25 Iconic North Carolina Accessories You Can Buy

So, are you currently on a trip to North Carolina and planning on returning home soon? If so, then you might want to bring some iconic gifts, accessories, or souvenirs from North Carolina for your friends and family back home. However, since there are too many items to chose from, we can understand if you feel a bit confuse about choosing the perfect items for your loved ones back home.

Now you can put your worry aside, because in this article we will guide you to the list of the best 25 North Carolina iconic accessories that you can buy for your friends and family back home, so there will be no more confusion when it comes to pick and choose the best accessories from North Carolina. Let’s check it out!

What Products Is North Carolina Known For?

North Carolina well-known products are cherry flavored soda or people said ‘cheerwine’. Cheerwine is often used for cooking or baking in many restaurants in North Carolina. Hence, you should try at least one kind of menu that uses cheerwine.

BEST North Carolina Accessories

1. North Carolina Necklace

North Carolina Necklace

If you want to give an iconic yet beautiful accessory of North Carolina to your girlfriend, then this item is the right answer. The pretty necklace with a beautiful pendant in the shape of North Carolina map is definitely one precious item to pick. Also, you can choose to buy whether a gold necklace or a silver one based on your preference and your girlfriend’s taste of course. So let’s surprise your girlfriend with this tiny and pretty souvenir from North Carolina!

2. North Carolina Wall Hanging 

Song Lyrics - North Carolina Wall Hanging

Hunting for an iconic North Carolina accessory to bring home as a unique souvenir after the holiday is actually an exciting and fun thing to do. Among many accessories to choose from out there, you might bump into some of the most unique wall accessories, like this North Carolina wall decoration for instance. Made of Cherry or Maple wood, this wall decor is definitely the item that you must bring home. Additionally, when you bring home this item, you also bring home a piece of lyrics taken from a legendary song by James Taylor, since the lyrics are engraved on the wooden surface of this map. It’s just like a masterpiece!

3. North Carolina Fine Art Print

North Carolina Fine Art Print

This North Carolina beautiful art print is very iconic as it describes North Carolina in an artsy way. The map of North Carolina and the beautiful flowers that cover the map are actually North Carolina’s owned wildflowers as well. For instance, you can find graphics of Dogwood, Virginia Bluebell, Evening Primrose, and many other North Carolina’s flowers that complete the look of this beautiful art print. So, surprise your mother with this wall decoration, and we guarantee she will smile happily.

4. Outer Banks Sweatshirt

Outer Banks Sweatshirt

After visiting The Outer Banks in North Carolina, we know that you often feel like missing this beautiful place with its pristine beach being one of the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen, right? No worries, you can grab this Outer Banks sweatshirt to bring back the unforgettable memories when you strolled around at The Outer Banks. Moreover, you can also give it to your best friend back home, as a sweet gift from North Carolina.

5. North Carolina Candle

North Carolina Candle

Inspired by North Carolina, this candle features a sweet packaging that comes with a graphic of North Carolina map, which includes its iconic wild flowers of Tar Heel. This candle and bath bomb set were melted in Raleigh, North Carolina. Hence, this is truly a signature piece of gift, which is also a perfect part of North Carolina’s iconic accessory. You can definitely present this gift set to your best friend or mother.

6. North Carolina Curtain Panels

North Carolina Curtain Panels

This set of curtains will fit your brother very well as one of North Carolina iconic accessories that you bought after the holiday. Being a nice curtain that features the color of North Carolina, which is Carolina blue, this curtain is suitable for a boy’s room or bathroom in any theme, especially for a brother who loves basketball. 

7.  North Carolina Christmas Accessories

This is one of those classy North Carolina iconic souvenirs. By having this Christmas ornament, you can really see the icons of all the cities North Carolina. You can buy this sweet Christmas ornament as a Christmas tree accessory for your neighbor, close friend or workmate when you go back to the office. 

8. Tar Heels 2-Pack of Rocks Glass Set

Guess there is always a room for new glass in the house, right? Then, this set of two glasses can be one of the best North Carolina iconic souvenirs that you can give to your family. Since this set of glasses will be a new addition your family’s dining ware collection, undoubtedly these glasses will be very practical as you can use them to share your stories about your last North Carolina trip to the visiting guests who use the glass. So, you better get this set soon!

9. Tar Heels Raschel Throw Blanket

North Carolina Tar Heels Raschel Throw Blanket

This cool and soft throw blanket should be on the list to remember and to show your support to North Carolina’s basketball team. This blanket can be the best sleeping companion or as a blanket, to keep you warm while watching the exciting match of your favorite basketball team on TV. 

10. Tar Heels Logo Sketch Crew Socks

North Carolina Tar Heels Logo Sketch Crew Socks

Wearing socks while you are at home or when you’re out for work or other outdoor activities is definitely a must. This pair of socks is also one of the best possible ways to support your favorite basketball team in North Carolina. Also, the design is very eye-catching! And that is why we think this cool pair of socks can be an attention seeker since it is such an iconic North Carolina accessory!

