25 Funny Bumper Stickers to Relieve Your Stress 

To decorate your car, you do not only need to paint or do some big repairs but also you can put some funny bumper stickers on it. The sticker will become your stress reliever, especially if it is an exhausting trip. The trip should be enjoyable not only by the nuance but also the sticker. The person who sees it will either be provoked or laugh. If you want to interact with other drivers, the sticker is one of the most plausible ways.

Funny bumper stickers could be funny, sarcastic, provocative, and connotative statements or even a funny picture that can be seen as an optic illusion. Not only you, the one who has seen it might be happy, too!.

1. Notice Funny Bumper Sticker

Notice Funny Bumper Sticker

Well, if you put it on it, the funny bumper stickers are inspired by the Yo Dawg meme since it contains repetitive words (notice). Anyone would make a good laugh and focus to read the sticker.

2. Tis But A Scratch Funny Bumper Sticker

Tis But A Scratch Funny Bumper Sticker

The car shows some scratches that might be from a crash but actually, it isn’t. The scratch, in fact, is a sticker. The funny bumper stickers will trick others as long as they don’t touch them. It is a good way to prank your parents or siblings.

3. Fueled By Recycled Dinosaurs

Fueled By Recycled Dinosaurs

Fossil fuel is made of dead dinosaurs that have been extinct million years ago. So, the funny bumper stickers are not false at all. The car is actually fueled by a recycled dinosaur for now. In the future, there will be electric cars. The sticker might shock someone who doesn’t know science.

4. No Airbags – We Die Like Real Men

No Airbags - We Die Like Real Men

Airbags are used as a safety measure for drivers in a car crash. The airbags use momentum and impulse (collision) as their sensor to inflate. The funny bumper stickers that say “no airbags we die like real men” might refer to someone who is brave enough to ignore safety measures or mitigation.

5. Havin’ A Crisis Bumper Sticker

Havin' A Crisis Bumper Sticker

The funny bumper stickers have an animal that might feel an existential crisis in their life. Well, you shouldn’t have a life crisis to put this sticker in your car. The car might remind other drivers that they shouldn’t honk at you at any cost.

6. French Bulldog Decal

French Bulldog Decal

The funny bumper stickers have a bulldog that is peeking from the tear. The sticker will make your car that is made of metal look like made of paper, which is funny. If other drivers or even burglars are afraid or traumatic about a bulldog, they might not want to disturb your car.

7. If You Get Any Closer I’ll Fart

If You Get Any Closer I'll Fart

There might be some naughty drivers that sometimes exceed the speed limit. The sticker can make them think twice before charging more than the limit. Everybody doesn’t like the smell of fart even though the sticker purpose is just for a joke.

8. Please Don’t Hit Me

Please Don't Hit Me

Some funny bumper stickers again to remind nearby drivers that they should be wary of their speed. “Please don’t hit me, I don’t know how insurance works” statement is to warn that the driver doesn’t know how insurance works or doesn’t have insurance at all.

9. I Lie to My Therapist

I Lie to My Therapist

“I lie to my therapist honesty” if you look at the funny bumper stickers, you should know there is a contradiction within its statement. I lied to my therapist honestly. Well how can they lie honestly if the words “lie” and “honest” are opposite of each other.

10. You Just Got Passed by a Bad Driver!

You Just Got Passed by a Bad Driver!

If you have seen many funny bumper stickers that remind other drivers not to drive too fast. Well, there is also a sticker that has a provocative statement like “you just got passed by a bad driver”. Furthermore, the sticker has a frog that drives a car.

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11. Science: It’s Like Magic, But Real

Science: It's Like Magic, But Real

Pseudo-science is a natural enemy of science and scientific material. The funny bumper stickers are suitable for any science student or research student. “Science, it’s like magic but real”. For anyone who doesn’t like science might find them like magic. For instance, Natrium (along with IA metal) can explode in water.

12. Dunkin Deez Nuts

Dunkin Deez Nuts

“Dunkin deeznuts” are funny bumper stickers that are inspired by a famous donut brand, Dunkin Donuts. If you love a pun statement, this sticker might be the perfect choice for your car.

