20 Fun Ideas on How To Celebrate A Birthday In NYC

Birthdays are something worth celebrating. It happens once a year and becomes that one moment for everyone can feel special. To make the most of it, of course you need to plan something special so you can remember that moment. New York City is the world’s major commercial, financial and cultural center. It is known as the city that never sleeps, making it the perfect place for birthday celebrations. So if you are thinking about how to celebrate a birthday in NYC, we can understand why. There is always something happening in New York City and all of those things are interesting. Its popularity never seems to fade away and lately it has become more and more popular. No wonder if more people want to move there or just visit the big apple.

Unusual Ways To Celebrate A Birthday in New York City

So, now let’s imagine a birthday celebration in the city that never sleeps. One thing for sure is that there are countless fun things that you can do. From visiting museums to trying the best drinks, the following are the most unusual ways on how to celebrate a birthday in NYC.

1. Visiting The Museum Of Sex

You may think that a museum visit is boring, but not if you visit this unique museum. NYC is a great city to do this activity because there are so many museums to visit in NYC. If you are looking for birthday activities for adults, you can visit the Museum of Sex where you can find all the gears you can think of, even bounce around a boob themed room. It is located at 233 5th avenue, NYC and open from Monday to Sunday from 1pm to 10pm. Generally tickets will cost anywhere between $60 to $65 depending on entry time, but if you’re lucky, you can get  tickets on sale for $36 to $39.

2. Relaxing Spa Day At The Mermaid Spa

There is no better way to celebrate a birthday other than treat yourself like a princess. If you’re wondering how to celebrate a birthday in NYC with the girls, a unique spa experience is highly recommended, and you can visit the Mermaid Spa. It’s a luxurious spa that is known for the best Russian bath in NYC. You can go there to celebrate your birthday all by yourself or with your best friends and pamper yourself like true mermaids together. They welcome groups for up to 30 people and open daily from 10am to 10pm. The admission fee starts from $50 for adults with extra fee will be charged for additional services.

3. Private Film Screening At Syndicated Bar Theater

Make yourself feel even more special by having your very own private film screening. Doesn’t it sounds luxurious? In NYC, you can rent a private screening room for meetings, watch actual movies, and of course, parties. Syndicated Bar Theater offers private screenings or events such as birthday parties. They offer a selection of movies from cult classics to indies. Best of all, you can order food and beverages during the movie at the comfort of your own seat. It is located at 40 Bogart St Brooklyn, NYC. Tickets start from $9 per person for the movie, and additional fees will be charged for the food and beverages that you order separately.

4. Watch The Philharmonic Orchestra

If you prefer an activity that is more elegant and cultured, then the philharmonic orchestra is a great show to watch. It is a symphony orchestra performing classical music concerts. You can go there with your partner and have the most romantic birthday date ever. You can be thankful for the day you were born by witnessing one of the most symphony orchestras of all time. Furthermore, you can also watch the show at David Geffen Hall, Lincoln Center, NYC with tickets start from $321, which are also available online.

5. Drink Unique Cocktails At Attaboy

Everyone has a secret dream and desire to enjoy the best cocktail in town that is known only by few people. NYC is a place where you can find the most unique bars offering the best and most unique cocktails to enjoy. For example, you can go to the Attaboy Bar. A bar that is hidden from the plain sight but offers a memorable atmosphere and vibe. You can cheer for your birthday in the semi-secret place where the line of mixology speaks for themselves. Open daily from 6pm to 4am, this bar is located at 134 Eldridge Street, New York. We recommend you to try the customized cocktail made especially for you for the ultimate unique and personalized experience. You can get them for only $20 each.

6. Have Drinks At Marie Antoinette Bar

This one is also another idea on how to celebrate a birthday in NYC. Do you know that you can have a taste of French culture in NYC? Yes you definitely can. This city does offer everything you can think of. Le Boudoir is a Marie Antoinette themed bar and is a hidden place that is inspired by the queen’s private chamber. So yes, you can have your birthday drinks at the most luxurious room with the 18 century french aesthetic. It channels everything from opulent red velvet to gilded mirrors allowing you to feel like a royal on your special day.

7. Held A Costume Party At Greenpoints

Greenpoint is a home to the Polish-American community. The neighborhood itself offers a lot of unique and fun things such as bars, restaurants, and live music. You can live as if you are starring a movie here. And best of all, you can hold your own costume party. You can visit Feng Sway, a vintage shop where you can shop and rent costumes to dress up, get some drinks, enjoy the music and get the best birthday party pictures ever taken.

8. Enjoy The Best Steak At Keens

NYC has a line of the best steakhouses in the world. If you want to have a fancy birthday dinner, then you can go to the best steakhouse such as the legendary Keens Steakhouse that has been around for centuries. Here, you don’t only enjoy the best steak prepared by the best chef. You will also have a piece of history and adore the wooden interior. When you visit this place, you definitely need to try the signature mutton chops you can get for $65. One of the best things to do for your birthday in NYC winter.

9. Watch A Stand-Up Comedy Show At New York Comedy Club

We need a good laugh throughout our lives, especially because we know that growing up is not always fun and games. Therefore, going to a stand-up comedy show on your own birthday is something that you can do to remember that life is worth living. NYC has a lot of comedy shows you can go to, offering you an intimate show that feels so close to heart and  yet very funny. New York Comedy Club is a well known stand up comedy club serving the best jokes since 1989. They are open every night and you can watch the best comedians such as Jason Salmon, Mike Britt, and Amanda Gail.

10. Back Room Dance Party

Since you survived yet another year of life, you deserve to express your happiness through a good dance. In Little Ukraine, a small Ukrainian neighborhood, you can do so many things such as visiting the Ukrainian museum, grab an ice cream, and have birthday dinners. And if you are feeling it, you can rent a back room of Ukraine East Village Restaurant and hold your very own dance party there.

