25 Among Us Pop It to Relieve Stress

Among Us is a very popular game played mostly by gen Z. Some of us millennials play it as well making the game an internet hit for the last year. But whether we play the game or not, we’re all still familiar with the Among Us character due to its popularity. 

On the other hand, stress-relieving toys also have a growing fanbase. Starting from the fidget spinner trend, stress balls, squishy, to the relatively new Pop It. The last toy seems to be everywhere and can be found easily. If you combine Among us and the Pop-It toys, you will get the ultimate stress reliever.

In this article, we have a list of Among Us Pop It that you can use for yourself. You can also get them as a gift for your friends.

What Is A Pop It Fidget?

A pop-it fidget toy is a fun item that alleviates anxiety. It is usually made of silicone and comes in different shapes and colors. The fidget tray has bubbles similar to bubble wrap. The bubbles can be poked, producing a satisfying popping sound. Furthermore, this toy is often used as a portable anti-stress device. The toy is also perfect for those who have an autistic disorder.

BEST Among Us Pop It Fidget Toys

1. Galaxy-themed Among Us

Among Us Popit, Fidget Toy

Let’s start with the classic rainbow and galaxy-themed Pop It. Both rainbow and galaxy are two popular themes and patterns from Among Us. We can find them in almost everything including t-shirts, tumblers, and now, this toy. The blast of colors will cheer you up, especially if you’re facing a long day. It is a must-have item that you can carry every day to lighten up your mood. 

2. Among Us Push Pop Buble

Solid Color Pop It

We also should not forget about the basic colored ones. This Among Us Popping toy with solid color can be considered as the first generation of Pop It. It is available in various bold colors and ultra-bright shades. The pastel-colored ones are also nice. You can choose the one that looks similar to your favorite characters in the game. 

3. Pop It Keychain

Pop it Keychain, Fidget Toy

Isn’t it cool to stay updated and always have the trendiest item on our hands? If having an Among Us keychain is good, then having an Among us Pop It keychain is even better. This keychain is so cute! They come in various bright colors that will perk you up. It’s kind of tiny in size making it extra loveable. This popping toy has 6 bubbles that you can play with!

4. Mini Among Us Popped Keychain

Mini Among Us Pop It

If you think that the previous keychain is already small in size, then this one is absolutely mini. It has only two bubbles but it still makes a satisfying sound when you push it. Two bubbles should be enough to relieve your stress! Unlike other pop-it, this keychain combines rubber and hard plastic material. So, it is more durable compared to other Among Us fidget toys. 

Among Us Pop It Molds

The Among Us trend is spreading so fast! People want to incorporate it in so many things, including food and crafts. This is when Among Us Pop It mold comes in handy. With this mold, you can create countless creations including chocolate, ice, cookie, and many more. 

6. Balloon Mosaic Template

Among Us Pop It Balloon Mosaic Template

Planning a party? Don’t forget the Among Us pop it balloon mosaic. Don’t know how to make it? Use this handy template and you will get the perfect Among Us character shape! Add some colorful ballons and it will be the perfect party decoration. You can actually pop the balloons and play a fun game with your friends. 

7. Jumbo Among Us Fidget Toy

Jumbo Among Us Pop It

Small-sized Pop It is cute, but jumbo-sized Pop It is a lot of fun! You can spend more time poking every single bubble on this extra-large popper. Even better, you can have fun with your friends and do a popping race. The material is safe even for children, so you can play it with your family too. 

8. Among Us Fidget

Among Us Fidget Pop It

This Pop It is different from other models because the colorful bubbles have different sizes. It has an interesting design and is also more fun to play with since you have a size variation. The bubbles come in different colors as well. It is small in size so you can carry it easily everywhere you go. The item is lightweight and will fit your pocket. Thanks to its ergonomic design, this popping toy is a great stress reliever. 

9. 2-in-1 Popper Toy Set

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Why get one when you can get two? This Pop-It features few shape: the larger one and the smaller one. The few items are like pop-it inception. You can separate them and play it individually, or play it as one bigger popper board. The detachable pack is convenient for when you need to get out. This way, you can take the smaller one in your pocket. 

10. Color Change Fidget Toy

Among Us Color Change Pop It

What if you can have a magic Pop It that can change color? At glance, this toy looks plain because of its transparent color. However, it will reveal some fun color once you put it under direct sunlight. This anti-anxiety accessory uses a specific UV paint. That is why it can change its appearance. Please note that the UV paint only works under sunlight, a normal lamp will not change the color.

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11. Among Us Slipper

Among Us Pop It Slipper

Okay, how cute is this slipper? It is fun as a toy, and yes, it can work as a stress reliever as well. Of course, you can actually wear it! It is a fun pair of slippers that double as popper board. Furthermore, it has an Among Us design on it. So, it will be a perfect gift for fans of the game and popper lovers. 

12. Walking Crewmate Figet Toy

Walking Among Us Pop It

Most of the Among Us character designs appear in the iconic standing still pose. However, this one features a walking action. You can say that it is the impostor! In any case, this model is more interesting compared to other Among Us fidget toys. In any case, it will make a nice addition to your current collection. 

