46 Coolest 3D Wall Decals & Stickers For Bedrooms

There are a million and one reasons why we have to say that 3D wall decals were the greatest invention after chocolate.

They provide a reason to smile every morning when you wake up and motivation for pleasant dreams every night when you lie down to sleep.

Some can also provide your bedroom the precise ambiance you wish to enjoy and of course, if you ever get sick of it, you can simply replace it with a new one to completely transform your scene again.

3D Wall Stickers For Bedrooms:

The options for 3D wall stickers for bedrooms in the market are endless and you may be stuck in a rut trying to figure out which one is best.

Well, here is a comprehensive list of the coolest options available. Take a look through it and pick the ones that best suit your style.

#1 Elephant Wall Decal

Nothing is quite as refreshing as waking up to the perfect sight of nature at its best. It’s a feeling that was once reserved for a rare holiday experience, but one that you can now enjoy every morning of your life with this inviting 3D wall decal.

#2 Blue Sky 3D Wall Decal

Blue Sky 3D Wall Decal

Would you like to wake up to the enthralling blue of the beautiful, limitless sky? Here is a design you simply cannot resist to create the feel being out in the open even when the weather gets dreary and glum.

#3 Glow in the Dark Wall Murals

Glow in the Dark Wall Murals

Bring the allure of a beautiful moonlit wood scene to your very own bedroom for a pacifying effect when you settle down to sleep. Wake up to a glorious morning with one of the best 3d wall stickers for bedroom you can find, a scenic natural backdrop to energize you for a day out and about. 

#4 Personalised Graffiti Wall Decals

Personalised Graffiti Wall Decals

If you love art, then this personalized 3d wall sticker is perfect for your bedroom and it was made with you in mind. The personal touch option provides endless possibilities to help get a piece of you up on your bedroom wall.

#5 Green Forest Window Frame Wall Decals

Green Forest Window Frame Wall Decals

The adventurous types and absolute lovers of the outdoors have not been left behind.

Here is a piece to reward you with a serene window view of nature at its best every single time you open your eyes.

#6 Soccer Ball Wall Decal

Do you eat, dream and live soccer? Then you cannot do without this life-like wall decal to complete this dream and show your allegiance to the game.

#7 Geometric Abstract Corner Wall Decal

Geometric Abstract Corner Wall Decal

For those who take pleasure in simple, abstract art, here is a geometric work of art to add some much needed dimension in your bedroom space.

#8 Galaxy 3D Wall Decal

Have you been searching for the best 3d wall stickers for your bedroom? searching near and far for the ideal 3D wall decals to add some character to your bedroom? This credible depiction is just the one to achieve this effect and set you in awe of the beauty and grandeur of nature and outer space.

#9 Shark Porthole Wall Decal

If you are a junkie for thrilling adventures, then this marine wall decal will surely give you the dose of adrenaline you so wish to enjoy. Get your day off to an excited start by waking up to the sight of a shark just a porthole away.

#10 Outer Space Astronaut Wall Decal

Outer Space Astronaut Wall Decal

For everyone who harbors a secret attraction to astronauts and the exciting life they lead, here is a token to keep that fascination alive and help you realize that dream right in the comfort of your own bed.

#11 Ocean Portholes Wall Decals

Ocean Portholes Wall Decals

Most people will agree that an ocean view offers one of the most calming effects known to man.

After a hard day’s work, it may be all you need to lie back and detox from the stresses of life on the fast lane.

#12 Lavender Fields Wall Decal

Lavender Fields Wall Decal

Open fields denote endless possibilities and what better way to wake up every morning, then to the realization that you can achieve almost anything you set your heart on. Get this motivation today and every day from this appealing piece.

#13 Despicable ME Minions 3D Effect Wall Decal

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Whimsical types all around the world will have quite some fun with this vivid depiction of minions breaking into the room eager to find out what you have in store for them.

#14 The “Shards of The White” Wall Decal

Is your bedroom missing a creative and exciting centerpiece? Take a look at this imaginative masterpiece that seems playful and conveys a sense of expectation of more to come.

#15 Lips 


This is one of the most exquisite designs of 3D wall decals that convey a message that is deeply bold and sensuous, full of meaning yet hard to decipher.

#16 The 3D Tunnel Wall Decal

The 3D Tunnel Wall Decal

Tunnel walls are rich with layers of mystery and usually hold promise of good things to come. You can have this great effect right in your inner sanctuary to remind you to never stop reaching out for greater things.

