25 Cool Summer Shirts for Guys That Are Highly Comfortable for Hot Weather

Summer is here and we are going to enjoy it the best that we can. Leave all problems behind and let the warmth of summer blow them away. Each season has its own mode and fashion that match the temperature. Summer identically comes with hot weather and bright sun. For summer, you might need to think about some lightweight shirts.

Casual summer shirts or even the best beach shirt would also be perfect for you to enjoy your moment walking on the beach street. Summer is a season for everyone, including for cool guys out there. Men should consider some cool summer shirts as their best dress this summer. 

Are you looking for the best men’s shirts for yourself? Or are you looking for gifts for your best man this summer? Be happy because here we compiled the list of cool shirts for guys that will be highly comfortable to use this summer. Get ready and let’s jump into the list!

Cool Summer Linen Shirts

Linen is a well-known durable and breathable fabric that is made from flax plant. As it is breathable, linen shirts are highly comfortable to be used in hot weather, like summer, and on casual daily occasions. Here we compiled highly recommended cool summer shirts for hot weather made of linen for you. 

1. Long Sleeve Button Down Shirts

 Long Sleeve Button Down Shirts

Who says summer can’t match with a long sleeve shirt? This long sleeve button down shirt is the answer that summer and long sleeve shirts can go along very well. Linen, as we know, is a breathable fabric that is highly recommended for hot weather.

Now you can walk on the beach side enjoying the warm wind blowing through your skin without worrying burning too much skin.

2. Short Sleeve Casual Shirts

Short Sleeve Casual Shirts

A short sleeve shirt is a great choice so you can cool off this summer. Linen is the material used for making this short sleeve casual shirt that is highly breathable, and perfect for hot weather.

Combine it with linen short pants or other short pants that are comfortable for you. Add this shirt into your men’s shirts collection as casual summer shirts or lightweight shirts. This simple look will show your inner peace and comfort you in hot weather.

3. Chinese Styled Casual Shirt

Chinese Styled Casual Shirt

Are you looking for a new style for this summer? An unusual style that you have never tried before? Here is a  chinese styled casual shirt that is made of 100% linen. A breathable shirt for your summer and a new styled shirt to spice up your style.

Coming with three calm color choices, they will allow you to enjoy hot summer comfily. Make it a new summer for your awesome style!

4. Plaid Long Sleeve Shirts

Plaid Long Sleeve Shirts

Linen plaid shirts are one of the best shirt patterns you can wear in summer. The pattern allows you to combine more than one color and avoid a monotone. The more air that blows through your skin, the more you feel comfortable in doing your activities.

Linen plaid shirts will be awesome to be matched with Denim short and long pants and a round hat that is identical to summer. Add this shirt to your cool summer shirt collection and enjoy summer!

5. V Neck Blouse

V Neck Blouse

A V-neck blouse can be a choice of overshirt or even a summer shirt to wear. It is extremely breathable and lightweight for hot weather use. Wearing this V-neck blouse allows the air to blow freely through your skin.

It will give you a cool sensation during a hot summer day. You definitely need this V-neck blouse in your wardrobe and save your hot summer day. 

6. Printed Short Sleeve Shirts

Printed Short Sleeve Shirts

Floral and other aesthetic patterns are a great pattern to wear in summer. A linen printed shirt can also be a great choice for hot weather and to be worn as the best beach shirt. These shirts come as button-down shirts that allow you to unbutton any upper button as you need.

Add these printed short sleeve linen shirts into your men’s shirts collections. Walk down the beach with your charm and enjoy summer!

Cool Summer Cotton Shirts

A 100% cotton shirt is highly preferable to be worn in summer. It is considering the hot weather of summer that is usually not comfortable for most people to wear any other fabrics with solid fiber or low absorption ability. For you to find your best dress, here we compiled awesome cotton shirts. Let’s check them out!

7. Crewneck T-shirts

Crewneck T-shirts

For hot weather, wearing a crewneck T-shirt can be a great choice for men. These casual summer shirts come with many other color choices. Make sure to choose a bright and cheerful color to color up your summer mood.

Besides color choices, these crew neck T-shirts also come with sleeve length choices. You can choose a short or long sleeve shirt to be in your men’s shirts collection.   

8. Button T-shirts

Button T-shirts

If you do not like wearing a T-shirt that fully covers your neck, you may prefer this button T-shirt. It has some buttons that allow you to adjust the opening section on your T-shirt’s neck. For hot weather, these buttons will surely help you to let some airflow on your skin through your shirt.

