25 Amazing Home Gym Decor Ideas To Inspire Fitness Enthusiasts

Having a home gym is one of the best ways to get in shape, burn calories, and stay healthy. Many people love the home gym for its convenience and the ability to work out on their own timetable. The money you save by avoiding a gym membership can be reinvested in other areas of your life. In addition, a home gym can also make the home feel more organized and beautiful. Finding the right inspiration for your space can help keep you motivated and excited to use it every day. When you have the right home gym decor ideas, you might even consider inviting people over to work out with you.

If you are planning to use a certain space in your home to exercise, let’s take a look in the article below for more home gym decor ideas. Whether it’s a small space in your garage or you want to combine the guest room with the home gym, you will find more inspiration here. From home gym decor ideas to create spacious silhouettes to motivational and inspiring home gym, we guarantee you will find the best choice that is suitable for you. Let’s jump to the list!

1. Large Mirror and Wall for Spacious Silhouette

Large Mirror and Wall for Spacious Silhouette
Source: Pinterest (@homepiez.com)

A spacious room with good air circulation is important for a home gym. Try to put a large mirror near windows to create a spacious silhouette. This is one of the best home gym decor ideas for those who want to put large gym equipment such as  treadmills, free weights, and weight machines in a limited room.

2. DIY Pegboard for Decorative Home Gym Room

DIY Pegboard for Decorative Home Gym Room
Source: Pinterest (@bhg.com)

When you have a small room for home gym, you may not be able to place a shelf to store your gym equipment. Therefore, you can try to put a DIY pegboard shelf in your plain wall to optimize your small room. Use them in your home gym to organize tools, keeping them tidy and reachable anytime you want. Not only gym tools, you can put some greenery in the pegboard to add oxygen supplies in the room.

3. Large Window for Outdoor Gym Feel

 Large Window for Outdoor Gym Feel
Source: Pinterest (@goodhousekeeping.com)

In case you can’t add greenery in your small home gym, let the natural plants view become your home gym decor ideas. Use extra large windows on some sides that lead to outdoor views, making an outdoor gym feel in your room. With this concept, you can keep doing exercise while admiring the amazing nature view from your home.

4. Black Masculine Home Gym for Men

Black Masculine Home Gym for Men
Source: Pinterest (@homepiez.com)

Show your masculine side in your home gym with this concept. You can use solid black wallpaper which matches with your home gym equipment. To add more texture, you can combine it with a brick pattern wall. Add some lights by placing a LED mirror, making a focal point in the room. 

5. Home Gym with Interlocking Foam Tiles

Home Gym with Interlocking Foam Tiles
Source: Pinterest (@foamtiles.com)

For safety and comfort reasons, you can decorate your home gym with interlocking foam tiles. Excellent non-skid cushioning is produced by high density foam for use at home workouts. Moreover, they are water resistant, easy to clean, and also have noise-reducing design. This is one of the best home gym decor ideas that will support your exercise time well.

6. Artistic Paintings and Motivational Quote Decoration

Artistic Paintings and Motivational Quote Decoration
Source: Pinterest (@realtor.com)

Instead of placing a mirror, you can put motivational gym quotes and artistic paintings for home gym decor ideas. Especially if you have a plain white room, then you have plenty of space to decorate. Put some motivational quotes in the frame picture to motivate you while exercising. Moreover, you can add some abstract paintings in matching with room vibes, making the room more lively.

7. Dual Purpose Home Gym and Guest Room

Dual Purpose Home Gym and Guest Room
Source: Pinterest (@cdn.decoist.com)

In case you have a pretty large and unused guest room, then you can use it for home gym too. Consider placing the home gym area near the window for better air circulation. You can also paint the room with green countryside color, making the room more bright in the touch of nature. This will be one of the smartest home gym decor ideas in utilizing the room.

8. Rustic Wallpaper Decoration for Home Gym

Rustic Wallpaper Decoration for Home Gym
Source: Pinterest (@nextluxury.com)

Rustic style is one of the most unique home gym decor ideas if you want to add outdoor feels in your home. You can make a full decoration with wooden wallpaper, making a rustic visual in your home gym. Moreover, the horizontal wooden pattern makes the room appear larger than before. It is a great idea for those who have a small space for home gym.

