27 Unique Office Wall Art To Hang In Every Room

In this day and age, an office will feel more like home then your real one. By spending more than half of your life in a week there, it has become a necessity for you and your team to decorate your workspace. Besides making it cozy, it will also release some tensions from the stress you have to endure all week. But before you start decorating, you need to realize that there are two types of decoration that you will need for your workspace: your personal space and the team’s space. While the former can be more private, you need to make sure that you are finding the right decoration for the latter.

You also need to pay attention to the decoration you are going to use. One particular kind of property that we are going to suggest will be a unique office wall art. That’s going to be the reason we are here, to help you figure out which wall art suits your office.

How Do You Choose An Office Wall Art?

Previously, we have mentioned that there are two kinds of unique office wall arts that you must obtain: for your personalized space and for the entire team (the bigger wall). For the former, the easiest answer is to follow your own taste. What do you like? Which item will make you feel motivated? For the latter, it’s best if you find a common item that is pleasurable for everybody, such as posters containing motivational quotes or scenery

Unique Office Wall Art for Your Personal Nook

One thing that you need to remember before finding unique office wall arts for your own personal space: go crazy! There’s no one to restrict you from decorating your nook with things that you love, as long as it’s not offensive to others!

1. Personalized Plate Wall Art

unique office wall art

In an office, your nook should be like your own room at home. Therefore, you really need to get some personalized and customized decoration to ensure that you are comfortable with your own space. What better way than to purchase a personalized plate? With this handmade baseball art, you can put your favorite athlete’s name and number. You can even order your own name!

2. Customized Wooden Song Carving

unique office wall art

Not a sports fan? Don’t worry, as this one has got nothing to do with that. Surely, you like to listen to a certain kind of music. Order this vintage customized wooden carving with songs you like from bands such as the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, and Adele!

3. Distressed Octopus Art

unique office wall art

This particular art could be viewed as a work of art for some people and as a creepy painting by others. Despite the mixed reception it might have got, you are probably on the positive side, and that’s why we are recommending this Distressed Octopus Wall Art for your personal workspace nook. 

Unique Office Wall Arts for Inspiring Quote

Motivations and inspiring quotes may be some of the most important aspect in an employee’s growth. Perhaps, putting those wise words on a unique office wall art might help the entire office too! Check out our list below, and see which quotes relates with your situation the most. 

4. Life in Transit Office Wall Art

unique office wall art

Motivation is a force that will make us forget our obstacles and keep us moving forward. There’s going to be lots of motivational office wall arts to be recommended here, but the first one is a beautiful art made by Robert Robinson. This art doesn’t contain any long quotes, but the message “on the right track” will surely keep you marching on.

5. Motivational Sticker for the Office Wall

unique office wall art

Next up is a series of stickers that you can stick in the walls for you and your colleagues to see. Contrary to the previous office wall art, this motivational sticker for the office wall is entirely made up of words with no pictures. But believe us, it will encourage you nonetheless. 

6. “Change the Ending!” Office Wall Art

unique office wall art

Here we have another motivational office wall art. Although it’s fully composed of words, this inspirational wall decal is filled with a full-blown sentence containing important messages that could enhance your quality at work, while the previous one is made up with a compilation of words. 

7. Mindset Office Wall Art in a Canvas

unique office wall art

This particular office wall art is a printed picture on a canvas that you can easily hang. The motivational canvas office wall art contains a very powerful message that you should hold on to. Perhaps, looking at this motivational office wall art may be an important part in your career development!

8. “The 7 Rules” Office Wall Art

unique office wall art

To succeed in life, there are unofficial rules that you must adhere to. Perhaps, it’s easier for you to comply if it’s written in a beautiful piece of canvas such as this particular one.

9. “Familia” Office Wall Art

unique office wall art

When an office feels like your second home, it’s important that you maintain a good relationship with the members too. This heartwarming and unique office wall art will make your team closer like a family!

10. Office Wall Art Introduction

Office Wall Art Introduction

Each worker has their own different way to lift their spirit up every morning. However, we are sure that looking at this office wall art canvas everyday will help. It really contains an uplifting message to kickstart your day.

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11. Office Leadership Wall Art

unique office wall art

There are born leaders all over the world. There are those who are trained to be leaders too. Whichever criteria you fall into, you will need this motivational office wall art to further hone your leadership skills.