Grab it fast and add it to your casual summer shirt collection!

9. Hippie Short Sleeve Beach T-shirt

Hippie Short Sleeve Beach T-shirt

One of men’s cool summer shirts made of cotton is this hippie short sleeve beach T-shirt that would be very breathable for your skin. It has some buttons that allow you to adjust how much summer air that you need to flow around your skin. White is a cool color, but since it is summer, you might want to choose another bright color for your best dress. 

10. Toggle Button Shirts 

Toggle Button Shirts

A long sleeve cotton shirt can be a great choice for hot weather men’s shirts. Cotton shirts are well-known for their breathable characteristics which you need this summer.

These unique cotton shirts come with toggle buttons that look aesthetic and unique for your style. However, they come in only one color, it is white ivory. This summer is a great moment to find your new unique style. 

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11. Long Sleeve Flannel Shirt

Long Sleeve Flannel Shirt

Flannel shirts are another variant of cotton made shirts that are breathable and comfortable to be used for hot weather. Its square patterns show color combinations and it also can be combined with cheerful colors instead of only black and white.

These button-up shirts are perfect both fully buttoned or fully unbuttoned. You will be stylish and comfortable at the same time.

12. Blue Floral Shirt

Blue Floral Shirt

White shirt with an accent of blue floral is the best dress for men this summer. 100% cotton will highly absorb sweat and will minimize any skin irritation caused by damp shirts. Move this blue floral cotton shirt to your basket or wrap it as a gift for your best man. He can wear it as a casual summer shirt or even as a casual beach shirt. 

Cool Summer Chambray Shirts

Another choice of fabric that is comfortably worn during summer is chambray. It is made of dyed warp yarn and a white filling yarn, giving its unique look and texture compared to other fabrics. Here we included some chambray shirts for your summer men’s shirts collection. Let’s check it out! 

13. Button Down Chambray

Button Down Chambray

This long sleeve button-down chambray is one of the coolest summer shirts that can be included in your men’s shirts list this summer. Some chambray may be confused with denim if it is colored blue. In this gray yarn color, this chambray shirt looks more calm and cool for the hot weather of summer.

You may add this shirt to your button-down shirts collection because it has buttons under its collar. 

14. Short Sleeve Chambray

Short Sleeve Chambray

Another collection of button down shirts that would be great for your men’s shirts collection this summer is short sleeve Chambray shirts. In indigo color, it is presented with a short sleeve that would be comfortable for hot weather.

Indigo color is special because it can be worn by any skin color on any occasions. Short sleeve chambray shirts can be your best dress while walking on the beachstreet.

Cool Summer Denim Shirts

Once in a while, wearing Denim in summer may enrich your style. Especially when you are attending formal occasions, going to work, and casual occasions. It is because Denim is a highly breathable fabric that will allow air to flow through your skin during hot summer days. Let’s check these Denim shirts we compiled for you!

15. Long Sleeve Denim

Long Sleeve Denim

A highly recommended cool summer shirt you can choose this summer is a white long sleeve Denim. It is a button-up shirt that can be worn during summer because it is lightweight and breathable. It can be your overshirt when you already wore a tank top but had to go outside. You can grab this white long sleeve denim and go.

16. Short Sleeve Denim

Short Sleeve Denim

Another denim choice is this short sleeve denim that you can comfortably wear this summer. The breathable fabric and lightweight shirts are what you need for hot weather. By wearing this short sleeve denim, you can go to work or any casual and formal occasion pleasurable. This short sleeve denim will be a day saver during a hot summer.

Cool Summer Polyester Shirts

Unlike other summer shirts, polyester is non-biodegradable because it is made of synthetic material. However, Polyester can be your choice of shirt this summer if you are looking for those lightweight shirts. Here we would show you the best collections of cool summer shirts made of Polyester.

17. Baggy Summer T-shirt

Baggy Summer T-shirt

This loose shirt is a cool summer shirt that will give you a cool sensation when you wear it. It comes with big pockets for your style or for functions, whether you want to put some light or small things in it.

The baggy summer shirt is made of polyester mixed with spandex that will be so lightweight and cool for hot weather. It may be your favorite shirt to walk on a beach, hang out with friends, and on other casual occasions.

18. Slim Fit Short Sleeve Shirt

Slim Fit Short Sleeve Shirt

A slim fit shirt may be a great choice for you to be in your men’s shirts collection this summer. With this short sleeve and slim fit shirt, you will feel comfortable walking and going out on a hot summer day. The breathable feature is the best feature that you can feel while wearing this shirt.

