25 Best End of Summer Camp Gifts for Your Happy Campers

Summer is the season for camping and sharing gifts to everyone. Especially if your students or campers spend this season in summer camp, then they deserve a few souvenirs at the end of the event. As they must have had a lot of fun with summer camp activities, it will be hard for them to say goodbye with this event. To help your happy campers make the most of summer, you can give them end of summer camp gifts as little keepsakes that remind them of this program. Moreover, the end of summer camp is the perfect time to say thank you or “I Love You” with a fun present that adds a little sunshine to your happy campers. 

With so many great things to choose from, the hardest part is just deciding what to get! Therefore, we have compiled the best gift ideas which will inspire you. From handpicked care package ideas for students to cool stuff for sleepaway ideas, here are some great end of summer camp gifts. Let’s check this out!

1. Find and Seek Scavenger Card Game

Find and Seek Scavenger Card Game

Don’t let your happy campers feel bored after the end of summer camp! With this fun card game, they can play fun outdoor and indoor activities easily. All they have to do is just find and seek things according to 35 unique cards inside this box. Packed in a cool drawstring pouch, it will be one of the best end of summer camp gifts they can play with friends.

2. Summer Neon Sunglasses

Summer Neon Sunglasses

It’s time to make your happy campers look stylish and fun by the end of summer camp. These cool neon sunglasses are perfect gift ideas which will always radiate the summer spirit around. They stand out and are a lot of fun for both boys and girls thanks to their color-changing rainbow lenses. Your students can wear them together and take photos to create amazing summer camp memories.

3. Happy Camper Keychain

Happy Camper Keychain

Let summer camp memories stay forever in this simple keychain your students can bring anywhere. They can put this keychain on their bag, showing their pride of joining the summer camp. It has a simple design of “Happy Camper” text and a camp picture on the band. Made from premium silicone, this keychain is safe for kids, making it one of the most simple but useful end of summer camp gifts.

4. Summer Camp 2022 Autographs

Summer Camp 2022 Autographs

Summer camp is a perfect time to make friends and memories. If so, why don’t you give them DIY end of summer camp gifts? This book features a fantastic glossy cover design with 50 sheets of paper. Simply give them this book, so your students can fill each other books with autographs and messages about the owner. This is a brilliant idea to strengthen friendship although the summer camp is over. 

5. Mini Cube Puzzle Toy

Mini Cube Puzzle Toy

Give your happy camper fun and educational toys they can play anywhere for their end of summer camp gifts. This puzzle toy is indeed the perfect answer which will also hone their memory, problem-solving skills, and practice their manual dexterity. This set comes with 30 mini cubes you can share to all happy campers. You may also create a puzzle competition as the last game to play in the summer camp.

6. Pikachu Rainbow Fidget Toy

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For those active students who may feel anxious as the summer camp ends, this fidget toy can be the best solution. Try to give them this cute fidget toy as end of summer camp gifts to keep their hand busy. The rainbow pikachu is indeed attractive and charming, especially for kids. Your happy campers use this cute toy as a keyring so they can bring it on the go.

7. My Summer Camp Memories Sketchbook Journal

My Summer Camp Memories Sketchbook Journal

If you are looking for end of summer camp gifts for teenage girls, then you should consider this unique journal. As teenage girls tend to keep their thoughts on their own, they will definitely love to express it by journaling. This book allows them to record their summertime experiences, friends’ contact information, and autographs. Let them keep the summer camp memories in the book they will cherish forever.  

8. Friendship Camping Bracelet 

Friendship Camping Bracelet 

Help your students to stay connected to each other by giving them friendship bracelets as end of summer camp gifts. These chic hand-woven bracelets include 4 distinctive motifs that appeal to both boys and girls.The motivational message “Adventure AWAITS – Go Find It” is printed on the card to inspire kids to step outside and take on new experiences.

9. DIY Lego Secret Holder

DIY Lego Secret Holder

Surprise your students with cool stuff for sleepaway such as this DIY lego secret holder. This box comes with tiles, a storage tray, and a box with two hidden chambers. By following the pattern ideas in the directions or creating their own creative designs, they may hone their design skills. It will be one of the most creative end of summer camp gifts ever.

10. Summer Camp Memory Match Game

Summer Camp Memory Match Game

In case you are looking for end of summer camp gifts for 5 years old kids, this memory match game is the best option. Specifically designed for active and curious preschool kids, they can learn and play at the same time. Children will adore the entertaining theme of summer camp, which boasts colorful, and artist-commissioned artwork that is emphasized by classy double-sided gloss printing.

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11. Summer Camp Swim Bag

Summer Camp Swim Bag

This swim bag is one of the most perfect fashionable end of summer camp gifts for your active teenage girl. This smart drawstring bag combines the beauty of vivid flaming, banana, and flower prints with an athletic look. With a top drawstring clasp and short, contrasting shoulder straps, it is a must-have gym essential that may be used as a backpack. Any teenage girl will definitely be happy receiving this gift.

