25 Lovely and Welcoming Gifts for Exchange Students

The student exchange program is a collaborative effort by a certain secondary school or university from two different countries, in which they each send some students to learn for a certain period of time. For those who earned the chance, it is a fun and precious experience that will last for a lifetime. However, the cultural shock may prove to be a little bit challenging for them. That’s the reason why you need to welcome your foreign friends with open arms. 

Coming from a foreign country and learning an entirely new culture is not as easy as you think it might be. Therefore, finding gifts for exchange students is not a bad idea, as it can help them adjust to life faster. Whether it’s a personalized gift or a student welcome basket, we bet that they will appreciate the gesture and receive it with open arms. 

Personalized Gifts for Exchange Students

In some instances, personalized gifts may prove to be really beneficial to tighten up your bond and chemistry with foreign friends. You can customize these items in order to be completely unique. Please check out some of the best personalized gifts for exchange students that you may fancy. 

1. Personalized Travel Tags Photo

Personalized Travel Tags Photo

Getting to know a student from a foreign country means that you must spend some intimate time with them. After taking them for some adventurous trips, make sure that you immortalize them through this personalized photo frame! It will be a memorable keepsake gift that they can cherish forever!

2. Personalized Marble Ballpoint

Personalized Marble Ballpoint

Getting an elegant ballpoint will always be a good gift idea! However, if you can get a personalized ballpoint, it will be double the pleasure. You can engrave your friend’s name on this beautiful pen, and it will come inside a beautiful box. Go get some for your foreign friends immediately. 

3. Laser Engraved Wooden Frame

Laser Engraved Wooden Frame

All good things must come to a pass, no matter how beautiful they are. If you really enjoy your time with friends from a foreign country, make sure to hand this beautiful and personalized wooden frame to them. Make sure to add some personalized messages to be engraved, the kind that will sure produce tears in their eyes. 

4. Custom City Ring

Custom City Ring

Great gifts for exchange students are items that can help them get used to foreign surroundings. That’s the reason why this awesome custom city ring might be a perfect fit for you. You can choose from various cities in different countries to be designed in a minimalist style. The result? Spectacular. 

5. Personalized Family Print

Personalized Family Print

No matter how happy they are with your city, there’s no denying that they might miss home. Help your foreign friends by getting this personalized cartoon family print! Choose from various skin tones, hair, and clothing color to closely match your friend’s family characteristics. It’ll be great to be hanged in their room.

6. Personalized Scrapbook

Personalized Scrapbook

Personalized scrapbooks are very useful for keeping a lot of precious memories that you’ve created with your foreign friends. With this refillable and expandable album, you can’t limit the experience! Plus, it was made from a heavyweight, warp-resistant bookbinding board that is very durable and strong. 

Special Gifts for Exchange Students

Buying gifts for exchange students shouldn’t be limited to when you met them for the first time. In fact, some of these items can serve as great Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas gift ideas. Show your foreign friends some love on special occasions with these items. 

7. Funny Mug for Foreign Students

Funny Mug for Foreign Students

We bet that even foreign students must have heard about former President Donald Trump. Whether you back him or not, you can’t deny that there are a lot of Trump’s quotes that can be used for souvenirs, just like this hilarious mug. It’s one of the best April Fools and Christmas gift ideas, right?

8. Study Abroad Map

Study Abroad Map

Sometimes, language may be a barrier that can be challenging for your foreign friends. Instead of laughing at them, you should cheer them up by reminding them that they’re lucky to be able to explore foreign countries. Perhaps, this beautiful map might help too. They can display it in their room and be reminded of your wisdom every time they’re having a setback. 

9. Kraft Paper Notebook

Kraft Paper Notebook

You know what makes good Christmas gift ideas? Encouraging quotes printed that can lift somebody up. That’s practically the reason why we’re recommending this beautiful notebook paper for you. With these papers, they can even take notes and brainstorm new ideas for school projects!

10. Thank You Card (For Prank!)

Thank You Card (For Prank!)

Lifting a person’s morale shouldn’t always come from inspirational quotes. After all, pranks might also work in putting a smile on their face. With this funny card, they’ll think that you really want to express gratitude. But once they open the card, an audio that says “thank you for being a friend” will loop for at least three hours!

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11. Travel Stub Diary

Travel Stub Diary

Having a domestic trip or a fun vacation to a foreign country with exchange students can produce a lasting memory for both sides. Make sure that they won’t forget every second of it with this adorable travel stub diary, where you can insert photos inside acid-free pages that will preserve your memory. Truly one of the best Christmas gift ideas ever!