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#17 Darth Vader Wall Decal

If you simply cannot get enough of Starwars and all it represents, then get a hold of this life-like representation of Darth Vader in all his glory. Relish the pleasure of being kept company by the most iconic villain of all time.

#18 Cat 3D Wall Decal

For you and everyone else out there who cannot resist feline charm, this adorable little peeking companion should be right by your side every waking hour. She must be the long sought-after answer to all that is wrong with the world today.

#19 Rocky Sea 3D Wall Art

Rocky Sea 3D Wall Art

Take a peek into the ideal tranquil world of your imagination and envision just how wonderful life would be if every time we broke down a wall this were the scene that would be waiting to say hello on the other side.

#20 Tokyo Wall Art

For a beautiful representation of Tokyo appearing absolutely magnificent bathed in brilliant city lights, look no further than this cool 3D sticker for your bedroom. When you’re far away from home, you can bring it along to keep the dream alive.

#21 Black Cat Wall Decal

There is so much mystery surrounding the black cat with movies, TV series and children’s stories told the world over regarding this cute and rare attraction. So why don’t you enjoy a piece of the pie by getting this enigmatic centerpiece for your bedroom wall?

#22 Sonic The Hedgehog 3D Wall Decal

Take a trip down memory lane with this gorgeous depiction of Sonic the hedgehog. It would be the ideal decal for your kid’s bedroom or for your own, to bring out the secret kid in you.

#23 Pirate Ship Sunset Wall Decal

Pirate Ship Sunset Wall Decal

Ahoy, Mateys! Are you fascinated with pirate ships?

Indulge your imagination by picking one of these 3D wall decals with a stunning sunset view, perfect for a relaxing session after a hard day’s work.

#24 Island Paradise Window Wall Decal

Is a dreamy island holiday on your bucket list? Get to live in your dream every day of your life and steal some inspiration to work hard to attain it by putting up one of these idyllic 3D wall stickers on your bedroom wall.

#25 Airplane Window Wall Decals

There is no feeling quite as entrancing as that of floating above the clouds safely ensconced in an airplane seat. Enjoy the sensation right in your bedroom using this realistic 3D wall sticker.

#26 San Francisco Skyline Wall Decals

Take a sunset walk on the Bay Bridge and take in the splendid view of San Francisco’s skyline without even stepping out of your room. Taking in this view on your wall decal is the best way to wind down after a day filled with activity.

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#27 Wall Art Porthole Stickers

With the breathtaking view of the ocean and an island looming large close by, daydream away the stresses of life to leave your mind free and clear of clutter. The 3-porthole perspective works wonders to bring this impression to life.

#28 Elephant Safari Wall Decal

Elephant Safari Wall Decal

How about a memorable elephant safari in the middle of the concrete jungle? These cool wall stickers for bedrooms make for an enthralling vacation within the four walls of your bedroom.

#29 Dolphin Pod 3D Wall Decal

Dolphin Pod 3D Wall Decal

Revel in the thrill of swimming with the dolphins without having to travel to Florida. These cool wall stickers for bedrooms will make the experience as real as the power of your imagination every day of your life.

#30 London Scene Wall Decal

The amazing wall decal brings to life historic London giving you a unique glimpse into the city that was. Delve into this city of promise when you go down to sleep at night and wake up to its morning pleasures.

#31 Moon Phase Wall Art

Would you like to give your kid a simple lesson on the lunar cycle? Use one of these striking 3D wall decals of the moon’s phases to make it a fun and memorable lesson. While you’re at it, help them establish a connection with Mother Nature with this life-like illustration.

#32 Deep Space 3D Wall Decal

Deep space is filled with an awe-inspiring array of colors that most of us will never get to see with the naked eye. But did you know you can bring this reality to life in your own bedroom? Do it today with the most astounding 3D wall decal.

#33 Mid Century Cement Effect 3D Wall Decal

If you enjoy abstract art in its every form and shape then you would not want to miss out on the opportunity to make it a part of your life. Get to enjoy the rare pleasure afforded by this design by placing an order for this wall decal.

#34 Tropical Underwater Scene

This tropical marine hole in the wall grants you a rare glimpse into a world you might not get to visit as often as your heart desires. It further helps you to get a cool and calming effect, perfect to mark the start of every day.

