25 Unique Dog Bowls for Your Lovely Dog Pet

You might think that a dog bowl is just another bowl. After all, a dog can eat from whatever spot or platform the owner provides, right? Yes, but as a pet owner, you may want to create the right environment for your dog to eat or drink, either to discipline him or to make everything much more in order. Moreover, a dog bowl can also add a unique touch to any room at home, and there are lots of unique dog bowls that are not only come as a bowl for your dog to have their meal, but also to be a nice bowl to spice up the room.

Dog bowls come in different styles and shapes; some are cute, minimalistic, vintage, modern, elevated, while others may just be another casual bowl. You may want to pick and choose the best bowls for your pet, and you might find the unique ones are preferable. If you are looking for one, the list below will definitely help you get all the inspiration you need.

1. Metal Stand Ceramic Dog Bowls

Metal Stand Ceramic Dog Bowls

A dog bowl functions as a place for meals or drinks for your lovely doggy pet. However, good-looking bowls can create a better atmosphere as well. Black ceramic dog bowls on a metal stand add a unique modern Scandinavian aesthetic vibe to any minimalistic home. The bowl is 6″ in diameter and 2.8″ deep and is handmade with an exquisite stable metal stand.

2. Plywood Stand with Single Dog Bowl 

Plywood Stand with Single Dog Bowl 

It is nobody’s fault to think this is not a dog bowl stand. I know. The appearance may be deceiving; it could be anything from a trash can to a laundry basket, but it is actually a unique dog bowl with a stand that adjusts in height from 7.8″ to 11.8″. It is a convenient and stable dishwasher-safe metal steel bowl with a stand made of plywood. Along with beautiful decorative cutting, this bowl is perfectly suitable for large dogs.

3. Personalized Dog Bowl Stand

Personalized Dog Bowl Stand

If you are looking for a personalized, colorful, cute bowl for your pet, I bet you will love this one. These are unique dog bowls with multiple size choices that you can pick for your lovely pet. This is undoubtedly the best elevated dog bowl with personalized text for your dog’s name, which is also a fascinating choice that will keep the unforgettable memories with your pet alive for the coming future.

4. Bamboo Wood Ceramic Dog Bowl

Bamboo Wood Ceramic Dog Bowl

Unique elevated dog bowls can be hard to find, and this one will end your finding journey if you are looking for one. This unique dog bowl is innovative in height, and adjustable at will to match your pet’s dietary needs and age. It also suitable for large dogs and made of a strong metal and bamboo wood frame. The bowl is made of ceramic and is easy to clean, while the color and pattern of the bowl can be chosen at will.

5. Modern Stand Dog Bowl 

Modern Stand Dog Bowl 

An elegant and simple wooden stand with an extra ceramic dog bowl. How lovely it is. Aside from its great, modern looks, this unique dog bowl stand fits a wide range of medium-to-large dogs, with a design that will allow your pet to eat comfortably. You can choose the stand dimension yourself as well. A unique elevated dog bowl made of durable and eco-friendly wood material with a porcelain bowl.

6. Hollowed Plywood Elevated Dog Bowl

Hollowed Plywood Elevated Dog Bowl (Unique Elevated Dog Bowl, Modern, Best)

Outstanding handmade craftsmanship comes in this convenient and simple-designed unique dog bowl. Hollowed polywood elevated dog bowl is suitable as a modern style home decoration. It is one of the best dog bowl choices for small to medium-sized dogs. Moreover, you can also pick the color of the plywood yourself. Let’s go check it out!

7. Collapsible Fabric Travel Dog Bowl

Collapsible Fabric Travel Dog Bowl

Do you like traveling and sightseeing? If you do, then this unique dog bowl will become your favorite item. This dog bowl is collapsible and easy to carry everywhere. It is made of flexible nylon material and can be put in the dishwasher. Of course, it will be very practical and make it easier for you to clean it.

8. Unique Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Set

Unique Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Set

This cute and unique looking stainless steel dog bowl for drinking and a slow feeding bowl set is perfect for small dogs. The design on the edge of the pad will prevent overflow. The material used for this dog bowl is also food grade, clean, high temperature resistant, and lastly, it is foldable. The slow feeding bowl allows for slow eating, therefore improving digestion and preventing choking for your dog.