13. Back Off I Have A Crazy Wife and I’m Not Afraid to Use Her

Back Off I Have A Crazy Wife and I'm Not Afraid to Use Her

Well, this is another funny bumper sticker to remind anyone who wants to get pass your car or might accidentally bump into your car. The term “use” means to scare anyone by explaining how frightening his wife is.

14. Long-Lasting Vinyl Anti-Tailgating Bumper Stickers

Long-Lasting Vinyl Anti-Tailgating Bumper Stickers

A perfect sticker to taunt someone, yes. “The closer you get the slower I drive” is another way of saying that you should get past me instead of tailing from behind. Of course, don’t forget that the purpose of these funny bumper stickers are only for jokes.

15. Honk if You Have to Poop

Honk If You Have to Poop

Another taunting funny bumper stickers to make anyone not want to honk at your car. If you really hate someone when they honk at you, you can stick it to your car. The color of the sticker resonates perfectly with its purpose.

16. Smudge The Cat Meme Sticker

Smudge The Cat Meme Sticker

This is a smudge cat, a cat that is famous in the meme world like the “grumpy cat” meme. The smudge cat is usually combined with two girls and one of them blames a cat for everything. The funny bumper stickers may symbolize “don’t blame me if anything happens”.

17. Warning I Suck At Parking 

funny bumper stickers

“I suck at parking!”, if there are many funny bumper stickers that taunt someone while driving, then this sticker is to taunt someone in the parking area. Anyone that wants to park should avoid the car. 

18. Definition of Insanity Einstein

funny bumper stickers

Einstein would be happy to have these funny bumper stickers since it has a quote from him. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. He is not wrong though, if you want a different result, you can try an out of the box experiment.

19. The Legend Has Retired Bumper

funny bumper stickers

Looking for great funny bumper stickers that may be suitable for your grandfather who loves automotive so much? Here is what you are looking for, “the legend has retired” means your grandfather has retired and wants to enjoy his old age before passing away.

20. Never Forget Pluto Planet Astronomy

funny bumper stickers

Pluto was considered a planet in the past but excluded in August 2006 because its orbit is different from other planets in the solar system. The funny bumper stickers are great for astronomy graduates, astronomers, and astronomy geeks.

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21. Speeding Safe Warning Funny Speedometer

funny bumper stickers

If prior funny bumper stickers only remind the driver with just a statement. This is a denotative sticker that symbolizes the speed of the car and the apparent result of their speed. It is good to remind fellow drivers to remember that it is better safe than sorry.

22. If I Passed You on The Right You’re in The Wrong Lane

funny bumper stickers

If you want to pass some cars, you should look at your surroundings. This sticker “if I passed you on the right, you’re in the wrong lane!” means it’s better to pass from the left side which should only be a motorcycle to get pass a car.

23. Funny Sticker High Gas Consumption Car

funny bumper stickers

Does your old car run out of fuel fast? With oil prices surging right now, you can buy these funny bumper stickers to symbolize those two conditions. You really want that needle to never point at the E letter at any cost which is funny.

24. If This Sticker’s Getting Smaller The Light is Green

funny bumper stickers

From the sticker, we know that either the traffic light is changed to green or you are too far to see the funny bumper stickers or there are eye problems in someone who sees it. You can put it in the back of your car. The letter’s color matches the statement very well.

25. Snowmen Against Global Warming

funny bumper stickers

“Snowmen against global warming” well, of course. If the temperature is increasing, the snow will melt. The funny bumper stickers can make a laugh for the snowmen that struggle with their lives due to increasing temperature while reminding everyone to anticipate global warming.

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What are the best and funny bumper sticker sayings?

The best and funny bumper sticker sayings might be “the legend has retired” because the man or woman has survived a streak of “exam” in life and finally retired from that. To express it, the funny bumper stickers represent that perfectly.

What are the unique bumper stickers?

The unique bumper stickers are the speedometer and high gas consumption. The speedometer symbolizes what will happen to the driver at that speed. It reminds fellow drivers to take care and don’t rush their car, better to drive safely. While the high gas consumption wants you to treat your car well.

What are the funniest bumper stickers?

The funniest bumper stickers are notice funny bumper stickers since it has many “notice” words that are really perfect for a yo-dawg meme. While someone might be angry just by reading it, they also might laugh at it.

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