25 Cool Ironing Boards to Help You Stay Neat

Cool ironing board is a great gift and also a necessary need for yourself. With various functions, durable material, and smart design, you can choose your perfect pick. Feel hassle-free with these perfect picks of ironing boards. You can keep your clothes neat and save your space with this ironing board. 

1. Wall Mounted and Folding Ironing Board

cool ironing boards

As you can see, this cool ironing board has a compact design with wall mounted and silver wall fixing plate that can be folded for space saving. Feel hassle-free if you have this ironing board!

2. Universal Iron Board with Customized Cover

cool ironing boards

The most important thing with this cool ironing board is, it can be a great gift. Because its cotton cover can be customized with the photo or graphic of your choice like your own face, pet photo, family photo or your unique pattern etc. 

3. Italian Made Ironing Board

cool ironing boards

This Italian made ironing board has an extra thick cover with heavy duty 3-layer silicone coated cover. This cool  ironing board pad can be folded.

4. Clamp-on Mini Ironing Board

cool ironing boards

Without leaving your chair, you can press seams on small pieces for quilt squares, face masks and other projects using small parts assembly. This ironing board has a patent-pending cantilever design, which is a desk extension board secured with strong but easy-to-attach auto-adjusting clamp. Also it can milled from fine cabinet-quality and sturdy plywood then topped with your choice of a removable, reversible, replaceable padded cotton cover.

5. Padded Portable Ironing and Craft Board

cool ironing boards

This cool ironing board gives you the perfect surface for ironing, heat pressing or just a crafty working space. It’s added with a layer of therma-flec fabric which is scorch resistant up to 360 degrees.

6. Counter Top Lightweight Ironing Board

cool ironing boards

Enjoy wrinkle-free clothes when you use this cool ironing board. It has a countertop design, making it ideal for dorm rooms and other small living spaces. With legs that fold in, it can easily be stored in a laundry room cabinet or under a bed. This ironing board has a steel frame and a fabric top so it is lightweight and easy to use.

7. Steel T-Leg Ironing Board with Foam Pad

cool ironing boards

With a perforated steel top, this ironing board provides an ample ironing surface for garments of all sizes. The 100% cotton cover and polyurethane foam pad provide a comfortable ironing surface. The sturdy, riveted, durable metal T-leg provides more stability and a patented leg lock design allows easy transport and storage.

8. Ironing Board with Iron Rest and Shelf

cool ironing boards

This ironing board features a small iron rest for improved safety and convenience, providing a place for you to put your iron. There is also a built-in wire shelf below the fabric-covered top, perfect to place your neatly folded laundry. And importantly, when you’re done, just fold it up. Store it in your cabinet or laundry closet.

9. Tabletop Ironing Board by Household Essentials

cool ironing boards

This ironing board has a durable steel frame and steel mesh surface which makes it ideal to use with steam irons. The cotton cover and fiber pad are stain and scorch resistant to ensure a smooth ironing surface. When the iron is not in use, set it on the retractable iron holder to prevent scorch marks. And when you are done, you can fold up the board flat and tuck it in a closet. Or just put it behind a door or under the bed.

10. Ergo Plus Ironing Board

cool ironing boards

This Ergo Plus ironing board features a unique low level steam generator rest where your iron can be comfortably positioned. The loop leg design with a gunmetal finish provides extra strength. Beside that, this ironing board has stability and ease of use. And also, the universal height mechanism allows the board to be positioned at your preferred working height, up to 37 inches.

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11. Portable Ironing Mat Blanket

Portable Ironing Mat Blanket

This ironing board replacement can transform any metallic or flat surface into an instant ironing board which is perfect for use on top of washers, dryers or table tops and even beds. The magnetic mat ensures that you are able to use it with complete stability. When not in use, you can fold it and keep it in a small space.

12. Foldable Ironing Board in a Cabinet with Mirror

Foldable Ironing Board in a Cabinet with Mirror

This ironing board in a cabinet is made of MDF wood, which can be hung on the wall. And the height depends on yourself, as there are triangle brackets instead of support legs. It is convenient, stable and stylish.

13. Retractable Ironing Board

Retractable Ironing Board

Designed with the space conscious person in mind, this pull out ironing board is a simple storage solution to save space and reduce clutter. Because it’s built to be installed easily into a cabinet or closet drawer, simply pull out the drawer when you need it, fold it down, and put it back when you are done. This ironing board uses high-quality slide rails with a thick anti-hot canvas that can be easily removed.

14. Door Hanging Ironing Board

cool ironing boards

If you take the space in your sewing room seriously when it involves pressing a good pair of pants, this ironing board is the perfect partner in all your designing endeavors. It easily hooks to the back of any door, folds up or down when you are ready to steam. Non-fashionistas seeking ironing board storage solutions will find that this space-saving design fits neatly into apartments, dorms and offices.

