25 Unbelievably Funny Surfer Gifts Ideas That You Can Buy

Surfing is definitely one of the most exciting water sports to have as a hobby. The thrill it gives you as you are surfing your way to the wave is simply pure bliss. Learning to surf is also a great way to overcome your fear. Since it is not a simple sport to learn, being able to surf will also give you a sense of achievement. This is why people are interested in learning how to surf. With that being said, it will be a great idea to give them some surfing related gifts. You can always go for something funny to give them some good laugh upon receiving the gift. 

We have 25 hilarious items that you can consider getting for your surfer friend. We believe that funny gifts will make your gift 1000 times better. The funny surfer gifts list is further divided into two big categories which will help you figure out the best gift for your male or female surfer friends. 

Funny Surfer Gifts For Men

We will open up this funny surfer gifts list with some items that are suitable for men. Most men are naturally drawn to surfing due to its thrilling and challenging aspect. This is why getting them a funny surfer gift will be a great idea for special occasions like birthdays. Each of the items will surely make him laugh.  

1. Funny Surfing Mug 

Funny Surfing Mug

The first one on the list of funny surfer gifts is the funny surfing mug. A simple drinking mug with funny quotes written on it. The quotes describe their deep connection with their most loyal surfing buddy, the surfing board, in a funny and playful way. 

2. Funny Surfing Shirt For Men

Funny Surfing Shirt For Men

This funny surfing shirt is the most practical and simple item on this funny surfer gifts list for any man who loves to surf. The illustration and graphic on the shirt is super playful and colorful. A great way to show how much dedication and commitment they have towards surfing 

3.Surfing Schedule Poster

Surfing Schedule Poster

The surfing schedule poster is a fun and unique home decoration piece that the surfer would love to have at home. A playful way of saying how they dedicate their day to surfing. The illustration is on a black background which suits men’s taste perfectly. 

4. Surfer Sign Tint

Surfer Sign Tint

Another home decoration option for men surfers  on this funny surfer gifts list. This surfer sign tint is more durable and could stand the outdoor condition. It will be best to decorate their garage or front door. A great signage for every surfers’ home. 

5. Funny Pillow Case

Funny Pillow Case

The funny pillow case has funny surfing jokes written on it. A quirky and funny quote that every surfer can relate to. Made from cotton-linen material, it is perfect for couch pillow covers in a gray color. It will effortlessly match any room aesthetics.  

6. Beer Preserver

Beer Preserver

A life jacket is something that surfers see and use most of the time. This beer preserver is a unique and funny life jacket for your beer cans. While real life jackets will protect you from drowning, this beer life jacket will keep your drink cold and your hands dry. What better way to end a surfing trip with a can of cold beer. 

7. Funny Surfing Water Bottle

Funny Surfing Water Bottle

A funny surfing water bottle will make a funny yet useful gift for any surfer out there. The water bottle comes in a very classic design with a steel color. The best part is the funny surfer jokes printed on it. Getting one of these bottles with him, your surfer friend won’t have to worry about getting his water and laughter tank empty. 

8. Shark Socks

Shark Socks

These shark socks will add some ferociously fun element to their work-formal attire. As a surfer who loves the ocean, taking a piece of it everywhere they go will be spectacular. It is a jaw dropping cotton polyester socks that will surely make heads turn. Ready to bite your work in whole with these socks everyday. 

9. Shark Duvet and Pillowcase Set

Shark Duvet and Pillowcase Set

The shark duvet and pillowcase set will add some scare and laughter to your bedroom. Comes with a design of a scary looking shark with their sharp teeth ready to eat you alive. You don’t have to worry because this duvet and pillowcase is made from comfortable cotton material that will ensure a good night’s sleep. 

10. Bioluminescent Octopus Orb

Bioluminescent Octopus Orb

The ridiculous, funny looking bioluminescent octopus orb is the most interesting item on this funny surfer gifts list. Despite its funny appearance, it actually allows them to bring home some of the wonders we can find in the ocean. When surfers can’t go surfing, this octopus orb would bring them to the ocean in just one shake. Filled with algae that could light up, this piece will make a great night lamp for the surfers. 

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11. The Best Ever Book of Surfer Jokes

The Best Ever Book of Surfer Jokes

While giving just one funny piece might not be enough, you can consider getting them a whole book on surfer jokes. The best ever book of surfer jokes consisted of enough surfer jokes to keep you laughing for quite some time. 

12. Funny Surfer Hoodie

Surfer Hoodie

We will end the first part of this funny surfer gifts list with a funny surfer hoodie. Comes in a classic black color, it has every surfer dream daily schedule written on it. Made from a comfortable material, the hoodie is very easy to style and wash. The perfect hoodie for any guy surfer out there. 

Funny Surfer Gifts For Women

The second part of this funny surfer gifts list would cover items for the women surfer. We have put together both the practical and non-practical ones. All of it will surely place a smile or laugh on her face.  

