25 Inexpensive Goodbye Gifts for Students from Teacher

The end of year term is the most expected moment in a student’s timeline. It marks the end of the school year which is close to the summer holiday. It’s the time when the teacher is doing evaluations as well as giving some goodbye gifts for students from teacher as a heart-warming farewell for students.

Most teachers usually have what they’re going to give in mind, but some teachers might still be clueless about what to get their lovely students on their last day of school. We’ll help the teacher with our 25 list of goodbye gifts for students from teacher. Most of the gifts are curated from well-known websites with an inexpensive price filter activated, so we can provide a helpful list of gifts that won’t break your bank.

1. Personalized Sunflower Seeds

Personalized Sunflower Seeds

Teach them to start loving their environment by giving personalized sunflower seeds as the goodbye gifts for students from teachers. The part that you can personalize is the seed envelope which is printed with each student’s name and personalized message. It would make a perfect gift for students which won’t break your bank.

2. Personalized Keyring

Personalized Keyring

A keyring with a personalized name would be another great idea for thoughtful goodbye gifts for students from teacher. The keyring is made of wood which can be engraved on the surface. You can write the name of each student, great for a personalized gift. This beautiful keychain would make the perfect gift for kindergarten students or middle school students.

3. Customized Bookmark

Customized Bookmark

Encourage your student to read more books by giving a cute customized bookmark as the goodbye gifts for students from teachers. You can add your own design with some personalized things such as adding the student’s name, class of the year, etc. Kindergarten kids or middle school students would love the bookmark with a cute design. 

4. Ink-Credible Student Pen

Ink-Credible Student Pen

Doing DIY as the goodbye gifts for students would be a great idea to minimize the cost without sacrificing the quality of the gift. You can try to buy a pen in bulk and add this ink-credible tag onto each of the pens. Unfortunately, the tag is not customizable but there’s some enough space so you can hand-write your own name.

5. Wish Bracelet

Wish Bracelet

A wish bracelet would be the next great gift idea to consider which won’t break your piggy bank. As they wear this bracelet, tell them to make a wish because it’s believed that the wish will come true when the string is worn. Each bracelet comes in a tag with positive words to encourage your student to think positively. It also makes a great gift for exchange students who leave positive marks when they come back to their origin city or country.

6. Scratch-Off Boarding Pass

Scratch-Off Boarding Pass

Give a little fun and surprise to your students with this scratch-off boarding pass. Don’t worry, this is not a real boarding pass. It’s rather a scratch-off card with hidden destination, traveller’s name and date. It’d be fun for students to scratch-off and find their dream travel destination, also as a gift for exchange students who will be leaving the school. Sounds like an exciting goodbye gift for students from teacher.

7. Colorable Postcard

Colorable Postcard

Embark your student on a creative journey with this colorable postcard as a goodbye gift for students from teacher. They can color the postcard and send it to a friend or family to maintain the good relationship while spreading love to others. This postcard would also be a great goodbye gift for exchange students as they will be going back to their city or country and they can maintain friendship with the teacher or students through this postcard.

8. Fidget Bracelet

Fidget Bracelet

Giving goodbye gifts for students from teachers can be as simple as this fidget bracelet. This fidget bracelet is a 6″ water-filled tube with free-flowing glitter which moves and swirls in the bracelet. It’s very soothing to watch and will make the whole class feel the fun of wearing this unique fidget bracelet.

9. Mantra Quote Clip

Mantra Quote Clip

A middle school student would love receiving positive courage as an end of the year gift such as this mantra quote clip. This one helps to clip over the page which acts as a bookmark. Each has different positive mantras where you can find the best mantra that you think suits some students. It would make them feel special when the positive mantra is like the encouragement to the challenge they’re facing now.

10. Pencil Eraser Toy

Pencil Eraser Toy

We all know kids love toys, and giving a pencil eraser toy for kindergarten students will be one of the best goodbye gifts for students from teacher. Each eraser is brightly colored and made of high-quality rubber to perfectly clean the slate. It has a unique character design taken from the emoji such as pizza slice, frog, french fries, ice cream, etc.

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11. Syringe Pen

Syringe Pen

A syringe pen would be a fun twist of the usual boring pen. As the name suggests, it’s a pen that looks like a syringe. A pen is essential for students and giving this syringe pen would make the essential thing become more fun. Highly suitable as the end of the year gift for middle school students or exchange students to leave a unique impression when they’re leaving the school. 

12. Have a Lovely Summer Sticker

Have a Lovely Summer Sticker

Most students will be happy at the end of the year, because that means the summer holiday has come. As the goodbye gifts for students, you can give many things from the list here. But if you prefer doing DIY, you can wrap the gift and stick this with a lovely summer sticker on the gift. This sticker would match perfectly any DIY you do as the end of the year gifts for students.

