25 Unique Bowls That Can be a Perfect Gift

It’s always exciting to go hunting for kitchen utensils or dining equipment. One of the things that need to be available in the kitchen is a bowl. Aside from being functional, a bowl can also be a nice decor item as well. Most often, we use a bowl to enjoy our soul or salad. But today, we can easily find so many types of bowls that can be a nice kitchen or dining room decoration. You will be surprised to find lots of colorful and unique bowls for your kitchen, or to be a nice gift for your loved ones.

Bowls come in many shapes, sizes, and also materials. Whether its a bowl made of wood, ceramic, or marble, the perfect piece can definitely add a nice touch to your kitchen or dining room. In this article, you will find a list of 25 most recommended and unique bowls that can be the perfect gift, whether it’s for yourself or for a special person in your life.

Unique Decorative Bowls

There are times when you feel like you need new and unique items to refresh the look of your rooms at home. When it comes to a kitchen or dining room, you might want to consider having a new unique bowl. Now, you can get a unique decorative bowl as a gift for yourself or for your loved one. These unique bowls are not only usable but also can be the perfect decorative item to have. 

 1. White Marble Decorative Bowl

Tiger Head Gold Brass Accessory White Marble Decorative Bowl

This unique bowl is one of the best decorative bowls ever. It is a  Tiger Head Gold Brass Accessory White Marble Decorative Bowl. As its name suggests, this bowl has golden tiger heads around it. The bowl itself is made from marble, and the pedestal is made of brass. It is a very different bowl compared to other bowls, because this one features a unique concept and style. Truly a great decorative item!

2. Black Marble Ruffle Bowl

Black Marble Ruffle Bowl

If you want to add an element of luxury into your office or kitchen, then this unique bowl can be the best option. Add this Black Marble Ruffle Bowl to your must-buy list for a decorative bowl! It is made of the highest quality of Indian black marble. Moreover, this bowl can also be highly-functional since it can be used as a decorative piece for any room. This item comes in two sizes, which are 6 and 9 inches, to give you better option.

3. Black and Gold Paper Pulp Bowl

Black and Gold Paper Pulp Bowl

Have you ever seen bowls that are made from paper bulbs? if you haven’t, then meet this unique Black and Gold Paper Pulp Bowl. It features two adorable and elegant colors. Black on the outside and gold on the inside. This bowl might be the perfect medium to keep your essentials inside. Made of 100% recycled paper and comes in four sizes.

4. Recycled Newspaper Extra Large Bowl 

Recycled Newspaper Extra Large Bowl

This item might look a bit different compared to the rest bowls that you’ve seen before. Called a Recycled Newspaper Extra Large Bowl, this bowl is made of 100% recycled newspapers. They added colors to these bowls to make it more beautiful. This unique bowl can also add a touch of elegant rustic as a decoration item.

5. Decorative Turquoise Bowl Set

Decorative Turquoise Bowl Set

Look at this unique bowl! This unique item is called a Decorative Turquoise Bowl Set. Comes in turquoise, this set of adorable bowls look super fresh, especially since these are hand-painted with amazing details. Moreover, this set also features a pinwheel design in it. You can add this decorative bowl as a decor item to your bathroom or living room. Plus, this set also comes with bowls sized 30-33 cm and 12 – 13’’ inches.

6. Yakisugi Live Edge Decorative Bowl

Yakisugi Live Edge Decorative Bowl

If you are looking for a decorative unique bowl, then this one might be the best option. This is the Yakisugi Live Edge Decorative Bowl. It is a wooden bowl that is made of burned ash trees. The process of producing this bowl was using wax and flax oil. And as a decorative bowl, you can also put your small essentials inside it, such as jewelry or watches. 

7. Decorative Handmade Copper Bowl

unique bowls

A decorative unique bowl needs to have an element of uniqueness to make it stands out! This Decorative Handmade Copper Bowl might catch your attention. This is a handmade bowl, which has copper as the main material. In addition, you can also put decoration items inside, like fake fruits, to make your kitchen looks pretty. 

