26 Stunning Staircase Decorating Ideas for Christmas

With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how to make your home look festive and inviting. One of the best ways to achieve a truly spectacular look is with stunning staircase decorating ideas for Christmas! From Christmas garlands and wreaths to lights and ornaments, there are plenty of ways to transform your staircase into a magical winter wonderland. Whether you prefer a classic and traditional look or a more modern and whimsical one, these stunning staircase decoration ideas will help you create a festive atmosphere that will get everyone in the holiday spirit.

Looking for a way to add sparkle to your home this Christmas? Get the inspiration you need to create your dream staircase this Christmas. Let’s take a look at some stunning staircase ideas with the wow factor that will have your family and friends singing their praises throughout the season!

What Should Not be Done on the Staircase?

It is not recommended to run, jump, or play on the staircase, as this can be dangerous and cause injury. Additionally, we shouldn’t force one another up a stairway, otherwise we could trip and hurt ourselves. We must exercise caution and abide by the law.

How Can You Make Cheap Garland Look Expensive?

To make your cheap garland look expensive, choose garland with metallic accents, such as gold, silver, or copper. After that, use multiple strands of garland to create a fuller look. Don’t forget to add ribbon, burlap, or other materials to the garland to give it more texture and visual interest. You can also hang the garland in swags or drapes to create a more elegant look. Finally, light the garland with LED lights to create a soft, romantic look.

Simple Christmas Staircase

A simple Christmas staircase will effortlessly bring festive cheer to your home. Whether you have a grand staircase or a small one, you can easily transform it into a stunning holiday display with just a few simple Christmas decorations. Read on to discover how to create a simple Christmas staircase, complete with decorating tips and ideas to inspire you.

1. Fresh Cut Greenery Decor

Source: Pinterest (@domesticallyblissful.com)

Welcome this holiday season with a fresh and natural spirit in your Christmas staircase. Simply use fresh cut greenery to decorate the bannister. You can also make a Christmas garland decoration, in matching tone with the Christmas tree. Add subtle sparkles beneath the greenery decoration by hanging silver Christmas ball ornaments.

2. Staircase with Simple Christmas Wreaths

Source: Pinterest (@madiganmade.com)

When it comes to a simple but obvious Christmas theme for staircase decorating ideas, wreaths will never go wrong. You don’t need a lot of plants to decorate the staircase. All you need is some Christmas ball ornaments to make a gorgeous wreath. Hang the Christmas wreath with red ribbon to radiate the Christmas spirit. Moreover, you can also hang more gold and silver wreaths to make your staircase decor look expensive.

3. White and Green Christmas Staircase

Source: Pinterest (@elarmariodelubyjane.com)

If you love a rustic concept for your Christmas staircase decor, white and green are a perfect color combination that will make one of the best staircase decorating ideas for Christmas. Besides, this simple idea only requires two items, which are greenery garland and white ribbon! Simply tie the long greenery from the top of the staircase to the last stair rail using the white ribbon. No need to wrap it too tightly, let the greenery garland fall and loosen a little.

4. JOY Christmas Staircase

Source: Pinterest (@artandhome.net)

As you want to bring joy to this holiday, how about making a JOY Christmas staircase with this simple idea? The concept is to hang the “JOY” letters as the focal point on your stairs. Simply use golden deco mesh to hang these letters. Don’t forget to make a beautiful ribbon, too. In addition, you can also loop source greenery along the banister to radiate the Christmas spirit.

5. Farmhouse Style Christmas Staircase

Source: Pinterest (@countryliving.com)

Suppose you are looking for a thick, long lasting greenery garland to decorate your staircase, then in our opinion you should definitely consider the farmhouse style concept. Using the eucalyptus garland, it offers a simple and lush addition to your Christmas decor. Besides, this greenery garland is neutral enough to stay on display all winter long. You can combine the garland with snowflake paper cutouts on the wall.

6. Snow and Gold Christmas Staircase

Source: Pinterest (@hikendip.com)

Did you know that you can bring the winter vibe to your house with a simple staircase decor? Simply choose frosted garland with pine cones to decorate your staircase. Add some gold ribbon using deco mesh on the banister, and make sure you don’t forget to arrange the distance properly. In addition, you can also put a frosted Christmas tree and wreath near the staircase.

7. Staircase with Hanging Christmas Decor

Source: Pinterest (@tinywhitedaisies.tumblr.com)

One of the simplest and most adorable staircase decorating ideas for Christmas, this is also a great activity you can do with your family and kids. Especially if you love handcrafting, you can make adorable Christmas dolls and ornaments for the decoration. After that, ask your kids to hang these ornaments together along the staircase. If you don’t have time to make Christmas dolls, then you can simply find them in the store that sells Christmas decoration items.

DIY Christmas Staircase

Decorating for the holidays is a special tradition for many families, and one of the best ways to get into the holiday spirit is to create a festive DIY Christmas staircase. With some simple materials and a little bit of creativity, you can transform your staircase into a unique and eye-catching holiday display like these ideas below. 