12. Camping Vibes Sweatshirt

Camping Vibes Sweatshirt

Reminisce the summer camp memories with this cool sweatshirt although the program is over. It comes with an elegant lettering that will remind you of amazing camping vibes, perfect end of summer camp gifts for teenagers age or older. Made from cotton, the sweatshirt is super soft and comfortable, making it the ideal outfit to wear in style.

13. Summer Camp Care Package

Summer Camp Care Package

Give your favorite camper this care package for sleepaway camp as a farewell present so they can reconnect at camp. It will be one of the best care package ideas to treasure. This box comes with plenty of entertaining items you can personalize, including a rucksack where guests may sign it for special camp souvenirs. In addition, the vibrant design of this box completes the overall visual well.

14. Camp Scratch-off Mini Notes

Camp Scratch-off Mini Notes

With these enjoyable scratch-off tiny notes, you can keep your campers delighted by the end of the program. Simply fill in the blank with your own handwritten message, cover it with the included scratch-off sticker, and then scratch to reveal your secret message. You can give these notes as end of summer camp gifts to express your feelings in a fun way.

15. Color Me Summer Shirt

Color Me Summer Shirt

Coloring is a fun activity during summer camp. It will definitely be double fun with the color me summer shit! The shirt features dinosaurs and flowers design they can color together as the end of summer camp farewell. You can customize the package with permanent marker or washable pens to color the shirt. Your campers will definitely feel excited and happy.

16. Hello From Camp Postcard

Hello From Camp Postcard

Suppose you want to give meaningful end of summer camp gifts, then you can give your students these postcards. Each postcard comes with fantastic camp theme design radiating fun and excitement. You can write your impression and hopes to all you campers with this postcard and give it to them during the summer camp farewell. It will be an unforgettable gift they will cherish forever.

17. Summer Camp Stationary Kit

A kit full of summer camp writing supplies, your happy campers will definitely love this gift. It features a matching plastic folder with a Velcro closure that holds 12 note cards, 12 envelopes, 12 stickers, and 1 waterproof bookmark. By the end of the program, they can write messages to their friends using this kit, perfect to maintain friendship by the end of summer camp.

18. Summer Camp Pencils

Summer Camp Pencils

As the summer holiday is over, you may give school supplies as end of summer camp gifts. Make sure the little keepsake also will remind them of summer camp vibes such as this unique pencil. It’s a stunning American-made pencil with traditional pink erasers and gold ferrules. This bundle of six pencils with a camp motif is also ideal for your campers’ stationery kit. 

19. Summer Camp Travel Pouch

Summer Camp Travel Pouch

Help your teenage girls to stay organized after the summer camp by giving them this unique travel pouch. You can personalize the pouch with their name and the camp name in vivid color print design. It comes with an ideal size which works well as cosmetic travel purses and pencil boxes. It has zipper fastening and is made of a sturdy material, so you can guarantee its quality.

20. Summer Camp Snack Box

Summer Camp Snack Box

Treat your campers with all their favorite snacks during the farewell of the program. This box comes with 25 delicious camping snacks they may enjoy for days, including chips and popcorn. Your students can enjoy these snacks with their friends, making it a perfect end of summer camp memory as their last meal together. Packed in a sturdy box, protecting the food inside safely.   

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21. Star Wars Summer Camp T-Shirt

Star Wars Summer Camp T-Shirt

This t-shirt is an excellent idea if you want to make the end of summer camp shirt for students, especially if they are fans of Star Wars. Your pupils can wear the t-shirt every day to preserve a special summer camp experience. Made from cotton and polyester, the material is stretchable and comfortable for your active students. In addition the cool design also portrays the amazing Endor forest. 

22. Radiate Happiness Gift Box

Radiate Happiness Gift Box

Bring the happiness of summer camp to all your students until they go home with this gift. This care package features colorful stuff that will radiate happiness to receivers. Cups have appealing colors that change depending on the temperature. The elastic beaded charm bracelet with smiles can prolong your good mood. The tie dye scrunchie is a lifesafer during hot summer for long hair girls, while rainbow candy is everyone’s favorite.

23. Personalized Boho Rainbow Pencil Case

Personalized Boho Rainbow Pencil Case

Get ready to go back to school after summer holiday! You can give your campers the personalized pencil case as end of summer camp gifts to motivate them for the new semester. It comes with a unique rainbow design in boho style, portraying the summer spirit well. It uses UV printing for the highest color quality and is made from heavy-duty cotton canvas fabric.

24. Summer Camp Pillow

Summer Camp Pillow

A summer camp is definitely fun but tiring, so your students deserve a rest before starting a new day. Give them this unique pillow to help them rest well. You can personalize the summer camp design with your students’ names. Moreover, the pillowcase is made of 100% polyester microfiber with plenty of space for campers to sign on the back.

25. Hiking Hair Don’t Care Hat

Hiking Hair Don’t Care Hat

For adventurous campers who love hiking, this gift will be very special and thoughtful. Protect your students from the hot summer sun by giving them this hat. The hat is made entirely of cotton with 6 air holes, making it featherweight, breathable, and comfortable all day. The elegant lettering design resembles the personality of your students who love hiking very much.

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