25 Gifts for Dragonfly Lovers Will Love

Dragonfly is an insect that is widely known for its unique physical traits and its flapping sounds. For some people whose are dragonfly lovers, this insect might not have any interesting things. But truthfully, this dragonfly has lots of deeper meaning. Especially ancient people believe that this insect symbolizes transformation, hope, and clarity. 

If your loved ones happen to be a fan of this insect, they may be attracted by its physical uniqueness or have special connections with its meanings. Someone who adores dragonflies may also constantly have hopes, desires clarity, and also believes in transformation and love. Below we gather several ideas about gifts for dragonfly lovers. We also classify these gifts down below based on the values that dragonfly has. 

Gifts for Dragonfly Lovers That Bring Clarity

Clarity means something that is clear. Gifts for dragonfly lovers that has clarify means, giving something that can help the receiver to be more clear about anything. It related with things than can clear their minds or even lightning that can help lighten up the space.

1. Dragonfly Journal

gifts for dragonfly lovers

This handmade leather journal is engraved with dragonfly figures on the front cover. This leather journal is one of the best gift for dragonfly lovers. It’s quite expensive knowing that its high-quality leather is carefully crafted. Another plus point, you can also request a personalized name on it.

2. Dragonfly Bookmark


We don’t like to be lost, do we? Not only in terms of finding things, ways, places, but also when we lost track of our latest page in the books that we just read. This dragonfly bookmark came with a very glam and luxurious design. It is beautiful, handy, and packed with a very sturdy box to make sure it can be given as a special gift for dragonfly lovers.

3. Dragonfly Lamp

gifts for dragonfly lovers

Dragonfly lamp comes with a sophisticated and contemporary design and also an LED bulb. It doesn’t consume much energy and is safe for your eyes. It might be a bit pricey but this lamp will surely steal your loved one’s attention as they can remember you whenever they look at it.

4. Dragonfly Adult Coloring Book

gifts for dragonfly lovers

This adult coloring book, specifically, is proven scientifically by a psychologist to relieve stress. It gives fun, relaxation, and encourages creativity for the receivers. Doing art also has proven to be a good distraction from stress in your mind as it helps you to focus on your artwork. Inside this adult coloring book also consists of 37 gorgeous dragonfly designs, which will be loved by any dragonfly lover. 

5. Dragonfly Planner

Dragonfly Planner

The planner is highly related to those who love to be organized. However those who love stability and structured things will love to receive this. If your loved ones happen to be dragonfly lovers, plus they are quite busy, you can help them organize their schedule by giving them this planner. Finally everything that can be tracked and scheduled will give you one thing: clarity.

6. Dragonfly Mug

gifts for dragonfly lovers

This dragonfly mug will be a great companion as your dragonfly lovers start their day with a cup of coffee or tea. It will bring them peace and clarity before going through the day. For instance, it has designs of flowers and dragonflies. It’s also carefully handcrafted from stoneware.

7. Dragonfly pen holder

Dragonfly pen holder

This dragonfly pin holder will help your loved ones to organize their desk. Not only its looks so cute with dragonfly ornaments on it, this dragonfly pin holder is very convenient. It is made of iron and comes in 3 types of colors, such as red, blue, and purple. An organized desk will give your loved one cleared mind which leads to clarity in thoughts.

8. Dragonfly Pouch

gifts for dragonfly lovers

This dragonfly pouch is again perfect gift for dragonfly lovers who like to keep things neat and organized. As it is proven that when the environment and our things are neat and stay in their place, it will provide clarity and we can think clearly.

Gifts for Dragonfly Lover That Give Transformation Look

Transformation means changes. Giving something that supports transformation or change can help someone to be refreshed, be it through their appearances, environments around them or extra accessories that can enhance their looks.

9. Dragonfly Hoodie

gifts for dragonfly lovers

You can never go wrong with this one! The hoodie is an everlasting style that can be worn on any occasion except you are going to a formal party. This dragonfly hoodie can symbolize transformation since if you give it to someone, you can transform their look. 

10. Dragonfly T-shirt

gifts for dragonfly lovers

It comes in several colors and it’s unisex. It is made of 100% cotton and is washable. Again the quality is undoubtedly great that you don’t need to worry whether the ink will be gone when being washed.

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11. Dragonfly Decorations

Dragonfly Decorations

A decoration is meant to decorate the room and give better vibes and views for the room itself. With these dragonfly decorations, it will give transformation to your room. It can be put on the walls in your garden or even inside your house. 

