26 Cool Toy Boxes for Children Playroom

Would you like to teach your children how to stay organized? Then get them cool toy boxes as a present! This type of item will allow your sons and daughters to tidy up their toys after playtime is over. Surprisingly, interesting-looking toy boxes will encourage them to put away their toys properly. It can foster your toddler’s sense of responsibility and surely develop their coordination skills.

Toy boxes are not just plain square storage space, since there are various designs specifically tailored toward kids. The unusual shapes and motifs will make cleaning up activity a lot more fun to do, and a good toy box will make your child feel more enthusiastic toward organizing. And so, the following 26 cool toy boxes will be a great addition to your children’s playroom!

What Makes A Good Toy Box?

A good toy box is one that provides a big storage capacity. Children nowadays hoard so many toys so they will need bigger space. Furthermore, a box that features a cool exterior will be suitable for your kids. They will feel more inclined to use the box if it looks attractive. Tidying up the room will be a lot more fun with a cool toy box!

Cool Toy Boxes for Modern House 

A cool toy box is an essential furnishing that will complement your house. It allows your children to safely store their accessories and playthings. The following cool toy boxes will be a great addition for your modern house because of their elegant designs.

1. Soft Toy Box for Toddlers

Soft Toy Box for Toddlers

Teaching your children to stay organized should be done from an early age. For toddlers, this Set of Large Felt Toy Box will be a suitable choice. This model is soft so younger kids can use the box safely. Thanks to the flexible material, bumping into the container will not hurt your precious baby boys or girls!

2. Cool Wicker Toy Box

Cool Wicker Toy Box

A toy box with naturalistic design will be a great present for your children! This beautiful Wicker Toy Box is created by skilled artisans using rattan and palm fiber. The model is very environmentally friendly and does not contain harmful chemicals, so your children can store their precious belongings inside the stylish and safe container!

3. Personalized Cool Toy Box

Personalized Cool Toy Box

This Personal Toy Box can encourage your kids to be more responsible with their own belongings. You can order a custom wooden container with your children’s name on it. So your sons and daughters will feel more motivated to tidy up their toys. The custom toy box is very well-crafted and decorated with beautiful motifs.

4. Wooden Chest for Toys

Wooden Chest for Toys

Toys are a treasure for children. And so, it will be very fitting to store your kids’ playthings inside this Wooden Chest! This eco-friendly toy box is very aesthetically pleasing. In addition,  the interesting lid provides extra charm that will entice your children to use the box.

5. Deluxe Multiple Bins Toy Organizer

Deluxe Toy Organizer With Multiple Bins

One toy box will not be enough if you have more than one child. To avoid infighting between siblings, your brothers and sisters should separate their toys in different boxes. For that reason, the Delta Children Deluxe Storage set will be an excellent choice for this type of scenario! The model includes 4 smaller boxes, 3 medium boxes, and also 2 large containers.

6. Toy Box for Lego

Toy Box for Lego

The Toy Box Lego set will be a funny present for your children. After your kid is done assembling the set, then you will get a nice toy box complete with a lid. Interestingly, you can also use this box to store more lego blocks inside! This item will definitely encourage your sons and daughters to put away their lego toys properly.

7. Slavic Toy Box

SlavicToy Box

Bring a little piece of the beautiful Slavic culture into your kid’s playroom with the Russian Toy Box. This container is handcrafted using high quality woods by a skillful artisan. This beautiful box features intricate paintings that showcase traditional northern Russia motifs, which will definitely put an extra splash of color to brighten up any room.

8. Toy Bench Box

Toy Box That Double as Bench

This one is clearly a classy storage chest that will enhance the atmosphere of your children’s bedroom. KidKraft’s Limited Edition Wooden Toy Box is one of the coolest furniture to complement the house. The box can also act as a mini bench for your kids. In addition, the lid of the box is equipped with safety hinges so this item is safe for children aged 3 and up.

9. Giant Lego-shaped Toy Box

Giant Lego-shaped Toy Box

Scattered lego are landmines for your feet, as stepping on the plastic box can be super painful! It can actually be dangerous for small children’s soft limbs. So in order to persuade your kids to organize their sets, this giant Lego-shaped toy box will be an ideal gift. The box provides an excellent storage solution for the tiny lego toys. It’s like lego-ception!

10. Convertible Toy Box

Convertible Toy Box

This Kiddi Style’s Pirate Toy Box is a convertible storage that can be converted into a mini chair and a bench. Thanks to this adventurous-looking box, your children will definitely have hours of fun playing and organizing. It is an excellent choice for parents who want to inspire their children to clean up more and be responsible. 

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11. Minimalistic Toy Box with Wheels

Minimalistic Toy Box With Wheels

A playroom will not be complete without a toy organizer. So you should buy this KidSpace Toy Box for your sons and daughters so they can clean up their room. This mode comes with a set of wheels allowing your kids to push the box around easily. This way, they can move the container as they pick up their scattered toys!

12. Large Toy Box with Integrated Drawers

Large Toy Box with Integrated Drawers

As a responsible parent, you have to teach your child how to organize their toys properly! This activity, of doing chores, will build your son or daughter’s character. Toy organizing activity will be a lot more efficient with this Badger Basket’s Toy Box, as it features one large compartment with a lid and two drawers under the main container. This model is safe for younger kids because of its safety hinges.

13. Classic Wooden Toy Box 

Classic Wooden Toy Box

Would you like to bring the comfy farmhouse vibes into your house? Get this Binghampton Barrel Top Toy Box for your children’s playroom. It’s not just incredibly well-made with excellent quality woods, since it is also furnished with elegant finish to bring the wooden accent out. 

