25 Top Funny Bathroom Signs You Can Buy

The bathroom is a private room that can be an awkward place, especially for the first time visiting guests. To reduce the tension, sometimes we can put funny bathroom signs in the bathroom. Therefore, funny bathroom signs can be a simple and creative way to brighten up your bathroom with a little bit of humor.

Today, funny bathroom signs have various unique designs and pictures. If you want to decorate your bathroom with funny bathroom signs, we have searched for those unique items you have never imagined before. Hence, here are top 25 funny bathroom signs you can buy. Let’s jump to the list!

1. Have A Nice Poop Bathroom Sign

Have A Nice Poop Bathroom Sign

Add some fun to your bathroom sign with a simple funny message. For some people who start their day with poop in the morning, this bathroom sign has a creative message that will make a gag. Bordered with dark walnut wood stained, this funny bathroom sign is also perfect for decoration.

2. Inclusive Bathroom Sign

Inclusive Bathroom Sign

This bathroom sign will add an amusing element to your bathroom. Besides it will make a laugh for those who want to take care of business, this sign brings a special meaning of inclusivity. Moreover, its rustic design will also match with any decor and be a conversation piece for your guests.

3. No Peeing On Seat Sign

No Peeing On Seat Sign

Look at how funny the sign is! In case you want to warn the guests to not peeing in the seat, try it in a funny way to make them less offended. Made from a fine-grained artist-grade cotton, this canvas sign has a detailed image with excellent sharpness and clarity.

4. Use The Force Bathroom Sign

Use The Force Bathroom Sign

Using your bathroom might be a little bit awkward for your guest. Therefore, put Use The Force bathroom sign to make your guest laugh. This sign comes with adhesive wall stickers, so you can put it everywhere in the bathroom. Moreover, it has 3D lettering which makes this sign look awesome.

5. Have to Pee Sign

Have to Pee Sign

When your guests really can’t hold on to do their business, they are sure to have a similar pose as this sign! Just put the sign in front of the bathroom door, it will make your guests laugh while about to use your bathroom. This definitely will be a funny bathroom sign that eases the mood.

6. Women Are Always Right Restroom Sign

Women Are Always Right Restroom Sign

This is definitely a funny bathroom sign that will make your guest smile. As women are always right, then the men’s toilet should be on the left. Made from vinyl decal, this bathroom sign is waterproof and durable. Moreover, this is a perfect sign for those who separate men’s and women’s toilets.

7. Alien Toilet Door Sign

Alien Toilet Door Sign

Nothing can be as funny as an alien in front of the bathroom reminding us to wash our hands. This bathroom door sign can be a perfect reminder for those who want to use your bathroom. Besides being covered with application tape for easy installation, it is precisely cut from a single color. 

8. If You Run Out of Toilet Paper Canvas Wall Art

If You Run Out of Toilet Paper Canvas Wall Art

Each bathroom sign has a different purpose and its own sense of humor. Just put this canvas bathroom sign to add the perfect and relaxing atmosphere to your home bathroom. Moreover, it also informs the guest what they should do when they run out of toilet paper in various funny ways.

9. Guest Comments Bathroom Sign

Guest Comments Bathroom Sign

Have you ever tried to rate your bathroom? Don’t worry, this funny bathroom sign will do it for you. Made from high quality canvas, solid wood frame, and stretched wood grain background, this is a creative way to flex your bathroom to the guests. Moreover, its high quality material will add some style to your bathroom.

10. Bathroom Word Search Frame

Bathroom Word Search Frame

Sometimes, you are trapped in a long business in the bathroom. Therefore, this funny bathroom sign might save you from boredom. This is a bathroom word search sign which presents a humorous distraction while using the bathroom. Not to mention, it also adds a playful accent to your bathroom decor

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11. Bathroom Singing Sign

Bathroom Singing Sign

For some people, singing in the bathroom is a hobby as their voice sounds better. However, sometimes they are afraid to sing in the bathroom since it might be too loud. With this sign, now you can get full permission to sing out loud in the bathroom. Just put this sign in your bathroom and let your voice echo inside.

12. Please Seat Yourself Sign

Please Seat Yourself Sign

Kill the quietness and awkwardness in your bathroom with this funny welcome sign. Moreover, it has a simple yet classic design in the shades of light blue and gray which adds vibrant colors to the bathroom. This sign is perfect to add a little bathroom humor for the bath which also brings a smile.