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11. Ghost Hunting At The Ghost-buster Firehouse

Who hasn’t watched the Ghostbuster movie? It is one of the most popular and iconic movies ever. One of the sets worth noting takes place in the Hook & Ladder 8 that is now known as the Ghostbuster Firehouse, since it was used for the scene of the movie characters’s ghost busting operation. Although you can’t hunt actual ghosts here, you can get a tour of the inside of the fully functional fire house and take a look at the collection they accumulated from various fires.

12. Peaceful Pasta Dinner

If you are looking for NYC 50th birthday ideas where you just want to celebrate in peace with no cheesy happy birthday song, you should go to Gaia Italian Cafe. The vibes are very chill and you will not have to e disturbed by another diner because the owner will tell the visitor to stay quiet. You can be grateful for your birthday and enjoy the pasta peacefully.

13. Karaoke Party At Beats Karaoke Cafe

Whether it is a graduation, bachelor party, and birthday parties, there is one activity that will always be fun to do. You and your besties don’t have to be a diva and sing like Celine Dion to have a fun karaoke. The point of a karaoke is not to sing it well, but rather to express your feelings and have fun. You can go to the best karaoke bar in NYC such as Beats Karaoke Cafe that are open daily from 4pm to 12am. The best thing about this place is that you can get affordable drinks during the happy hour. You can also book a private karaoke room or dare your friends to sing in front of the crowd.

14. Have Fun Watching New York Nightclub Acts

Have Fun Watching New York Nightclub Acts

Still struggling to find out how to celebrate a birthday in NYC? If you love to party, you can get a better experience of partying by going to nightclubs in NYC and watch some nightclub acts. It is usually a kind of drinking establishment performed by club singers and dancers. And if you tell the performer that it is your birthday and you tip them well, they may even sing a special happy birthday song for you. It is one of the most fun birthday activities in NYC to try.

15. Helicopter Tour

Helicopter Tour

If you are feeling so extra and want to give yourself a different birthday gift, try to take a helicopter ride. Yes, you can enjoy the amusing NYC landscape from height with a helicopter tour. It will offer you a different experience and it can be that one birthday celebration you will remember for life. You can get the best helicopter service from Flynyon where you can choose a door-on flight starting from $98, or a daring door-off flight for $130. You can enjoy a minimum 15 minutes tour each, and we also recommend you to go prior to dusk to get the best view of the city.

16. Sipping Wine While Watching A Classical Music Concert

Sipping Wine While Watching a Classical Music Concert

You worked so hard this far and all of your achievements deserve to be celebrated. A series of events referred to as ‘Candlelight’ takes place at various places from neighborhood Italian restaurants to The Ballroom at The Williamsburg Hotel. You will be able to enjoy meals and sip the best wine while listening to classical music concerts. Unlike a huge hall of classical music concerts, this one is smaller offering a more personal and intimate vibe. You can get tickets from $35-$40. Chill and allow yourself to slow down on your special day while sipping Sauvignon or Pinot Noir.

17. Explore Magic At The Forbidden Forest

Explore Magic at The Forbidden Forest

Harry Potter fans will be so happy to go to this place. Harry Potter: a Forbidden Forest Experience is a nighttime woodland experience filled with magical creatures and wizarding astonishments from the Harry Potter films. You can explore the sounds, lights, and special effects that bring the magic of the Wizarding World to life. You will also be able to enjoy a wide range of delicious food and drinks at the village afterwards. What a magical birthday experience!

18. Observe City View At One World Observatory

Observe City View at One World Observatory

And if you prefer real-life magic, then you should go to One World Observatory on your birthday. This place offers a 360 degree NYC view, which will allow you to observe the city’s most popular landmarks. You can also wait until the sun sets to get the best experience watching the natural beauty meets city lights. It is magical and very special.

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19. Watch A Broadway Show

Watch a Broadway Show

And while you are in NYC, it will be a crime if you don’t watch any Broadway shows. Especially on your birthday, you can witness the Broadway magic yourself. You can watch a show with your friends, with your partner, or even with yourself, because it will be a nice birthday gift. And you can get yourself some nice treats after the show.

20. Having A Picnic In Central Park

Having a Picnic in Central Park

Looking for free things to do on your birthday in NYC? WHile of course getting free drinks will be nice, it usually still takes you a couple of dollars to get them. On the other hand, going on a picnic in central park is completely free. You can enjoy the view, the fresh air, and get away from the busy city roads. You can take a walk and admire the NYC architecture too afterwards. It is a simple way to celebrate a birthday in NYC but it is fulfilling and will fill your heart with joy.

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What should I do for my 25th birthday in NYC?

You can rent a room in Little Ukraine to hold your very own dance party. Invite your friends and family and have fun, and you can also go to a karaoke with your besties and sing your heart out. There is so much to do in how to celebrate a birthday in NYC including having your own costume party.

Where can I spend my birthday in NYC?

You can spend your birthday in bars to get the best drinks. On the opposite side of the party hard side, you can also enjoy a nice spa instead. It can be a relaxing time to enjoy and make yourself remember that you deserve the best treatment. Moreover, if you are feeling adventurous, you can go to the Harry Potter Forbidden Forest or the Ghostbuster Firehouse.

How do you celebrate a low budget birthday in New York City?

There are so many simple things you can do such as taking a walk and enjoy the NYC architecture that is always amazing. You can get an ice cream for cheap and it will be enjoyable enough. You can make yourself some food and go on a picnic at central park. And later that night, you can’t always get some cheap drinks at not so fancy bars.

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