25 Iron Man Figurine for Dedicated Fans

Iron man or Tony Stark is the ex-CEO of Stark industries. Furthermore, he is a billionaire and co-founder of the Avengers. His cool robotic suits have attracted fans to admire him. It’s no wonder that the Iron Man figurine has high demand in the market.

Iron Man figurines come in many styles and pose. Avenger fans, and Marvel fans in general, will always compete to collect them all. How to choose the best ones? It depends on the people’s taste. Nevertheless, the following list of Iron Man’s action figures only contains the ultimate models. Let’s go check them out!

What Is Special About Iron Man?

Despite being one of the Avengers, Tony Stark has no superpower like his teammates, let’s say Thor and Scarlet Witch. Quite surprising, isn’t it? Iron man relies on his robotic armor and his engineering capability. Even without flashy supernatural power, he can defeat anyone who stands in his way. The armored hero is also funding the Avengers to save the world!

BEST Iron Man Figurine

1. Iron Man LEGO Minifigure 

Iron Man LEGO Minifigure

This iron man figurine is smaller than the average. After all, it is part of a Lego mini figurine series. It is a perfect toy for your kids. You should get this item as a gift for a birthday party. You can also buy it to reward your kids whenever they get achievements. The stock of this lego is low, so better hurry and buy it now!

2. New Marvel MK46 With LED Light Action

New Marvel Ironman MK46 LED Light Action

This toy is not just for decoration as it can also double as a lamp. Thanks to the integrated LED lights, this Iron Man figurine will illuminate your room when there is a blackout. The eyes and the chest can glow, just like the real Iron Man robot! The toy is made of PVC and has a height of 18 cm. It is recommended to buy this toy for kids aged 5 or older.

3. The Hulkbuster Action Figure

Avengers Iron Man Hulkbuster

Tony Stark wears Iron Man’s suit. Then, he wears another suit before fighting the Hulk. Therefore, he wears two armors simultaneously, just like a Matryoshka doll. All joints in the Hulkbuster figurine allow you to adjust its pose. Thanks to the LED, the chest can glow in the dark, mimicking the signature arc reactor.

4. Hasbro Marvel Iron Man Action Figure

Hasbro Marvel Iron Man Action Figure

Looking for a fantastic toy for your kids to celebrate their birthday? No need to worry, the Iron Man figurine for kids is ready to be your hero of the day. Consequently, you can stimulate your kids’ imagination that they can fight alongside the Avengers. This figurine is 9.5 inches tall, the perfect toy for children.

5. Age Of Ultron Legends Iron Man

Age Of Ultron Legends Iron Man

Would you like to challenge yourself to buy a rare Iron Man figurine? If yes, then this is your chance. This figurine is made of PVC that is inspired by Iron Man in the Age of Ultron. If you want to get this for your kids, better hurry up and click the buy button.

6. Tony’s Suit During Avengers Endgame

Avengers Endgame Iron Man

This Iron Man figurine is based on the Avengers: End Game movie. Iron Man is the co-founder of the Avengers. So, he will do anything to save Earth. The figurine is made of high-quality plastic and has collectible-quality sculpting and paint. It was designed by Joe Allard and sculpted by Gentle giant studios.

7. Hot Toys Iron Man Action Figure

Hot Toys Iron Man Action Figure

The rare hot Iron Man figurine is expensive because there is a huge demand behind it. The new suit of the Iron Man was built in the third movie. It requires batteries to be played. In any case, it is suitable as a gift for your kids or even colleagues who are Marvel fans.

8. Iron Man PVC Figure Statue

Iron Man PVC Figure Statue

From the picture above, the Iron Man figurine is releasing fire from his soles. This high-quality figurine depicts Iron Man’s spirit really well. With its classic red and gold armor, no Marvel fans can resist the urge to buy this cool figurine.

9. Tony Stark’s Robotic Suit Superhero Figure

 Ironman Superhero Figure

If a tiny Iron Man figurine is mainstream, then let’s get a larger one! This handmade figurine offers a more masculine, progressive, and distinct exterior design. It perfectly depicts the most famous Iron Man suits in Tony’s Arsenal. The artisan used diecast material and meticulously crafted the figurine to accurately mimic the real Iron Man, just like in the movie.

10. Iron Man Figure

 Iron Man Figure

The most popular Iron Man suit is red. However, the black one gives a cooler sensation if you look at it. The Iron Man figurine is crafted using a 3D printer and polished by hands. It gives off a metallic look because of its dark silvery color. Your kids or Marvel fans would be thrilled if they received this item as a gift.

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11. Unpainted Figurine of Mark 7 Suit

 Iron Man Mark 7 3D Printed Grey

After black, there is also a grey-colored Iron Man figurine in this world. The action figure is molded on a 3D printer using high-quality material. It also incorporates eco-friendly PLA plastic. If you buy this figurine, you will also be a superhero because you have done something to reduce pollution: using eco-friendly materials! In addition, you can paint it yourself to recreate the majestic MK7 suit!

12. Custom Iron Man Statue

Custom Iron Man Statue

From the pose, this Iron Man figurine most likely wants to shoot his enemies and annihilate them in the name of justice. The figurine is handmade and made of plastic. If your friends really love this pose, don’t forget to give this to them.

13. Comicave Mark 50 Suit

Comicave Iron Man - Mark 50

The Comicave studios offer you an Iron Man figurine that is cooler than the other figurines. It is brand new and suitable for adults only. If you happen to have Marvel fans as your friends, get them this item as a gift to celebrate their birthday.

