25 Unique Serving Dishes For New Homeowners

Unique serving dishes are the holy grail of housewarming gifts. It is a practical present that also doubles as a good luck charm. You can wish your friends and family to always have bountiful food on the dinner table. This item also serves as a beautiful shelf decoration to light up a new home. Thanks to your thoughtful gifts, guests who come over for dinner or lunch will be impressed!

Now, the Awesome Stuff 365 team has come up with a list of unique serving dishes to buy as a heartfelt gift. You can use this article as the ultimate reference and inspiration to provide your loved ones with the most excellent present. Check out these top 25 serving dishes that will melt everyone’s heart!

Unique Serving Dishes with Pretty Design

Are you looking for fancy plates and bowls to complete your friends’ kitchens? This list will provide you with tableware in elegant colors and intricate designs. These items are fit for kings and queens!

1. Turkish Ceramic Serving Dishes

Ceramic Serving Dish - Turkish

Turkey is the world center for ceramic dishwares with beautiful patterns. And so, you can buy these charming Turkish serving plates set for people you love! These fancy ceramic wares come in complex Turkish blue motifs suitable for every occasion. This gift is ideal if you want to show your appreciation toward your mother or provide your friends with attractive, practical kitchen wares!

2. Colorful Portuguese Serving Dish

Hand-painted Vintage Traditional Portuguese Terracotta Oval Platter

Did you know that Portuguese also produce high-quality dishwares? Light up your friend’s dining room with this intricate serving bowl. It features beautiful abstract patterns and eye-popping colors! The vintage traditional Portuguese terracotta platter is hand-painted by an experienced artisan. It will be a gift that will look good on the table and fancy up your friend’s shelf.

3. Mexican Salsa Turtle Bowl

Majolica Salsa Turtles - Set of 3

If your friends prefer the playful design, these Majolica Salsa Turtles sets will provide them with maximum amusement at the dinner table. The turtle-shaped serving bowl uses the original pottery technique from Mexico! Furthermore, this unique serving dish set comes in intricate motifs and colors, perfect for holding salsa dips, cheese, or gravy!

4. Whole Roast Serving Plate

Weeknight Serving Bowl

Large serving dishes will always be used, especially during significant holiday events. That’s why you should be buying the East Fork handmade ceramic bowl for your beloved friends! It comes in elegant reddish amaro or mountain black color. This item is suitable to serve whole roast turkey or chips during a big party!

5. Classy Black Plate with Gold Rim

Classy Black Plate with Gold Rim

Any snacks or foods will taste more delightful when served on a Macy Black Dinner plate! The flower-petal-shaped design and matte dark color will bring out the sophisticated vibe on your friend’s table and kitchen shelf.

6. Vintage Serving Bowl for Special Moments

Vintage Covered Serving Dish, Tiffany Blue color And Gold Hand Painted Accents

Are you looking for a heartwarming present for your grandmother? The elderly will absolutely love the vintage serving dish with nostalgic Tiffany Blue color. It also features old-school hand-painted gold accents. This gift may persuade your grandma to hand her legendary secret family recipe to you! Get this specialty item now before someone else grabs it!

7. Retro Serving Dish for Sweets and Candies

Vintage RS Germany Porcelain FLORAL CANDY DISH ~[MULTI COLOR]~Serving Dish !!

This unique serving dish is from the olden days of Germany. The nostalgia that this bowl will evoke can conjure up sweet old memories. Furthermore, the vintage flower painting provides an excellent touch that strengthens this bowl’s old-school vibes. It can become a wonderful decorative heirloom or a container to serve sweets or candies. It is still in mint condition without cracks or chips even after long years!

8. Tunisian Serving Dish for Exotic Cuisines

Tunisia Serving Dish Slama Pottery Bright Mult colors 10 in length oblong

Does your friend love to explore exotic cuisines? This Tunisian serving dish will be an excellent present for adventurous people who always seek a new thrill for their taste buds. It comes in highly elaborate patterns and colorful paint jobs. Designed by Slama Pottery, this serving oval bowl will put some beautiful colors into your friend’s table!

9. Tipi Snack Serving Dish 


The innovative Tipi Snack Serving dish integrates a unique space in the middle for toothpicks or other tiny utensils. This unique plate is suitable to serve party snacks! Your friend can use this dish to serve cut-up fruits or savory snacks! Get this item for your friends to provide them with equipment for a housewarming gathering!

10. Appetizer Tray for Intimate Dining Session

Concrete Bowl + Wood Appetizer Tray

Komolab’s concrete bowl and the wooden tray are one of the most unique serving dishes set suitable for a new couple! This elegant item will provide your friends with a chance to get romantic dining. Let them immerse themselves in delicious appetizers while sipping a classy wine! The concrete bowl can hold condiments for those extra spicy or salty dips. Meanwhile, the elegant wooden board provides space suitable for sushi and other finger foods.

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11. Personalized Pizza Serving Board

Personalized Pizza Serving Board

Does your friend often invite people over for pizza time? Get them this customizable pizza serving tray! The round wooden board is sliced like a pizza to accommodate an equal share. Furthermore, you can ask the manufacturer to engrave the name of your friends on each of the tray slices! This funny gift will certainly bring you and your friends a lot closer.

12. Wooden Steak Serving Tray

Personalized Serving and Prep Boards

This customizable wooden steak tray will be an excellent housewarming present for meat lovers! The tray is made out of a beautiful wood board. It comes with deep grooves and cutouts for knives and side salads. It is one of the most unique dishes you can buy as an elegant gift! In addition, you can order a custom engraving for extra personal touches.

