26 Easy Devil Costume Ideas for Amazing Halloween Party

When it comes to Halloween, some people like to go all out and dress up as scary or demonic creatures. For those looking to make a statement, there are plenty of easy devil costume ideas that will help you look spooky and stylish this Halloween. Whether you want to channel a classic devil costume, or something more modern and unique, these ideas will help you create a look that will be sure to turn heads. From DIY devil horns and other devil costume accessories, to full body costume makeup, these devil costume ideas are sure to make you look the part this Halloween.

In addition, Halloween is a great opportunity to don a costume and get creative. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s take a look at our selected devil costume ideas below to make a scary Halloween to remember!

What Color Does The Devil Wear?

In current times, we often link red with the devil since he is frequently portrayed wearing red or wearing red clothing. However, the devil doesn’t typically wear any specific color. He is often portrayed wearing red, but this is not necessarily indicative of any symbolic meaning.

How Do You Make A Devil Face?

To make a devil face, start by drawing an oval shape for the face. Then draw two curved lines for the devil’s horns and two almond-shaped eyes. Add a pointy nose, a jagged mouth, and a goatee or beard. You can also draw a tail and flames coming out of the head.

Red Devil Costume Ideas

Halloween is the perfect time to dress up, and the Red Devil costume is a great way to show your devilish side. With its classic devilish look, the Red Devil costume is a popular choice you should try. And, these super easy devil costume ideas below will help you get the most out of your Halloween look.

1. Stylish Red Devil Costume

Source: Pinterest (@Rash)

If you are looking for an elegant female devil costume to slay the Halloween party, you can dress up like the picture above. Pair a sexy red tank top with red culotte pants to emphasize your long legs. You can also wear a satin robe and red glasses to add your elegance. Don’t forget to wear devil accessories such as a horn band and bring a red pitchfork in your hand.

2. Red Devil Couple Costume

Source: Pinterest (@diycuteness.com)

Perhaps you need a last minute devil costume that you and your partner can do to make you the hottest couple at the party. If so, you can consider choosing this costume idea for adults. The man can wear a casual red outfit with jacket and pants, while the woman may wear a sexy red bra, last year’s fur jacket, and tight pants. After that, you can wear matching devil horns and glasses to finalize the look.

3. Classy and Sexy Red Devil

Source: Pinterest (@Natalie Lara)

Show the dualism of a tough, powerful woman and sexy red devil with this simple devil costume. Simply find a red bra and pants from your closets, complete it with a matching formal blazer you’ve used for work. You can also wear high heels and sunglasses to make a statement. Finally, put the red devil horn band on your head and you are going to be the most stunning one at the party!

4. Cute and Creepy Little Red Devil

Source: Pinterest (@easyday.snydle.com)

A combination of cuteness and creepiness of red devil, you’ll definitely love to use this concept for your little girl! You need to buy a red tutu dress, lace pants, and shoes for your child. After that, customize the wings with lace materials in matching color with the main costume. Don’t forget to prepare other devil accessories such as the red horn band and pitchfork.

5. Glamorous Red Devil Costume

Source: Pinterest (@spirithalloween.com)

Did you know that you can turn your glamorous simple dress into a gorgeous red devil costume? If you have a sparkling, red mini dress, you can do a little bit of makeover with a red mesh cloak. Customize a mesh cloak to cover your mini dress but still expose your sexy body silhouette. To complete the look, you can wear a devil horn and bring a pitchfork.  

6. King of Red Devil

Source: Pinterest (@ledchristmaslighting.com)

When it comes to a cool male devil costume, what do you think about dressing as the king of red devil? All you need is a formal red shirt with black vest and pants. After that, wear the red satin devil cloak to make your costume look expensive. Wear devil accessories such as the red horn and devil pitchfork. In addition, you can also use an artificial beard and mustache with a little bit of spooky makeup.

7. Creepy Red Devil Boy

Source: Pinterest (@redirect.viglink.com)

Of course your boy is the sweetest, but not for this Halloween! Let your boy wear a red suit and pants with black shirt and shoes. Give him devil accessories such as the red horn, devil tail, and also pitchfork. In addition, you can do creepy devil makeup looks for this concept. Paint his face in red with black circle in his eyes to show his creepy vibes.

Black Devil Costume Ideas

If you’re looking for a spooky and mysterious costume for your next Halloween party, why not try a Black Devil costume? With its classic all-black ensemble, mysterious devil’s horns, and signature devilish mask, a Black Devil costume can be the perfect way to turn heads at any costume event. Let us inspire you with some easy devil costume ideas below.

