25 Anime Party Ideas You Want To Steal

Hosting an anime party is such a fun activity. No matter how old you are and how long you’ve been in the anime world, you are allowed to organize one. However, to make the party go smoothly, there are a few things that you need to consider. After all, the best anime party ideas are the things to go for, right? However, we do think that the decoration is the most significant thing here. Of course, you will have to match it to the type of party you want to celebrate first.

Is it a birthday party for kids, a more mature one, or just a fun hang-out party with your friends? It needs to be clear beforehand, because it will affect the way you decorate the room and food preferences. Still, it is better to start with a popular anime or your all-time favorite theme.

However, you can just take it easy because we have so many anime party ideas for you. You can pick one or two from the list below and start remaking them for your anime party.

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BEST Anime Party Ideas

1. Sailor Moon Magical Beverages

Anime Party Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@moonkitty.net)

Sailor Moon naturally becomes one of the best when we’re talking about anime party ideas, especially for girls. The bright and flashy decoration is the main point here. If you are going to use this idea for your anime party, we think you should pay attention to your food and beverages as well.

Don’t only serve one kind of drink. Instead, provide magical beverages like this, each with a different taste and color. We have no doubt, it will be better when you use more than one type of glass and put a tiny figurine on its edge, too!

2. Pokemon Characters for the Main Dish

Anime Party Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@jw-webmagazine.com)

For anime party food, you should consider making the main dish as cute as the snacks and desserts. To give you an example, we are happy to to share with you this irresistible Pokemon dish idea. With the yellow and brown-colored food, you can shape it into Pikachu and Eevee.

It’s easier to make everything round first, then decorate until it has ears and face, and place it on a cute Pokemon plate. Now, you are possibly holding yourself because it is way too cute to eat!

3. L’s Sweet Treats

Anime Party Ideas
Source Instagram (@gozo.kids)

Death Note’s fans are certainly aware of L’s obsession with sweet treats. That’s why you should consider it on your anime party food menu list. From chocolate bars to strawberry cake to ice cream, everything is fine as long as it’s sugary.

However, do put in mind that there might be a chance for Shinigami to come to your anime party. So, better prepare some candy apples for them too! In our opinion, this is one of the best anime party ideas for a true Death Note fan.

4. Figurine Collections Display Decor

Anime Party Ideas

If you are holding the anime party at home, don’t hesitate to show all your treasured figurine collections because it is the right time to do exactly that! You can put them on a separate table or just display them as it is inside your shelf.

However, do bear in mind that you better add other decorations as well, namely, fairy lights and knick-knacks around them. In our opinion, this idea could be a great way to help the guests interact with each other, too!

5. Find the Mythical Treasure

Anime Party Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Aumnia Waleed)

All One Piece fans will obviously love this next idea, as it is particularly one of the best anime party ideas. Using red as its primary color, the food area will look more vibrant. Aside from that, you can also use DIY anime party decor for the goodie bags, too.

You only need to print out the famous ‘WANTED’ posters depending on your size preference and stick them on white gift bags. Then, you can use this to put some snacks or maybe an actual treasure inside for your friends!

6. Easy DIY Pokeball Lantern

Anime Party Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@todaysparent.com)

Need a lantern to light up your anime party? if you do, then we assume you might want to steal this idea! Just get the usual white paper lantern, paint the top half red and stick a long, thin black paper on the borderline of both colors.

Lastly, make a black circle and put it in the center. Now, you can see a big Pokeball in front of you! Moreover, you can do another DIY anime party decor referring to different Pokemon characters as well.

7. A Huge Totoro Forest Gateway

Anime Party Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@karaspartyideas.com)

Placing a huge Totoro gateway at the entrance will make your guests know that you are holding one of the most exciting anime parties ever. In our opinion, this one is the best anime party ideas for an outdoor birthday party in your garden.

This kind of party can immediately let the guests feel the soothing breezy atmosphere, just like when you are watching the anime. Or, if you prefer an indoor party, we recommend you to put a lot of flowery birthday decorations to make this idea come true. Plus, this theme suits parties for adults as well as children.

8. Naruto Birthday Party for Boys

Anime Party Ideas

This birthday party idea is best for boys who are big fans of Naruto. To recreate this idea, first pick orange, yellow, and black as the main color palettes. After that, try to put Naruto’s face and symbols everywhere on the birthday decoration, starting from the backdrop, the cake, to the standing character.

Next, don’t forget to dress up the birthday boy with a Naruto costume so that the Naruto birthday party will be perfect!

9. Anime Wall Glass Art

Anime Party Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

If you don’t know how to decorate your room for an anime party, we believe this next idea will definitely help you out! You don’t need to make the room too crowded with balloons. Instead, get all your creativity to paint some of your liking anime characters on acrylics or glasses or used CDs.

