Offensive Wrapping Paper

This Offensive Wrapping Paper will add a special kind of love to any gift you give someone.

Isn’t being able to say “F**k you” to someone and have them instantly know that it means “Love you” the best thing? It’s like an epitome of friendship and love, really.

This wrapping paper features 27.5-inches square sheet that will allow you to wrap the present up and give it to someone who’ll appreciate it.

Of course, if you want someone to actually F-off you can use this paper as a subtle passive-aggressive messenger. Well, the subtleness of this paper would be as subtle as getting hit with a brick on the head. But hey, that’s cool too.

Whichever you approach and person you choose this paper is guaranteed to be the talk of any party. 

Offensive Wrapping Paper

Offensive Wrapping Paper

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