Unique Wooden Bowls

When it comes to kitchen stuff, we might want to have something different and unique as a decoration item. In this category, we have listed unique wooden bowls that can give you inspirations. Aside from being an ethnic decoration item, great wooden bowls are perfect to serve your dishes of fruits, too!

8. Kenyan Handmade Decorative Wooden Bowls

unique bowls

Wooden bowls are one of the popular bowls in the industry, just like these Kenyan Handmade Decorative Wooden Bowls. This is an African Wooden Bowl, which is a wooden handmade item. These bowls are hand-carved and hand-painted with a mix of African patterns and designs. Moreover, these unique bowls have three sizes that you can choose to be part of your home’s interior items.

9. Wood Fruit Bowl

Wood Fruit Bowl Storage Baskets

This is Wood Fruit Bowl Storage Baskets. Just like its name, this bowl will keep your fruits in place and ready when you want to consume them. Handmade using natural wood material, this is one of your must-have items. That is the reason why this bowl is really solid, sturdy and has high durability. Last but not least, the natural wood is also easy to clean and totally reusable. Without a doubt, you can decorate your house with this item as a new addition to the decoration. 

10. Coconut Bowls With Wooden Spoons

Coconut Bowls With Wooden Spoons (Set Of 2)

If you look at this unique bowl closely, you can clearly see that it has a shape similar to the shape of a tropical fruit, which is coconut. These Coconut Bowls With Wooden Spoons some in a set of two wooden bowls and also two wooden spoons. These bowls are made of 100% natural coconut. Moreover, these items also plastic-free, handcrafted, zero waste, and perfectly polished.  

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11. Paulownia Wooden Bowl

Paulownia Wooden Bowl Decorative Trays for Home Decor

This one unique bowl features a different look to refresh any room at home. Therefore, we recommend you to include this Paulownia Wooden Bowl Decorative Tray in your list of recommendation. Although it’s made of wood, it’s made of a different kind of wood for extra durability. This item is made lightweight Paulownia wood, which is one of the most natural woods out there.

 12. Wood Fruit Bowl with Bark Edges

Wood Fruit Bowl with Bark Edges

You would love to have this Wood Fruit Bowl with Bark Edges as part of your home decoration. 100% hand-crafted by a professional, this unique bowl is also carved from a single piece of wood. If you take a look ant this item closely, you will find that the bark edges are really cool. Moreover, you can also put candies or fruits inside, since it has a food safe finish.

 13. Acacia Handmade Wood Carved Plates

Acacia Handmade Wood Carved Plates - Set of 4

For a gift for someone or maybe for yourself, this unique bowl is the perfect choice. These are Acacia Handmade Wood Carved Plates, which are made of Acacia wood. It comes in a set with 4 calabash dip bowls, and each one features natural and elegant design, making it a perfect kitchen element.

Unique Soup Bowls

Let’s move on to the next category of bowls. In this category, you’ll find a list of the most unique soup bowls. Not only popular for the design, these bowls can also serve soup, which will lift up your mood everyday.

14. Yellow and Beige Ceramic Bowl

unique bowls

This is a Yellow and beige Ceramic Bowl, which was made of a ball of clay that is pinched and pulled out with a thumb from the bottom up. To shape it further, they used a coconut shell to trim the bowl. But you don’t have to worry, because this handmade item is definitely food safe. They use several layers of combinations of matte and glossy to enhance its look.

15. Colorful Ceramic Soup Bowls

unique bowls

To get in the good mood of cooking and eating, pretty kitchen stuff can come in handy. Now, you can get these Colorful Ceramic Soup Bowls for that purpose. This bowl is perfect for any kind of soup you like. Moreover, this unique bowl can also keep your soup warm in a good portion. They have variations of colors that you can choose based on reference. As an additional information, these items are also oven and microwave safe.

16. Two Soup Bowls with Handles Keto Bowls

unique bowls

If you are looking for a usable and aesthetically unique bowl, then this one might be suitable for you. This is a set of Two Soup Bowls with Handles Keto Bowls. These bowls can keep your soup hot for quite a while. They are also perfect in terms of weight, which also features thumb-stops on the handle. Those features will assure you that you can enjoy your soup to the very last drop. Moreover, you can also rest assure that these items are oven and microwave safe. 

