30 Cool Lunch Boxes for School And Work

Packing a lunch box is something that most mothers do for their kids in the morning before they leave for school. But in reality, adults pack their own lunch boxes too before going to work. Not only to control their lunch expenses, but also to make sure they have a nutritious daily intake for a fit and healthy life. 

A lunch box definitely holds a crucial role as it needs to be strong and reliable in keeping the food warm inside. But that’s not the only reason, because a lunch box needs to look cool, too. Cool lunch box is a lunch box that offers all the required reasons that a perfect lunch box must have, like durability, safety, proper weight and size, and most importantly, design. 

To help you find the coolest lunch box, we have gathered 30 cool lunch boxes below that will help you make your final decision. 

What Makes A Good Lunch Box?

Compared with eating out, it can also be healthier, time-saving, and more affordable. A lunch box should be durable, easy to clean and carry, and hold enough food to satisfy your appetite.

Ideally, it should make a meal like a pleasure, not an obligation.

BEST and Cool Lunch Boxes

In a world where meals on-the-go have become the norm, the humble lunch box has evolved into a statement piece. Gone are the days of bland containers; enter the era of lunch boxes that are not just functional, but fabulously cool.

From thermally insulated wonders to pop-culture inspired designs, today’s lunch boxes are about flaunting personal style while savoring every bite. Dive in as we unwrap the best and coolest lunch boxes that turn every midday meal into a culinary catwalk!

1. Electric Lunch Box

cool lunch boxes

This is one those cool lunch boxes that offers a compact design with an electric feature to keep your home-made food warm.

Comes in two bright colors, this lunch box will also be the perfect gift for anyone who spends most of their time outdoors with no access to microwave. 

Made of high-quality material, this is one of the most recommended lunch boxes for kids who need extra strong lunch box to keep their meals safe for the entire day. In our opinion, you can pick two of these boxes; one for your kid, and one for husband, too!

2. Pinnacle Insulated Lunch Box

cool lunch boxes

This thermal lunch box comes in a small size, making it easy to carry.

In our opinion, this is one of the most perfect choices of lunch box to pick. Whether it’s for your kids or yourself, we think this box will keep your lunch warm throughout the day, at school or at work.

Moreover, this lunch box is also suitable for other activities as well, including for outdoor jobs or for a trip to the beach with friends and families. It’s 100% leakproof, very durable and has a sleek look, too.

3. Gadgetvlot Portable Insulated Lunch Box

cool lunch boxes

Stainless steel is known as a durable material for a lunch box, just like this portable insulated lunch box.

Featuring a food grade stainless steel material, this cool lunch box is the perfect lunch companion for school, office, or other other activities. 

In our opinion, it is one of the best recommendations for work, thanks to it’s sleek appearance and high-quality material. Whenever you have your lunch while at work, we believe your friends will be questioning about where did you bought the lunch box.

4. Original Bento Lunch Box

Original Bento Lunch Box

This sleek and sweet-looking lunch box comes in three lovely colors that include pink, black, and white with a fashionable yet traditional Japanese design.

With two stackable compartments, this cool lunch box can provide you with more space to keep your meal organized based on categories.

In terms of size, we think it’s just perfect because it fits well inside any lunch box without looking bulky or heavy. It also comes in a sweet color, making it a great choice of lunch box for your little girl, or as a gift for a sweet niece, too.

5. The Dearest Gray Reusable Silicone Bento Lunch

The Dearest Gray Reusable Silicone Bento Lunch

This lunch box is one of the most popular models of lunch boxes out there.

Thanks to this lunch box’s 3 compartments, it will help you organize your meals based on categories.

This cool lunch box is made of 100% food grade silicone and free of BPA, PVC, and Phthalates. Therefore, we can assure you that this lunch box is very suitable for children or adults. Also, this lunch box comes in 4 earth-toned colors to choose from. 

6. Bentgo Stainless Steel Leakproof

cool lunch boxes

This small and compact lunch box is leak-roof and easy to carry in your purse, briefcase, or backpack. Also, we believe that most of you will also fall in love with the color of this cute lunch box.

