20 Creative Ways on How to Decorate a Laptop with Stickers

Are you looking for some recommendations on how to add some personality to your laptop? If you are, then consider yourself lucky because you have come to the right page. One of the best ways is definitely by decorating your laptop with stickers. In is an easy and creative way to show your style and character, especially since stickers have long been an easy and fun way to customize our laptops and make them our own. So, stickers are a great way to express yourself and make your laptop look unique, especially if you know exactly how to decorate a laptop with stickers to have the best result.

From cartoon characters to trendy designs, we can say that there is an endless variety of stickers that you can use to give your laptop a personal touch. In this article, we will share some of the best recommendations of laptop stickers. Plus, you can also go over some tips on how to decorate a laptop with stickers in a way that looks stylish and cool. Let’s jump to the list!

Why do People Stick Stickers on Their Laptops?

People often stick stickers on their laptops to add some personalizations, to show off their interests or affiliations, or to simply make a statement. Stickers can also be used to cover up small blemishes on the laptop’s exterior. Whatever the purpose might be, stickers offer a practical technique to draw in new customers and advertise your company. If you are looking for more useful tips on how to decorate a laptop with stickers, you can read the article below.

Are Stickers an a Laptop Unprofessional?

We have to say that it really depends on the type and design of the sticker. In general, it is best to avoid stickers that are distracting or offensive. On the other hand, stickers that promote a company or organization may be seen as professional. If you are looking for tips on how to decorate a laptop with stickers, make sure you check out the article below.

BEST Ways on How to Decorate a Laptop with Stickers

1. Add Personal Touch of Artsy Laptop Skins

Instead of using a regular laptop case, vinyl-decorated laptop skins have become more and more popular recently. In addition to being fashionable and attractive, these artsy stickers may shield your device from scuffs and stains.

We can say that laptops become more resistant to liquid spills, wear and tear, and also scratches, thanks to vinyl. In terms of design, we recommend you to simply customize your favorite floral print or your own design to add personal touch to your laptop.

2. Put Cute Stickers on Laptop Keyboard

How To Decorate A Laptop with Stickers
Stickers on Laptop Keyboard ( Source: Pinterest)

When it comes to a cute laptop decoration idea, we believe that having vinyl stickers on your laptop keyboard would be nice. These days, laptop keyboard stickers are very popular. they come in various colors, models, and characters.

They come in a number of patterns and hues, making it simple for a person to select their preferred design and model. If you want to customize your laptop, you can definitely paste these stickers on the keyboard.

3. Paste Motivational Quotes Sticker

Sometimes you may feel tired and need motivation at work. We’re all humans after all. So, why don’t you choose an inspiring laptop sticker design? In our opinion, the motivational quote sticker serves as both a decoration and also a wish for a good life and luck for you.

You can pick your favorite quotes sticker and stick it on your laptop. We suggest that you stick them somewhere you can see easily. Therefore, when you are discouraged and feel like giving up, it’s critical to keep in mind that there is still much work to be done. Plus, you will also feel encouraged to know that everything is going to be alright.

4. Add Green Stickers to Help You Focus

The large, obtrusive laptop screen frame can be very annoying. When there are so many distractions around you, it is challenging to concentrate on anything. As a solution for that situation, we believe that placing stickers that are more aesthetically pleasing and less distracting will create a more ideal environment for writing.

You can add green themed stickers around your screen to help you focus while working. Based on researches done by experts, green is an ideal color to improve concentration.

5. Paste Glow in the Dark Stickers

Glow-in-the-dark laptop stickers will make it simpler for you to locate your computer in the dark with no issues at all. They glow when the lights are turned out and resemble chalk on a blackboard. Plus, we also think that glow-in-the-dark stickers are totally less boring.

Moreover, the stickers can be applied to both casual events like Halloween and more serious ones like business meetings. The skins might be as basic as sticking a few glowing stars on your laptop, or as intricate as covering the entire background with a single sticker.

6. Create a Personalized Photo Sticker

Why not utilize your favorite photograph to spruce up your laptop if you want to personalize your gadget? In our opinion, one of the most fantastic methods to customize your computer is with laptop skins with photos on them.