13. Retro Door Restroom Sign

Retro Door Restroom Sign

If you want to decorate your bathroom with a retro style in a funny way, then this bathroom sign is a good idea. As men and women symbols for toilets are too mainstream, now you can symbolize them as mustaches and ladies red lips. This sign will surely add a humorous touch in the bathroom.

14. Funny Cat Themed Bathroom Sign

Funny Cat Themed Bathroom Sign

Another funny bathroom sign that will make a gag for your guests! Especially if they are cat lovers, this can themed bathroom sign will brighten up the bathroom atmosphere. Moreover, it comes with various colors and also washable, perfect as the door bathroom sign in your home or office.

15. Funny Bathroom Rules Decor Art

Funny Bathroom Rules Decor Art

Rules in the office or in the house are understandable. But the rules for the bathroom definitely will be hilarious! Moreover, it features 2 pieces of farmhouse bathroom decors with some funny words printed on the wooden signs. This funny bathroom design is enough to fill the space in your bathroom wall.

16. Funny Outhouse Bathroom Sign

funny bathroom signs

If you happen to have a restroom outside your house or store, then this funny sign will be helpful. Show your guests the way with this funny outhouse arrow sign. This is a perfect sign for indoor or outdoor use, as it is practical and great to add humor wherever you place it.

17. Beer and Cocktail Restroom Sign

funny bathroom signs

This bathroom sign set is suitable for a Mens and Womens Restroom which comes with a funny twist: cocktail for women, and beer for men. Made of outdoor durable aluminum with a beautiful satin, you can use this sign in office bathroom decorations, office kitchen decor, or recreation room design pieces.

18. Get Naked and Relax Bathroom Sign

funny bathroom signs

Maybe your bathroom wall feels empty and needs a little humorous touch to warm the atmosphere. If so, this bathroom sign will help you to solve the issue. It consists of 3 different colored wooden boards tightly strung by a rope, adding an easier and fun atmosphere to your bathroom.

19. Do Not Flush Rules

funny bathroom signs

Some guests are likely to flush things they shouldn’t flush in the toilet. Now you can advise them while adding some humor to your bar, pub, restaurant, or personal bathroom with this funny ‘DO NOT FLUSH’ sign. Made from metal with a white finish, black border, and scroll art pattern, this sign is perfect for any bathroom.

20. Keep This Bathroom Clean Sign

funny bathroom signs

This is definitely a funny yet humble bathroom sign to advise guests while using a bathroom. It comes with funny messages which also encourage guests to keep the bathroom clean. Moreover, this bathroom sign is also printed with UV resistant inks, perfect for bathroom decoration.

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21. Let That Shit Go

funny bathroom signs

Another funny message to encourage the guests while using the bathroom! Lighten the mood in your bathroom with this funny bathroom sign which says ‘LET THAT SHIT GO’. Anyone who uses your bathroom will surely be surprised and laugh at this funny sign.

22. Don’t Coke in The Bathroom Sign

funny bathroom signs

In case you want to be sarcastic and funny at the same time, you should put this bathroom sign on your bathroom. Moreover, it comes with a command strip for easy hanging, so you can put it everywhere. Not to mention, it was made of durable plastic so it will last a long time

23. Would Poop Here Again Plaque

funny bathroom signs

This is a funny plaque which definitely will make your guests laugh. Since it is designed as a plaque, you can use it as a shelf sitter or hang it on the wall using nails. Moreover, this sign can be proof that you have a 5 stars class bathroom.  

24. Funny Caution Bathroom Sign

funny bathroom signs

As the bathroom is a private space, maybe you are afraid to disturb someone’s business or vice versa. Therefore, this funny caution bathroom sign says ‘MEN AT WORK’ will keep the private room safe while bringing a little bit of humor. This bathroom sign is perfect for your personal bathroom.

25. Attention Bathroom Sign

funny bathroom signs

This is definitely a simple but funny reminder for those who will use your bathroom. Made from premium aluminum, it has the appearance of an old and weathered sign. Moreover its rusted edges and faded paint on a low luster powder coated finish give a great appearance.

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