12. Dragonfly Customized jewelry

Dragonfly Customized jewelry

This bangle bracelet also comes with an offer to personalized initials of the receivers. It also included a Swarovski birthstone! It is very elegant, beautiful, and versatile. This bracelet will also give an instant transformation to the receiver’s look.

13. Dragonfly trucker Hat

gifts for dragonfly lovers

This retro yet stylish trucker hat will give you a new transformation for your look. Anybody who wears this will appear a bit casual yet stylish. It comes in 3 different types of colors: Black, red with blue, and red. It has high-quality prints plus it fits all sizes. 

14. Dragonfly For Change Jewelry 

Change Jewelry

This dragonfly necklace is crafted and designated wholeheartedly by its creator – as it symbolizes change and adaptability to new things. They want to encourage us to be open to life’s new beginnings or adventures.

15. Dragonfly Copper Garden Stake

gifts for dragonfly lovers

This dragonfly copper garden stake is handmade by its creator who takes coppers as its base materials. It is made in Carolina and is an additional for your garden as it gives a simple transformation and simple touch to your garden. 

16. Dragonfly Gold pendant

Dragonfly Gold pendant

This dragonfly gold pendant is made of 10kt gold. It’s surely quite pricey but its material and very elegant could be the major reason why. It can be use as a charm on your bracelet that will give luxurious look to the dragonfly lover’s look

17. Dragonfly Wood Framed Canvas

Wood Framed Canvas

This beautiful and elegant dragonfly decoration is perfect gift for dragonfly lovers who just move to a new place and love to add decoration to their house. Dragonfly lovers would like to see dragonflies around their house. Giving them this will give the impression that you care about their hobbies and interests and they will appreciate it. It will also give a bit of a transformation to their look. 

Gifts for Dragonfly Lovers That Bring Hope

Hope is something that we need, don’t we? Giving something that represents hope means giving things with encouraging words written on it. It can be through the thing that they will regularly use, or something that is quite visible to their daily lives.

18. Dragonfly Mug

Dragonfly Mug - Etsy

This dragonfly mug is made of a high-quality mug. The mug itself is made of sturdy and high-quality ceramic. The print is also water and heat-resistant, so the picture will stay even after being washed or heated using microwaves.

19. Dragonfly Pocket Charm

Dragonfly Pocket Charm

This written “Hope charm” brings the deep meanings and values that are carried by dragonflies. It not only can be used as a keychain, but also as an accessories on your desk. It has colorful designs and is made of metal.

20. Dragonfly Keyring

Dragonfly Keyring

This dragonfly key ring is made of metal and can be put anywhere especially for bags. It included a small silver stone that said ” wishes do come true”. Wishing for something can mean that you hope for something, which is one of the values that dragonfly has. 

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21. Dragonfly Mug


The plus point of this mug besides its related-to-hope messages is its quality. It got printed on both sides, sturdy, dishwasher, and microwave safe. It is made of high-quality ceramic and not to forget the encouraging words to keep chasing your dreams which means hope. 

Gifts for Dragonfly Lovers That Bring Love

This is quite easy, you can look for things that represent this value of love. It can be something that got written love quotes on it, or something that got sentimental values. It can be anything that they need, or remind them of the memories. 

22. Dragonfly Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

Since dragonfly can also symbolizes as love for dragonfly lovers who happen to be a couple having their engagement ring decorated with dragonfly ornament must be something special.

23. Dragonfly DIY Scrapbook Photo Album Stamp

DIY Scrapbook Photo Album Stamp

With the message of happy birthday and the sweet words, you can give this to your loved ones on top of your card or letters on their birthday. It tells them that you are thinking of them. With the decorative dragonflies in it, they will love it!

24. Dragonfly Quotes Board

Dragonfly Quotes Board

This dragonfly quote is filled with lots of lovey-dovey words and clearly only for your loved ones. It has dragonfly pictures in the midst of it, and is surrounded with quote lovely words. Send this to your loved ones to show your love!

25. Dragonfly Blanket

Dragonfly Blanket

This dragonfly blanket is made of fleece and not only got high quality print but also made of very comfy materials. In fact, giving a blanket symbolizes that you want the person to receive comfort, warmness, and extra care which equals love. This blanket is decorated with lots of dragonfly pictures on it and bold colors.

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