26 Vintage Perfume Bottles for Exclusive Collection

When attending parties and special occasions, you need to make sure that you smell good by wearing some exotic perfumes. As an elegant person, we know that you must have a lot of different perfumes in your collection. However, aside from being one of the things we use to smell good and boost our appearance, a perfume bottle is actually a valuable collectible item, especially vintage perfume bottles.

There are so many vintage perfume bottles that you can find in the market. They vary in different kinds of shapes, sizes, not to mention ages, too. But don’t worry, we will help narrow it down to 26 vintage perfume bottles on this list. Take a look at some of our selections and make sure that you buy some of these to complete your perfume bottle collection. Let’s begin!

Cool Vintage Perfume Bottles

No matter how good your perfume smells, having vintage perfume bottles will give your feeling of satisfaction to a higher level. On this list. You’re going to find some awesome vintage perfume bottles with some unique shapes. We hope that you like some of our recommendations below.

#1 Stunning French Crystal Perfume Bottle

Stunning French Crystal Perfume Bottle

This perfume bottle is a perfect definition of a classic perfume bottle. Its small size also makes it elegant and cute. If you take a closer look at the design, you’ll notice that it’s hand painted by the artist itself! Go buy one for you and give it a special place on your perfume bottle collection’s shelf.

#2 Siam Perfume Bottle

 Siam Perfume Bottle

If you’re looking for unique vintage perfume bottles, you should really consider buying this Siam perfume bottle. This is perfect for women and adults, and it features a beautiful decoration with ruby rhinestones on an enamel-lacquered bottle. This awesome bottle will surely be cool enough to add in your collection. 

#3 Vintage Perfume Container

Vintage Perfume Container

These vintage perfume bottles were inspired from traditional designs. Take a look closer at the design and you’ll notice how elegant it looks. They are made to mirror traditional and vintage wine bottles. Plus, these bottles are compact and portable, making it easy to carry and store. 

#4 Refillable Cosmetic Bottles

Refillable Cosmetic Bottles

This next perfume bottle was inspired by a unique Arab style design. Although it looks unique, this vintage perfume bottle is able to store your perfume and make sure that the fragrance lasts. This bottle is also suitable for essential oils, toners, and serums. What a nice addition to your perfume bottle collection!

#5 Vintage Bell Bottle

 Vintage Bell Bottle

If you want a preserved vintage perfume bottle, you should really take a look at this one! This perfume bottle was originally released in 1971, and it still has some cologne stored inside. We would strongly recommend you to avoid using the cologne, but it shouldn’t obstruct you from buying this bottle and using it to store your new perfumes. 

#6 Yu Feng Vintage Dragonfly Perfume Bottle

YU FENG Vintage Dragonfly Pewter and Glass Perfume Bottle

Please take a moment of your time and adore this beautiful perfume bottle. If you hadn’t noticed already, there’s some dragonfly and flower pattern that makes this bottle all the more amazing. Plus, it’s all handmade, which makes it all the more awesome. 

#7 Yu Feng Refillable Fragrance Bottle

Yu Feng Refillable Fragrance Bottle

Yu Feng has released some awesome vintage perfume bottles. With this particular container, you can see how detailed the designs are. The pretty butterfly on top makes it look elegant and expensive too. But you should know that this is not a sprayer bottle, but it is a good vintage perfume bottle to add to your collection.

#8 Yu Feng Peacock Vintage Bottle

Yu Feng Peacock Vintage Bottle

Here’s the next release in Yu Feng’s massive catalog. This time, we will offer you the chance to obtain this beautiful green container. On the body, there’s a metal peacock that makes it unique. It’s a good vintage perfume bottle for personal collection or as a gift for a friend.  

#9 Lotus Flower Perfume Bottle

Lotus Flower Perfume Bottle

When you want to find a perfume bottle that can also act as a beautiful decoration, then you should totally buy this lotus flower bottle. The center of the lotus is not only a beautiful decoration, as it can be injected with perfume. Go buy one for your girlfriend now!

#10 Romacci Art Vintage Spray Bottle

Romacci Art Vintage Spray Bottle

Turn back the clock with this Romacci Art vintage perfume bottle. This perfume bottle contains a retro design that you will definitely love. You can decorate your perfume collection with this container. So, what are you waiting for? Go and get one now please!

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Unique Vintage Perfume Bottles

Don’t leave just yet, because we still have plenty of vintage perfume bottles to offer on our list. Next up, you’re going to be looking at some of the most unique vintage perfume bottles. We guarantee that our selection will not be disappointing.

#11 Topxome Clear Crystal Perfume Bottle

Topxome Clear Crystal Perfume Bottle

This vintage perfume bottle is not only beautiful, because they are also unique. If you pay attention closely, you’ll notice that this bottle includes an airbag to make the spray nozzle thinner and more scattered. If you’re interested, make sure to buy it quickly!

#12 Yu Feng Dragonfly Perfume Bottle

Yu Feng Dragonfly Perfume Bottle

We’re not messing around when we said that Yu Feng has released plenty of awesome vintage perfume bottles. This dragonfly perfume bottle is just an example of how beauty and elegance mix up into something unique and new. This small glass is bejeweled with red shiny rhinestones and embellished with realistic dragonflies. This is a perfect addition for a woman’s vintage perfume bottle collection. 

#13 Veronese Design Octopus Container

Veronese Design Octopus Container

This unique perfume container is truly one of a kind. Despite its bizarre appearance, we can still adore how beautiful and realistic its design is. This item is intricately sculpted in Cast Bronze, making it adorably elegant. If you love collecting weird items, you need to make sure that you don’t miss out on this unique vintage perfume bottle. 