Aside from the cute look, the stainless steel material will also allow your meals to stay warm during the day. Moreover, you can also add more compartments should you need more space to store your meals.

7. Personalized Bamboo Eco Friendly Metal Lunch Box

cool lunch boxes

School is about to start! So, we think it’s a good time to give your kids new lunch boxes.

We believe that a new lunch box can bring them more excitement in welcoming the new school year.

For such purpose, we have just the perfect lunch box for you. Please meet this personalized bamboo lunch box. This is one of the most recommended choices of meal box that allows you to engrave your kids’ names on the box lid. Pretty cute and adorable, right?

8. Bentgo Bowl

cool lunch boxes

For a fashionable person with a healthy lifestyle, we have just the perfect lunch box for you.

The seamless round design and the sweet color will be the perfect box to keep your healthy and nutritious meals everyday.

Whether it’s a salad or granola, we believe that you will never find a more suitable lunch box to meet your healthy lifestyle. In our opinion, this lunch box will also make a great gift for a friend or family who loves to eat healthy meals everyday.

9. Botanical Floral Bamboo Lunch Box

cool lunch boxes

This cool lunch box is probably the most sweet-looking lunch box in this list.

We personally love this one since it looks so cute. With a wooden lid and a base that features a flourish floral print, this lunch box will be a super nice gift.

In our opinion, it will be a wonderful and useful gift for a lovely friend or daughter. With this box, she will be able to enjoy a healthy meal during lunch break at school or office.

10. Handmade Bamboo Lunch Box

cool lunch boxes

This classic double decker lunch box has a design that is so timeless. It’s classic, elegant, and simple at the same time.

Therefore, we’re pretty sure that this cool lunch box will remain one of the most favorite lunch boxes for a fun outing with loved ones.

Hand made in Japan by Yamashita Kougei, this classic lunch box is definitely a must-have piece for any family. We have no doubt anyone will be pleased to have this as a gift from you.

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11. Personalized Lunch Box with Name

cool lunch boxes

To be honest, we cannot recommend a more suitable lunch box for your middle schooler than this personalized lunch box. The cool box features a sweet options of colors, cute excavator image on the lid, separate compartments for various kinds of meals.

Moreover, it also features a fun fact, since it allows you to include your kid’s name on the lid. And those are some of the reasons why this lunch box is highly recommended for you.

12. Beautiful Hand Painted Bento Eco Lunch Box

cool lunch boxes

Who says that it is impossible to include a touch of art into a lunch box? Our next recommendation of lunch box will prove them wrong. This Bento lunch box is proof that a lunch box can actually be a piece of art.

Just take a look at this box. This cool lunch box is hand painted, featuring a sweet bird design in wonderful color. In addition, this box also comes in two compartments, and is perfect to be a nice gift for your loved ones.

13. Personalized Game Console Bento

cool lunch boxes

A true gamer deserves this lunch box for a fun and productive day at school.

If you are looking for a super cool lunch box for a gamer boy, we think we have find the answer for you.

Being a cool lunch box with a design of a game console, we believe that your son will definitely be thrilled to bring this lunch box to school everyday. We’re pretty sure his new lunch box will be the envy of the whole class.

14. Bentgo Classic All-in-One Stackable

cool lunch boxes

Whether it’s a young middle schooler or a young first-jobber, they need to have this lunch box.

This Bentgo lunch box is something that anyone must choose in terms of having the perfect daily companion to keep lunch meals warm and tasty.

It has a sleek appearance that makes it perfect for both boys of girls. It also comes with a safety belt to make sore the meals and securely kept inside the compartments for as long as you need them.

15. Microwavable Lunch Box

cool lunch boxes

If you’re dealing with a hectic work schedule everyday with limited lunch breaks, then this cool lunch box is perfect for you. The clean black color plus the white motivational wordings on the lid are a perfect pair that any lunch box needs to have.

We believe that having this lunch box will allow you to enjoy a quick and healthy lunch at the office, but still looking sleek and elegant at the same time. What a perfect lunch box for a busy executive, don’t you think?

