25 Amazing Kwanzaa Gifts to Celebrate Culture and Heritage

Kwanzaa is a secular holiday celebrated by African-American on December 26 to January 1 in order to celebrate their culture and heritage. The word kwanzaa itself comes from the Kishwalii phrase “matunda ya kwanza” which means “first fruit”. The seven days on this holiday are used to celebrate, reflect, affirm, and reconnect. This holiday has no connection with a certain religion. As part of the tradition, on the last day, people will start giving Kwanzaa gifts to their friends and family. 

There are seven principles celebrated during kwanzaa covering unity, self-determination, responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith. Giving gifts is part of celebrating creativity. In order for this tradition to be passed on to the next generation, some efforts need to be made. Preserving traditions is no simple task, thus getting each other some kwanzaa gifts could be a great way to start. Here are the list of 25 gift ideas that you can consider getting. 25 simple things that could help preserve the traditions. 

1. Kwanzaa Holiday Card 

Kwanzaa Holiday Card

We are starting the list of kwanzaa gifts with something simple and straightforward such as this Kwanzaa holiday card. The illustration of the card cover is the iconic kwanzaa seven candles and you can give you words of blessing with the letter. Kwanzaa gifts are supposed to be homemade, but a handwritten card will do too. 

2. Kwanzaa Sticker Set

Kwanzaa Sticker Set

If you want something simple and fun, you can go with this sticker set. The sticker comes with vibrant colors unique to African cultures. It also consisted of shapes and patterns that are related to the Kwanzaa holidays. A great introduction to Kwanzaa culture. 

3. Kwanzaa Banner Decoration

Kwanzaa Banner Decoration

You will need some decoration to celebrate Kwanzaa properly. This Kwanzaa banner decoration is a simple flag decoration in green, black, and red color which represents Kwanzaa. It is an easy decoration to use and suitable for those who prefer something simple. This banner is very easy to hang and reuse. A simple way to get into the festive Kwanzaa spirit. 

4. Handmade African Angel Ornaments

Handmade African Angel Ornaments

Another decoration item to consider from this list of Kwanzaa gifts is the handmade African angel ornaments. Since these angel ornaments are handmade, it actually fits the Kwanzaa gifts criteria for the last day. It is a more traditional choice with the ankara print fabric that is native to African culture. Since these are handmade pieces, each piece of the angel will be different from each other.  

5. Kwanzaa Kinara Magnet

Kwanzaa Kinara Magnet

If you are looking for a simple gift to get, this Kwanzaa Kinara magnet will be a great choice. It is a simple wooden magnet that you can place on your refrigerator. A simple way to be reminded of the holiday. The seven candles will also help remind the principles of Kwanzaa. A simple token of reminder for your friends and family to commemorate the holiday. 

6. Kwanzaa Bauble Decoration

Kwanzaa Bauble Decoration

The Kwanzaa Bauble decoration would be a great decoration choice to have during Kwanzaa. It is handmade from 100% African wax print cloth that comes with a glossy finish. The iconic African tribal colors will help lift up the mood for celebration. You can place it on the table or hang it as ornaments. 

7. Kwanzaa Cube Candles

Kwanzaa Cube Candles

Kwanzaa will never be complete without some candles. These Kwanzaa cube candles are different from ordinary round candles. It comes in a cube shape which has seven symbols of Kwanzaa. A unique candle set for you to use during Kwanzaa. If you are looking for a fresh and modern look for your Kwanzaa candles, you can consider getting this one. 

8. 150 Kwanzaa Recipes Cookbook

150 Kwanzaa Recipes Cookbook

Celebration will never be complete without some good food. This 150 Kwanzaa recipes cookbook could give them tons of inspiration on what food they can cook during the seven days of Kwanzaa holidays. They will definitely throw the best Kwanzaa dinner party in the neighborhood. 

9. My First Kwanzaa By Karen Katz

My First Kwanzaa By Karen Katz

It is one of the best gift ideas to help introduce Kwanzaa to younger children. This children’s book will help explain about the holiday in a way that children could easily understand. It will help young children to be able to enjoy and get to know the meaning of the holiday early on. As an African-American children, they will get exposed to different cultures and heritage. Thus it is important to let them know early about their very own heritage and culture. 

10. Big Dot of Happiness Happy Kwanzaa Bingo Cards

Big Dot of Happiness Happy Kwanzaa Bingo Cards

One of the best gift ideas as a fun activity during the holidays with your family and friends is these happy Kwanzaa bingo cards. It is a classic bingo game that will be fun to do during the Kwanzaa holidays. The bingo cards and markers are all made with African themed design and colors. 

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11. African Ankara Print Aprons

African Ankara Print Aprons

A gift idea that they can use all year long not only during the Kwanzaa holidays. You can get them the African Ankara print aprons. The ankara prints come with vibrant colors and represent the African culture and traditions. A great piece to have at home. As an apron, this piece is also super functional with its large front pockets

12. Premium Kente Cloth Socks

Premium Kente Cloth Socks

An outfit gift idea on this list of Kwanzaa gifts is the premium Kente cloth socks. These socks are inspired by the original Kente cloth patterns that is known for its bold pattern and vibrant colors. These socks will be a great Kwanzaa day outfit or just be used for any other day. It is made from high quality material that is comfortable to wear daily. 

13. African Tribal Button Up Collar Shirt  

African Tribal Button Up Collar Shirt

This button up collar shirt will be a great outfit during the Kwanzaa holidays for me. It is a simple black shirt with African tribal print details on its pockets and sleeve. Since the print comes in bold colors, it adds a pop of color to the overall shirt. If you are finding a practical Kwanzaa gifts, you need to definitely consider this collar shirt. 

