30 Cool Liquor Bottles for Your Home Bar Display

There are so many kinds of liquors, such as brandy, whisky, vodka, gin, and other distilled alcohol. Some people choose the strong and the biting ones, and the others choose the soft and the sweet ones. In the sea of liquors, you can find many unique and cool bottles that are worth keeping after we drink all the liquid down. 

Some people who are fans of liquors intentionally collect different types and colors of liquor bottles to be displayed. And of course, they make a special space for a home bar display in the living room for everyone to see. If you want to give him some but have no time to swim around the internet, you can check out our list of 30 cool liquor bottles to be put on your boyfriend’s home bar display. 

Are Empty Wine Bottles Worth Anything?

Actually, yes, it’s worth some pennies. It’s not a big amount like liquor bottles, but it’s not a zero. Besides, empty wine bottles are often used for decoration instead of collection. By this kind of recycle & reuse, the worth of empty wine bottles is increasing.

1. Tanqueray Old Tom Gin

Tanqueray Old Tom Gin

This gin is the revival of the traditional recipe in 1835. The clear bottle gin is making its comeback in 2018 with the limited edition of 100,000 bottles. You can taste the Old Tom legendary taste with your boyfriend by purchasing this cool bottle as it is still sealed. If not, you can go straight to make a room on your boyfriend’s collection shelves.

2. Weber Haus London Dry Gin Pink

cool liquor bottles

We believe this Weber Haus London Dry Gin Pink looks fabulous in your boyfriend’s bar display. The pink color of the clear triangle-shaped bottle is extraordinarily beautiful. At the same time, the cool liquor bottle catches everyone’s attention by standing tall on display.

3. Whisky Single Malt Scotch Tobermory 12

cool liquor bottles

Make a deal with your whisky-lover boyfriend before he drinks all the liquor by himself. The 12 years old single malt whisky celebrates the return of Tobermory after two years break. This simple-looking whisky bottle fills with grace by the embossed on the bottle. Even when the bottle is half emptied, it will look nice for the display. 

4. Napoleon Cognac Fine Champagne Courvoisier 1964

cool liquor bottles

This cognac bottle is the cool liquor to add to your and your boyfriend’s home bar collection. The old bottle comes from 1964 in perfect condition and original box. It makes everyone compliment your home bar display for sure. For 60 years, liquor has been a rare item you could find on the internet. 

5. Cognac 1960’s Napoleon Bisquit Dubuoche

Cognac 1960’s Napoleon Bisquit Dubuoche

The Cognac 1960’s bottle is a gorgeous-looking liquor bottle. Its green color with the gold lining of the logo shows off the elegant vibe of this liquor bottle. It surely makes a great combination with the clear bottles on your boyfriend’s bar display. The classical bottle shows its age here and there, but it’s only an addition to its beauty.

6. Cognac Delamain Vesper X.O

Cognac Delamain Vesper X.O

This green cognac bottle appears in good shape with sealed cork. This cool bottle has a big embossed logo on the center of its front view for anyone to see it clearly. The expected 35 years old bottle will bring a vintage breeze to the lines of bottles on your boyfriend’s display.

7. Cognac 1933/1944 Armagnac Kressmann Sigillo Regno Fasci

cool liquor bottles

We need to bring this unique liquor bottle to you. The magnificent shape of the Cognac 1933/1944 Armagnac Kressmann Sigillo Regno Fasci bottle makes anyone stop and give their time to appreciate its look. And of course, your boyfriend definitely will appreciate and cherish your gift.

8. Tequila Abandonado Reposado Bottle

cool Liquor Bottles

This blue color bottle of Tequila Abandonado Reposado gives a nice touch to the home bar display. The hand-blown glass bottle is empty, so you can directly place it on your boyfriend’s bar display. You can also refill it with water or mini lights to make it prettier.

9. Vintage Bib & Tucker Brown Bottle

cool Liquor Bottle

We should say, this Vintage Bib & Tucker Brown bottle is the most beautiful embossed detail liquor bottle on this list. The logo and name of this cool liquor are surrounding the bottle like a scrolled script. The design on the bottle’s collar is also remarkable with a knot and sealed sticker. It will shine brighter on the bar display if you place it in front of the background lights.