8. Sexy Black Devil One Piece Bikini

Source: Pinterest (@Fashion 🔥)

In case you have an old black one piece bikini in your closet, you can turn it into a sexy black devil costume! You only need to buy black devil accessories such as a black horn and wings. After that, you can do gothic makeup to emphasize your Halloween costume. Create a subtle smokey eye makeup and a dark lip to make a gothic look. Find a gothic makeup tutorial for more information.

9. Princess of Black Devil

Source: Pinterest (@twitter.com)

The concept of the princess of black devil is definitely a unique devil halloween idea. You can bring the image of black devil to another level of elegance and creepiness. Find the sexy ancient roman dress with black armor belt in your waist, continue to the thighs and the boots. Finally, complete the look with a large black horn and a gothic makeup look.

10. Scary Black Devil Couple Costume

Source: Pinterest (@costumepedia.com)

This is definitely one of the creepiest black devil costumes for couples! The key of this concept is definitely the scary and bold makeup. Both the man and woman can wear their formal party outfit in black color. However, the man should get his full body painted in red with black circles in his eyes. Meanwhile, the woman can get scary body veins makeup from the head to shoulder.

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11. Black and Gold Devil Costume

Source: Pinterest (@theclassykiller.co)

Inspired by Maleficent, you can make your black devil dress look expensive and stunning with gold accents. Simply add gold feathers on the shoulder part to make your dress look stand out. Instead of black horn, you can also paint the horn with gold color. Don’t forget to create a dark and gothic makeup on your eyes and lips to make a strong appearance.

12. Black Devil Dress for Kids

Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Being one of the most gorgeous girl devil costumes, your little girls will surely love this concept. The combination of black tutu dress with lace sleeves makes your sweet girl look like a princess. After that, turn your little princess into a dark fairy with black wings and feathers around her neck. Later, you can also give her a black horn to complete the look.

13. Chic Black Devil Costume

Source: Pinterest (@Bella🤍🖤)

For those teenagers who need a last minute black devil costume to attend a Halloween party, consider using our smart tips. Simply wear your black tank top and short pants from your closet. Combine it with a black long sleeve outer and boots. In addition, you can buy a black horn band and black wings to show that you are a chic and stylish black devil.

14. Classic Sexy Black Devil Costume

Classic Sexy Black Devil Costume
Source: Pinterest (@yandy.com)

Among those unique black devil costumes, the classic one will never go wrong. All you need is a black one piece, black evening gloves, mesh stockings, and other accessories such as devil horn and tail. You can also wear black high heels to expose your sexiness. Lastly, finish your appearance with gothic makeup such as smokey eyes and dark lips.

DIY Devil Costume Ideas

Do you need an eye-catching Halloween costume this year? Look no further than an easy DIY Halloween costume! With a few simple materials, you can easily create a unique and spooky devil outfit that will be sure to impress. 

15. Sexy Sparkling Red Devil

Sexy Sparkling Red Devil
Source: Pinterest (@adricollegelife.com)

If you want to make a DIY devil costume that will make you look stand out, pearls and glitters are one of the easiest ways you should try. Simply decorate your old bikini with red pearls and glitters if you want to be a sparkling red devil. You can also put some glitters on the red devil horn as well. After that, do a simple makeup with red lips as the focal point.

16. DIY Devil Costume with Best Friends

DIY Devil Costume with Best Friends
Source: Pinterest (@collegelifemadeeasy.com)

Creating a DIY devil costume with best friends would be fun and worth trying. You can pair anything that you want from the closet as long as you have the similar concept. For instance, if you want to be a red devil, ask your friend to wear a red bra with a tight mini skirt. Complete the look with the similar devil pitchfork and devil horn. This idea will make you get a matching concept without spending too much money.

17. Casual Red Devil Costume

Casual Red Devil Costume
Source: Pinterest (@Sophie Coates)

When it comes to a versatile costume you can wear for the Halloween party and another fun meeting after that, consider the casual concept. You can wear a sexy tank top, pants, mesh, and horn band for the red devil costume. Meanwhile, add a casual red jacket and boots to make your look stylish. You will have two different looks as you wear and take off the jacket.

18. Spooky Little Red Devil Costume

Spooky Little Red Devil Costume
Source: Pinterest (@costume-works.com)

Go extra with this DIY costume for your kids! You can make a homemade costume using black and red patterned fabrics. Ask your little girl to wear a red horn, black belt, boots, and wings. After that, turn your girl into a red devil with full body painting. If you don’t have enough red paint, you can cover the hands and legs using gloves and stockings. 

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19. Ballerina Devil Costume

Ballerina Devil Costume
Source: Pinterest (@saurabhankush.com)

Inspired by a sweet ballerina, you can mix red tutu skirt and black shirt to create an easy DIY devil costume. Simply wear a black long sleeve shirt  and red tutu skirt as the main outfit. Add simple accessories such as red horn and pitchfork. You can also paint your nails red to give the devil vibe. In addition, do a simple makeup with a red lip to finalize the concept.

