LG Wallpaper TV Display

This LG Wallpaper TV Display just might be the thinnest TV display in the world that is as thin as a credit card. Impressive doesn’t begin to cover it.

This TV display almost merges with your wall when installed but still retains all the functionality of a traditional TV.

This TV display is only 2.57 millimeters thick, or 0.2 inches if you please. Obtaining such minimal thickness is possible thanks to LG’s OLED technology. 

Without delving into too much confusing science-talk, this type of technology doesn’t need typical LCD backlighting. So it allows each pixel in the display produces light individually. 

LG Wallpaper TV Display

LG Wallpaper TV Display

If you’re wondering where all the cables go if this display is so thin, then don’t worry, They all can be plugged into the AV-to-TV Box that goes with this display and is, obviously, required for the TV’s functionality.

Do you think that in the future we’d be able to simply roll the TV into a tube and take it with you anywhere? Sounds cool.  

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