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11. Ode to Home State Tote Bag

Ode to Home State Tote Bag

If your hometown is in North Carolina, then this Ode to Home State tote bag can be one of North Carolina iconic accessories that you can buy for your coworkers at work. This tote bag clearly describes North Carolina at its best. Also, it is very practical since you can bring any extra stuff to the office with this one.

12. State Cheese Boards

State Cheese Boards

This cheese board is not only aesthetic, but also practical for any kind of kitchen activities. Furthermore, buying this cheese board can bring back good memories from North Carolina. So, this item is one of North Carolina’s iconic accessories that you should add to your kitchen. 

13. Memory Keepsake Dish Set

Memory Keepsake Dish Set

Want to add some nostalgic items to your house? Then, you should try a memory keepsake dish set because you can showcase your favorite childhood photos in North Carolina using extraordinary frames. Here, you can hang the dish set on the wall as an uncommon frame but still look classy and very vintage. 

14. North Carolina Scented Candle

North Carolina Scented Candle

The thing you can get while you feel a little bit homesick is this scented candle from Homesick. The North Carolina variant can be your healing option, because it will bring some hint of North Carolina’s iconic smell and atmosphere through the candle. 

15. North Carolina Map Tea Kitchen Towel

North Carolina Map Tea Kitchen Towel

This kitchen towel can definitely make you feel happy because the design is super colorful, fun and can remind you of the good old days back when you were in North Carolina. Also, this item can be bought as North Carolina iconic accessories for your mother or aunties. We guarantee they will be super excited to have this adorable gift from you.

16. North Carolina Lumbar Pillow Cover

North Carolina Lumbar Pillow Cover

Changing the atmosphere of your bedroom is as simple as changing the pillow cover, and buying this vintage pillow cover with an iconic North Carolina design is a great decision. This pillow cover is made of soft linen, so soft that its good to touch, as well as to be a nice bedtime companion. Moreover, this item comes in a standard size so you can use if for your standard-size pillows.

17. Starbucks North Carolina Coffee Mug

Starbucks North Carolina Coffee Mug

Imagine sipping a cup of coffee using a cute and adorable coffee mug like this one. If you want to surprise your friend or boyfriend with something that is an iconic as North Carolina, then this one got you covered. The design describes what North Caroline looks like in a simple, excellent and cute doodle. 

18. North Carolina Bottle Opener

North Carolina Bottle Opener

Drinking time will be more fun since you can open your bottles smoothly with this portable bottle opener. Moreover, the design is such a North Carolina iconic accessory, and the color and the panther represents North Caroline at its best. 

19. Home State Map Design

Home State Map Design

You have found a very neat, clean but still meaningful home accessory that explains your iconic hometown of North Carolina very well in this North Carolina wall decoration. Through its simplicity, people can see how proud you are of your hometown as well. 

20. Textual Art on Canvas

Textual Art on Canvas

Rustic yet modern, simple yet meaningful. This wooden wall decoration pretty much explains the best and iconic place of North Carolina on the wooden wall decorations. We can say that this wall art is colorful and obviously eye-catching, but shockingly not too ‘noisy,’ in a good way of course.

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21. Story Book

Story Book

Show some love to your kids or nephew with this story book. Through the title, we can see how iconic North Carolina is, and being a big place to live in, North Caroline deserves our love for sure. Therefore, this book will definitely be one of the best bedtime stories for your little ones. 

22. Tar Heels Crosshatch Expandable Tote

Tar Heels Crosshatch Expandable Tote

Having an expandable tote bag will be useful to bring your stuff and essentials, which will fit perfectly inside the bag. If you want to go far in a short period of time, this tote bag can be the best companion. Also, the design represents one of the best things about North Carolina, making it a great North Carolina iconic accessories.

23. Peter PJ’s Warmer Weiner Sock

Peter PJ_s Warmer Weiner Sock

This unique item is a great prank gift to surprise your friend in an unexpected way, as this is actually an item that was designed specifically for men. This ‘condom’ comes with a colorful design, which probably you have never seen before. 

24. North Carolina State Plate

North Carolina State Plate

This one is a genius find! Because you can make your own North Carolina iconic shape while baking the cake. Baking time can now be a healing moment for you, to remember the nostalgic moments of your hometown North Carolina. This cake mold is unique and pretty useful to own by a baker. 

25. North Carolina Durable Sticker

North Carolina Durable Sticker

Who can resist the cuteness of this sticker? It is tiny, colorful and pretty at the same time. You can buy this and stick it to simply anything you want. Stick it on your journal book cover, mirror, laptop, or even your car. Therefore, people will know how you love North Carolina and its iconic places. 

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North Carolina’s most famous food is BBQ. You can get the best BBQ that you’ve never tasted before there. Also, you can have items that include the elements of North Caroline wildflowers, such as the wall art decor, sticker, or mug.

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