9. Greenery with Natural Lights Decoration

Greenery with Natural Lights Decoration
Source: Pinterest (@decoist.com)

Don’t let a small room without windows stop you from doing exercise. Try to bring natural lights by placing the windows at the ceiling. It is a genius idea for those who want to utilize a small warehouse for the home gym. Don’t forget to add grass wall panels for additional nature vibes. It is one of the smartest home gym decor ideas to optimize all the room functions.

10. Home Gym with Glass Wall

 Home Gym with Glass Wall
Source: Pinterest (@houzz.com)

Create a borderless feel in your home gym with a glass wall. This is one of the best home gym decor ideas which gives a spacious feel in a compact room. You may place your compact home gym in your spacious living room area and add some glass walls for the border. This concept is also ideal for parents who want to do workouts while supervising their kids in the living room. 

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11. Home Gym with Motivational Lettering Wall Decoration

Home Gym with Motivational Lettering Wall Decoration
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Decorate your wall with motivational lettering that will inspire you during workouts. You may try the noticeable wall area such as the space between ceilings and windows. Try to paint the area with motivational text. Or, you also may use gym wall art stickers if painting is too difficult. The lettering will change the vibe in your small home gym and become more exciting.

12. Antique Farmhouse Style Home Gym

Antique Farmhouse Style Home Gym
Source Instagram (@antiquefarmhouse)

This is one of the best home gym decor ideas for those with vintage and old soul. You can combine the modern gym equipment with antique farmhouse style decoration with this concept. Use brick pattern wallpaper and wooden storages for farmhouse style in your home gym. You may add antique feels by placing metal exercise equipment in the vintage finish.

13. Semi Outdoor Home Gym

Semi Outdoor Home Gym
Source: Pinterest (@decoist.com)

Utilize your unused space in the garage to create a semi outdoor home gym. You can put hanging pull up straps in the ceilings and yoga mat on the floor. Since a semi outdoor home gym offers a better nature view, it is a perfect place to put your stationary bike to workout with amazing scenery. This is one the best home gym decor ideas for those people who don’t want to exercise in a closed room.

14. One Stop Gym Tool Shelf Decor

One Stop Gym Tool Shelf Decor
Source: Pinterest (@prettylittlesocial.com)

Create a one stop gym tool in your home gym for a tidy and neat look. You can design a shelf jutting into the wall to optimize the room space. Place some shelf hanging and hooks to accommodate all your fitness equipment such as dumbbells and skipping ropes. This is one of the most creative home gym decor ideas to make all your equipment stored in the right place.

15. Corner Braces for Fitness Ball

Corner Braces for Fitness Ball
Source: Pinterest (@lexigracedesign.com)

Fitness balls are very useful equipment for a home gym. However, sometimes people often put them carelessly. The genius idea is by placing your fitness balls in the corner of the room with the metal braces. The glossy color will give more colors to the room, making them part of the room decoration itself. This is definitely one of the most unique but charming home gym decor ideas from fitness balls.

16. Abstract Geometric Wallpaper for Garage Gym

Abstract Geometric Wallpaper for Garage Gym
Source: Pinterest (@hgtv.com)

A garage is often to use as a home gym since it is often unused in the house. However, as the construction is not dedicated to a home gym, sometimes you feel cramped in the room. To cope with the issue, you can use abstract geometric wallpaper for a bright feel, making the ceiling appear higher. In addition, put some vertical mirrors for spacious feels.   

17. Pink Theme Home Gym

Pink Theme Home Gym
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

For girls who want to have feminine look at the home gym, you can try to use the concept. Pick sweet blush pink wall paint for the entire wall. You may bring gym equipment in matching colors with the wall, making your home gym look neat and clean. In addition, you can add a motivational gym wall art sticker as the focal point. Make sure the room has enough natural light source to radiate the sweet pink vibe.

18. LED Light Decoration in Home Gym

LED Light Decoration in Home Gym
Source Instagram (@houseonalittlelane)

Suppose you don’t have a natural light source in your home gym, then you should optimize the light decoration. Use LED alphabet lights to create “GYM” lettering or other words you want for decoration. Choose black or dark wallpaper, making a contrast look with the lights. You may also add a full wall mirror on one side of the wall for spacious home gym decor ideas.