13. Board Meeting Shirt

Board Meeting Shirt

Starting off the funny surfer gifts list for all the women surfers out there with this board meeting shirt. It is made from comfortable cotton with a very nice cut. It has a wide variety of colors to choose from and the graphics are playful and fun. It says board meeting on this one which is apparently every surfer’s favorite meeting.  

14. Ceramic Surfer Van Salt & Pepper Set

Ceramic Surfer Van Salt & Pepper Set

The Ceramic Surfer Van Salt & Pepper Set is made from ceramic with cute and funny  surfer van design in bright vibrant colors. Each comes with a surfboard design on top of it just like how surfers place their surfboard on top of their vans. Every surfer girl will definitely love this piece. 

15. Funny Surfer Card 

Funny Surfer Card

A handwritten card could never go wrong. This funny surfer card comes with a cute and hilarious design. It will leave your surfer girl friends with a big fat smile on her face. If you prefer something that is simple yet meaningful, you can consider getting this one. 

16. Surfing Animal Poster

Surfing Animal Poster

If you are looking for a playful home decoration item, you can consider getting this surfing animal poster. It is not the humorous type of poster, but the illustration is cute and playful. There are animals who are holding their own surfboards. The simple and clean aesthetic of the poster would fit to any room easily. 

17. Funny Surfing Bear Statue

Funny Surfing Bear Statue

This funny surfing bear statue will instantly light up the mood. It has a design of a polar bear surfing while holding some balloons. It is made from resin painted with such vibrant color that makes the whole statue more lively. They will love having this as a home decoration

18. Swimsuit Calendar

Swimsuit Calendar

The swimsuit calendar is a unique and fun calendar that you won’t find anywhere else. Each month comes with its own cute watercolor illustration of different animals in cute swimsuits. If they like one particular illustration, they can frame it after that month has finished and turn it into an art piece to decorate different parts of their home. The calendar will remind them everyday about the fun they have on the beach, surfing, and just enjoying their time. 

19. Talc-Free Sand Removing Powder

Talc-Free Sand Removing Powder

If you are looking for something fun and innovative on this funny surfer gifts list, you can consider getting the talc-free sand removing powder. Enjoying a relaxing time on the beach is always fun, but getting the sand sticking on your skin is no fun at all. This item will be a life saver. An item they won’t know they need. 

20. Funny Surfer Sticker

Funny Surfer Sticker

This funny surfer sticker is a simple gift option you can consider from this funny surfer gifts list. The illustrations are super playful and colorful which gives each of the stickers a funny feel. Whether it is a sushi surfing, taco surfing, or a banana surfing using sunglasses, these stickers are just effortlessly funny and cute. 

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21. Funny Surfing Notebook

Funny Surfing Notebook

You can always make good use of a blank notebook. Whether it is for work or study or to write down their next surfing trip plan, this notebook will come in handy. The best part of this funny surfing notebook is its cover design. It comes with a picture of a cool monkey holding its surfboard with cute surfing jokes that will surely put a smile on tier face. 

22. Funny Beach Towel

Funny Beach Towel

Another practical option on this funny surfer gifts list is the funny beach towel. A beach towel is a must have item when they are going to the beach. This particular beach towel gives the ordinary beach towel a humorous twist. It is made from 100% cotton with a 100  dollar bill design. This beach towel will surely make people laugh. 

23. Octopus Garden Sculpture

Octopus Garden Sculpture

The Octopus Garden Sculpture is a funny garden decoration that will bring a piece of the ocean to their homes. It is made from durable steel that does not require much care. Its funny and ridiculous appearance will add some fun to their garden. 

24. Funny Umbrella Hat

Funny Umbrella Hat

A hat is a must have outfit piece when visiting the beach. The perfect item to protect her from the blazing hot sun. However, this funny umbrella hat is not just an ordinary hat. It comes in the shape of an umbrella that is colorful. When she wears this hat to their next surfing trip, all attention will surely be on her. 

25. Funny Sunglasses

Funny Sunglasses

The last item on this funny surfer gifts list is no other than the funny sunglasses. The sunglasses, similar to the hat, will protect her eyes from the sun rays. This sunglasses in particular comes in a funny cloud shape that is super extra. The perfect piece to grab some attention. 

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What are the best and funny surfer gifts for men?

From this funny surfer gifts list, the funny surfing shirt and The best ever book of surfer jokes will be the best options. Both items are very straightforward and practical. The shirt will make a perfect casual outfit while the surfer jokes book will give some instant laugh at any time.  

What are the best and funny surfer gifts for women? 

The funny umbrella hat and the funny sunglasses duo will be the best options from this funny surfer gifts list for women. They are both super practical to be used on her day out surfing under the blazing sun. While at the same time it will grab everybody’s attention due to its quirky and funny design. 

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