Cool Toy Boxes for Fun Playtime

Toy boxes with cute and unusual designs will be suitable for younger kids, since we believe that the interesting shape and colors will attract your children to use the toy box more often. These unique and cool toy boxes will help you to teach your kids the importance of being tidy in a fun way.

14. Adorable Toy Box With Wheels

Adorable Toy Box With Wheels

A cute-looking toy box will attract your children to use it more often, no question about it. Undoubtedly, kids will be much happier to organize their playthings with this Adorable Toby Box! It features a lovely bear picture and a funny message drawn on the container. On top of that, the box also comes with attached wheels! In short, we can say this item is designed to be sturdy enough to carry a toddler.

15. Minnie Mouse Toy Box for Girls

Minnie Mouse Toy Box for Girls

Are you looking for a cool toy box for your daughter? Try the Delta Children’s Minnie Mouse storage chest. This beautiful item will be suitable to store dolls and other precious playthings. Being the perfect box for little girls, this box comes in bright pink color and features Minni’s adorable picture, making it a perfect gift for her.

16. KAP Toy Box

Fire Truck Toy Box

For your little boy, the KAP Toy Box will be a great present, since it comes in the shape of a cool fire truck! Your son will definitely feel more excited to store his toys inside the cool box. For parents, it is a great way to motivate your kids to tidy up their rooms, and truly a perfect present for him.

17. House-shaped Toy Box

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Cool toy boxes are essential accessories for your children’s playroom. They provide space to store your children’s playthings and belongings in an organized manner. One of the models you can buy for your kids is this House-shaped Toy Box! It comes in pink color so the item is perfect for your little girl. She can open the roof up to reveal a spacious toy container.

18. Yosayd Unicorn Toys Storage

Elegant Unicorn Toy Chest

Unicorn is an elusive mythical creature adored by every little girl in the world, including your little daughter of course. To decorate your daughter’s room, you can buy this Yosayd Unicorn Toys Storage. The container displays an elegant picture of a cute horned horse and floral motif. Moreover, the mellow design of the box will bring comfort into your little girl’s life. 

19. Toy Box for Little Princess

Toy Box for Little Princess

You can help your daughter to stay organized by getting her this Prince’s Pink Toy Box. After a fun play time, your little girl can immediately put away her toys and put them inside the unique box. If she has lots of toys, then this box will be the perfect item for her, since it has a large capacity that can accommodate all of her precious belongings. 

20. School Bus Toy Box

School Bus Toy Box

Having fun is an essential element in childhood development! Nevertheless, you also need to teach your kids about discipline and responsibility. This bright yellow School Buy Toy Box can definitely help you demonstrate the importance of being organized. 

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21. Pirate Toy Box for Boys

Pirate Toy Box for Boys

Most boys will be fascinated by the idea of sailing with a pirate, as they dream of fun adventures and exploration to find treasure chests. Now you can help your children to stimulate their imagination with this Pirate Toy Box. This container will hold your son’s precious treasure so his room looks more organized. 

22. The Avenger Toy Box

The Avenger Toy Box

The superhero-themed toy box will be a popular choice among children. You can get this Avenger Soft Storage box for your kids. This model is collapsible and very lightweight, unlike wooden containers. In addition, the soft material is making this toy box safe for a toddler.

23. Pixar Cars-themed Toy Box

Pixar Cars-themed Toy Box

The iconic Lighting Mcqueen from Cars animated movie  is super popular among kids, especially boys. This funny character has captivated the hearts of millions of children all over the world. And so, this Cars-themed Toy Box will be a great addition for your children’s play room. The box is made out of deluxe wood and painted very well. 

24. Toy Box with Art Station Lid

Toy Box With Art Station Lid

For people who have a limited space, this  2-in-1 Toy Box by Step2  will definitely be an excellent choice. By having this box, you can provide your kids with a reliable spacious storage to store his toys and belongings. The lid is made in a tilting position, which can serve as an art station for your kids to explore. Moreover, your children can use the area as a drawing and handcraft table.

25. Dino Toy Boxes for Kids

Dino Toy Boxes For Kids

Kids are always attracted to Dinosaurs. The giant lizards are a creature from the past that resemble dragons. For that reason, we believe that your sons and daughters would be excited to have a toy box with an adorable picture of a Triceratop on it. They can use the container to store their plastic dinosaur figurines or plushies!

26. Cute Owl Square Toy Box

Cute Owl Square Toy Box

The wise owl is an adorable creature. It has a giant set of eyes and lovely feathers. And so, your children will absolutely love this toy box with an owl picture on it. They will definitely feel more motivated to clean their playroom, and store their toys inside this square toy box!

Final Thoughts

Having cool toy boxes will not only help to keep your kids toys neat and tidy, but they can also make tidying up becomes a fun thing to do when play time is over. Your little ones would be thrilled to put their toys inside a toy box that has an image of their favorite characters like Captain America Toy box, or a cute Unicorn toy box for your girls.

Moreover, you can also use toy box not only as a medium to keep your kids’ toys well kept and keep the room tidy. A toy box with unique design will also make a nice room decor item, such as the Savic Toy Box or the Large Toy Box with Integrated Drawers.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What should you look for in a toy box?

You should look for the safety factor of a toy box carefully. If you are choosing a toy organizer for younger children, then you may want to consider choosing the softer ones. In general, toy box with lid is only suitable for 5 years old and up. You should also make sure and check whether the box includes safety hinges as well. For toddlers, get them a toy box that features a simple lid without hinges.

What is a good size for a toy box?

A good size for a toy box is actually relative because every kid has a different amount of toys. Typically, toy boxes come in 20 inches high, 40 inches long, and 20 inches wide. Nevertheless, you need to choose the size of a good toy box based on the size of your child’s playroom, age, and the amount of the playthings. 

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