19. Gym Office Combo

Gym Office Combo
Source: Pinterest (@liketk.it)

Save your time by combining home gym and working room in one area. You can create a workout area on the left side, while the office area is on the right side. Separate the two areas with different colors of mats. This is one of the best home gym decor ideas for those who work from home, but are too lazy to go to the gym for a workout. 

20. Blackboard for Daily Exercise Goals

Blackboard for Daily Exercise Goals
Source: Pinterest (@twobertis.wordpress.com)

This is definitely a genius idea for fitness enthusiasts who want to set daily goals! Put 2 blackboards in your home gym; one for the weekly calendar and the other for workout targets. You can check each goal that is accomplished, giving personal satisfaction.  Those lists of workout achievements will be a great way to motivate you whenever you feel tired of workout.

21. Garage Gym

Garage Gym
Source: Pinterest (@m8group.co.uk)

If you’re dreaming of having your own gym at home while your garage is unoccupied, why don’t you turn it into the gym that you have been dreaming of? You can definitely turn your gym into a home gym. It will have enough space to place your big equipment while you can still use some space for the small ones, too. 

22. Small Workout Corner

Small Workout Corner
Source: Pinterest (@redstickmom.com)

When you have no more free space to create a home gym at home, don’t give up on your dreams of having one, yet. As we know, exercise is necessary, and you definitely need to create a space for exercise at home. Therefore, you can create a special corner like this instead. Since the space is limited, you can have a shelf or rack and also a hanging wall to store your equipment. Then, you can place a wall mirror to make your corner look spacious.

23. Gym in the Attic

Gym in the Attic
Source: Pinterest (@idealhome.co.uk)

Having your own gym in the attic is also a great idea to have. Once you spend your time exercising in the attic, you will forget that you are actually at home. So, turn your attic into a gym and include your tools and equipment inside to make it your own personal gym. Make sure there is enough light that comes into the room. In addition, adding some motivational quotes will also become a nice method to keep you motivated. 

24. Open Space Home Gym

Source: Pinterest (@homify.de)
Source: Pinterest (@homify.de)

For those of you who prefer to do some exercises outdoors, then this idea can be a great option for you. You can create an open space gym by utilizing the vacant room that is facing your backyard. Therefore you can open the door or the room when you are exercising, and enjoy the fresh air while you‘re keeping your body, mind and soul active. 

25. Home Basement Gym

Home Basement Gym
Source: Pinterest (@justagirlandherblog.com)

Just in case your attic is not available, then you can try to check out your basement. If it’s not occupied, then you can also turn it into your own personal home gym. Having a basement gym will make sure no one is bothered while you’re exercising. However, since it’s a basement, it means that there is limited access for light to come in. So, make sure you install proper lighting in the room, and make sure the air circulation is also good.

Latest Post:

How can I make my home gym more appealing?

Since usually home gym is placed in the unused small room in your house, then you can make it appear brighter and larger. Try to choose a bright color for the wall and put a mirror for a more spacious look. In addition, make sure they have enough light and great air circulation, so you don’t feel cramped in the room.

How should I arrange my gym at home?

You should optimize every corner of the home gym to make it neat and tidy. You can organize your gym equipment in one shelf or use a pegboard for a tiny space. In addition, you may put your fitness balls as home decoration by placing it at the corner with customized braces.

What is a good color for a home gym?

Well it depends on your favorite color as usually a personalized color will lift up the mood while doing exercise. In addition, you can use decorative wallpaper with line patterns to give more spacious effects However, if you want to focus during a workout without too much distraction, you can choose neutral colors with a hint of blue. 

How do I set up a small home gym?

Use bright colors and mirrors to make your small home gym appear larger. In addition, you can maximize the room usage by placing a floating desk or pegboard to store your gym equipment. Moreover, make sure you have enough natural light source from outside, making your room look more lively. 

Is it worth building a home gym?

Yes, it is! Especially if you are a busy person who doesn’t want to spend more time going to the gym, home gym is indeed the best solution. Moreover, a home gym can not only keep you in shape just as well as a commercial gym, but it may even be more beneficial to encourage you to exercise more. In fact, you will exercise more frequently with equipment you’ve spent a lot of money on.

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