#14 Unique Pot Shape Perfume Bottle

Unique Pot Shape Perfume Bottle

The greatest minds on earth will always come up with unique and creative ideas for their work. Hence, we are delighted to offer you this pot-shaped perfume bottle. This container is really good for collection or as a storage for your favorite perfume. 

#15 Footed Green Perfume Bottle

vintage perfume bottles

Let’s take a trip to Italy to look at this beautiful and unique perfume bottle. You can see how its shape differs from a normal perfume bottle. The bottle measures 9 inches high with about 3.75 inches wide. If you like the shape, don’t think twice about buying it. 

#16 Cute Cat Perfume Bottle

Cute Cat Perfume Bottle

This particular perfume bottle is made out of metal and glass. It’s the reason why this perfume container looks so elegant and exclusive. The cat sculpted on top also makes the bottle more adorable. This is a bottle that is worthy of your collection. 

#17 Rivage Crystal Bottle

vintage perfume bottles

This perfume bottle may look simple at first glance, but it is anything but. You can have this vintage perfume bottle as a new collectible item, or to store your favorite perfume in this bottle and display it proudly. The clear crystal on top will add to the glamor aesthetic that this bottle possesses. 

#18 Lyumo Refillable Glass

vintage perfume bottles

We’ve started our list of unique perfume bottles with an airbag bottle. Now, we’re going to end it with one. Although it uses the same technology, both have their own unique design. This refillable glass is more than just a collectible item, because it also suitable to be carried for travel purposes. 

Rare Vintage Perfume Bottles

Still excited about finding more unique and vintage perfume bottles? Don’t worry, because we still have some more in our list below. Some of these vintage perfume bottles are sold in limited quantities, and some are old and hard to find. Either way, they are all rare!

#19 Rare Vintage Les Parfums de Paris

vintage perfume bottles

After mentioning empty bottle containers throughout the list, we felt that we need to include at least one item that still contains brand new perfume. In this vintage set, you’ll find two of the bottles filled with soothing perfume that will definitely suit your style. 

#20 Rare Brown Perfume Bottle

vintage perfume bottles

This is an extremely rare perfume bottle. It’s made in Austria, and it includes an atomizer. The shape might look unique and weird, but that makes it look vintage and retro. If you like it, buy it now before others get it first. 

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#21 Rare Ralph Lauren Perfume Bottle

vintage perfume bottles

This is a lovely pre-owned Ralph Lauren vintage perfume bottle that was released in 1989. We can proudly say that it has aged really well, and it will definitely be a beautiful item to add to your perfume bottle collection. Moreover, it can store your favorite perfume without any problem, too! 

#22 Rare Joska Perfume Bottle

vintage perfume bottles

Don’t let its unique appearance fool you! This vintage perfume bottle is really beautiful and hard to find. There are no visible cracks and damage to the container either. We guarantee that you will be delighted to have this as your new collectible item. The perfect condition of this bottle will safely store your perfume without any worry of it leaking, too.

#23 Rare Afghanistan Bottle

vintage perfume bottles

This perfume bottle has got to be one of the smallest containers in our list. However, you should pay attention to its fine detail and design. This bottle is made from the 1950s, making it highly sought by many perfume bottle collectors out there. 

#24 Green Flat Perfume Bottle

vintage perfume bottles

This perfume glass has a really unique shape. It closely resembled a wine glass. Furthermore, this awesome bottle contains three flat coin sides with gold flake ribbon all around the bottle. This is one of the best vintage perfume bottles you can get out there.  

#25 Rare 1800s Italian Perfume Bottle

vintage perfume bottles

Stumbling across a vintage item from the 1800s is not something that occurs often enough. So, if you fall in love with this awesome 1800s Italian perfume bottle the moment you lay eyes on it, then don’t think twice and buy it immediately.

#26 Eck Silver Decorative Bottle

vintage perfume bottles

Here’s our last item on the list. This perfume bottle is elegantly designed and handmade to perfection. If you really like the shape, hurry up and add it into your collection of awesome perfume bottles!

Final Thoughts

Perfumes are everyone’s necessities and when the bottles are empty, usually people will keep them and some even have a collection of perfume bottles. For collectors, vintage perfume bottles may come as a valuable items that will make a great addition to the collection. Some bottles are even worth more than expensive new perfumes that we can find in the market today. For collectors who are hunting for vintage perfume bottles, we hope our list above can provide you with some of the best items to complete your collection. Make sure you go through the list one by one as the one you’re looking for might be just a scroll away!

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What is the Best Perfume Bottle Design?

Putting a score into a design is quite subjective. That’s why we’re going to let you be the judge of that. However, it doesn’t mean that we can’t offer some of our best selections! This retro perfume container has a unique shape that you may like. On the other hand, this dragonfly perfume bottle is also a beauty to look at. Those two are some of the best vintage perfume bottles that you can find. 

Are Perfume Bottles Worth Anything?

Some people may think that empty perfume bottles are just rubbish that needs to be thrown away. However, that may not be entirely true. A unique perfume bottle can be sold at a high price! Besides that, vintage perfume bottles will always be valuable in the eyes of a collector. 

Does Anyone Buy Old Perfume Bottles?

Yep, people still buy old perfume bottles. However, it won’t be any random perfume bottles. Generally, collectors are interested in vintage perfume bottles with unique shapes and sizes. So, be on the lookout for different kinds of containers. 

How Do I Sell Old Perfume Bottles?

There are a lot of ways to sell your vintage perfume bottles. If you are a member of a collector’s community, make sure to promote your items there first. If you’re not in any particular group, you can sell them on online marketplace like Amazon and Etsy!

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