25 Best New York Gifts for Tourists

In spite of not being the capital city of the USA, New York is the most populous city in that country. The populous city attracts tourists to visit, therefore New York gifts are perfect to make them want to come again.

New York is also famous because of wall street. The headquarters of the USA financial industry. Lower Manhattan is the home of the largest stock market in this world, and tourists usually take photos with the bronze bull statue. New York gifts can be inspired by a famous place like that.

What Is NYC Known For Gifts?

NYC is well known for its city-themed gifts. Decorative cubes, LEGO architecture, and monopoly are popular souvenirs. The authentic New York Knicks hoodie is also a must-have souvenir. Specialty foods and iconic landmark miniatures would also be an excellent present

What Products Are New York Known For?

New York is well known for its snow globe with brands like Sephora, Victoria’s Secret, and Zara. The Knicks products are quite famous too because they are one of the NBA franchises there. Not only sportswear, it also sells hoodies like the article mentioned above.

BEST New York Gifts

1. New York Times Custom Front Page Puzzle

New York Times Custom Front Page Puzzle

New York Times is a daily newspaper based in a populous city in the USA. The media was established in 1851. Tourists should read the newspaper at least once when they arrive in New York. Despite being based on New York, New York times are read by people worldwide. If you happen to have friends who like to solve a puzzle and read the newspaper, you should give them these New York gifts at their birthday party.

2. Bey Designs New York City Cube

Bey Designs New York City Cube

Architecture and civil engineering might be interesting for some people. Building something like New York should be a big dream. You can pretend to build the city with these New York gifts. It will also test your memory of what New York city looks like. The cubes are one of the Forbes 10 best gifts for travelers.

3. Statue of Liberty Keepsake Box

New York Keepsake Box

There are millions of stories in New York that never sleep. If you have a precious treasure or some tourists need a New York-themed keepsake box. The liberty statue New York gifts are perfect to store their keepsake and souvenir from the most famous city in the world.

4. Mini New York City Snow Globe Apple Leaf

Mini New York City Snow Globe Apple Leaf

Winter is coming, and you can’t come to New York city? Don’t be sad, you can buy these New York gifts before leaving. The mini New York snow globe will show you what New York looks like in the winter season.

5. Voyages Over New York

Voyages Over New York

The city that never sleeps is also one of New York’s epithets. The painting is painted by David Fleck. It has New York City and colorful balloons in the sky. The New York gifts work best for mementos and farewell gifts for tourists who want to leave the city.

6. NYC Taxi in Yellow Cab with Pullback Action

NYC Taxi in Yellow Cab with Pullback Action

Taxis in New York of course are different from other countries and have unique concepts. For this New York taxi, it has no sound to be produced. After all, this taxi is a miniature with a pullback action! It is also a great toy for toddlers, especially if they have a good experience while going to some places with a taxi.

7. New York City Vintage Subway Token Necklace

New York City Vintage Subway Token Necklace

The necklace is 100 % authentic 1953 “SMALL Y” tokens. The tokens specifically came from the MTA’s vault in queen. The chains are made of both gold and silver material. The New York gifts are perfect to give on valentine’s day or birthday parties.

8. New York Embossed License Plate

New York Embossed License Plate

Missing a sensation of traffic in New York is completely normal. To reminisce about it, you can buy the American embossed license plate that is made of aluminum. You can personalize the license based on your taste (numbers and alphabets).

9. Empire State Building

Empire State Building

The desire to go to the Empire State Building is sometimes overwhelming. To press the craving, you can buy the Empire State Building to light up your room. The lamp alone can reveal the significance of the famous building. It is made of 3D printers and PLA.

10. Personalised Travel Ticket and Envelope

New York Personalised Travel Ticket and Envelope

Do you want to ask your soulmate to go to New York? If so, get this custom travel ticket and envelope first! You can personalize these New York gifts by adding your departure date, name, time, and travel companions. The custom ticket can also be a prop to prank your friends.

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11. Original Canned Air From New York City

new york gifts

Nothing can beat the sensation of New York’s air, especially if you are a big city lover. The canned air is a middle-sized empty can. The air formula combines the Empire State Building, Grand Central Terminal, Chrysler Building, Statue of Liberty, Little Italy, Chinatown, Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, and Central Park. There is nothing in the can but air. It is such a novelty gift!

12. New Yorker Street Sign

new york gifts

The street signs reveal the pride of everyone who lives in New York for sure. The sign is made of aluminum which is printed using vibrant green and white colors. It is suitable both for indoor and outdoor. For instance, put it on your room and entry door. Tourists who get a good impression of New York should buy these New York gifts.

