25 Incredibly Custom Bar Signs for Your Drinking Corner

There are several reasons as to why people need to get their own custom bar signs. One, they plan to open their very own bar either as a retirement plan or as a side hustle. Two, they want to set up a home bar and make it look fancy. Or three, they want to get a custom bar sign as a gift. Not to mention that there are also other reasons that are more personal to each person’s needs but we cannot state all of the reasons here, obviously. The point is, no matter what background and reasons that you have, custom bar signs are undeniably cool to decorate your drinking corner.

Even if you don’t plan to set your own home bar, having a bar style sign is still super cool. If you are looking for the most unique and cool personalized bar signs, we’ve collected a list of our favorite custom bar signs that will suit your home bar, your room, or your man cave below.

What Is A Bar Sign?

A bar sign is a decorative sign usually found in bars, pubs, or other drinking establishments. It can feature various designs and messages related to alcohol, cocktails, beer, or the establishment itself.

Why Do People Use Bar Signs?

Bar signs help you contribute to the creation of a certain ambiance or mood in a bar or pub, as well as function as a branding or marketing strategy for the institution. They can also serve as a conversation starter or a method to highlight a certain drink or promotion.

BEST and Awesome Custom Bar Signs

1. Custom Bar and Grill Sign

What is the best way to attract people to come to your bar corner? We have no doubt that a glowing sign is the answer. It represents fun and sophistication at the same time to make your bar a cool place to hang out.

To make it look even cooler, you can definitely create one of the best custom bar signs like this one. It comes in a round shape made of a wooden plaque printed with customizable design. Even cooler, it even comes with neon light for the glowing effect, too! However, we need to remind you that it’s a little bit pricey but it’s worth a try. 

2. Cut-out Metal Grill & Chill Lounge

Looking for a metal bar sign for your backyard grill as a spot for your friends and community to gather and have fun together? Why not add a cool bar sign to the spot? As for the design, this is the one to get. This one comes as an item made out of metal material that is fully customizable.

And yes, you can definitely choose your own design and get your most personalized outdoor bar sign ever. Moreover, it is also available in various sizes as well, so you can always get the perfect size for you, whether it is for a personal backyard grill or heavy duty grill bar. 

3. Backyard BBQ Garden Bar Sign

We truly understand that it is always fun to have barbecue time on weekends with friends and family. However, we can assure you that it will be even more fun if you have a super cool backyard grill sign to show off.

This is one of the coolest custom bar signs in the form of a meta bar sign made of high-quality carbon steel. It also powder coated to make it lasts a lifetime. All in all, we think that it’s going to be the perfect item for indoor use. However, since it is professionally powder coated, it will hold up just fine in the outdoor too, which means it is weatherproof.

4. Large Burnt Wood Tiki Bar Sign

This large custom wood bar sign would make the perfect decoration for your outdoor bar area. All signs are stained, engraved, burnt by hand, and then completed with a waterproofing finish. Anyone who love vintage design will love this item for sure.

As a high-quality product, it will hold up in all weather conditions and you wouldn’t have to worry about the sign getting mildewy or warped. On top of that, this sign is fully personalized so you can customize the info’s however you please. 

5. Minimalist Garden Home Bar Sign 

Moving on the to the next item on the list, we have one of most preferred custom bar signs for those who prefer something simple. Plus, for those who love to keep things minimalistic as well.

For that reason, we highly recommend you to pick this personalized sign. It includes all the basic infos needed and offers a super simple look with the black and white frame. Moreover, the best thing about this sign is that it can go with any bar style and design, thanks to its simplicity and versatility. Comes at an affordable price, it makes it a budget friendly option. 

6. 80s Neon Cocktail Nightclub Bar Sign

Talking about home bar signs, we can not leave out the fun stuff with the 80s vibe. No matter what your plans would be, whether you are planning to open your own bar or simply set up your own hidden paradise, this sign will do the job.

Before you get it wrong, this is not a real neon light, but a neon effect printed on metal instead. Moreover, we also guarantee that this sign will last for a long time due to its durability. Also, it can also be used for both indoor and outdoor areas.

7. Vintage Metal Bar Sign

Looking for something real and will last a lifetime? Sit tight because here we have something good for you. This one of the coolest custom bar signs that comes as a cutout metal bar sign that looks legit. Plus, it will also serve you for as long as you need.

It is available in two types of finish, which are raw steel and powder coated. Powder coated means the sign will stay good with no rust outdoors, while raw steel may show some defects on the sign that sometimes makes it even better along with time. 