14. Tony Stark’s Suit During Infinity War

Infinity War Iron Man Figurine

The 12-inches Iron Man figurine takes inspiration from the Avengers: Infinity War movie. The figurine includes a titan hero power connection port. Connect it with the titan hero power FX pack to activate sounds and cool phrases from the Iron Man.

15. Iron Man with Mech Battle Accessory

Iron Man with Mech Battle Accessory

This unique Iron Man figurine carries a Golden shield. The shield’s function is to protect Tony Stark from an intergalactic enemy’s attack. Your kids will feel inspired by this action figurine. Their imagination will run wild as they play with it!

16. Iron Man Speedster Set

Iron Man Speedster Set

Batman isn’t the only hero who has many vehicles at his disposal. The Iron Man figurine with the cool-looking car will make the DC fans jealous of it. Your kids can put the Iron Man inside the car and play it like how they play hot wheels cars. The figurine is perfect for a kindergarten child’s birthday gift.

17. Classic Resin Head Knocker Iron Man

Classic Resin Head Knocker Iron Man

This is not Iron Man in his usual state. Instead, this is Iron Man after receiving the head knocker treatment from NECA. The head knocker is made of resin and hand-painted for incredible detail.

18. Iron Man PVC Figure

 Iron Man PVC Figure

Playtime can stimulate children’s early development. Kids should always use their imagination to develop their brains. Therefore, your sons or daughter will appreciate this Iron Man figurine. The figurine is inspired by the Marvel superheroes team when they were up against Ultron in Sokovia.

19. Dragon Models Avengers Iron Man


Dragon Models Avengers Iron Man

Dragon Model is back at it again! This figurine is pre-painted, and with just a snap of a few parts, you can have a great display of the greatest Marvel hero. The model is from DART (Dragon Advanced Research and Technology). Furthermore, it perfectly depicts Iron Man when he shoots a beam while flying.

20. Tony Stark’s Mark 42 Suit

Marvel D-Select Iron Man - Mark

Heroes don’t look back at the explosion! This Iron Man figurine explicitly depicts that sentence perfectly. The action figure is part of the D-selection that offers exquisite scenes collection. The Mark 42 appears in Iron Man 3 during a battle against mutants. Tony has to fix his suit after it was severely damaged. When you buy your kids this figurine, they may get inspired to do heroic actions too!

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21. Endgame Iron Man Action Figure

Endgame Iron Man Action Figure

The black and grey Iron Man figurine is an advanced battle suit to fight evil. It takes inspiration from the Avengers: Endgame movie. The figure is worth collecting together with the rest of Avengers figurines like Spiderman, Hulk, Captain Marvel, and so on!

22. Marvel Iron Man Extremis Action Figure

 Marvel Iron Man Extremis Action Figure

What would happen if Iron Man was injected with Extremist serum? Even though it is done to save his life, the nanotech virus turns him into a human weapon. With its cybernetic interface and armor, also other advanced technology, he was nearly impossible to defeat and stop. From the description, kids would be thrilled to have this Iron Man figurine for sure!

23. Loyal Subjects Iron Man Action Figure

The Loyal Subjects Iron Man Superama Action Figure

With his genius intellect and engineering, Tony Stark builds an armor that gives him superhuman strength and durability. Furthermore, robotic armor also grants him the ability to fly . The good news is you don’t need batteries to play with this toy. An elementary kid or Marvel fans would be delighted to have this Iron Man figurine as a gift.

24. LEGO Iron Man Figure Building Kit

LEGO Iron Man Figure Building Kit

This Iron Man Lego set features over 300 pieces. Upon completion, you will get a unique Lego Iron Man action figure! You can assemble or disassemble the kit whenever you like. After putting together the set, kids can play and move it freely. It is one of the most unique gifts for Marvel fans!

25. Unmasked Iron Man MK50 PVC Figure

Marvel Unmasked Iron Man Mk50 Pvc Figure

Do you know what Iron Man looks like when he takes off his mask? This Iron Man figurine will satisfy your curiosity. Sometimes, Marvel fans forget that Tony Stark is the person behind the Iron Man’s armored mask. In any case, this figurine will allow you to enjoy both Tony Stark and Iron Man as a whole.

Final Thoughts

For a true Tony Stark or the Iron Man’s fans, having a cool figurine is a must. That is the reason why we created this list from the first place, and we are committed to give you the best recommendations of Iron Man Figurines to add to your collection. We believe that the best figurines don’t have to be expensive, although usually, the expensive ones have the best quality. But we hope that you can find the best ones to add to your collection on our list above, and we highly recommend the Lego version of Iron Man figurine, if you haven’t got one already, because it’s definitely worth owning.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How much is an Iron Man action figure worth?

Have you ever wondered why the Iron Man figurine’s price varies a lot? The range varies between seven dollars to almost five hundred fifty dollars in the online stores. The used ones are usually cheaper. However, the vintage models will still fetch a higher price. In any case, You should pick the Iron Man figurine wisely. With excellent quality comes a high price.

What Marvel action figures are worth money?

The brand new official Iron Man figurine is worth the money. If you can afford to buy them, the realistic models will increase in value. They are rare because the manufacturer only offers a limited supply. An expensive Iron Man action figure may not suit casual fans. Still, collectors will do anything to get them!

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