Grab one for your cool summer shirts collection and enjoy your summer!

19. Hip Hop Big Shirts

Hip Hop Big Shirts

A 100% polyester shirt with hip hop style is here for you. It looks like an oversize shirt that can be worn both in casual and formal occasions. It is perfect to show your sharp look in a college party or semi formal meetings in summer.

The hip-hop big shirt is still comfortable for hot weather, but make sure to choose one bigger size from your own to make it more breathable for you. 

Cool Summer Blend Shirts

Here we compiled cool summer shirts that will be comfortable for you but in a mixed fabric materials. Each of the materials used can give more advantages and cover the lack of each other. Thus, you can have more cool summer shirt choices to be comfortable wearing in hot weather. For you, we chose the best summer shirts below. Let’s check them out!

20. Slim-Fit Tank Top

Slim-Fit Tank Top

Wearing a tank top shirt is not always acceptable for some occasions, but tank top shirts sometimes are necessary for summer. When you are staying home or enjoying your summer in a private beach villa, a tank top can be a great choice for you.

Complete your men’s shirts collection this summer by getting these tank top shirts immediately. You will surely need it this summer.

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21. Polyester & Spandex Casual T-shirt

Polyester & Spandex Casual T-shirt

If you are a fan of polyester, these lightweight T-shirts may be your best dress this summer. Polyester is extremely lightweight to be worn in hot weather. These polyester and spandex shirts also come with some buttons that allow you to adjust the opening section you desire.

Even though it has a lower ability in sweat absorption, these shirts are lightweight and still can be comfortable wearing in summer. This could be one of the coolest summer shirts you could have!

22. Ombre Casual Shirts

Ombre Casual Shirts

These ombre casual shirts are made of cotton blended with polyester. It makes them well sweat absorption and lightweight shirts that will be comfortable for hot weather. Choosing only one color to be on your shirt may be boring or monotone. Here you can see how your shirt’s color looks like it is fading beautifully.

23. V neck button T-shirt

V neck button T-shirt

These shirts are made of cotton and polyester which are lightweight and good for absorbing sweat in a hot summer. This is a great men’s shirt that is breathable and comfortable to be worn on any occasion, especially on casual occasions.

Wearing this V-neck button shirt to the beach or places to hang out will be very comfortable all day long. Grab one of these lightweight shirts for your cool summer shirts collection immediately!

24. Knitted Blouse Cardigan

Knitted Blouse Cardigan

Knitted shirts may be rarely used by men in summer. But here is a knitted blouse cardigan that can be worn in summer. It is made of cotton and polyester which are lightweight and good at absorbing sweat. Thus, this men’s shirt can be a fabulous and stylish choice of button-up shirts for a beach walker or summer lover.

Grab one fast and complete your cool summer shirt collection!

25. Tropical Cotton Linen Beach Shirt

Tropical Cotton Linen Beach Shirt

Summer and beach are the best matches of all time. You can choose which beach you would like to visit to enjoy the heat, sunbathe, or maybe just chill, meet new people, and do other fun things. It is great to wear these tropical cotton linen beach shirts when you visit a beach on any beautiful island in the world.

The combination of cotton and linen will give you a breathable fabric sensation. Your summer will be so comfortable in any situation.

Latest Post:

What type of shirt is best for summer?

The best shirt for summer should be lightweight, comfortably fit, and breathable to be worn on a hot summer day. Shirts, T-shirts, polo shirts, button-up, and button-down shirts would all be great for summer use. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable wearing your shirt and you feel enough air flowing on your skin through your shirt. 

What are summer shirts called?

Summer shirts come with variations but the most basic things are lightweight, breathable, and moist-absorbent. They can be made of linen, cotton, blend, and synthetic. If you are looking for cool summer shirts, you may look for button-up shirts, button-down shirts, casual summer shirts, or beach shirts.

How do you style a summer shirt?

Be colorful and cheerful this summer by combining your summer shirt with suitable bottoms, such as jogger pants, short pants, or long pants and other accessories. Match your items with the occasions, setting of the place, and companies. Make sure to choose bright colors and lightweight items to enhance your comfort while wearing those items. 

Are overshirts good for summer?

Wearing overshirts during summer might be a choice when you feel the heat on your skin. The overshirt may decrease the heat touching your skin and help you feel more comfortable walking under the sun. But overshirts should not be worn when you do not feel like you need them. If wearing an overshirt makes you feel not comfortable, then you should put it in your drawer.

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