8. Coffee and Tea Bar Metal Sign

Coffee and Tea Bar Metal Sign

This customizable metal bar sign is suitable for many spaces or rooms such as dining room, kitchen, coffee shop, hotel, living room, restaurant and other places including a home bar. As one of the coolest custom bar signs for any kind of space, you can also hang it on the windows, doors, walls, and fireplaces.

Moreover, we also think that it would be a good sign for both personal and professional settings, which work for different bar style whether it is minimalist, industrial, and rustic. 

9. Tiki Bar Mask Wooden Sign

Tiki Bar Mask Wooden Sign

Tiki bars are related to natural style. Therefore, a custom wood bar sign will work best and we do think this next item is a perfect example of that. This customizable wood plaque sign is made of pine wood and finished with a sealer to ensure longer durability.

Based on the design, you can hang it on any outdoor bars. It also has 3D lettering so you can be sure that the detail will last as long as you want. However, we think that the glue may last longer indoors compared to outdoor settings.

10. Bar Salon Neon Light Sign

Bar Salon Neon Light Sign

If you want to get something that will instantly grab people’s attention, then nothing can defeat the power of neon light signs. With this personalized neon bar sign, we truly believe that you can create your own uniquely styled atmosphere, which will be suitable for your home bar style.

In addition, you can also add customization to it. Not only the text, but also the accessories such as dimmers, hanging chains and fixing screws so you can get the most suitable neon sign for your bar. 

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11. Home Bar Engraved Wooden Sign

Kobi & Knight Premium Skull Liquor Bottle

A custom wood bar sign will be a nice feature in a rustic bar. Plus, it is also suitable if you have a western style bar, too. If you want something that reminds you of your favorite cowboy movie, then this is the custom bar sign to get.

It is made out of solid wood and comes with a tooth hanger on the back for easier set up. We can assure you that your guess will be truly impressed by the craftsmanship of this item, which will make your bar looks professionally decorated. 

12. Custom Multicolor Bar Neon Sign

Bar Neon Sign Custom Multicolor

This one comes as a custom outdoor bar sign that will grab people’s attention instantly. The whole body of the bar sign is made of natural pollution-free wood, which makes the sign looks softer, smoother, and more durable even if you set it up in the outdoor setting.

Moreover, the best of this personalized pub sign is that it comes with multicolor LEDs, too. The LED can be switched on and off using a single remote control that allows you to change the whole vibe in an instant. 

13. Chalkboard Bar Sign

Kobi & Knight Premium Skull Liquor Bottle

Chalkboard style makes a space feels more homey and friendly. But an actual chalkboard sign is not versatile since the chalk will fade away very easily. Therefore, instead of having the actual chalkboard sign, you can get this custom metal sign that is made out of rust-free aluminum material.

It offers the same style, look and feel, but offers stronger durability. Also, we have to say that the design and finish looks so legit people won’t even notice that it is not a real chalkboard unless they get really close to the sign. 

14. Tiki Bar Turtle Metal Wall Sign

Whether you actually live by the beach or you just want to get the beach vibe, this metal wall sign is a great option to pick. You can set it up in the front of your bar as an identity while providing a friendly welcome to the guess.

In terms of colors and design, it has a muted color palette that gives it a vintage look that is super versatile and can go with every season. So what are you waiting for? Get this sign for your bar and people will feel most welcomed. 

15. “Bar is Open” Metal Wall Sign

Got a friend or relative who just created a new home bar? Get them all excited with this custom bar sign to celebrate. It can also be a nice gift for your buddy who is currently renovating their man cave.

It is rather simple, but serves the style very well. With aluminum material, in our opinion this sign will stand the test of time in any weather for a long time. Plus, it is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor. And even better, you can get a free custom text with this design and can even customize your own design with some additional fees. 

16. Hot Tub Bar Metal Wall Sign

For many, a bar can act like a hot tub, as it offers a place to sip, dip, and relax. If you have the perfect plan to join the two together, then this is the sign to get. Imagine being able to sit back and relax in a hot tub with no other than your favorite drinks.

Your bar will be everyone’s favorite for sure and let the people start talking about it. This sign will help people to recognize your unique bar easier and make it easy to remember. 

17. Rustic Vintage Bar and Grill Sign

Opening your own bar can be as simple as redecorating your garage. You can style it however you want, but if you don’t want to redo the whole space, you can simply repurpose it and keep it as it is.

To make it look intentional, you can pick this rustic vintage bar sign to match the entire decor and voila, a cool bar is set and ready to serve customers. It is made out of rust-free aluminum but the distressed style perfectly simulates rusty edges to make it look like a legit vintage piece. 