20. Scary DIY Devil Couple Costume

Scary DIY Devil Couple Costume
Source: Pinterest (@costumepedia.com)

Look at how amazing this couple’s devil costume is! This is definitely one of the scariest devil makeup! You can do full body paint makeup to resemble the red demon. Wear white softlens, devil horns, and fake Halloween teeth to complete the devil look. After that, both the man and woman can wear matching black outfits such as long coats or blazers.

21. Full Body Paint Little Red Devil

Full Body Paint Little Red Devil
Source: Pinterest (@costumepedia.com)

Who says your little boy can’t be a great red devil without a proper costume? How about making your skin the real devil costume? Your boy only has to wear pants in this idea. Simply paint him in red using face body paint. In addition, draw black, thick eyebrows to make a scary look. You can also shave his head and add a fake devil horn to resemble the little red devil.

22. DIY Black Crop Top Devil Costume

DIY Black Crop Top Devil Costume
Source: Pinterest (@forever21.com)

This costume comes as one of the simplest yet sexiest devil costumes for women. A black tank top and pants or skirt plus the devil horns are basically everything you need to create this costume. Leave your long hair as it is and add a red choker to add a sexy touch to your look. Lastly, put on some natural makeup and you’re all set! 

23. Sexy Devil In Red One Shoulder Top

Sexy Devil In Red One Shoulder Top
Source: Pinterest (@Sydney Littrell)

Every woman loves to look sexy, even a devil. Therefore, why don’t you try to be a sexy devil by wearing your red one shoulder top and a red mini leather skirt? You will look like a super sexy and adorable devil that makes all eyes on you. To complete the devilish look, don’t forget to wear the iconic red devil horns. As for the makeup look, you can apply a natural makeup look with red eyeshadow to make you look more stunning. 

24. Black Mini Dress and Red Robe

Black Mini Dress and Red Robe
Source: Pinterest (@lookbook.nu)

Who says that a devil can’t try to look elegant sometimes? If you want to be a pretty and elegant devil this year, we’re on your team. This DIY costume is pretty easy to recreate. We’re pretty sure that you can easily find a mini black dress somewhere inside your closet. Once you have the mini dress you need to create a big red robe, which is the perfect item to wear if you want to look elegant. And of course, don’t forget to wear your red devil horns. 

25. Red Suit DIY Devil Costume

Red Suit DIY Devil Costume
Source: Pinterest (@dondisfraz.com)

Say hello to this iconic devil! This devil is going to be the center of attention at this year’s costume party for sure. If you happen to have a red suit somewhere inside your closet, you might want to turn it into a cool devil costume. Pair it with a black shirt, black leather shoes, black gloves and red devil horns,and you’re basically ready with your costume. However, that won’t be enough if you want to be the center of attention. You need to apply red and black makeup, plus prepare yourself a black walking stick, too! 

26. Little Ballerina Devil Costume

Little Ballerina Devil Costume
Source: Pinterest (@Rebecca Sager)

Look at this adorable little devil. She looks very cute in her devil costume, which you can make yourself at home for your lovely little girl. All you need is a black top, black mary jane shoes, a red devil stick, a red devil bandana, and last but not least, a red tutu skirt! In our opinion, your little girl will become the star for the night in this super cute DIY devil costume.

Final Thoughts

Halloween is the time for fun and scary costumes, and a devil costume is the perfect choice for a spooky look. With easy devil costume ideas, you can create an unforgettable outfit that is sure to turn heads. Whether you choose a classic red look or a DIY costume, we hope this article will inspire you to make yours the star of Halloween.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you paint a devil face for Halloween?

To make devil makeup, begin by applying a white base to the face with a sponge or brush. With a black pencil, draw a pointy horn on each side of the forehead. After that, do eye makeup with black paint and draw a curved line from the corner of the eyes to the bottom of the chin. Moreover, draw a triangle with a curved line inside to create the nose. Finally, paint the nose and cheeks with red face paint. You can also add a few extra black lines around the eyes, nose and mouth to give the devil face a more sinister look.

How do you dress like the devil?

To dress like the devil, you will need to wear black, red, or both. You can find a variety of devil-themed clothing items such as red and black t-shirts, pants, and jackets, or you can make your own outfit with a red and black color scheme. In addition, you can also add devil-themed accessories such as horns, masks, and tails.

Is it good to wear an evil Eye?

Yes. A charm or pendant with the evil eye is thought to be lucky. While you are traveling, having an exam, or going on an interview, you can wear these evil eye symbols to bring good fortune. In addition, the evil eye jewelry keeps you in a positive frame of mind by fending off malevolent energies.

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