9. Collapsible Silicone Dog Bowl 

Collapsible Silicone Dog Bowl

When it comes to practical dog bowls, this one is the best one you can ever get. It is the perfect travel companion and it’s also very easy to carry. The unique dog bowl has a 7″ diameter and the total maximum height of the bowl is 3″. This provides enough elevation for large dogs and is 0.75″ in totally collapsed form. In addition, this collapsible silicone dog bowl is very suitable for hiking, road trips, and also camping.

10. Folding Rotating Dog Food Bowl

Folding Rotating Dog Food Bowl

Have you ever seen a dog bowl that folds and rotates? This unique dog bowl can do it all. The direction of food and drink can change according to the position in the room. The material is made of food-grade and non-toxic ABS material, and the bowl is made of stainless steel. Moreover, it also offers a design that ensures safety and comfort of the dog while eating and drinking.

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11. Portable Foldable Dog Bowl (Best, Modern)

Portable Foldable Dog Bowl (Best, Modern)

With polypropylene and thermoplastic elastomers materials, this dog bowl it safe and durable. Dog owners who usually travel a lot may need a portable and convenient dog bowl for their pet. In addition, you can hang this dog bowl anywhere: from a bag, a belt, etc. It fits a small-sized dog and is the best choice for travelers.

12. Detachable Elevated Stand Slanted Dog Bowl 

Detachable Elevated Stand Slanted Dog Bowl 

This futuristic and modern looking slanted dog bowl is designed to make your dog easier to eat without having to bend their neck a lot. The bowl features ergonomic design with an 18° tilt, so the dog food can concentrate on the bottom side. Made of high quality plastic material, this unique elevated dog bowl is stable with a heavy-duty stand. Suitable for large dogs with a maximum elevated height of 5.1″.

13. Dog Double Bowl Set with Water Dispenser 

Dog Double Bowl Set with Water Dispenser

Dog bowls can be in whatever style they like, but in case you want a dog bowl with a dispenser for a more practical water refilling system, this item is the one that you’re looking for. The design is simple and has a touch of mid-century fashion style, and the water bowl adopts the automatic gravity system. Furthermore, the bowl is made of food grade ABC material.

14.  Slow Feeder Dog Bowl 

Slow Feeder Dog Bowl 

This cute looking dog bowl is suitable for small dogs and fits well in a modern minimalistic home. A unique inclined dog bowl like this can prevent your dog from choking while eating too fast or having any indigestion problems. This slow feeder dog bowl is about the best choice for the safe feeding experience of your pet.

15. Portable Food Dispenser Dog Bowl

Portable Food Dispenser Dog Bowl

This is a multi-functional dog bowl that consists of two areas for placing food and one area for drinking water. These two dining areas can be used to place one bowl of snacks and the other to put staples. In the drinking area, there is a water dispenser that relies on gravity, which features a design that prevent the drinking water from spilling out easily. Dispensers, bowls, and more item feature fully detachable design , so they are easy to clean.

16. Dog Bowl Bottle 

Dog Bowl Bottle

Are you an active traveler and love to take your pet with you wherever you go? This dog bowl will dehydrate, not only your dog but also you. Prevent dehydration in your body. How could that be? This one dog bowl has a multifunctional value with a design that won’t let your dog’s saliva to mix with your drinking water. However, it still maintains the practicality of being a compact item to carry anywhere. The handle of this item is made of anti-slip material, which will prevent accidental spills of water due to being too enthusiastic when drinking water.

17. Dog Bowl for Pets Feeding and Watering Supplies

Dog Bowl for Pets Feeding and Watering Supplies

Overall, this unique dog bowl features a design to anticipate leakage of food that falls or water that falls to the floor, thereby reducing the risk of costly leakage and supporting you in keeping the house clean. It uses a split design, so it’s easy to clean. In short, there are many benefits that you get by using this dog bowl set.

18. Personalized Elevated Dog Bowls

Personalized Elevated Dog Bowls

This is a unique dog bowl that has 12 levels of height, so you can use it for a long period of time. You can use it for young dogs until they grow up. This has a positive impact on reducing pressure on the dog’s neck or joints when eating or drinking. Moreover, you can add DIY decorations such as pasting a photo of your dog and your dog’s name tag in the area provided to make this product more personalized.

19. Tall Ceramic Dog Bowls Elevated

Tall Ceramic Dog Bowls Elevated

The tall ceramic dog bowl will help dogs swallow easily and promote better digestion and absorption of food. The wide bowl design makes it easy for dogs to pick up food, and there are 4 height levels that can be adjusted according to the size of the dog. This will reduce pressure on your pet’s neck, hips, shoulders, and joints and help improve blood circulation, especially for large dogs and older dogs.

