25 Cool Desk Accessories for Travel Consultants

Traveling can be the best thing to do during your long holiday season. During holidays, people will contact their travel consultants for some advice on where to go, or perhaps just to buy a travel package for their family and friends. We all know that travel consultants will always stay up-to-date with all the best advice about top-notch holiday destinations. But since travel consultants are always dedicating their time and hard work for others, why not try to treat a special travel consultant in your life with a special gift to make their day?

For that purpose, we think giving them some cool desk accessories will make an excellent idea. Even better, you can even get one for yourself if you are a travel consultant yourself.

If you haven’t decorated your working desk with cool accessories because of the hectic workload, don’t worry. We are here with a list of 25 cool desk accessories that we think will make a great piece of gift to appreciate yourself, or as a gift for a special travel consultant in your life.

From personalized items to unique stuff that perfectly depict your job, we have you covered. Also, we will help you to choose the best accessories that best describe you as the coolest travel consultant in town!

Ready? Let’s dive into the list!

BEST Desk Accessories

Imagine your desk not just as a workspace, but as a canvas where each accessory is a stroke of genius, blending utility with a dash of personality. In this article, we unveil the best desk accessories that do more than just organize—they inspire, turning every task into an experience brimming with style and efficiency.

Join us on a journey to transform your desk into a haven of creativity and productivity, where every item is a key player in the art of work.

1. City Love Mini Calendar

cool desk accessories

As a travel consultant, you should remember of all the most important dates of the year. Not only the dates that are important in your country, but also in other countries in the scope of the most popular holiday destinations. Therefore, we think this City Love Mini Calendar should be the unrivaled option for you to choose from.

This calendar will brighten up your desk for sure with those cute cartoon-printed popular destinations worldwide as the hallmark of your job. You better put it on the top end of your desk, so you can easily keep tracking on your schedule. Moreover, you participate in giving to a child in need by purchasing.

2. Mini Suitcase Business Card Holder

cool desk accessories

A business card is mandatory for a consultant. With this Mini Suitcase Business Card Holder on your desk, we can assure you that your business cards are ready to travel with your clients around the world.

It features the vivid shape of a suitcase that becomes your main character as a travel consultant. You can have this on your desk, so your future customers can easily take and keep it. Also, we need to remind you make sure not to let the mini suitcase empty without your business cards when you bring it with you!

3. Sticky Notes and Memo Pad Holder

cool desk accessories

We have one item to hold all of your important notes, schedule reminders, and even your family photograph on your desk. Yes, right here we have a multi-functional desk accessory that we think would be come as a useful Sticky Notes and Memo Pad Holder for you.

You also can encourage your colleagues or customers to leave their messages on this memo pad holder when you are not around. Furthermore, it’s available in the white and black colors you can pick that suits your taste.

4. Mini Pill Shaped Highlighter

Mini Pill Shaped Highlighter

Refresh your desk with these colorful Mini Pill Shaped Highlighters. You can use the adorable pill highlighter to mark important notes such as the booking’s cut-off date or payment deadline.

Not only that, because you can also line them up on your desk regarding their facial expressions. You just need a holder to make them stand all the time. With those cute faces, we can assure you that they can be your cool desk accessories even when the ink runs out.

5. Wooden Qi Wireless Mouse Pad

cool desk accessories

How many times do you forget to charge your phone because you’re too busy dealing with your clients’ inquiries? For those of you who often experience such consition, we think this Wooden Qi Wireless Mousepad is a cool solution for you. The wood material will be effortlessly classy yet earthy, making it easy to match with your desk.

Having this item will allow you to focus on giving travel advice to your customer while charging your phone on your mouse pad within your reach. Also, we think it makes a great pair for any gadget, thanks to its wireless feature.

6. Post It Note Dispenser 

cool desk accessories

This Post It Note Dispenser will help you organize your sticky notes during your time at the office, and be a pretty addition to your desk accessories collection. If you want to make it more personal, you can customize this dispenser with your name on it.

That way, your customers will know your name right after they see this cute item on your desk. And what’s cool about it is this dispenser comes with a pink pad as a bonus.

7. Airplane Map Pin

cool desk accessories

This Airplane Map Pin is a must-have desk decoration item for you. Since you have to give explanations about travel destinations, we believe that this cool map pin can help you to point out all the beautiful places on the map.

Thanks to the gold pin, you can easily and precisely pinpoint excellent countries and destinations for your customers. Moreover, the gold airplane will also add a subtle elegant touch to your desk. Or, you can also stick it on the wall with foam cork as the board.

8. Mini Wooden Chalkboard

cool desk accessories

Inspired by the coffee shop menu board, here we have a Mini Wooden Chalkboard for you to write special greetings for the customers who come to your desk. Just take your chalk and write “welcome”, “help is here”, or simply your nickname with the note “the best consultant”.

Alternatively, you can write down the popular city or country as holiday destination information. We are sure they will acknowledge your little kind gesture.

