25 Out Of The Box Bowling Gifts for Bowlers

Bowling has existed since the year 1930. It has grown to be a sport and game that many people enjoy playing. People enjoy bowling for various reasons. It is a light exercise that some people would enjoy to ease some tension in their body and mind. Bowling is also the perfect sport for social gatherings. You can enjoy it with a small group of friends and also with a big group of friends without having anyone being left out. The best part is you don’t need a certain skill to be able to enjoy a bowling game. 

The word bowling means to roll the ball in the ground. That is basically what you do in bowling. If you are planning to find your bowling buddy a gift, this is the right place for you. We have put together a list of bowling gifts ideas consisting of 25 unique items. Each item will show how much a person loves bowling in their own unique and quirky way. The list is divided into four big categories, which are men’s, women’s, cheap, and funny, to help you find the best bowling gift more easily. 

Bowling Gifts for Him

The first category in this list of bowling gifts is the men’s category. Many times finding the right gift for me is a trickier task. It is hard to know what items will be useful for them. Thus, the items included in this category are what men would wear and use that will show how much of a bowling fan they are. 

1. Ten Pin Bowling Socks & Tie Set

Ten Pin Bowling Socks _ Tie Set

The first item on this list of bowling gifts is a Ten Pin Bowling Socks & Tie Set  for men. A useful gift for all the men out there. They can use both socks and tie to complete their work attire while showing their co-workers how much they love bowling with it. 

2. Bowling Basic Kit

Bowling Basic Kit

It is best to give men gifts that are practical and useful. The Bowling Basic Kit includes liquid cleaner and wipes to clean the bowling balls from the dirt and debris it gathers from the bowling lane. A perfect and useful gift that he could take during his next bowling session. 

3. Bowling Pin Wine Opener

Bowling Pin Wine Opener

Every man needs this Bowling Pin Wine Opener in their pantry. Comes in a retro design, it will surely be a great gift for the bowler. It will automatically remove corks and it is rechargeable. 

4. Bowler Evolution T-Shirt

Bowler Evolution T-Shirt

A simple and wearable t-shirt will always make a great gift idea. The Bowler Evolution T-Shirt comes with the famous bowler evolution graphic. It is made from a breathable and comfortable material. The perfect go-to casual t-shirt for men. 

5. LED Bowling Neon Light

LED Bowling Neon Light

The LED Bowling Neon Light would make a great gift for the men. They can place the neon light on their room as a stylish night light. A room decoration item that is cool and fun that men would want to place in their room to show their love for bowling It comes with the shape of a bowling ball hitting the bowling pins in a customizable color. 

6. Bowling Stripe Polo

Bowling Stripe Polo

Another men’s clothing option on this list of bowling gifts is the Bowling Stripe Polo. It is made from decent quality knit material with a sleek and stylish design. A perfect bowling game outfit for him to style. 

7. Custom Bowling Sign

 Custom Bowling Sign

Another bowling-themed decoration on this list of bowling gifts is the Custom Bowling Sign. It is a simple custom sign with bowling pins and balls design. A simple home decoration that men would appreciate to get. It would be a great item that showcases who they are as a bowling fan .  

Bowling Gifts For Her

The second category in this list of bowling gifts is dedicated to women bowlers. There is a huge range of items that are great gifts for women. From cute items to useful items to classic items, this list has it all. Each item is carefully curated so that the women bowlers would appreciate and get excited in receiving them. 

8. Bowling Pin Stud Earrings

Bowling Pin Stud Earrings

The Bowling Stud Earrings have the shape of cute little bowling pins. The earrings are made from plastic and stainless steel. A cute and playful earrings to simply elevate their bowling day outfit. Women would appreciate this simple gesture in giving them cute jewelry to wear. 

9. Bowling Pin Vase

Bowling Pin Vase

For all the plant mums out there who enjoy bowling, the Bowling Pin Vase will be a great bowling gift for them. It is made from wooden bowling pins with its top cut off, making it a unique flower vase. A perfect home decor item for all bowling fans out there.  

10. Bowling Cosmetic Pouch

Bowling Cosmetic Pouch

A useful bowling gift idea for her is a Bowling Cosmetic Pouch. Every girl needs their cosmetic pouch to bring their necessary items. For the girls who love bowling, they will appreciate this simple bowling themed pouch.

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11. ‘Bowling Mom’ T-Shirt

‘Bowling Mom’ T-Shirt

For all the mums out there who like to bowl, this ‘Bowling Mom’ T-shirt would make a great and fun bowling gift choice for them. It is made from comfortable material that is breathable and easy to wear. The t-shirt comes in a pretty pastel color that will easily brighten your day. 

12. 3-pcs Bowling Candle Holder

bowling gifts

Another bowling-themed room decoration item on this list of bowling gifts is the Bowling Candle Holder. It is a gold-plated metal iron handler which has a shape resembling the bowling pin. A beautiful and classy room decor item that every woman would love to have.  