8. Warm Christmas Staircase with White Socks

Source: Pinterest (@vegetablegardenplanner.top)

For those who want to bring a warm and homey Christmas vibe to their home, a combination of white socks and fairy lights would be fantastic. To create this DIY Christmas staircase, you need Christmas garland, fairy lights, and white sock decor. Loop fairy lights on the Christmas garland. You can also hang DIY greenery bouquets along with the white socks to complete the decoration.

9. DIY Staircase Flower Garden

Source: Pinterest (@homecrux.com)

Who says you can’t have a beautiful garden in the winter season? How about making a DIY Christmas garden on your staircase? Use artificial berries with ivy garland to make a beautiful garden along the stair rail. The combination of red berries and green ivy radiate a perfect Christmas vibe. Besides, you can have a beautiful garden in your home.

10. Sparkling Christmas Staircase

Source: Pinterest (@hikendip.com)

Using Christmas tree ornaments to decorate your Christmas staircase is definitely brilliant. Use last year’s Christmas ornaments and hang them on the banister. These red and gold balls as well as beautiful stars and snowflakes will look amazingly stunning on the staircase. Complete your decor with Christmas garland and fairy lights to add extra charm. Who would have thought that using last year’s ornaments can actually create one of the most adorable staircase decorating ideas for Christmas, right?

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11. Presents for Christmas Staircase

Source: Pinterest (@instructables.com)

Christmas is all about gifts and surprises! Therefore, how about making a DIY Christmas staircase with presents in your house? You can simply put some presents on each stair rail, making a beautiful decor from the side. Wrap the presents in colorful papers and put a red ribbon. Don’t forget to loop the banister with greenery and ball ornaments to show the Christmas atmosphere.

12. Christmas Posy Decor

Source: Pinterest (@familyhandyman.com)

If you love the beauty of nature and uniformity, how about decorating the staircase with DIY Christmas posy? Find artificial greenery, berries, and twigs, then arrange them into a beautiful posy with green ribbon and balls. You can make some of them and hang them on the staircase. This concept is definitely one of the best staircase decorating ideas for Christmas that emphasizes nature, uniformity, and elegance of Christmas.

13. Bright and Blissful Christmas Staircase

Source: Pinterest (@lushome.com)

When it comes to a charming DIY Christmas staircase that will bring spirit and excitement, we guarantee you’ll love this design. Combining dark and light green color with a touch of red and yellow, the idea will make our home look bright and shining. You need a Christmas garland on the banister as the base. Then, add light green and red balls, fairy lights, and hang some cute green socks.

14. Merry Christmas Staircase

Merry Christmas Staircase
Source: Pinterest (@data.whicdn.com)

In case you don’t have enough time decorating your staircase for Christmas, don’t worry! We have a smart DIY idea to bring a Christmas vibe around. Simply place a Christmas garland on the benister. Then, hang some Christmas ornaments along the garland. To make your decoration look stand out, you only need a “Merry Christmas” hanging decor on the outer side. And your quick but stunning decoration is done!

Modern Christmas Staircase

One of the best ways to make your home look beautiful for the holiday season is to install a modern Christmas staircase. Not only will a modern Christmas staircase add a touch of elegance and style to your home, but it will also be a fantastic conversation starter and a great way to show off your holiday decor. Here are some modern staircase decorating ideas that can be a great way to add a bit of festive cheer to your home.

14. Christmas Lights for Staircase Decor

Christmas Lights for Staircase Decor
Source: Pinterest (@onekindesign.com)

Perhaps using greenery is a conventional way for decorating the Christmas staircase. If so, you can replace them all with fairy lights! To create a brand new and modern concept, you need a lot of fairy lights to lush your staircase. You can also loop golden ropes or ribbon on the banister, in matching color with the lights. As the sun goes down, your shining Christmas staircase will definitely amaze your guests.

16. Luxurious Christmas Staircase Decor

Luxurious Christmas Staircase Decor
Source: Pinterest (@decorhomeideas.com)

A luxurious staircase will definitely need a luxurious decor. You need a haute Christmas decor made of artificial greenery, red ribbon with gold outline, pine cones, and golden ornament. Make sure you make some of them to cover the outer side of the staircase. We recommend you to place them in a zigzag pattern in case you have a long staircase.

17. White Fairy Lights for Christmas Staircase

White Fairy Lights for Christmas Staircase
Source: Pinterest (@popsugar.com)

Besides yellow, white fairy lights also work well for decorating the Christmas staircase. They will create a sweet and loving atmosphere around the house. Especially if you pair them with artificial greenery, making a gorgeous, modern decoration. On the edge of the banister, we recommend you to end the garland with an aesthetic broken white ribbon.

18. Christmas Staircase with Autumn Leaves

Christmas Staircase with Autumn Leaves
Source: Pinterest (@architectureartdesigns.com)

Although autumn is over, you still can bring its beauty in your Christmas staircase. Combining green garland with autumn leaves and yellow fairy lights will make your Christmas night warm and welcoming. To make it more aesthetic, adding pine cones or twigs is also a great idea. You can also place some fairly lights on the bottom, creating amazing lighting for your beautiful decor.