9. Mini Trash Can

cool desk accessories

Having a tidy and clean desk is a principal point for everyone, especially for those who work in the service area. Therefore, for travel consultants, we think this Mini Trash Can will be the perfect item for cleanliness while serving an aesthetic look on your desk.

It’s very easy and comfortable to use, and you also display it along with the other desk accessories. In addition, we recommend arranging one based on your hand preference, for example, whether you are left or right-handed.

10. Atlas Travel Journal

cool desk accessories

As you are always busy planning other people’s traveling schedules, then we can understand if you sometimes lose the excitement of going into one. So, why not try to do journaling with this Atlas Travel Journal? You can keep it close to you by making this special book as part of your desk accessories.

The journal comes with a world map that can be decorated as you like. In addition, you can use pencil crayons to color the maps based on the destinations you have visited and those that are on your bucket list.

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11. Map Magnet

cool desk accessories

These Map Magnets are without a doubt the best desk accessories for a travel consultant. You can choose your favorite cities to be on display, and using the vintage map, these magnets will look pleasingly nice with their clear packaging on your desk.

The personalized cities that you pick on the map magnets can be the unconscious suggestion for your customers’ next gateway. Therefore, you better find an eye-catching spot to highlight this map.

12. Neighborwoods Map Coasters

cool desk accessories

You will be surprised to find out that these Neighborwoods Map Coasters are not personalized items. You can proudly present your city name with these wooden coasters on your desk.

Besides making you into a loving citizen, they will define you as a great local travel consultant. The cool coasters consist of 4 pieces for city names and city maps that you better use to greet your customers with a drink.

13. Wooden USA Flag Tissue Box Cover

cool desk accessories

The Wooden USA Flag Tissue Box Cover that looks like a treasure box will be a cool choice of desk accessories. In our opinion, it’s very convenient to use and serves a grand appearance for a tissue box cover.

Moreover, the USA flag design will also match your line of work as a travel consultant. You just need to put it on the table end of your desk to provide easy access for your customers whenever they need a tissue. Also, it makes a great statement piece for your office, too!

14. Vintage Globe Clock

cool desk accessories

If you prefer to get an analog desk clock for your desk accessory, then this Vintage Globe Clock is what you are looking for. This desk clock emits a genuine vintage vibe from head to toe.

You don’t need to worry when the clock stops working because you forget about the battery. It will sit nicely as your cool desk accessories collection member. We recommend arranging one at the end of your desk but make sure you put some books to prevent it from falling.

15. Mini Plants in Marble Pattern Pots

cool desk accessories

If you like the simpler yet full of brilliant colors, then you must check the Mini Plants in Marble Pattern Pots. The set of 4 plants comes in different marble patterns and colors. So, you better choose one that suits other desk accessories in your office.

Well, you don’t need to worry about their maintenance because these lively plants are artificial. Also, we suggest that you purchase the plants while the sale offer still stands.

16. Puppy Balloon Sculpture

Puppy Balloon Sculpture

The Puppy Balloon Sculpture will help you lessen the longing feeling for your faithful companion at home. The cool design plays with many colors and patterns for sure. But if you love fancy shades, then we recommend you to choose one with a yellow or green color combination.

We assure you that people will take a double glance at this small attention stealer at a spot on your desk. Moreover, this sculpture is sold in limited numbers, so make sure you don’t wait until it’s gone.

17. Skyscrapers and Landmarks Miniatures

Skyscrapers and Landmarks Miniatures

Set the Skyscrapers and Landmarks Miniatures as a whole mini New York City on your desk. These wooden toys are definitely the coolest one compared to the rest of your cool desk accessories.

With such designs, these famous places can give you the idea to make a city tour arrangement for your clients. Consider arranging the miniatures on your wooden cabinet if your desk is too crowded. They will like both of your suggestions and your decoration!

18. Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag

Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag

Have you seen an artsy candy bowl like this Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag? We bet you haven’t. The unique glass candy bowl is hand-blown glass from China that looks somehow like plastic full of yumminess.

You can grab one to set on your table and fill the bowl with your favorite candies. Moreover, it will also serve as a lovely service to your customers while discussing their holiday plans. We think that now is a good chance to purchase the cool thing as your desk accessory before any of your office mates do it before you.

19. Stimulating Aromatherapy Inhalers

Stimulating Aromatherapy Inhalers

The Stimulating Aromatherapy Inhalers are your savior to lessen your stress at work. Therefore, we think it would be ok for you to take a healing short break by inhaling the aromatherapy scent from the jar. For that reason, you better have at least one on your desk near you.

Furthermore, there are many comforting scents you can choose from. Pick one that suits your sensory preference. In addition, these inhalers also look neat and pleasing as desk accessories. We guarantee that people will have a talk about your cool jar.