10. Corralejo Triple Destilado Reposado Tequila Bottle

cool Liquor Bottle

With their strong point of triple destilado, this blue color Corralejo Tequila bottle is worth buying and is one of your boyfriend’s cool liquor bottles collections. All the labels are intact on the bottle so it looks good to brag on. You can suggest he line up the bottle based on its color or make a gradation for aesthetic looks.

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11. Hayman’s Old Tom

cool liquor bottles

Don’t you love its cat wrapper? You can place the Hayman’s Old Tom Gin wrapped in this beautiful mint cat design wrapper or show the clear embossed bottle on your boyfriend’s home bar display. Or maybe you can steal this one and put it on your side table at home.

12. Hennessy XO Box

cool liquor bottles

This alluring wavy bottle comes in a set with two-cup glasses which is a good deal. The grape tree design on the Hennessy XO bottle offers a pleasing visual to be on the top of the bar display. You can make a group of cool embossed design bottles on each side of the display.

13. Botran Guatemalan Oak Rare Blend

cool liquor bottles

The mysterious black bottle portrays the long process of this Botran Guatemalan Oak Rare Blend into a bottled rum. This liquor bottle does not only ooze the masculine coolness, but also the beauty of elegance from the all-black bottle. And equally important, this cool bottle can be the center of the whole display and pull everyone’s attention like a black hole.

14. Liquore Igienico 1920/1932 

cool Liquor Bottles

You seriously cannot ignore the unique shape bottle we found. This ancient bottle has a royal seal that was issued in 1920/1932. It also has six medals related to 1900 people and events. If your man likes history as much as he likes liquor, this liquor bottle is perfect for his display. 

15. Glenmorangie The Lasanta

cool liquor bottles

The clear bottle with maroon label looks shining with the 12 years old single malt scotch whisky inside. Moreover, this Lasanta has a great aroma that represents its characteristic well. Your boyfriend agrees that this bottle looks like you in some way.

16. Gin Scotland Hendrick’s Orbium

cool liquor bottles

The apothecary bottle is identical to Hendrick’s style that can complete your boyfriend’s home bar collection. On one hand, this dark blue color of Hendrik’s Orbium bottle is portraying the dark elegance that can enhance the luxurious vibe. 

17. Gin Scotland Hendrick’s Midsummer Solstice

cool liquor bottles

This purple Hendrik’s Midsummer Solstice is a limited release. The unique color teases people to give it the attention it deserved. You can highlight the purple color by placing some transparent bottles around.

18. Schlichte Gin Pottery Bottle

Schlichte Gin Pottery Bottle

Have you seen this pottery liquor bottle? This Schlichte is one of the rarest liquor bottles that you can find. Specifically, this liquor bottle displays the complexity of its design and color. This definitely differentiates itself from any cool liquor bottles on your boyfriend’s collection.

19. Tequila Jose Cuervo Tradicional Liquor Bottle

Tequila Jose Cuervo Tradicional

This slim and tall bottle of Cuervo Traditional will look good on the top shelf of your boyfriend’s home bar display. The coolest part of this cool liquor bottle is on its cork. This empty bottle can be another accessory in your home.

20. Don Julio 1942 Tequila Anejo Liquor Bottle

Don Julio 1942 Tequila Anejo

The brown edgy looking Don Julio 1942 Anejo Bottle is hard to miss. It has a very unique shape that you need this bottle on your very own home bar display. The vintage vibe is very strong but it doesn’t stick out in a negative tone. 

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21. Bohemia Crystal Liquor Bottle

Bohemia Crystal Bottle

Crystal will never fail to be a simple, yet luxurious accessory. This Bohemia Crystal is a smart addition to the home bar collection. Also, the texture of the glass just emphasizes the beauty that it brings. 

22. Jose Cuervo Reserva De La Familia Platino Plata Tequila

Jose Cuervo Reserva De La Familia Platino Plata Tequila

This Jose Cuervo Reserva is an ordinary yet cool liquor bottle. The empty bottle in the box looks fabulous with the golden lining of the logo mirroring the box. You can put this bottle on the display as an empty space-filling or other decoration in another corner of the living room.