20. Pet Life Couture Sculptured Dog Bowl 

Pet Life Couture Sculptured Dog Bowl 

This unique dog bowl has 2 sides to hold drinking water and food. The bowl size was designed to be able to accommodate large amounts of food for large dogs, let alone small dogs. It has feet made of anti-slip rubber so as to minimize the occurrence of shocks when used by dogs. The bowl is made of high-quality, indestructible melamine, which will last for a very long time of use and can be used for both indoor and outdoor use.

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21. Dog Bowl with Wooden Bark Exterior

Dog Bowl with Wooden Bark Exterior

This is a very unique dog bowl because the outside is made of real wood, which you won’t find in many other products and will certainly last a long time. The bowls are made of food-grade epoxy, which prevents the dog’s food from being mixed with unhealthy substances. It has an anti-slip base and a weight that tends to be heavier than most dog bowls, making it more stable and shock-free. Isn’t that fascinating?

22. Unique Dog Travel Bag with Dog Bowl

Unique Dog Travel Bag with Dog Bowl

Do you like practicality and want an all-in-one kit that contains everything your dog needs when traveling? This is the best solution for you. This dog travel bag fulfills the requirements for luggage on the plane so that it becomes a pleasant companion when traveling with your beloved dog. This product features details with amazing design, starting from the raised bowl holder so it is suitable for medium-sized dogs; the outer first aid kit is easy to reach; the 23 L capacity bag is quite spacious and has an adjustable shoulder strap, too.

23. Elevated Dog Bowl Stand with Stainless-Steel Bowls

Elevated Dog Bowl Stand with Stainless-Steel Bowls

This item is probably one of the best elevated dog bowls. Why? Because this unique dog bowl is designed with a 12° tilt, which provides a more comfortable eating experience for your dog because it can reduce signs of bloating, gas buildup, and indigestion. The table section that accommodates the dog bowl is very easy to remove and is flat so that it will be easier for you to wash it.

24. Raised Dog Bowl with 3 Adjustable Heights

Raised Dog Bowl with 3 Adjustable Heights

This unique dog bowl is suitable for all sizes of dogs, ranging from small, medium, and large dogs, because you can adjust the height using a disassembly system. It has a stable and non-slip design for your dog’s comfort and can reduce the risk of spilled food or drinks that will bother you. There are 2 large bowls provided, namely 1200 ml, so that they can be used to meet your dog’s daily food needs. The bowl is made of food-grade stainless steel, which is safe to use and is dishwasher safe.

25. Stainless Steel Washable Inner Dog Bowl

Stainless Steel Washable Inner Dog Bowl

This unique dog bowl is designed for large and medium-sized dogs. With a solid base made of heavy resin, it will be difficult for pets to push. The circular bottom pad adds stability and prevents scratches to the floor. A geometric pattern design with an attractive contemporary style also makes it look like a home decor item. Dog bowls that are dishwasher safe, anti-corrosion, and rust-resistant materials like this one will make maintenance easier too. This is a beautiful and attractive selection of dog bowls.

Latest Post:

Do dogs need elevated bowls?

Small dogs don’t need to have an elevated bowl, but for large dogs, an elevated bowl makes drinking and eating easier without having them bow down a lot. Therefore, in theory, elevation does put less strain on a dog’s neck while eating. For small to medium dogs, a little bit of tilt may help, but it doesn’t always need to be elevated.

Where should I put my dog food bowl?

There are no rules about where to put it. Dog owners have to think about the risk of each alternative placement, but it is highly recommended to put the dog food bowl away from electronics, children’s rooms, or kitchen. You can put the dog bowl in the living room or near the door. 

Should dog bowls be stainless steel?

Yes, it is recommended to have a stainless steel dog bowl. Stainless steel is by far the most durable, safest, hygienic, and easy-to-clean dog bowl material. It is also high temperature resistant and lightweight, but it is also easier to slip or slide due to its material and lightweightness.

How do you clean stainless steel dog bowls?

You can rinse the dog bowl in water and dry it. You can also use a soft material like a sponge or cloth to wash the material surface along with the recommended warm water and soap. For great results, you can also soak the bowl with vinegar or bleach and cold water for sanitation. It is also recommended to avoid scratching. That’s why you should use soft material while washing the material surface.

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