15. Mini Portable Ironing Board

cool ironing boards

The cover of this ironing board is the most attractive one. Its because the cover made of knitted cotton material, washable and removable, non-toxic and flat. It has multi-hole plastic panel for heat balance, and the plastic foot sleeve is scratch proof and non-slip. With a foldable foot stool it can save space and is easy to carry. This cool ironing board is suitable for ironing cuffs, necklines, leg opening, etc.

16. Portable Tabletop Ironing Board

cool ironing boards

If you live in a limited space, this tabletop ironing board is a perfect solution to make your life easier because it is compact, foldable and portable. Its compact board is large enough for ironing shirts, trousers or blouses perfectly. It comes with a chrome plated wire iron rest.

17. Over the Door Ironing Board

cool ironing boards

This over-the-door ironing board helps you use overlooked space in your home for storage. The over-the-door style fits perfectly in busy households, from walk-in closets to bedroom doors. Its board’s metal frame simply hooks over the top of your door, keeping the ironing board handy and out of the way. Simply pull down the board to use, then press an included lever to send the board back up. 

18. Ultra Steel Top Freestanding Ironing Board

cool ironing boards

Made of high-quality materials, this ironing board possesses a steel mesh top and strong metal frame which will last longer and promote a balanced distribution of heat. It has V-shaped legs finished with black plastic caps for better grip and works well on both level and uneven flooring. A fixed iron rest can be used to securely place your hot iron while it heats before ironing or cools before storage.

19. Rolling 3 Bin Laundry Sorter and Ironing Station

cool ironing boards

This cool stuff features 3 removable laundry sorting bins with metal handles, locking wheels and a built-in ironing board top. Rolling casters with locking wheels allow you to move the laundry center from the washing machine to your ironing space quickly and easily. The thick pad and heat resistant cover is great for ironing and folding clothes. 

20. Freestanding Folding Ironing Board

Freestanding Folding

With a multi height mechanism, this ironing board is fully adjustable up to 37-in. Steam safe angled rest prevents iron from steaming when not in use. Its superior steam efficient foam backing smoother ironing surface. Its four leg design is robust and sturdy.

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21. Freestanding Countertop Ironing Board

Freestanding Countertop

This freestanding counter-top ironing board is ideal for dorms, apartments, condos and studios. This table top ironing board comes with a white cotton cover and foam padding. It is fully assembled with a steel leg that can be folded away when not in use for easy storage. 

22. Standard Ironing Board from Made By Design™

standard from Made By Design™

Make sure you have this Standard Ironing Board from Made By Design™ because ironing is less of a chore with this board. It gives you a large area to iron over for the most effective results. It is adjustable so you can position it to a height that best fits your own height so you do not have to reach up or hunch over while ironing. And importantly, when your ironing is done, the collapsible ironing board folds flat for easy storage.

23. Tabletop Ironing Board from Room Essentials™

Tabletop from Room Essentials™

Iron your clothes conveniently with this tabletop ironing board. As you can see, it features a metal mesh ironing design with a padded cover to offer you a smooth ironing surface and it is balanced on a metal frame to ensure less slipping or sliding while ironing. This ironing board features a foldable design for easy storage. It has a loop at the back for hanging from a hook behind the door or in the closet for space-efficient storage. 

24. Vanity Cabinet Pull Out Ironing Board

Vanity Cabinet Pull Out Board

Maximize space in your home with this ironing board by Rev-A-Shelf. Simply open until the gravity lock engages, unfold the board and you are ready to iron. The expandable frame mounts easily in a vanity drawer between cabinet sides and the fixed brackets allow for easy mounting of all standard drawer fronts.

25. Deluxe Electric Ironing Center with Swivel

Deluxe Electric Center with Swivel

This durable ironing board is made of solid and ventilated steel. It swivels at a full 180 degrees, giving you flexibility in installation location and ironing position. It has a heavy-duty undercarriage for ironing use with an aluminum swivel mechanism featuring ball bearings and springs for added stability and rigid support.

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What is the best ironing board to get?

The best ironing board to get is the one that fits your certain needs. If you prioritize quality, you can choose an ironing board with durable or long lasting material and smart design which saves your limited space. If you love something personalized, you can choose an ironing board with a customized cover of your favorite photograph and pattern. 

Are wide ironing boards better?

Wide ironing board is better if you have a quite spacious place to live because this wide ironing board takes more space when you want to keep it. It is also more time efficient to iron clothes with a wider board because you will feel hassle-free by ironing with this wide board. 

When should I replace my ironing board?

You should replace your ironing board when it takes much time to iron your clothes because your ironing board is too narrow and you experience hassle with the iron’s wire. You also need to find the new ironing board when its leg is not stable and sturdy enough so it disturbs your ironing activity.

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