modular Double Story Home

One of the main reasons why people choose shipping container homes over the traditional counterparts is the flexibility offered especially to persons who don’t fancy permanence.

If you, like them, get bored easily with seeing the same old landscape for all eternity but are not keen on spending a fortune, then this is the kind of house you should consider.

Honomobo Modular Double Story Home

With this kind of home, moving house need not be a nightmare since you can easily dismantle it and pack it up for reconstruction at your next favorite site. There is simply no limit to the number of times you can do this and the cost of purchase and set-up is quite a bargain.

#19 The Millers’ Magnificent Graceville

The Millers’ Magnificent Graceville

If you have always felt that big is beautiful then by no means are you limited to a minimal structure when you choose to build a shipping container home. This is a perfect illustration of a lovely dream house for whom small and simple just will not do.

It was built using 31 containers to feature four bedrooms, a gym, four baths and a studio. The ground floor comprises 10 containers and the rest are stacked up on top in a beautiful arrangement that gives the home its magnificent finish. If this is what defines you, by all means, go for it and live your dream.

#20 Bellevue West Coast Shipping Container Homes

Bellevue West Coast Shipping Container Homes

This is yet another one of the cool shipping container homes designs that should find a place in the heart of many potential home owners.

Bellevue West Coast Shipping Container Homes

In its highly simplistic design, it find a way to weave in convenient pleasures like the lovely rooftop deck, raised ceilings for ideal air circulation and large windows allowing a scenic view of the marvelous outdoors.

Bellevue West Coast Shipping Container Homes

Designed as a vacation home, this house offers all the conveniences of modern living and is an exquisite sight to behold. The backyard patio is perfect for taking in the glorious sunset and cool evening breeze to gently sweep all your worries away.

#21 Custom Container Living

Custom Container Living

Take your fantasy to the next level with one of these custom container homes. Whether you have a soft spot for tiny home living or wish to create the ultimate weekend getaway home, Custom Container Living is all you need and much more!

Custom Container Living

Choose between 20-foot and 40-foot container homes and watch your vision come to life before your eyes. You can design it into a playhouse, man cave, home office, hunting cabin or make it your permanent home.

Custom Container Living

The best part is that the design will draw on your specific preferences to guarantee satisfactory results. Keeping in mind that shipping container homes are eco-friendly, cost effective, allow for easy transport and onsite construction, this really is the whole package.

Custom Container Living

Simply because you love container living does not mean you have to sacrifice on convenience and style. Enjoy the best of both worlds by bringing your dream to life with a custom made container home.

#22 Back Country Containers

Back Country Containers

Tired of being tied down to a single location? Find the perfect excuse to run wild with one of these shipping container homes.

Back Country Containers

Unlike conventional homes, these come with the distinct advantage of portability. Consequently, you can enjoy living wherever your wanderlust takes you without having to keep buying and selling homes.

Back Country Containers

More importantly, Back Country Containers allow you to create a unique design that perfectly fits your land, functional demands and aesthetic preferences. As such, you get to enjoy living your dream in a shipping container house that perfectly reflects your personality.

Back Country Containers

For eco-conscious home owners, these are among the most eco-friendly options available. Not only do they reuse existing containers but would also be perfect for off-the-grid living. As such, they have a lower carbon footprint, save on costs and promote self-reliance.

The sky is literally the limit on the versatility and flexibility of these amazing homes. So have fun and let your imagination run wild as you make your vision a reality.

#23 Cargo Tecture Container Homes

Cargo Tecture Container Homes

Enjoy the perfect blend of flair and function with a shipping container house from Cargo Tecture.

With a long and remarkable history in creating functional spaces using intermodal shipping containers, they are your best bet.

Cargo Tecture Container Homes

No matter what your needs are, they offer a wide range of cutting-edge designs coupled with environmental sustainability.

From apartment buildings and guest cabins to lookout posts and retail facilities, there is everything for everyone.

Cargo Tecture Container Homes

As a pioneer in the field of creating homes using intermodal shipping containers, the company has over 14 years of experience under its belt. They offer a wide range of design options to choose from depending on individual preferences and budget.

Cargo Tecture Container Homes

These containers offer strong, durable units that can withstand any conditions and offer high versatility. Recycling them helps reduce waste, making it a viable choice for the eco-conscious.

Whether you are looking to build a micro-home, retreat, rental units or office, it is a matchless combination of benefits.

As is evident from the above gallery of splendid shipping container homes, the only limit to attaining your dream home is your own imagination. Go wild and have a blast in turning your home ownership into a fascinating reality today.

#24 Custom Design Container Home by Modhouse

4 x Shipping Container Conversion, Kilcunda.

A comfortable home is everyone’s dream. Especially if the house has an extraordinary architectural style like this. Indeed no one would have thought that this house is made of containers. By utilizing wood as the primary material, it gives a minimalist modern impression. Moreover, it has a tiny terrace equipped with chairs and a table to relax in the afternoon while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Clean, light and open plan. Open plan living, still achievable with shipping containers!

Let’s take a look at the interior design. A living room and kitchen are merged to look more comprehensive and provide easy access between the two rooms for the homeowner. Moreover, the choice of wood for the floor gives a mesmerizing look with its natural pattern.

Thoughtful storage solutions.

Moving on to the bedroom. Although it looks small, this room is excellent for a minimalist and cozy bed. You can choose the right transforming furniture so you can use this limited space wisely.

#25 IQ Container Home

A container home is a right choice when it comes to minimalism. Its small size and design make container homes a popular alternative for most people who don’t like to settle in the same place. One example of this type of home is designed by IQ container home.

Although the house looks small,  it has a great bedroom with an additional sofa as a place to relax, thanks to the architect’s expertise in arranging the interior.

Meanwhile, a mini kitchen complete with all the utensils will surely provide everything necessary to cook your favorite dishes. Additionally, there is a window as ventilation and a space to enjoy the view outside while enjoying breakfast or lunch.

The bathroom available is also quite spacious and convenient for the size of this container home. Moreover, floors in this house are made of wood, making it easier for the owner to clean their home as the material does not leave any print like ceramic.

#26 MAC Container Housing

This is definitely one of the coolest home containers you will ever see! The project allows you to become more creative in designing your home. With the MAC project, you can fulfill your wish to have a home container where you can paint your wagon with any color you love!

Moreover, as it is supported with some windows from all sides, your home will surely get good sun lighting and air circulation. In addition, the arrangement of the living room and kitchen into one gives an overall impression of the room.

Of course, in terms of the bedroom, you want to have a comfortable room to rest in after a day of doing various tiring activities. This home container offers a spacious bedroom that doesn’t limit your movement too much. You can arrange your room as comfortable as possible.

As is evident from the above gallery of splendid shipping container homes, the only limit to attaining your dream home is your own imagination. Go wild and have a blast in turning your home ownership into a fascinating reality today.

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