20. Tree Shaped Photo Holder

Tree Shaped Photo Holder

Set this Tree Shaped Photo Holder on your desk and put your traveling photos displayed. We have no doubt, the uniquely shaped photo holder will make your desk look cool. Meanwhile, the memories from your photos can also give you more energy until you meet your next holiday trip. 

We know that travel consultants need a refreshing holiday too! On the other hand, its pretty big size will likely take up some space on your table. For that reason, you better keep everything in the drawers, like papers and documents if you want to highlight the holder’s presence.

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21. Crystal Globe

Crystal Globe

Place a fancy-looking desk accessory like this Crystal Globe on your desk. When you are stressed out because of the overloaded tour requests, we believe that you can mindlessly look at this crystal clear globe and get a peaceful, few minutes break.

Interestingly, you can also spin the globe while wondering what is the next awesome destination you should suggest your clients to go to. If you want to go up and beyond, we also think that this cool desk accessory can be a beautiful gift for your top spender client of the month.

22. Travel Fan Mug

Travel Fan Mug

Placing this Travel Fan Mug on your desk will undoubtedly define you as a great fan of traveling. The mug has a design on both sides, which will make sure everyone reads the tagline. In our opinion, this item can be a funny yet cool desk accessory that sits on your office desk and your boss may like it too.

Just make sure you keep it inside a transparent acrylic or kind of material to make it looks striking. Moreover, you can also buy some of this mug and wrap it as a Christmas gift for your loyal clients.

23. Leather Case

Leather Case

This Leather Case is very useful to organize your cables and small items. The strap leather can be fastened as per your arrangement, so it will keep your things safe inside.

If you want to add sentimental value, this cool cable organizer can also be personalized with your name on a metal piece. Plus, the stunning leather case would make a wonderful appearance as your desk accessory. Or, simply keep it in your drawer.

24. Country Rings

Country Rings

Put your visited countries’ names on the list and make it into the attractive Country Rings. You can also put your most-visited countries’ wish list on the rings to motivate you to go. In our opinion, it would be a great idea to hang these rings on your cubicle to be your motivation for doing your best at work.

In addition, you will also contribute to saving our planet as a donation is made for every purchase. A pretty cool item to own, don’t you think?

25. Travel Cup

Travel Cup

Make a personalized Travel Cup for you and your travel consultant buddy for fun. We think this kind of travel cup will still be handy even though you’re not traveling. Plus, this adorable cup will blend beautifully with your other desk accessories, especially since it has soft colors of pink and grey.

To make it an accessory, you better put it inside a transparent acrylic box. Then, set them on your table, particularly the edge. Or, you can also stack some books underneath the mug to make it become a center point.

How can you personalize your desk space with accessories?

Personalize your desk with items like photo frames, a custom mouse pad, a favorite mug, a figurine or a small artwork, and personalized stationery. These items reflect your personality and make your workspace feel more ‘you’. A custom mouse pad can feature a design you love. Personalized stationery adds a unique touch. Small artworks or figurines can be great conversation starters.

How do you ensure your cool desk accessories are durable and long-lasting?

Choose accessories made from high-quality materials, read reviews before purchasing, invest in reputable brands when possible, perform regular maintenance, and handle them with care. Quality materials ensure longevity. Reviews give insight into durability. Reputable brands often offer better quality. Regular maintenance preserves their condition. Careful handling prevents damage and extends their life.

Final Thoughts

Some people who have a hobby of traveling prefer to plan their own itinerary. They think this is more flexible because they can determine the destination according to what they want. Nonetheless, the rest needed the help of a travel consultant because they didn’t have time to arrange everything all together because of their busy schedule. If you are one of these reliable consultants, take this opportunity not to disappoint your clients.

One way to treat them well is to set the table with accessories and treats, like candies, as a good form of hospitality. You can also set some travel-related items, like notes, maps, or globes that your clients can check on prior to discussion to determine their desired destination.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What should you put on your desk?

Checking on low-season and high-season periods is critical for a travel consultant. A desk calendar, sticky notes, and memo pad holder will be the most useful things on your desk. Do not forget to place your name card in the unique name card holder to catch your customers’ attention and they will remember you for their next travel booking.

How do I maintain a clean and tidy desk with accessories?

Use desk organizers, cable management tools, a mini desk vacuum, a small trash bin, and regular cleaning wipes. Organizers keep items in place. Cable management tools prevent tangles. A mini vacuum handles crumbs and dust. A small bin keeps trash in check. Regular cleaning maintains a hygienic workspace.

How can you make your desk look cooler?

Setting up uncommon and cool desk accessories such as puppy balloon sculpture and unzipped glass zipper bag on your desk will surely make your desk cooler than any of your colleagues. Choose something that you truly like regardless of its functional features.

How do you make your desk look aesthetic?

Try to pick the same tone color or same materials for all of your desk accessories to make it more aesthetic and eye-catchy. Wooden coaster, mouse pad, and miniatures can be your choices to become a series of cool desk accessories.

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