13. Organza Mini Bag Pouch

Organza Mini Bag Pouch

Making a DIY gift would not be perfect without a wrap and bag. There are many wrap and bag ideas available, such as this organza mini bag pouch. This drawstring bag is made of organza mesh fabric with moon and star glitters which add a beautiful touch to the pouch. It’ll be perfect for small gifts such as candy, snacks, and other small things.

14. Almond Snack

Almond Snack

These almond snacks would be sweet goodbye gifts for students from teacher. You can wrap the snack with a nice wrapping paper or pouch and give one to each student. Giving this snack as an end of year gift for students will be a great gift idea that won’t break your bank.

15. Glossy Paper Bag

Glossy Paper Bag

As the complement to your DIY gift, wrap it with a nice paper or pack inside a colorful bag such as this glossy paper bag. Highly suitable for packing small goodbye gifts for students from teachers. The bag comes in a neon color with a handle for an easier grip. Students can easily carry their gift with this bag.

16. Origami Paper

Origami Paper

Want more gift ideas which are unique, simple, yet useful for student’s development? You can consider giving an origami paper. This gift would work the best for kindergarten students as their creativity is still developing. First, you can teach them to make origami objects such as birds and flowers, then let them create any object as creative as they can.

17. Colorful Earbuds

Colorful Earbuds

Another colorful gift you can consider giving to the students is colorful earbuds. Middle school students would find these earbuds very useful as students around that age started having some interest in listening to music and these colorful earbuds will be a great companion to their hobby. 

18. Scratch and Sniff Sticker

Scratch and Sniff Sticker

On the last day of school, make your students feel more fun with these scratch and sniff stickers as the goodbye gifts for students from teacher. All students will be excited scratching together, creating the fun and happy vibe inside the class. The sticker also has a sweet and fruity scent which adds more joy to the class. 

19. Mini Inspirational Notepads

A notebook with positive words is such the perfect gift combo. For middle school students, giving this mini inspirational notepad would make a positive outlook for students and become a highly useful goodbye gift for students from teacher. It would give a motivational power for students to encourage them to have a more positive outlook on their school life.

20. Snake Cube Puzzle

Snake Cube Puzzle

Talking about gifts for a better student’s creativity, the list would be long as there are many educational toys for kids. One of the gifts you can consider as the goodbye gifts for students from teacher is this snake cube puzzle. Students can use their imagination to turn the cube into various objects such as snakes, stairs, dogs, and other things.

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21. Star Colorful Wristband 

Star Colorful Wristband

Wearable things are also good gift ideas to consider because the teacher can give the same thing which would be worn by students such as this star-colored wristband, making the classroom students become united by simply wearing it together. The wristbands have a colorful tone with rubber material for elasticity, making them easy to take on and off.

22. Art Supplies

Art Supplies

Giving more art supplies as the goodbye gifts for students will be fun especially for kindergarten students because at this age kids usually need more activity. These colorful art supplies  will be their new activity during the summer holiday which includes googly eyes, sticks and pom poms. Teachers can buy one pack and repack them into smaller amounts to be shared for the whole classroom.

23. Mini Trophy

Mini Trophy

Every student deserves a reward at the end of the year to reward their hard work in studying. Teachers can award all students by giving a mini trophy as a goodbye gift for students from teacher, because they all are the winners. Each trophy is designed in a bright golden hue with 12 counts for each pack.

24. Mini Spiral Notebook

Mini Spiral Notebook

What we know about notebooks is that it has a rectangular shape. How about a spiral notebook in a mini size? This unique notebook would be the perfect goodbye gift for students from teacher that students would always remember because of its uniqueness. The notebook features a cat and dog design for a cute shape.

25. Graduation Gift Envelope

Graduation Gift Envelope

There’s nothing more special than a thoughtful and personalized gift that is handmade with love. As a teacher, show how much you care about the student by giving a personalized letter which is put inside this graduation gift envelope. The envelope has a “congratulations” written on the back which is the perfect word to describe the end of year term.

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Which gift is best for a farewell for kindergarten students?

For a farewell for kindergarten students, teachers can choose more colorful and bright gifts such as ink-credible tags as a fun tag to teacher’s DIY gift, also some colorful art supplies and origami paper to encourage the student to become more creative. For a farewell party, consider packing the gift in a nice organza mini bag pouch or glossy paper bag.

What are the best goodbye gifts for exchange students?

The best goodbye gifts for exchange students could be a personalized one such as this wish bracelet, or a gift that relates with their next journey back home like this scratch-off boarding pass. Giving colorable postcards is also a good idea to make them more creative and they can’t send the card to their friends.

What are the best goodbye gifts for middle school students?

The best goodbye gifts for middle school students would be a mantra quote clip as this clip is filled with positive courage which is needed by middle school students. Getting colorful earbuds also would be a suitable gift for middle school students who like to listen to music.

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