14. West African Ponio Filaf Gift Set

West African Ponio Filaf Gift Set

If you are looking for some Kwanzaa gift baskets ideas, this particular item is for you. The West African Ponio Filaf gift set consisted of four different flavors of fonio: a nutritious, nutty, and naturally gluten-free whole grain that is native to the West African lands. Food is always a great way to preserve a culture, thus this gift set is perfect for a Kwanzaa gift. 

15. Tribal African Table Placemat

Tribal African Table Placemat

Another item to spice up your Kwanzaa celebration at home. The Tribal African table placemat will make your Kwanzaa celebration feel more exciting. It will also help you clean your dinner table easily after the dinner party. These placemats also represent a little part of the African culture, so it will be a great reminder too. 

16. Candle Holder Set 

Candle Holder Set

Since lighting candles is the main event of Kwanzaa, a candle holder set will always make a great gift. There are different kinds of candle holders available in the market. You can choose the one that has a classic style or  more modern style. It is something that is necessary to celebrate Kwanzaa. Just make sure you have enough holders for seven different candles. 

17. Kwanzaa Candle Set

Kwanzaa Candle Set

The classic gift idea for Kwanzaa is definitely the Kwanzaa candle set. A set of seven different candles: three red candles, three green candles, and one black candle. This candle is with the classic candle shape that is long lasting. The candle will be enough to last throughout the holiday. 

18. Kente Scarf

Kente Scarf

The Kente scarf is a traditional African scarf. It usually comes in a distinct African tribal color that is fun to add some pop of color to your outfit. A great way to elevate your Kwanzaa day outfit while reminding you about the beauty of African tribal pattern and clothing. They can also use this scarf for other occasions such as graduation. 

19. Kwanzaa Barbie Doll

Kwanzaa Barbie Doll

One of the most unique gift ideas on this list of Kwanzaa Gifts. The Kwanzaa barbie doll is a special edition Barbie doll that represents the African-American culture and tradition of Kwanzaa. The barbie doll is wrapped in a tribal African outfit. It would be a great addition especially to those who love collecting barbie dolls. It is also a great way to introduce your non African-American friends to Kwanzaa. 

20. African Contemporary Art

African Contemporary Art

In the spirit of preserving the existing culture and tradition, this African contemporary art piece is a great way to do so. You can have them hung in one part of  your house to remember the African arts. With its distinct colors, it will lift up the mood of the room while bringing you a piece of home wherever you are.  

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21. Kwanzaa Kinara Celebration Set

Kwanzaa Kinara Celebration Set

The most useful gift baskets out there are the Kwanzaa Kinara celebration set. It includes a hand carved kinara and umoja unity cup, Mkeka mat, and seven candles with Kwanzaa red, green, and black colors. All the most essential items to celebrate Kwanzaa in one. Giving this set is also a great way to introduce the Kwanzaa holiday and the Kwanzaa gifts tradition to your friends and family who never actually celebrated it before. 

22. Kwanzaa Door Wreath

Kwanzaa Door Wreath

Since Kwanzaa and Christmas holidays are back to back with each other, a Kwanzaa door wreath will be the perfect item to replace your Christmas wreath. The vibrant African tribal color gives this wreath a totally different vibe compared to the Christmas wreath. Just by simply changing the wreath, your house is now ready to celebrate Kwanzaa. 

23. Kwanzaa Kinara 

Kwanzaa Kinara

We can’t just leave out the classic Kwanzaa Kinara. Kinara is the term we use to call the candle holder. Made from the classic wooden material, it will safely hold candles. The classic design is timeless so you can use it for a long time. Brown wooden color is always a stunning color for a classic kinara. 

24. Kwanzaa Coaster

Kwanzaa Coaster

If you are looking for something practical and simple, this Kwanzaa coaster is the one for you. Comes with a Kwanzaa related design, it will be perfect to be used during the holiday or throughout the year. Everyone could make good use of a nice coaster. A simple item for you to join the Kwanzaa gifts giving tradition. 

25. Kwanzaa Holiday Shirt

Kwanzaa Holiday Shirt

Ending the list of Kwanzaa gifts with the Kwanzaa holiday shirt. If you want a simple and comfortable outfit for the holidays, this shirt will be your go-to. It is super easy to match without leaving the Kwanzaa spirit behind. It will also be a safe gift for you who are giving Kwanzaa gifts for the very first time. 

Latest Post:

What kind of gifts do you get for Kwanzaa?

During Kwanzaa, people usually give things that they make on their own. However, if you don’t have time to make something on your own, this list of Kwanzaa gifts will give you some ideas on what to get. You can go with the Kwanzaa Kinara celebration set which is something that is most necessary during Kwanzaa. A Kwanzaa door wreath will also be a great gift idea to add some decoration to your home during the holiday. Lastly, you can consider getting a book like the 50 Kwanzaa recipes cookbook as your way to commemorate shared culture, tradition, and heritage with your family and others. 

Are gifts exchanged on Kwanzaa?

The last day of Kwanzaa is usually dedicated to gift giving. However, the essence of the celebration is not in exchanging gifts. Kwanzaa is more about commemorating a shared heritage with family. Giving away gifts is just a symbol to honor the creativity that we have and reaffirming our own self worth. 

What are gifts given on the last day of Kwanzaa called? 

The last day of Kwanzaa, usually called Imani, is the day dedicated to gift giving as a way to celebrate creativity and also self-satisfaction. People usually give out homemade gifts instead of the purchased ones. This gift is what we call Kuumba which means creativity

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