12. Motivational Teamwork Office Wall Art

unique office wall art

For our last recommendation in this section, we end it with a motivational office wall art with a message about teamwork. This particular office wall art doesn’t “speak” much, but you might get the point: teamwork is crucial to achieve your goals. 

Unique Office Wall Art for Ordinary Office

We thought that it might be a crime to exclude The Office on any office-related lists. That’s why, we handpicked some of the most unique Office Wall Art, inspired by quotes and moments from the legendary TV series. 

13. The Michael-Gretzky Office Wall Art

unique office wall art

The Office might just be another popular sitcom for you to enjoy at night. However, there are lots of quotes that could motivate you at work. One good example is this iconic meme from the seventh season of the series, immortalized into a unique office wall art and available for you to purchase. 

14. “Dunder Mifflin Building” Wall Art

unique office wall art

Our second recommendation is an homage to Pam Beesly’s take on the company that she had worked for. While the drawing itself seemed simple, it is still cool for you to hang it around at your office wall. Who knows, there might be other employees in your office that notice this reference!

15. “The Dwight Schrute Challenge” Wall Art

unique office wall art

Dwight Schrute is often portrayed as an idiot assistant to the regional manager. However, he also produced some memorable and iconic lines that you can adhere to. This particular “challenge” is good enough to be produced as a vintage-looking poster.

16. “Idiot Dwight” Wall Art

unique office wall art

We are not messing around when we tell you that Dwight is a genius at work (though he often doesn’t look the part). This funny yet memorable quote is also available for you to purchase in the form of a printable poster

17. Dunder Mifflin Wall Art

Dunder Mifflin The Office Wall Art

This time, it’s not a quote from the TV series, but rather the iconic logo itself. But hey, you’re in an office. There’s nothing wrong with hanging this cool sign.

18. Poopin’ Office Wall Art

Poopin’ Office Wall Art

Okay, we promise that this is going to be the last Office-related wall art. This Poopin’ Michael Scott Office Wall Art really doesn’t contain any meaningful message. But who said that a workspace needs to be serious all the time, right? 

Unique Office Wall Arts for Modern Room

Sceneries and random pictures are viable options for you to consider too. A unique office wall art doesn’t always need to contain inspirational quotes, right? So, here are some of those masterpieces that you can choose.

19. Blooming Office Wall Art

Blooming Office Wall Art

A painting of a scenery might help freshen someone up during the hectic hours in the office. If you are looking for a modern sighting, then this painting, titled “Blooming”, might be the perfect candidate for your wall. 

20. “Strengths” Office Wall Art

Strengths” Office Wall Art

Motivation doesn’t always need to be put in sentences. Sometimes, pictures like this, titled “Remember Your Strengths”, are powerful enough to keep you motivated during the day. 

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21. Recycled Aluminum Office Wall Art

Recycled Aluminum Office Wall Art

Never underestimate the power of recycled aluminum! When they are arranged as this wonderful mosaic art, you can’t help but gaze at it with awe. Vibrations or air will also create whimsical flickers within the aluminum, which is pretty dang cool!

22. Ocean Scenery Office Wall Art

Ocean Scenery Office Wall Art

Another scenery alternative for you to choose from. Relax further and clear your mind by imagining yourself on a beach. It will definitely freshen you up during breaktime. 

23. Lego World Map Office Wall Art

Lego World Map Office Wall Art

Some of you might think that you’d rather buy a finished art rather than purchasing this Lego masterpiece, eh? Try to think of it this way: the hours you spend together with co-workers in finishing this project can be a priceless bonding experience!

24. Eight Feather Pieces Office Wall Art

Eight Feather Pieces Office Wall Art

There’s nothing more to say: it’s a beautiful decoration for your office wall. Though it lacks meanings and messages compared to other items we recommend, do not skip on this magnificent piece of unique office wall art

25. Metal World Map Office Wall Art

Metal World Map Office Wall Art

This world map is a sight for our eyes. Looking at it might just make you feel like conquering the world. Well, all the more reason for you to purchase it. Besides, this unique office wall art is easy to hang anywhere on the office wall. 

26. Blue landscape Office Wall Art

Blue landscape Office Wall Art

Another scenery yet unique office wall art, but still a very beautiful one! Bring a sense of calmness with this jumbo blue landscape office wall art to your office!

27. Scenery Office Wallpaper Art

Scenery Office Wallpaper Art

To end our list, we are going to recommend another scenery art. This particular unique office wall art is not going to be obtainable as a canvas or poster. It will rather appear as a wallpaper that will fill your whole wall!

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