13. Among-Us-themed Fidget Board Game

Among Us Pop It Board Game

This Pop It features two Among Us characters and dice. Each player takes a turn to roll, and the number that comes out determines the amount of the bubble to pop. The first player to pop all the bubbles wins! It will be a fun game to play for a family night.

14. Popper WIth Tie Dye Pattern

Tie Dye Among Us Pop It

Did you know that popper fidget toys are excellent to stimulate your brain? It is no wonder that the item has become so popular. After all, the toy is especially beneficial for those who have anxiety or autism. This popper comes in the classic Among Us character shape, and it has a unique tie-dye pattern

15. Popper Fidget Toy With Camo Pattern

Camo Among Us Pop It

This is the perfect Pop It for anyone who is into camo aesthetics. This toy will relieve your stress when you get lost somewhere in the woods. Just kidding, but seriously, you need to be careful when you bring this Pop It out to nature because if you don’t keep your eyes on it, you will probably lose it. After all, it can blend seamlessly among the grass and trees. 

16. Glow in The Dark Popper

Glow in The Dark Among Us Pop It

Another cool Pop It to collect! Now you can relieve your anxiety in the dark with this fidget toy. The glow will make the darkness more bearable. It will also help you feel less lonely and have a stress-free mind. You need to recharge it by placing it under a light source to get a bright glow. 

17. Colorful Cute Popper Purse

Among Us Pop It Purse

What if you combine purse, fidget toy, and bunny? Then, you will get this adorable product! This is an actual wearable purse that will brighten up everyone’s day. It is perfect for children or adults who love cute aesthetics. You can press the bubbles and have fun with the purse!

18. Popper With Emoji Bubbles

Emoji Among Us Pop It

Poppers usually combine silicone bubbles and plastic boards. However, this one is different! Instead of plain popper buttons, you will get emojis on each bubble. You can press the cheerful emojis to improve your mood. This fidget toy can also be used as a keychain!

19. Popper Handbag

Among Us Pop It Handbag

This handbag will be a nice gift for children or adults who love cute items. The bag comes with popper bubbles all over the surface. It can function as a regular bag to carry your belongings. If you feel anxious, you just need to press some buttons on your handbag. The Among Us design will excite fans of the game!

20. Phone Case With Bubbles

Among Us Pop It Phone Case

Cute and functional accessories are the ultimate gift for your friends. This phone case features Among Us design and can function as a fidget toy. It is made out of silicone material, just like a regular Pop It. Silicone is also a common material used in phone cases because it offers protection thanks to its rubbery characteristic. Now you can relieve your stress while playing with your phone!

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21. Popper Necklace

Among Us Pop It Necklace

This Pop-It necklace is a convenient accessory. Since it always hangs in your neck, you can easily access it whenever you need it. The Among-Us-themed popper makes this item an ideal present for someone who loves the sensational game. It will be a fashionable add-on that will help your friend deal with anxiety!

22. Popper Bath Bombs

Among Us Pop It Bath Bombs

This is not technically a fidget toy because it is actually a bath bomb. However, it is an Among Us popper-shaped design, so it still counts. It will be the perfect bath bomb for those who love the game and need some relaxation. Pop its and bath bombs both have the same purpose anyway. A relaxing bath will help you to reduce stress and alleviate anxiety.

23. White Fidget Toy

Tie Dye in White Among Us Pop It

This Among-Us-themed popper is unique. It comes in a plain plastic baseboard but features colorful tie-dye style bubbles. This toy still stands out due to its unusual color combination. Moreover, you can use it as a decorative accessory for your desk because of its beautiful design.

24. Zipper Pouch With Bubble Pressure Board

Among Us Pop It Zipper Pouch

This pouch is tiny in size, only around 4 centimeters. Nevertheless, it is still functional. The adorable mini-pouch comes with a zipper so you can use it to store your coins or jewelry. It also has bubbles that you can pop to relieve some stress. It is a must-have item for people who love the game and need to deal with anxiety.

25. Personalized Necklace With Fidget Toy Pendant

Personalized Among Us Pop It Necklace

We are going to end the list of the coolest Among Us Pop It with something special. This one is definitely qualified for that. It comes in the shape of a unique necklace. But unlike other models, this accessory features an Among-Us-shaped polymer clay bead. It can be personalized with names on it. It will be the perfect gift for any child to fulfill their Among Us Pop It craze. 

Final Thoughts

The combination of the famous game Among Us and Pop It comes as a perfect item for Among Us fans. Since both are undoubtedly popular, we think that Among Us pop its will be a valuable item to own. You can find a list of recommended Among Us pop it items in the form of toys, accessories, keychains, or even bags on our list above.

You can use it as a stress toy by popping it whenever you feel a bit stressful, and you can also use as a lovely item to bring some colors to your days. Even better, you can also have it as a gift for special people in your life who are huge fans of Among Us. We can assure you that it would be a super fun and wonderful gift for them.

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