13. Row Boat Serving Bowl

Row Boat Serving Bowl

This aluminum dishware comes in a unique shape of a rowboat! This bowl will compliment your friend’s dinner table and provide them with playful lake house vibes. It is suitable for soup, stew, and especially seafood! This item is silver plated and features two wooden spoons as the oars. Get it now as a thoughtful housewarming present at an affordable price!

14. Serving Board With Coastal Design

Serving Board With Coastal Design

Do your friends love sushi and other seafood? If so, the Coastal Serving Board will be the perfect gift to allow them to serve appetizers in style! It features a beautiful shoreline design that will catch people’s attention. The handmade serving board uses special resin to provide realistic pictures and is skillfully crafted with attention to detail.

15. Mug for Soup and Cracker Set

Mug for Soup and Cracker Set

If your friends love to chill on their bed while watching movies, the Soup and Cracker Mug set will definitely amuse them. It features a regular mug with a handle and an integrated compartment for the crackers. This item will bring so much joy to the people that you love because it lets them enjoy food and relax at the same time!

16. Insulated Bowl for Outdoor Action

Insulated Bowl for Outdoor Action

Does your family love to eat out in the park? Get them one of these insulated stainless steel serving bowls! This unique item was designed by RigwaLIfe to keep any soup hot for 4 hours! It can also store refreshing cold food like ice cream for up to 8 hours. Get the RIGWA 1.5 bowls now for a completely unique serving dishes set!

17. Intelligent Hot Plate for Hot Pot 

Intelligent Hot Plate for Hot Pot

Having sukiyaki together with your loved ones is a very wholesome family activity. That’s why you should buy them this versatile hot plate. Whoever receives this gift can set it up on a low table for a hot pot or use it for cooking and serving piping hot foods on the dinner table.

18. Square Dinner Plate

hite Melamine Modern Square Serving Dinner Plates

Square dinner plates are often associated with high-class dining experiences. You can bring this vibe home to your family or friend’s house by buying them this set of Modern Square Serving Dinner Plates. This item is built using melamine as its primary material. Therefore, it will not break easily, is easy to stack, and save storage space!. Get the complete set of this square plate now, suitable for a modern family!

19. Beautiful Petal-shaped Serving Dish

Lazy Susan Appetizer and Condiment Server Set with 6 Unique Design Serving

Looking for unique serving dishes that will make your friend’s dinner table look prettier? Try this Elama Signature dishware! This set includes 6 serving bowls that are shaped like beautiful flowers. It also comes with a rotating lazy susan, perfect for serving condiments and appetizers!

20. Elegant Ceramic Plate in Matte Colors

Matte Ceramic Plates, Hand-Finished Ceramics, Handmade Plate

Bring a high-class dining experience to your friend’s table with this Matte Plate! This item uses hand-finished ceramic that comes in diverse elegant matte colors. The design will provide luxurious vibes and shall last for generations. Get the matching set for your loved ones at an affordable price now!

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21. Minimalistic Serving Dishes

Minimalistic Serving Dishes for Postmodern Aesthetic

For a modern household, a set of minimalistic serving dishes will enhance lavish dining activities. The golden rim around the edge also provides rustic modern vibes. There is no concern if your friends want to microwave this sturdy plate. Ship these scratch-resistant ceramic dinner plates to your friend’s house now for the best offer! 

22. Best-seller Matte Gray Serving Dishes 

Best-seller Matte Gray Serving Dishes

The simplistic design of this matte gray serving dish set will bring out the color of the foods. It will make your friend’s meal much more flavorful. People will focus on their meals instead of getting distracted by flashy patterns. Get this Gibson Home Rockaway’s Matte Gray Serving Dishes at the best price now!

23. Porcelain Minimalistic Lasagna Dish

Porcelain Minimalistic Lasagna Dish

Does your friend love cuisines that require baking? A new set of the AQUIVER Small Ceramic Baking Dish will make a perfect gift for people who enjoy cooking. These wares are oven-safe, meaning they can use it for baking lasagna or other food! Furthermore, it can also double as a unique serving plate for piping hot meals. The magnificent paint job and sturdy porcelain material will ensure that this item lasts for years.

24. Three-tiers Serving Dishes

Three-tiers Serving DIshes for Party Lovers

Are you looking to buy unique serving dishes as a gift suitable for a big family? Then, these three-tier serving bowls are the most excellent choice. It comes with a sturdy metal rack for the bowls to impress any guests. This set is also suitable for people who love to host a party! 

25. Serving Dishes for Delicious Indian Foods

Zap Impex Set of 2, Copper Tableware Serving Bowl Indian Serveware Handi Set, Tureen Copper Stainless Steel Serving Dishes For Serving your favourite Dish with a Traditional Touch (No: 2 (15 cm))

Indian foods have to be the most flavorful meal in the world. The combination of spices will entertain your mouth and belly. Now you can get these specialty serving dishes for your friends to serve Indian cuisines. The authentic wares will undoubtedly improve the taste and bring home the vibrant culture of India into your friend’s kitchen.

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Final Thought

Which unique serving dishes do you like the most? Each of these items shall be a suitable present for people you love to celebrate their new dwellings. Providing your friends and family with practical and beautiful plates, bowls, and mugs is the most thoughtful thing that you can do! And so, we are hoping that this article has served its purpose in providing you with a user-friendly recommendation!

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