You can print your favorite photo sticker to give them a more distinctive feel. There are numerous websites that provide customized DIY stickers, such as family photo decals or images of dogs and their loved ones.

7. Give Bling Decals on Laptop Cover

Bling Decals on Laptop Cover (Source : etsy)

If you are looking for a fantastic sticker to decorate your laptop cover, we recommend you to choose bling decals. With bling decals, your laptop cases can be used as decor in addition to protection. So, you will get both appearance and function.

To apply the decals, peel back a corner of the bling decal and apply it to the laptop covers. Press firmly and smooth out any air bubbles. Once the process completes, your laptop cases are becoming more and more colorful, stylish, and bling as a result of bling decals.

8. Put a Simple Apple Logo Sticker

For those who love the clean lines and the smooth metallic MacBook design, you still can add a symbolic sticker to make yours look professional. Decorate your device to personalize the standard and minimalist image. For instance, a simple Apple logo decal can be an elegant sticker decor on your laptop. Moreover, we think it  will be a cool laptop sticker idea for guys who work at the office.

9. Give a Spooky Vibe for Horror Lovers

Horror lovers need special decals and stickers on your laptop to show their interests. If you are also a horror fan, you can bring a spooky feel to your laptop by adding zombie stickers or your favorite horror movie characters.

In addition, the horror scene also can be an excellent gaming laptop decoration idea. In our opinion, this is a fantastic option for someone who appreciates a TV show with blood, gore, and most essential, zombies, depending on one’s niche.

10. Put Social Media Logo for Tech Geek

Are you a tech geek or social media enthusiast? Or, do you want to publicly declare your love for Facebook? For both purposes, a decal is available for you. Simply stick the new Like/Dislike button decals from Facebook on your laptop.

Seeing how popular social media symbols are, we believe that this is a fun and original way to let everyone know whether you like something or not. Moreover, it’s also a great idea to stick the decals on your laptop, bathroom fixtures, and other tech equipment.

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11. Add Starry Night Artwork Laptop Cover

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to pimp your laptop cover, we recommend you to simply try this smart idea. First, you can select a famous work of art such as the Starry Night from Van Gogh or your favorite 1970s hotrod.

You can customize the design into a laptop sticker. Simply peel the backing off the decal and place it facing up on a flat surface. As a result, it will make your laptop cover look expensive and elegant.

12. Paste Cute Snoopy Stickers

Cute Snoopy Stickers (Source : mobigad)

Cartoon stickers are an excellent choice for decorating a laptop. Especially if you love cute stuff, we recommend you to choose the Snoopy character. For instance, you can put Snoopy decals that depict Snoopy and Peanuts roasting marshmallows over a campfire. In our opinion, you can put the sticker on the back of your laptop for extra cuteness. We have no doubt, it will be a focal point on your laptop.

13. Cool Gunshot Wound Effects on Your Laptop

Put Cool Gunshot Wound Effects On Your Laptop

Your laptop may not come off as the most hardcore of one, but the bloody bullet sticker is sure to make your gadget look like your most steadfast sidekick. The laptop sticker performs the same function as a standard lid overlay but appears to have much more depth.

You can put several black spots that mimic bullet holes, the appearance of rusted aluminum, and some serious-looking blood splatters on your laptop. If you ask us, we really think that the stickers give the appearance of a victim of cold-blooded target practice.

14. Bring an Elegant Cityscape on Your  Laptop

Bring An Elegant Cityscape On Your  Laptop

There are many ways to customize your laptop. Among so many sticker designs and images, have you ever thought of cityscape decals though? Especially if you have a large laptop, you need to know that a cityscape sticker will fit your laptop size pretty well.

You can put the cityscape sticker as a laptop skin, making an aesthetic laptop sticker idea. Meanwhile, the smaller notebook also can use a customized cityscape sticker to give a wider appearance.

15. Stick Your Favorite Athlete Stickers

Stick Your Favorite Athlete Stickers

Your favorite athlete sticker can be used to spruce up a sleek laptop. For sports enthusiasts in particular, we believe this sticker is a great choice. Basketball fans can depict a suit-clad Michael Jordan jogging while holding out his palm.