16. Children Personalized Lunch Box

cool lunch boxes

Another option for a personalized lunch box is definitely this cutie. Plus, the super sweet wooden lid can look even sweeter with a personalized name engraved on it.

If you are looking for a small lunch box for your little one, this one might be your best pick.

In our opinion, this box is perfect for light snacks, and can be separated into two compartments using a partition. So, you can put two kinds of snacks and ensure your snacks stay in their own compartment.

17. 2 Tier Indian-Tiffin Stainless Steel

cool lunch boxes

This Indian-Tiffin lunch box is a great alternative to plastic boxes. Not only because it is more durable, but we also believe that this cool lunch box also looks prettier to carry anywhere you go.

Also, you need to know that Tiffin boxes have been used in India for centuries. If you wonder why, that because this kind of lunch box won’t leach any chemicals and can be reused many times you want. 

18. Skater Heat Insulation

cool lunch boxes

For a sweet kid who will be happy to have a cute and unique lunch box, then probably this is the right lunch box for your child. The colorful and cute patterns or images will bring out your little one’s happy mood for sure.

It comes in two color options, so you can pick the one that your kid will love the most.

Aside from having several compartments, it also comes with the eating utensils as well. We believe your little one will love it even more, especially because it comes with a matching fork, too!

19. Marvel Insulation Stainless Steel Lunch Box

Marvel Insulation Stainless Steel Lunch Box

Next up we have one of those cool lunch boxes for marvel fans.

This lunch box comes in the shape of a bowl that will be the perfect box to keep your rice or noodles warm until lunch time.

The Marvel logo printed in a stainless steel surface will make this lunch box a nice gift. It will put a smile on the face of someone who is a true fan of Marvel comics and its characters, including its movies as well.

20. Large Container Lunch Box

Large Container

This unique lunch box was designed for anyone who loves outdoor activities like athletes or construction workers. The masculine look of this cool lunch box will keep your lunch warm and let you enjoy your home-made meal under the sun. 

In terms of materials, this lunch box is made of durable and high-quality materials. Therefore, it is perfect for those who work outdoors most of the time.

Moreover, this will also make a perfect gift for a boyfriend who will appreciate special meals from his girlfriend on a busy day.

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21. Japanese Stainless Steel

Japanese Stainless Steel

If you’re planning on a picnic with your family, and still trying to find the perfect lunch box that’s big enough to keep your meals and snacks, we highly recommend this Japanese Stainless Steel Lunch box.

In our opinion, this is one those cool lunch boxes that is not just your usual colorful box, but also a large storage with 700ml of capacity/layer. Plus, this lunch box also comes with spoons or chopsticks, too.

22. Wooden Bento Lunch Box

Wooden Bento

If you’re looking for a unique lunch box as a gift for a dear friend, this Wooden Bento Lunch Box is the one that you’re looking for. In our opinion, this is one of those cool lunch boxes that features an aesthetic look.

If you ask us, it will be one of the best lunch box that your dear friend will adore. In addition, this cool lunch box also comes in a Japanese-style pouch, a spoon and a pair of chopsticks. Pretty complete and sleek, right?

23. Bentgo Kids’ Chill Leak-Proof

Bentgo Kids’ Chill Leak-Proof

Your little girl would love this super cute and sweet lunch box from Bentgo.

Aside from being a cool lunch box in solid colors, this lunch box is also microwave safe and BPA free.

We understand that most moms out there, including yourself perhaps, will always put their kids as a priority. So, in order to help you with that, you might want to consider having this one for the kids.

24. Life Story Leak Proof

Life Story Leak Proof

This one is for a gentleman with an elegant sense of style who needs a lunch box that has the same touch.

If you consider yourself as such gentleman, worry no more, because we have the right lunch box to meet your demand.

Without any doubt, we believe that this monochrome lunch box will be the perfect choice for you. So, if you are a man who always tries to look elegant in every way, you deserve to have this lunch box immediately.