13. New York Women Shirt

new york gifts

The shirt is one of the things to buy before leaving New York after a long joyful trip. It is made of 100 % cotton and is available in all sizes. This tee is unique, stylish, and easy to wash. Valentine’s day is coming? It is the perfect time to give New York gifts to your spouse.

14. New York Raw Honey

new york gifts

New York is also producing excellent quality raw honey. It is anti-microbial, anti-fungal, & anti-bacterial. You can enjoy the sweet taste of the thick nectar every day. Furthermore, the honey can be enjoyed with tea too.

15. Coach New York Perfume

new york gifts

For women, fragrant perfumes are essential to charm their spouses. At least to erase foul or smelly odor from her body. The gift set is perfect for women tourists who need perfumes from New York.

16. New York Boxer Pajama Souvenir

new york gifts

Unlike shirts that have been specifically designed for men or women,  this unique boxer is unisex. The item is 100 % cotton and can be washed in the washing machine. If someone needs short pants, don’t forget to give them this piece of clothing as a present. After all, it is one of the most affordable New York gifts that you can buy!

17. New York Spicy Dill Pickle

New York Spicy Dill Pickle

Many people love spicy food despite hurting their own tongue sometimes. This unique snack from New York contains cooked potato chips with no artificial flavoring. The snack is also cooked exclusively in sunflower oil. Furthermore, you will support leukemia and lymphoma community by buying the snack.

18. New York Style Bagel Roasted Garlic

New York Style Bagel Roasted Garlic

Bagels are one of the best snacks to try when you come to New York. The taste is authentic with roasted garlic. Furthermore, there is no artificial flavoring and coloring that was used in the snack. You can either put it in soup or eat the snack directly after you open the wrap. 

19. Late For The Sky New York Monopoly

Late For The Sky New York Monopoly

Usually, monopoly is played with every famous City in the world like Paris, Roma, Tokyo, and so on! But these New York gifts are different. The monopoly is specialized for New York, so you can play while learning about the City. It is designed to be played by 2-6 players, so it is a good souvenir to play with family after vacation.

20. Knicks Hoodie NBA Champs

new york gifts

The hoodie will provide you with the ultimate comfort. Therefore, it is perfect for relaxing. It is 50 % cotton and 50 % of polyester, so it is warm and easy to clean. For tourists who like to jog in the morning, they should wear this comfortable jacket.

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21. Empire State Building with King Kong

new york gifts

The Empire State Building is quite famous. But what if there is a King Kong on it? It would be thrilling to see it. There is a movie about a giant gorilla that climbed one of the tallest buildings in the world in 2005 named King Kong that inspires various New York gifts, including this diorama.

22. New York Souvenir Plate

new york gifts

The New York gifts come in the shape of polyresin souvenir plates.   They are the perfect item to bring back home. This commemorative souvenir takes inspiration from many New York landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Chrysler building, new World Trade Center, and many more! Tourists would never forget New York after having this plate.

23. New York Street Map Coasters

new york gifts

This is a quite old map of New York City. Judging from the map, it looks like an old version of Google or online maps. The wooden map is perfect for geography and history students. Especially if they are curious about the old New York.

24. LEGO Architecture New York City

new york gifts

Building New York Lego set with your kids is interesting, of course. The toy can improve kids’ creativity and foster their interests in architecture and civil engineering. Also, tourists can test their knowledge after visiting the incredible city. 

25. Canvas Decor NYC Cityscape

new york gifts

New York’s sensation, of course, is hard to forget. If you are really quick to miss the vibes, you better buy this quirky Central Park canvas decoration! The New York cityscape will always remind you of the thrilling adventures you had at one of the best cities in the world.

Final Thoughts

New York is the city of dreams. People around the world dream of going to New York city and witness the greatness of what the best cities in the US can offer. With countless of tourists coming to the city every year, we can understand why they want to bring some New York gifts beck home. Whether it’s a gift for families back home or something to keep as a merchandise, having some New York gifts are a must, and we have a list of the most recommended items for you to pick.

Our list includes some of the most charming New York gifts like the Knicks’ Hoodie, the statue of Liberty table decoration, the iconic New Yorker street sign, and also the New York raw honey. All items on our list would be the perfect items that remind you of the city, and make you feel like wanting to come back for more.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What do you get someone who loves New York?

Everything related or has New York City in it will fit perfectly for someone who loves the place. The city is full of pop culture references, so items that integrate such themes will be ideal too. But if you are going to give a present to your spouse, it is better to give something like perfumes, purses, or candle volitive.

What is something every New Yorker needs?

Because it is one of the busiest cities and most populous cities, everyone needs a Knick hoodie for the winter season. Plus, you’ll also need perfumes that can make your appearance better and attract future spouses or business opportunities.

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