#35 Basketball Breaking Through Wall Scene

Basketball Breaking Through Wall Scene

Here is a must-have wall decal for every basketball fanatic worth his salt. Keep your kid connected to the game by putting this sticker up as a reminder of the cause to which they owe their allegiance.

#36 Football Breaking Through Wall Scene

Football Breaking Through Wall Scene

Do you find it irresistibly fun to acquire and display outstanding football memorabilia? This 3D wall sticker will help you complete the set and set your room ablaze with your love of the game.

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#37 Ocean Sunset Wall Decal

Beautiful Cloudscape Over The Sea, Sunrise Shot - Removable Wall Mural

Scientists are still trying hard to decipher the secret behind the calming effect of an ocean view on the human brain. As they continue to hack away at the facts and figures, take a piece of the ocean home with you with a dazzling sunset backdrop to enjoy this feeling firsthand.

#38 Fist Smash Wall Decal

Fist Smash Wall Decal

Are you thinking of redecorating your kids’ room and giving it a timeless yet exciting appearance? Take advantage of one of these unique 3D wall decals and you might never hear the end of your young ones’ excitement.

#39 Emerald Green Waterfall Wall Decal

Wall Mural Wallpaper Lake Emerald Waterfalls Forest

You can never ever go wrong with a waterfall décor regardless of the other interior design aspects of your bedroom. Apart from providing really high visual appeal, this awesome view also intricately connects you with nature and helps you relax at the end of a long day and wake up to ornate beauty every single morning.

#40 Castle Door Wall Decal

Does your child harbor a serious obsession with fairy tales and all that they entail? Fascinate them today with this ornate castle door 3D wall sticker and give them the opportunity to bring their fantasies to life.

#41 Northern Lights Wall Decal

Northern Lights Wall Decal

The Northern Lights have long held a coveted space on the list of the world’s top most impressive natural phenomena. Bring this enigma to life in your own bedroom by installing its life-like representation today.

#42 Planet Earth Wall Decals

 Planet Earth Wall Decals

Getting a spectacular view of our planet from space has long been on many people’s to-do list.

Well, you can strike it off the list today if you get yourself one of these visual treats on a real-to-life 3D decal.

#43 Ancient Gate 3D Wall Decal

Create a focal centerpiece in your bedroom with one of these naturalistic representations of ancient gates overlooking an exceptional view of an iridescent water fall. Take in the shimmering beauty of this paradise every morning as you stir up to another day of life.

#44 Fantasy Unicorn 3D Wall Decal

3D Fake Windows Wall Sticker

Wake up to this magical creature will make you feel like you are still in a dream. This beautiful fantasy Unicron displays an artistic touch to your room. Its captivating design makes anyone who enters your room will be fascinated to see it. Are you interested in buying this 3D wall decal?

#45 3D Space Galaxy and Star Wall Decal

Space Galaxy and Star Wall Decor Stickers

No need to travel to space if you want to experience one. Just stick this inspired 3D Space Galaxy on your bedroom wall and feel the sensation of flying through the galaxy. The design really describes the beauty of the universe which consists of planets with star clusters adorning around them. This one is the perfect decoration for anyone who has a passion for space exploration.

#46 DIY Tree Acrylic Art 3D Mirror Wall Decal

inch DIY Tree Acrylic Art 3D Mirror Flower Wall Sticker

Those who like to decorate their home with a touch of sparkly accessories will surely love this 3D mirror wall decal. It is a well-sketched tree that rises upwards and there are several other knick-knacks that brighten around it. The acrylic material used makes this decoration look as if it is made of glass that shimmers when exposed to light. You can stick this in your room or other room of your house.

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Are wall decals popular?

Nowadays, wall decals are very popular as they can add an alluring touch to your home decor. Wall decals are available in a variety of designs, from wall decals inspired by natural scenes, space, animals, and many more.

How do you choose wall decals?

Choose one that has your favorite design so that you will not easily get bored with it. Nonetheless, choose a wall decal whose glue will not damage your wall when replaced just in case you really want to change your bedroom’s decor.

So whether you wish to cover a patch on your otherwise flawless wall, to bring a piece of the outside in, or to simply enjoy a regular change of scenery for your bedroom space, the appealing options above provide all the options you need in the world and so much more. Transform your space today with the best 3d wall stickers for bedrooms you can buy and move into your fantasy world.

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