However, in case you don’t have that much time to do that, you may also print it out and frame it before putting it on your wall. In our opinion, this is one of the easiest yet most brilliant DIY anime party ideas on our list.

10. A Soft Party with Totoro Theme

A Soft Party With Totoro Theme
Source Instagram (@ohshinyco)

This Totoro-themed garland is best for you who wanted soft anime party birthday decorations. If you ask us, we would say that this is one of the most recommended anime party ideas for your toddler’s birthday or a baby shower event.

Complete the mild-colored balloon garland with greeneries, such as palm leaves, that resemble any scene in the anime. Remember to place some of your beloved Totoro plushies or figurines here and there. In addition, you can add other Studio Ghibli characters, as well to make it even more.

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11. Detailed Howl’s Moving Castle Cake

Detailed Howl’s Moving Castle Cake
Source: Pinterest (@buzzfeed.com)

Serving cake for an anime party food must be ordinary, but you can make it extraordinary with this detailed cake, which is inspired by the iconic castle from Howl’s Moving Castle. Who thought this one was a cake? Because it is not the usual geometric-shaped cake nor a tiered cake.

In our opinion, this cake is beyond that as all the parts of it are unique and different from each other. You can try this idea by using any special creatures from your favorite anime as well.

12. Demon Slayer Favors

Demon Slayer Favors
Source: Pinterest (@mamaefazendoafestaemcasa.blogspot…)

You should never be confused about what favors to give at your anime party. Just look at these adorable Demon Slayer accessories! Isn’t it a fantastic idea to recreate? There are keychains, lanyards, snacks, and hair ties, all in Demon Slayer’s color palette. Oh, you might not want to miss the Warding Mask too, as it is the most important thing if you want to use this anime for your party.

13. One Piece Treasure Corner

One Piece Treasure Corner
Source: Pinterest (@babyandbreakfast.ph)

One Piece is likely one of the most interesting anime to use as a theme for parties, particularly for boys, as you can take so many ideas for the decoration. For instance, a treasure corner that is filled with food.

Touch up the area with a big map backdrop, and use a vintage design for a better result. After that, put some barrels in place of the table legs. To make it more picturesque, we suggest that you add a treasure chest and fill it with chocolate coins that look like gold.

14. Jujutsu Kaisen Party Decoration

Jujutsu Kaisen Party Decoration
Source: twitter (@sushianeki)

You don’t need to be panic if Jujutsu Kaisen is the chosen theme for your next anime party, because we have this perfect idea for you to take. Change the room that will be used for the party into the isolation chamber that appears in this anime.

You can paint the wall black or cover it with black fabric. Thereafter, put a bunch of paper talismans and light up the room with hexagonal lanterns placed on the floor. In our opinion, this idea can be used for a photo booth, too!

15. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Simple Birthday Party

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Simple Birthday Party
Source: Pinterest (@Steffanie Jung)

If you want to use anime for your party theme but don’t want to bother preparing decorations that are too complicated, we believe this one idea might come as a big help! By taking Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure theme, you can DIY the decor by printing some pictures of the scenes or characters and the word “GoGoGoGo” in Katakana that frequently appears in the anime. Lastly, put some balloons and fairy lights as well as happy birthday cutouts, and your party decor is done!

16. Spirited Away’s Haku Ornament

Spirited Away’s Haku Ornament
Source: Pinterest (@otakucrafts.blogspot.com)

When throwing an anime party, you have to take heed to everything to make the party look fun and go well. For example, you could use Haku’s dragon form as a hanging ornament that accompanies the lights if you are taking Spirited Away or Studio Ghibli for your anime party theme.

We have no doubt that it will surely enhance the whole room! And the best part is, you can DIY this since this decoration is not so difficult to make.

17. Demon Slayer Dining Area Decor

Demon Slayer Dining Area Decor
Source: Pinterest (@ameblo.jp)

Home is probably the best place to arrange an anime party, especially if it’s already spacious. However, you can’t just leave the interior as it is. Instead, why don’t we decorate your dining area by stealing this idea?

To apply this idea, just like any other idea, visual is the key to anime party decorations, so don’t ever make the table and wall look dull. You can always furnish it with any characters and anime posters. Don’t worry about being too much, because like the party itself, the more the merrier!

18. Sailor Moon’s Birthday Party for Girls

Sailor Moon’s Birthday Party for Girls
Source: Pinterest (@mynerdnursery.com)

We believe without a doubt that every girl must be dreaming to have Sailor Moon as their birthday party theme. Because just be honest here, who can stay still when looking at this idea? With the galaxy background, followed by the hanging stars and pinkish decorations, we are sure this is gonna be the best birthday party for girls.

Using Sailor Moon’s clothes to cover the table is undoubtedly another clever idea that you should take note of. Furthermore, we would recommend serving cute-looking food that suits this theme, too.