18. Home Bar Plaque

A home bar is a place where you can always go to when you need some escape from daily work routine. Setting up a home bar can be a great idea no matter if you want to invite friends over or simply want to enjoy it yourself.

Based on that purpose, we believe that tin metal signs will always be good option, especially if you are looking for something that is timeless and durable. Moreover, it is printed with epoxy ink to ensure durability even if you put it in an outdoor setting. 

19. Custom Hot Rod Neon Bar Sign

Custom text bar signs are great but we think you will agree when we say that a hot rod led sign is even better. take this one for instance. This sign adds the perfect ambiance to any garage, bar, or patio.

The custom hot rod neon bar sign is perfect for any car enthusiast or just to give your bar that finished look. Moreover, this sign comes complete with a neon transformer and hanging kit for easier installation. However, we would say that it’s a little bit pricey but definitely worth the price. 

20. Simple Rustic Bar Sign

Opening a new bar but still want to keep it humble? We highly recommend you add a simple bar sign with lowkey design like this one, as it will make a great option to place in your bar. In our opinion, it is visible enough but does not attract too much attention.

Also, we believe that it is the perfect option if you want to make your bar kinda exclusive, keep it a secret and open to only the closest people in your life. 

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21. Personalized Directional Sign

This next item is definitely for the adventurous soul out there. If you think you are adventurous, or know someone who is, then this directional sign will be a great option. Imagine telling a friend you open up a new bar but you don’t give them the exact location, only clues and directions. It would be super exciting!

From design point of view, it comes in a simple and classic design and available in different colors and fonts you can pick yourself. 

22. Slogan Sign

Slogan Sign

Just like for other businesses, slogans are very important for bars, too. A good slogan can be part of your bar’s identity and helps people to identify your bar better, too! In short, it identifies the value you offer.

Also, we definitely think that there is no better way to share it to people other than putting the slogan in the bar sign like this one. However, you need to know that it is a little bit pricey and you need to pay an additional quotation if you want to change the design, but you can customize the text and colors for free. 

23. Pub Metal Sign

Pub Metal Sign

Vintage lovers will love to see this sign in a bar. It reminds all of the guests of the good old days and gives the bar a character of it’s own, too. We believe that this kind of bar sign will create an OG vibe and atmosphere, even though the bar is brand new and just opened.

More importantly, it features a classic and aesthetic look, making it great for rustic and barn style bars

24. Rustic Handmade Distressed Wooden Sign

Rustic Handmade Distressed Wooden Sign

Despite the established year info on it, this distressed wooden bar style gives a rustic vibe to everyone who sees it. It comes with a rather simple design that also has a strong characteristic, too. Also, this sign is brand new, but you really have to know that the maker had to gone through a unique 10 step process, to make it look like it has been around for hundreds of years. Super vintage!

25. Bar Garage Sign

Bar Garage Sign

You can always get your brand and message delivered with one of these custom bar signs. It is made of used timber and not man-made plywood, chipboard or hardboard making it better and safer for the environment.

The custom design is printed onto the wood, making it suitable for outdoor setting with no risk to ever peel off. Moreover, you can choose your own custom words, color, and font. Without a doubt, we think that this is a valuable handmade piece, so make sure to order it early to anticipate production delays. 

Final Thoughts

The best way to choose the perfect bar sign for your new public bar or personal bar at home, is by choosing custom bar signs as they will add more soul and character to the new place. Since a bar is a place that offers good drinks, good friends and good music, then you need to make sure the bar sign that you choose can perfectly describes all of them.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the best personalized outdoor bar signs?

Beside having to match your bar style, the best personalized outdoor bar signs should be made out of durable and weatherproof materials. Tin metal signs should be the best option since the materials can handle different weather and temperatures making it strong enough to last for years.

You need to pick a rust proof material to make it stay even longer. 

How do you pick a good bar name?

You can start with your own name. It is always fun to get our name on something including our own bar name. You can also pick something that is relatable to your target market. For example, bars for bikers are different from bars for jazz lovers, etc. You need to pick something chic and easy to remember to increase your bar popularity. 

How do you make a bar sign?

There are several ways you can make bar signs, including wood working, metal work, to neon art and resins. Work on the designs first and decide what material to use. You need to understand the nature of each material so you know the best approach or method you should use.

Be careful with heavy tools if you are not familiar with them. Making dummies to practice before getting your hands on the real material is also a good idea. 

What do you call a home bar?

You can call it a home bar. However, some people prefer to call it a wet bar. Some men also call it the man cave if it happens to be in their own personal space. If the bar is relatively small, you can call it a mini bar. You can also make up names for your own home bar such as drinking corner, drinking booth, or other fancy name you can make up. 

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