12. Long Distance Gift

Long Distance Gift

Your friend might yearn to come home during the holiday seasons. Therefore, you need to make sure that they won’t come home empty-handed by obtaining some gifts for exchange students. Perhaps, you might do that with the beautiful keychain. It’s truly one of the best Christmas gift ideas, as you can choose to customize which foreign countries to be hand stamped.

13. Honorary American

Honorary American

Your foreign friends might have only earned temporary visas in our country. However, it doesn’t need to stop you from treating them as honorary guests, which is why this cool shirt is one of the best gifts for exchange students on our list. It was made using a premium quality material too. 

14. The Essential Book

The Essential Book

No matter how much knowledge that we’re trying to pass on to our foreign friends, reading from a book will definitely help them more! Hence, you should really consider this book as part of your gifts for exchange students, as it contains essential tips to survive a new and foreign environment. 

15. Liquor History

Liquor History

Giving history books as gifts for exchange students is nice. But if you want a lighter part of the history that can be enjoyed, then please consider this book about America’s liquor history. After reading some chapters, we bet that your friend can enjoy local alcohol more!

16. Candy Takeout Noodles

Candy Takeout Noodles

This might turn out to be one of the sweetest Christmas gift ideas for a foreign student. Every culture celebrates Christmas in a different way. Perhaps, they might entertain some candies inside a Chinese food takeout box. Buy one as part of your Christmas gifts for exchange students now!

17. Positive Glass

Positive Glass

There are lots of hurdles that your foreign friends have to overcome during a certain period. As a good friend, you can help them out by giving this inspirational pint glass as part of your gifts for exchange students. As the quote on the glass says, stay positive like a proton! Plus, it is very strong and durable!

18. Comic History

Comic History

US comics are very popular. Just take a look at Marvel and DC Comics! If you want to brag about this unique pop culture to your foreign friends, then buy this awesome and customizable book. Inside, they can learn about the rich history of US comic books and see some rare snippets too, making it one of the best Christmas gift ideas for a foreign student. 

19. Colorful Notepads

Colorful Notepads

Do you know why these colorful notepads are great Christmas gift ideas? The answer is simple: it perfectly matches the spirit of Christmas. Each notepad contains 50 sheets for her to take note, doodle, or brainstorm ideas. Obtain this as part of your gifts for exchange students.

Welcoming Basket Gifts for Exchange Students

Giving gift baskets is a good idea, especially if you just met a foreign student and do not know too much about them. Down below, you’ll be faced with various (and mostly delicious) exchange student welcome baskets that you can get as gifts for exchange students. 

20. Welcome Home Snack Basket

25 Lovely and Welcoming Gifts for Exchange Students

What better way to welcome a foreign student than to embrace them and treat them as if they’re coming back home? With this awesome student welcome basket, you can do just that! Inside, they will find lots of chocolates and sweet snacks that they can enjoy. 

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21. Hot Sauce Box

25 Lovely and Welcoming Gifts for Exchange Students

No matter where your foreign friends come from, we’re pretty sure that they have their own recipe for hot sauce. Perhaps, you can treat them to our own unique taste of hot sauce with this lovely student welcome basket. Make sure to buy this as part of your gifts for exchange students, because it contains four different, organically-grown hot sauces. 

22. Snack Box

25 Lovely and Welcoming Gifts for Exchange Students

Students will always require snacks for consumption. Perhaps, this amazing student welcome basket might be the right item for foreign friends, considering that they’re going to need a lot to endure the lessons. Inside, they will receive 31 snacks from iconic brands. 

23. Jaybee Nuts Gift Basket

25 Lovely and Welcoming Gifts for Exchange Students

Nuts are nutritious and delicious snacks that can be consumed during various occasions. If you agree with us, please consider buying this lovely nuts gift basket as part of your gifts for exchange students. Inside the student welcome basket, there are four different flavors that they can enjoy. 

24. Barnett’s Chocolate Gift Basket

25 Lovely and Welcoming Gifts for Exchange Students

There isn’t a single person in the world who hates chocolate. Therefore, it is really a great idea to find chocolate-themed student welcome baskets for your foreign friends. If you want to find sweet and handcrafted chocolates, please consider buying the Barnett’s chocolate gift basket as part of your gifts for exchange students. 

25 Lovely and Welcoming Gifts for Exchange Students

To end our list of gifts for exchange students, we present you with this awesome cookie arrangement gift basket. Inside the student welcome basket, there are various cookies with different flavors wrapped stored inside a beautiful gift basket. You don’t want to miss out on this one!

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