25. Asanoha Bento Box

Asanoha Bento

This is one those cool lunch boxes that brings out the Japanese style in you. This compact and sleek lunch box comes in two-tier compartments for your lunch meals, and includes a black elastic to keep them intact.

Made of plastic PET A, this lunch box is both microwave and dishwasher safe. Plus, it is also very safe for food as well.

26. Linoroso Stackable Lunch Box

Linoroso Stackable Lunch Box

If you’re looking for a lunch box that can fit both for kids and adults, then this Linoroso stackable lunch box will come as the best option

Inspired by the “balanced diet” mindset, this lunch box comes in various adorable colors and also a sleek design to meet your style.

In addition, this item also comes as one one those cool lunch boxes with the features that you need. Those features include BPA-free, leak-proof and save for dishwasher, microwave, and also for freezer. Perfecto!

27. SANQIAHOME Stackable Stainless Steel Lunch Box

SANQIAHOME  Stackable Stainless Steel Lunch Box

Another option of stackable lunch box that we recommend for you is this stainless steel lunch box. This Sanqiahome stackable lunch box is designed for those who love heavy and nutritious lunch everyday.

It features double-layer structure that has certain heat preservation function, which is a great advantage that any lunch box can offer. Having said so, you can rest assure that your lunch stays warm until lunch time.

28. Rogisi Food Thermos

No products found.

It’s always nice to enjoy a hot and warm lunch in between your daily activities. For that reason, we think that this Rogisi food thermos comes as the perfect insulated food jars and lunch box to keep your meal hot for hours.

It features double wall vacuum insulated and seamless welding technology. Also, this is one of those cool lunch boxes that comes with an insulated bag that will keep foot hot or cold up to 12 hours straight.

29. Friendly Lunch Box Set

Friendly Set

We think it’s agreeable to say that this friendly lunch box is one of the cutest lunch boxes in this list, don’t you think? We have no doubt, this lunch box is a must-have item for you who enjoy a light and healthy lunch to keep you fit and fresh all day.

It consists of two storages that also include a spoon, which enables you to enjoy your lunch on the go. Moreover it also comes with cute color options, just like this one that has a pretty green lid that matches the spoon.

30. Hand Painted Lunch Box

Hand Painted Bento Box

Any art lover will appreciate having this beautiful hand-painted stainless steel lunch box for sure. More than just your regular lunch box, this item will also come as a form of art that will be adored by anyone who see it.

Completely hand painted in Indian Mughal Art form, this beautiful item needs extra care. Always mild hand wash it with soap, and make sure you don’t scrub it and don’t use dishwasher as well.

Final Thoughts

Since lunch boxes have become one of the mandatory items for kids, then giving them a lunch box as a gift is definitely a great idea. There are so many cool lunch boxes to choose from out there. Make sure you pick the best ones that suitable for your needs. It will be very useful, especially if it comes with an extra carry bag.

One thing that you must remember when choosing a lunch box, is that you need to make sure that it has the capability to store food properly. Also, it’s will be even better if you choose lunchboxes that can keep the food warm for several hours.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What lunch boxes do middle schoolers use?

The best lunch box for middle schoolers is a lunch box that is durable, lightweight, easy to clean, and convenient to pack. If you ask us, Bentgo Kids’ Chill Leak-Proof Lunch Box offers a bento-style box with rigid compartments that is perfect for middle schoolers.

Are metal or plastic lunch boxes better?

Both metal and plastic have their merits. Metal lunch boxes are sturdy, often more durable, and can be more insulating, while plastic ones are lightweight, can be microwave safe, and often come in more varied designs. However, always choose BPA-free plastic to ensure food safety.

How to choose the best lunch box for adults?

There are many things that you need to keep in mind when choosing the best lunch box. The most important thing is to know exactly what you need from a lunch box and how you’re going to use it.

First, you need to consider the material, whether it’s steel, copper, ceramic, aluminum or plastic. Then you need to think about the size as it will determine the amount of food that you can put inside it. Last but not least, you need to make sure that your lunch box is leak free.

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