23. Remy Martin Black Pearl Liquor Bottle

Remy Martin Black Pearl

This Remy Martin Black Pearl is our favorite for its unique shaped bottle. The black transparent body and the golden head avoid simplicity with the texture all over its surface. Your boyfriend will like this item, so suggest he buy one.

24. Angel’s Envy Liquor Bottle

Angel’s Envy Bottle

The Angel’s Envy bottle is a clear liquor bottle with a wording design at the front side and the angels’ wings design at the back. The shape of the bottle follows the angel’s wings. Since it’s a clear bottle, the wings design seems to come through to the front side. Simple, yet fascinating,

25. Kobi & Knight Premium Skull Liquor Bottle

Kobi & Knight Premium Skull Liquor Bottle

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind liquor bottle to add to your collection, then you must check this one out. This bottle comes as one of the most recommended liquor bottle for gothic lovers. Comes in a deluxe black gift box, this liquor bottle will be a perfect gift idea for your boyfriend or father.

26. MOLIGOU Buddha Shaped Liquor Bottle

MOLIGOU Buddha Shaped Liquor Bottle

Prepare yourself to have a new liquor bottle that will steal people’s attention. This Buddha-shaped bottle is a cool liquor bottle made of lead-free and thick glass, which makes it a durable item. In addition, this bottle also features airtight stopper that is easy to grasp and remove. Without a doubt, this item will be an excellent gift for liquor bottle collectors, too!

27. Diamond Glassware Liquor Bottle

Diamond Glassware Liquor Bottle

Are you currently searching for the perfect gift for a boyfriend who is also a liquor bottle collector? Search no more, because we have just the perfect bottle for you. Your boyfriend deserves a beautiful liquor bottle like this one from you. The unique heart shape is definitely the most adorable element of this bottle, which will look amazing in his bottle collections’ cabinet.

28. Aebor Hammer Shaped Liquor Bottle

Aebor Hammer Shaped Liquor Bottle

This Aebor hammer-shaped liquor bottle is the perfect bottle for a real man who loves manly items, including liquor bottles. Made of high borosilicate glass lead-free crystals, this bottle features 3D design that will be a nice addition to your collections. Moreover, it will definitely become one of your liquor bottle collection that gives a bold impression.

29. Skull Crystal Liquor Bottle

Skull Crystal Liquor Bottle

This skull crystal liquor bottle is more than just a nice bottle to put in your liquor bottle collection cabinet, because it will also be perfect to store your favorite liquors. You can store whiskey, scotch, bourbon, or any drinks you like in this cool bottle. Made of high-grade crystal glass, this one is definitely an extra ordinary liquor bottle to own. So make it yours before it runs out!

30. Stiletto Shaped Liquor Bottle

Stiletto Shaped Liquor Bottle

A special woman deserves a special gift for special occasions like birthday, anniversary or wedding. For that reason, this stiletto-shaped liquor bottle can be a great choice since it comes in a super cute design that any woman will love. Made of borosilicate glass, this liquor bottle is super stylish and also durable.

Final Thought

Just like perfume bottles, liquor bottles are also great collectible items for collectors. In case you are looking for liquor bottles as gifts for collectors, then it would be a good idea to find out what kind of bottle that they like, and also what kind of liquor that they enjoy the most. Therefore, it would be easier for you to pick the most suitable bottles for them. When it comes to the types of bottles, you can find the classic, modern, vintage, or even modern bottles to choose from. So make sure to choose wisely.

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What is the coolest alcohol?

We must say the coolest alcohol is the one that serves great taste and pretty looks. At last as every drinkers know, Cognac 1933/1944 Armagnac Kressmann and the Botran Guatemala Oak Rare Blend can be the representative of the coolest alcohol.

What are the most valuable liquor bottles?

The most valuable liquor bottles are the rare or limited-edition liquor bottle, like Tobermory limited edition and the old liquor bottles like Napoleon Cognac 1964

What old bottles are worth the most money?

The old bottles that are worth the most money are considered by its brand and its appearance. The old bottles with complete labels, good condition cork and body, and if it’s possible having their original box with them are assured to have a huge value of money. Some also say that color bottles are worth more than the clear ones.

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