19. The Live-Sized Gojo Satoru

The Live-Sized Gojo Satoru
Source: Pinterest (@top_anime_13)

You’ve done everything but still feel something is missing with your anime party decorations? Well, maybe that’s because you missed this idea. Bringing a live-sized Gojo Satoru to the anime party would erase the problem, mainly the one when he opens his blindfold.

Besides, everyone must be a simp for him! So, even if doing this may require quite an effort, we’re pretty sure it will pay off without a doubt.

20. Fallen Titans Ceiling Decor

Fallen Titans Ceiling Decor
Source: Pinterest (@arthOMG)

Perhaps you want to do an anime party for adults on Halloween, thus Attack on Titan is the perfect anime for that purpose. We know there are a lot of anime party ideas you can try, like having titans for the decorations.

You might paint it on the wall or let it swing from the ceiling, so it would look like fallen titans are coming your way from above and ready to attack. We believe that this can be a great jumpscare if you hang it on the entrance hallway ceiling!

21. Pikachu Birthday Party for Girls

Pikachu Birthday Party for Girls
Source: Pinterest (@montandominhafesta.com.br)

A sweet little girl who adores Pikachu would be thrilled to have a Pikachu-themed birthday party. After all, we all know that nothing can beat the cuteness of Pikachu, and we can imagine how cute it would be to have Pikachu as the theme for your little girl’s birthday party, right?

To make sure your little girl is happy with the party decoration, add a Pikachu backdrop and place Pikachu-themed cupcakes, candies, birthday cake and yellow balloons to create the perfect decor.

22. The Death Note Black Party Decor

The Death Note Black Party Decor
Source: Pinterest (@Marina masajista)

The Death Note seems to have black as the one and only color theme. Therefore, why not have the Death Note-themed party this year?

In our opinion, it’s not hard to be done, and all you need to prepare is black décor items like posters, hats, cupcakes décor, popcorn décor, and last but not least, the Death Note replica that can be a nice souvenir for your guests. 

23. Demon Slayer Decor

Demon Slayer Decor
Source: Pinterest (@Ashley Navarrete)

Those who love the Demon Slayer deserve a special party with their favorite anime as the main theme. For that reason, we think this idea can definitely be a great option to recreate.

This party decor idea includes bright balloons and images of the Demon Slayer characters as the main backdrop of the decoration. In addition, you can also turn the decoration into a photo spot where your guests can take a picture to be posted on their social media. 

24. Dragon Ball Z-themed Party

Dragon Ball Z Themed Party
Source: Pinterest (@inspiresuafesta.com)

Yes, this one is actually a classic anime. But we have to admit that Dragon Ball Z still has a super solid fan base out there.

If you happen to be one of the fans of this famous anime, then we think you must definitely have a Dragon Ball Z party at least once in your life. Based on the colors of each character in the series, the décor would be full of fun colors like orange, blue, green, and also blue.

25. Sonic is in the House

Sonic is in the House
Source: Pinterest (@tuacasa.com.br)

This one is one of the anime party ideas that highlights another classic anime, Sonic the Hedgehog! Calling all Sonic fans out there! If you plan on having a classic anime party, then we believe Sonic can be one of the best options.

The decor includes a backdrop of Sonic image framed with blue balloons that will surely remind us of the famous video game back in the 90s. 

Final Thoughts

For true fans of anime, the best and perfect way to celebrate a birthday is to hold anime-themed party. Whether it’s a party for kids or adults, having anime birthday party will always be an exciting idea. If you are one of those anime fans, the best way to celebrate a birthday is definitely by holding your favorite’s anime-themed birthday party.

To help you arrange and plan the party, we believe you would want to check out our list of some of the coolest anime party ideas to choose from. Plus, our ideas also include some ideas for you to plan your little one’s birthday party, too!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the best DIY anime party décor idea?

A Pokeball lantern is probably the best DIY anime party decor idea. It doesn’t require a lot of effort and money because you can easily find the materials needed. Other than that, it is a functional decoration because you can replace the lightbulb with this lantern, especially when the party is outside.

What food do you serve at anime parties?

We suggest you serve Japanese food at anime parties. Start with familiar dishes like sushi, ramen, and bento box. But don’t stop with these and try to be creative.

For example, decorating food or desserts with the anime character will add value to your anime party. You may serve the iconic dish from the anime too, like Sakuma Candy from Grave of the Fireflies.

What costume do you use at anime party?

You can use the costume of your favorite character at an anime party. But if you think it needs a lot of work, you can choose the one who always dresses simple yet iconic. Loid Forger from Spy x Family and Nanami Kento from Jujutsu Kaisen are suitable if you want a more mature and neat look.

Another lazy costume idea is coming from L Lawliet from Death Note who always wears a pair of jeans and a long-sleeved white shirt. Don’t forget to smear your black eyeshadow under your eyes and place your thumb near your mouth, so everyone will recognize you as L.

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