Moreover, if you are using a MacBook, the sticker can also be modified. When Michael Jordan puts on his game face, he usually holds a basketball, but lets you decide whether he should hold the Apple instead.

16. Put Superhero Stickers on Your Keyboard Keys

How To Decorate A Laptop with Stickers

Next up we have another fun way for comic book enthusiasts who are super-superhero crazy to decorate their laptop. This idea will allow you to have superhero stickers in each of your keyboard keys. The keyboard gets an instant facelift thanks to the vibrant cartoon colors.

Moreover, you can also customize the inclusion of letters, symbols, and numbers so it will be easy to remember. Even better, you can also design glowing stickers since they will look great to the keyboard’s backlight.

17. Add Villain Stickers

Add Villain Stickers
Villain Stickers on Laptop (Source : pinterest)

In case superheroes are already mainstream, why don’t you paste villain stickers to show your dark side? For instance, you can choose Joker stickers to decorate your laptop. Put the bigger Joker sticker on the laptop cover for the focal point. Meanwhile, you can also decorate the keyboard with the smaller sticker. These stickers will make your laptop appear fantastic and stylish.

18. Give Aesthetic Retro Vibe on Your Laptop

Give Aesthetic Retro Vibe On Your Laptop

For those with an old soul, we recommend you to express your vintage and classic feel with retro style stickers on your laptop. Choose retro-style stickers in a variety of colors and patterns.

Then, think about designs that evoke the era you’re looking for, whether it’s the 70s, 80s, or 90s. Begin by placing the larger stickers first. Lay out the stickers on the laptop cover to make sure you like the look and adjust as necessary.

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19. Paste Cute Disney Princess Stickers

Paste Cute Disney Princess Stickers

Bring back childhood memories with Disney Princess stickers on your laptop. If you are one those who adore Disney Princess, then it’s time to show your charm through these cute stickers.

This is a gorgeous laptop stickers idea for women and girls. Place the Disney Princess stickers on the laptop cover, making sure to place them evenly and symmetrically. Once all of the stickers are in place, don’t forget to use a clear sealant spray to protect the stickers and to help them last longer.

20. Add Android Apple Gory Stickers

Add Android Apple Gory Stickers
Android Apple Gory Stickers (Source : trendhunter)

In case you are both an Android and Apple user, we’ve got the perfect way to decorate your device. The Android-Eating-Apple sticker is a unique design that is perfect for technology aficionados who can’t commit to just one computer manufacturer.

With this Android bot devouring an Apple logo in blood, geeks who happen to possess both Android and Mac products may now display their loyalty to both companies. Moreover, the bloodless sticker design is an option if you prefer something less gory!

Final Thoughts

Decorating your laptop with stickers is a great way to show off your personal style and make your laptop stand out from the crowd. Whether you choose to add a few special stickers to make a statement, or go all out and cover your laptop in them, it is sure to be a fun and creative way to make your laptop your own. Take the time to find stickers that represent you and your style, and you’ll be sure to have a laptop that looks great and is uniquely yours!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What type of stickers are safe for laptops?

Removable vinyl stickers are the safest option for laptops. It’s because they are easy to remove and won’t cause any damage to the device. They are also much less likely to leave behind residue or discoloration, which can be difficult to remove and can damage the finish of the laptop. For more tips on how to decorate a laptop with stickers safely, you can check the article above.

Do stickers cause laptops to overheat?

No, stickers typically will not cause laptops to overheat. This is due to the fact that they don’t produce heat or block any vents. The primary cause of laptop overheating is usually due to dust buildup in the vents or fans, or from inadequate cooling systems. Learn more tips on how to decorate a laptop with stickers in the article above.

How easily do stickers come off laptops?

It depends on the type of laptop and the type of sticker. For example, stickers with a glossy finish tend to be harder to remove and may leave a residue when peeled off. Stickers with a paper-like finish typically come off more easily, but may still leave some residue. The best way to remove stickers from a laptop is to use a heat gun, hairdryer, or other heat source to loosen the adhesive before peeling it off.

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