All-Terrain Hand Cart

The All-Terrain Hand Cart finally makes it possible to transport things over curbs and stairs in a smooth motion without throwing out your back.

This cart has six wheels that help you easily walk with it up and down the stairs. When the cart faces an obstacle, such as an irregular terrain, the design of multiple wheels allows you to easily tackle that obstacle with less force than you’d expect.

This cart can withstand the weight of up to 100 lbs, so it will come in handy whether you are transporting groceries or a new book shelf. 

It is also foldable and the process of folding is assisted with springs and a self-locking mechanism. Just throw it into your car and use it whenever you might need it.

All-Terrain Hand Cart

All-Terrain Hand Cart

This cool transportation device should definitely find a way into your daily routine if you want to make your or your loved ones’ life easier on every terrain. 

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