Reserved Beach Towel

This Reserved Beach Towel will be sure to alert anyone to the fact that the spot where you have left it is taken. It’s the universal vacation code – the towel left on a lounge chair on the beach means that the spot is taken.

But some people, the jerk-y kind, choose to completely ignore it and then play stupid. Well, it’s to me to put an end to it and in order to do that this towel was created.

From now on, the towel will spell out the universal truth in big bold black letters, aka “reserved”.

The towel measures 60×30 inches and is made out of 100% cotton. It is simple, black and white and is there to serve two purposes. Be a towel and deliver the “reserved” message.

So if you don’t want your day spoiled because someone took the spot you have set out for yourself, then you definitely need this towel. 

Reserved Beach Towel

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