17. Large Ceramic Soup Bowls 

Large Ceramic Soup Bowls With Handles

This bowl can be a useful piece of a kitchen item, which is named a Large Ceramic Soup Bowls with Handles. These bowls are large enough to hold your favorite soup. It also comes with spoons and matching lids, too. The bowl is made of a ceramic crock pot. 

18. Elwood the Unicorn Bowl

unique bowls

The kids will enjoy their breakfast with this unique soup bowl. This is an Elwood Unicorn Bowl, and it comes in the form of adorable Unicorn that Kids would definitely love. Not only that they will enjoy their soup or cereals with joy, the rainbow and horn on the bowl will also catch their attention right away. 

19. Handmade Pottery Soup Bowl

unique bowls

You’re going to love this unique soup bowl for sure, because just look at how unique it is! This item is called a Handmade Pottery Soup Bowl. This bowl is handmade stoneware, which can hold your soup perfectly. Moreover, it also features a unique handle for comfort grip. In addition, the turquoise color also enhance its appearance as a pretty soup bowl. Last but not least, these bowls are also oven and microwave safe. 

Unique Salad Bowls

To support your healthy lifestyle, salad is one of the menu that needs to be on your daily meal menu. To serve salad at home, you definitely need a good bowl. Hare, we got you the list of unique salad bowls as preferences.

20. Folkulture Salad Bowl

Folkulture Salad Bowl or Wooden Bowls with Serving Tongs

Are you looking for unique salad bowls to serve your salad everyday? If so, then you might want to consider having this bowl at home. This is a Folkulture Salad Bowl or Wooden Bowls with Serving Tongs. This mixing bowl comes in a set that consists of one large salad bowl and one of each serving spoon and fork. It is made of 100% natural mango wood, and uniquely handcrafted to create a beautiful design.

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21. Premium Acacia Large Wooden Salads

Premium Acacia Large Wooden Salads

Serving the best food with the best bowl can get you in a good mood. This Premium Acacia Large Wooden Salads can help you to have that. This large salad bowl is made of Acacia wood that is engraved with a positive quote, which is ‘Good Food, Good Mood’. The capacity of this unique bowl is quite big with 12 inches diameter and 7 inches tall. In addition, you can also mix and serve your salad in a very convenient way.

22. Hardwood with Big Salad Bowls

Hardwood with Big Salad Bowls 4-Piece Set

Do you need a large bowl to make your best salad? Why don’t you get this Hardwood with Big Salad Bowls? This is a very good item to mix and serve your salad. It comes with a serving spoon, serving fork, and also serving tong. The design is really pretty with the combination of dark and light brown color in it. Plus, it is very easy to clean and dry very quickly, too!

23. Beech Mosaic Wooden Salad Bowl  

Wooden Salad Bowl Beech Mosaic 

This is a Beech Mosaic Wooden Salad Bowl. Just like its name, the bowl is made of a solid beech wood. Through some detailed process, the bowl might show the unique color and grain of the beech wood. You can definitely serve your salad using this unique salad bowl. The edge of the bowl is polished and has no sharp corners to make it safer to use. 

24. Gaobei Salad Decorative Bowls

Gaobei Salad Decorative Bowls

Now you can serve your salad in a very unique way with this Gaobei Salad Decorative Bowls Lotus Shaped. They come in sets with five bowls of different sizes and colors. You can stack each bowl and make a perfect color gradation. The bowls are made of a durable porcelain and toxic-free ceramic. Moreover, they are also dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.

25. Hand Painted Stainless Large Salad Bowl

Hand Painted Stainless Large Salad Bowl

As a salad lover, you can have a unique salad bowl for yourself. This Hand Painted Stainless Large Salad Bowl can be the perfect item for you. With a flower design, this bowl also comes with a different color in each flower to make it look even more colorful. The material is really lightweight and has a good grip metal to make it easy to hold and mix. 

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What are the best and unique wooden bowls?

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