13. Clay Art Bowling Pins Ball Ceramic Mug 

bowling gifts

The Clay Art Bowling Pins Ball Ceramic Mug is a unique and pretty bowling-themed mug that women would love. It will be a useful and practical gift without leaving the “I-love-bowling” message. A practical mug made from ceramic with a fun and playful illustration on it in a beautiful shade of blue. 

14. HUGO BOSS x Russel Athletic Bowling Bag

bowling gifts

The last item on this list of bowling gifts in the women’s category is the Bowling Bag. A stylish and classic bowling bag that will allow her to go bowling in style. It comes with a zipper so it will keep all of her things safe inside. The navy shade of this bag and the varsity letter ornaments on it makes the bag to look extra sporty, perfect for a bowling day or any sports day. 

Cheap Bowling Gifts

The third category on this list of bowling gifts is for you who are on budget. Bowling accessories usually cause quite a lot and it might be beyond your league. You don’t have to worry because great gifts don’t have to be expensive. Thus, we have carefully put together a list of  great bowling gifts options that are under $10.  

15. Bowling Pin Candle

bowling gifts

The first cheap bowling gifts idea you can consider is the Bowling Pin Candle. It is cute and resembles real bowling pins. A great item for room decor for the bowling fans for under $10. 

16. Bowling Cookie Cutter

bowling gifts

For all the part-time baker part-time bowlers out there, you can give them this Bowling Cookie Cutter. It comes in the shape of bowling pins. You can create bowling pin cookies and bring them to your bowling parties with friends. The best thing about it is that you can get it for under $10. 

17. Bowling Keychain

bowling gifts

A cheap and simple bowling gift you can consider is a Bowling Keychain. It comes in a cute small shape of a bowling pin and bowling ball. A great accessory to be placed on their bowling bags. The best thing about is is that it is a handmade piece that you can get for just under $10. 

18. Bowling Pin Water Bottle

bowling gifts

A unique Bowling Pin Water Bottle would make a great and practical bowling gift for just under $10. It comes with straws and a lid, a perfect water bottle you can take when you play bowling, exercise, etc. 

19. Bowling Ball Coaster Set

bowling gifts

A simple kitchen item in a bowling-themed design: the Bowling Ball Coaster Set. It is a set of coasters with a classic bowling ball design. It is a simple and useful gift for under $10.  

20. Bowling Ball Cleaner

bowling gifts

The last item in the cheap category is the Bowling Ball Cleaner. It is probably the most useful and practical item on this list of bowling gifts. A perfect item to bring on every bowling session to help you clean the bowling balls before you make a strike.

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Funny Bowling Gifts

The last category on this list of bowling gifts is the funny bowling gifts. Gifts would bring smiles to people, but bringing them some good laughs will be a plus point. The last part of this category would help you with that. These items are all bowling related, added with some hilarious twist to leave you with a good laugh. 

21. Bowling Pin Hat

bowling gifts

The first funny bowling gift idea is the Bowling Pin Hat. A hand crocheted hat that will make you look like a bowling pin. The hat is made using single stitch and double yarns, making the hat warm. It is definitely a scene stealer item for the bowling fans. 

22. Bowler Custom Cartoon

bowling gifts

Something that is personal yet funny, the Bowler Custom Cartoon will make a great bowling gift for the bowling fans. A portrait of them in the bowling arena with a cartoon character that resembles them.  

23. Funny Bowling Shirt

bowling gifts

There are many funny bowling quotes out there. The Funny Bowling Shirt has “Strikoholics” written on it. Wearing the shirt will be a fun way for you to tell people how much you love bowling. It comes in a simple u-neck design that is perfect for a casual bowling day out with friends. 

24. Funny Bowling Mug

bowling gifts

If you don’t like wearing t-shirts, you can go for the Funny Bowling Mug. This mug also comes with a funny illustration about bowlers. It shows how much a person loves bowling because bowling is the solution to all their problems. 

25. Funny Bowling Towel

bowling gifts

The last item on this list of bowling gifts is the Funny Bowling Towel. The towel comes with a funny and cute illustration about bowling. It is a useful towel you can bring to wipe your sweat after a good game of bowling with friends. 

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For all the bowling fans out there, it is best to give them something that is bowling related yet practical. From this list of bowling gifts, you can consider getting the Bowling Bag or the Bowling Basic Kit. These two items would be useful for their bowling game sessions. 

What are the best and unique gifts for bowlers?

From this list of bowling gifts, the  Bowling Pin Wine Opener or the LED Bowling Neon Light will be the best and unique gifts. Both gifts would add some bowling vibes to your home and your guests would easily notice how much you love bowling by only seeing these two items. 

What are the best and funny bowling gifts?

From this list of bowling gifts, the Bowling Pin Hat is the best and fun bowling gift. It will make the wearer look like a walking bowling pin from afar. At the same time, people would easily notice how much the wearer loves bowling. 

What are the cheap bowling gifts?

From this list of bowling gifts, you can consider getting the Bowling Ball Cleaner or the Bowling Pin Water Bottle. They are cheap and you can get them for less than $10. Also, they are useful for the bowlers. 

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