LEGO Style Wooden House Building Bricks

Brikawood Wooden House Building Bricks

The Brikawood Wooden House Building Bricks can be assembled into a house with no nails, screws or glue. They just stick together in an intricate but at the same time logical pattern.

One wooden brick consists of four parts that by interlocking create a stable and durable surface.

Basically, by acquiring these bricks you can invest your free time into a DIY house building project.

The bricks are meant to enable you to build a passive house, one that is energy efficient, fully recyclable and natural. 

Brikawood Wooden House Building Bricks

The assembled house also provides excellent insulation that helps reduce the cost of heating it throughout the year.

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Brikawood Wooden House Building Bricks

It is achieved thanks to filling the hollow part of the bricks with wood chips.

No doubt, having a go at assembling this wooden house kit would be a great fun for any LEGO enthusiast. 

Brikawood Wooden House Building Bricks

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