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19. Winter Christmas Staircase

Winter Christmas Staircase
Source: Pinterest (@queenbee1924.tumblr.com)

Inspired by the winter season, turn your staircase into a masterpiece with this idea! Especially if you have an all white staircase, the design is destined for you. All you need is artificial frosted branches with some winter ornaments. Simply place the frosted branches along the staircase. After that, you can hang small ornaments such as winter butterflies and brown Christmas balls on them. Super stunning!

20. Holy Christmas Staircase

Holy Christmas Staircase
Source: Pinterest (@digsdigs.com)

Making a holy staircase is a creative way to remind you of the holy message behind Christmas. Simply decorate the banister with Christmas garland. Hang some socks in case Santa may appear in your holy staircase. After that, you can light up some electric candle lights, placed in beautiful acrylic containers. Put these lights on each stair rail to make your staircase fully blessed.

21. Blue and Gold Christmas Staircase

Blue and Gold Christmas Staircase
Source: Pinterest (@homeandheavens.com)

Suppose green and red are already boring to decorate the Christmas staircase, you can consider using blue and gold! Yes, blue and gold would be amazing for the new Christmas color this holiday! You can make a Christmas garland using gold and blue ribbons. Make sure you choose the wide ribbon with gold pattern and outline, giving an expensive look in your staircase.

22. Staircase Full Of Christmas Presents

Staircase Full Of Christmas Presents
Source: Pinterest (@homebunch.com)

Christmas is about sharing love and changing gifts. Based on that sweet fact, decorating your staircase at home for Christmas with lovely gift boxes would be an exciting idea. You can place gift boxes on the sides of your staircase from the first floor all the way up to the top. You can also add some artificial green Christmas ornaments that will add a more beautiful touch of Christmas to your house.

23. Luxurious Staircase Full Of Wreaths & Garlands

Luxurious Staircase Full Of Wreaths & Garlands
Source: Pinterest (@amara.com)

Everyone is dreaming of a white Christmas. So, instead of just enjoying the white Christms outdoors, why not bring the joy of white Christmas indoors, to your staircase to be exact? Decorate your staircase with white artificial green Christmas ornaments and hanging Christmas balls along the staircase rails. We believe that these decorations will make your Christmas celebration more exciting!

24. Tiny Christmas Houses On The Staircase

Tiny Christmas Houses On The Staircase
Source: Pinterest (@holidappy.com)

For those of you who prefer a more simple and modest staircase decorating ideas for the upcoming Christmas, then you might need to check this idea. It looks sweet and simple yet very meaningful because it includes cute ornaments of small Christmas houses that feature lights inside, creating a Christmas ambience that needs to be present inside any home. Place one small Christmas home on each staircase and decorate them with artificial snow and green ornaments. 

25. Brilliant White Christmas Staircase

Brilliant White Christmas Staircase
Source: Pinterest (@lights4fun.co.uk)

This one is one of the most festive staircase decorating ideas for Christmas. It includes white paper pom poms and silver hanging decorations that will make your Christmas a happy celebration for everyone in the family. Arrange white pom poms in different sizes all through the staircase rails and see how they can transform your staircase into the most festive Christmas elements at home.

26. Colorful Honeycomb Balls On The Staircase

Colorful Honeycomb Balls On The Staircase
Source: Pinterest (@blushandpearls.com)

If you want to add more colors to your staircase Christmas decorations, then you must try to check out these colorful honeycomb balls decorations for your staircase. It features honeycomb balls in different colors and sizes paired with artificial green Christmas ornaments that will make your staircase look charming this Christmas. 

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Final Thoughts

Decorating your staircase for Christmas is a great way to add to the festive spirit. With the right decorations, you can create an eye-catching display that will bring joy to you and your family. Hopefully, our staircase decorating ideas above will give you more insights this holiday season!

How Do You Decorate a Garland Staircase?

Well, it depends on your taste and preference. You can hang a festive garland or wreath at the top of the staircase. Or, place a series of cone-shaped ornaments along the banister railings. In addition don’t forget to hang festive ribbons, bows, and bells from the banister railings. Whether you want to hang garlands of evergreen, holly, or mistletoe along the banister railings, it’s up to you.

How Do You Decorate Your Stairs with Deco Mesh for Christmas?

Start by attaching a metal wreath hanger to the top of your staircase. Cut a length of deco mesh that is long enough to wrap around the entire staircase. Wrap the mesh around the staircase from top to bottom, tucking the ends under the stairs as you go. After that, secure the mesh at the bottom of the stairs with twist ties.

Moreover, add ribbon and other decorations to the mesh, such as pine cones, ornaments, and Christmas lights. You can also hang a large snowflake decor at the top of the staircase or place a few small decorations at the bottom of the stairs.

How Do You Put Ribbon and Deco Mesh on a Christmas Tree?

First, attach the ribbon to the top of the Christmas tree, looping it around the tree and securing it with a wire or ornament hook. After that, work your way down the tree, looping the ribbon in a spiral pattern and securing it as you go. Don’t forget to complete the tree with ornaments, lights and other decorations.

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