30 Cool Men’s Party Ideas Décor to Create Fantastic Birthday Party  

It’s time for a grown man’s birthday party, which means that you can serve the red wine, beer and fancy snacks at the party. However, there are plenty men’s party ideas décor that you can use as reference. Whether it is a male birthday party or just a surprise birthday, you will definitely need to know some of the best men’s party ideas décor.

Mens Party Ideas Decor
Mens Party Decor Ideas

If you have a big party coming up, we have some tips that will help you create a party to remember. From cool men’s birthday themes to romantic men’s birthday themes for husbands and boyfriends, we are here to help you celebrate the special moment in style.

Let’s take a look at our selected ideas below and get ready to be inspired!

BEST Men’s Party Ideas

The best men’s party ideas are limitless and it’s understandable if you find it challenging to decide the best one. To help you with that, check out the list of the coolest idea that we have created for you below.

Scroll down and be ready to be inspired!

1. Orchestra-themed Birthday Party

mens party ideas decor
Source: Instagram (@pianojordan)

Create a majestic birthday party by making orchestra as the main theme.

This is a theme that is perfect for a man who loves music, particularly orchestra music. Use silver and black as the color combo and use a grand piano as the centerpiece of the party. 

2. Black and Gold

Source: Instagram (@livsluxurydecor)

Getting older is a blessing. It means that your man has another journey around the sun to be the best version of him.

For that special man, a birthday needs to be celebrated in a special way. Use black and gold as the main color theme, and add hanging balloons with the same color to create an elegant decoration.

3. ‘Fight Club’ Birthday Party

mens party ideas decor
Source: Instagram (@gabrielaevents)

The Fight Club is probably one of men’s most favorite movies of all time.

If your man is a true fan, then you need to throw the ‘Fight Club’-themed birthday party for him. Create props with Brad Pitt and Edward Norton’s face on them and have silver and black balloons as decorations. 

4. Grown Man’s Club Birthday Party

mens party ideas decor
Source: Pinterest (@birthdaypartyideas)

A grown man enjoys a quiet and peaceful moment once a while, and we think it would be a great idea to make sure his birthday party is quiet and peaceful, at least for a minute or two.

Have minimum lighting and add classic-designed props to build the peaceful ambience.

5. Remy Martin-themed Party

mens party ideas decor
Source: Pinterest

Make sure your man’s birthday party perfectly describes his personality with everything he loves and enjoys.

If he enjoys Remy Martin, throw a party that has Remy Martin all over the decorations. He will enjoy the party for sure, and his friends will enjoy it even more.

6. Black and Gold Theme Party

Source: Pinterest (@Drižžy)

Black and gold men’s birthday theme is an ideal concept to celebrate their 50th birthday. Simply combine black, white, and gold balloons into a garland balloon that frames the white and black stripes background to create the main spot for the party.

In addition, pour some glitters in the “Happy Birthday” background for a luxurious touch.

7. Men Suit Background Decoration

Source: Pinterest (@pinterest.ru)

If you are looking for elegant grown man birthday ideas, then we can assure you that you need consider this ‘men in suit’ concept. The first thing you need to do is to create the men’s suit background with a bow tie and elegant balloon garland at one side.

Also, we suggest that you combine black, white, and silver glitter balloons to radiate the charm of one of the most elegant men’s party ideas décor.

8. Childhood Photo Collage for Initial Name Décor

Source: Pinterest (@catchmyparty.com)

Create an unforgettable men’s birthday surprise party with a unique photo collage as a birthday decoration for him. This men’s party idea comes with the initial letter shape of the birthday man.

Pick the best photos of the birthday boy and combine them together and turn them into a photo collage. Also, we think it will make a great photo booth, too!

9. Black and White Stripes Dining Party

Source: Pinterest (@Vilma Paguaga)

Create one of the fanciest men’s party ideas décor or theme with a unique dining party concept. To start with the decoration, décor all the chairs and tables with black and white stripes pattern. Decorate the vase in the center of the table with a complete suit.

In our opinion, it will be an ideal concept for a formal 30th or 40th birthday celebration.

10. Funny Face Birthday Man Decoration

Source: Pinterest (@tiktok.com)

Bring smiles to a surprise birthday with funny party themes for guys! Decorate the main stage with the birthday boy’s funny face and balloon garland to tell the world who the birthday boy is.

We also recommend you to put some childhood photos on the table in case one large banner is not enough. This is one of the coolest men’s party ideas ever!

11. The Amazing Spiderman Theme Party

Source: Pinterest (@catchmyparty.com)

Inspired by Spiderman the movie, this is one of the most heroic men’s party ideas décor for a superhero fan. The decoration combines blue and red as the main colors, which are the true colors of Spiderman.

You may want to put Spiderman figurines on the birthday cake and skyscraper pictures as table decoration as well. Use white background to show color contrast in each decoration.  

12. Blue and White ‘Mustache’-themed Party

Source: Pinterest (@austineventstudio.com)

Who says men’s party ideas décor has to be in dark colors? Birthday themes for guys can also be sweet and elegant with bright colors like blue and white.

Combine the soft baby blue and white balloons as garland decorations. Then, we suggest that you put bow tie curtains and a big mustache décor party as the focal point.

13. Glow LED Number Stand Birthday Décor

Mens Party Ideas Decor
Source: Pinterest (@pinterest)

Glow as a grown man with one of the coolest men’s party ideas décor. The concept of this décor idea is simply ‘playing with lights ornaments’ to have an extra charm.

You can put an LED birthday number stand with black, white, and gold balloon garland that will shine once the light is turned on in front of the black curtain.

14. Elegant Black and Purple Birthday Party

Source: Pinterest (@Villa Palermo)

Moving on to the next idea on our list, we really think that this is definitely the real grown man birthday concept.

The elegant men’s party décor idea utilizes big black and white curtains with a large bow tie with 3 black buttons as the men suit background. Put fancy decorations such as tea light candles and glass lamps, and it will be a perfect grown man’s birthday idea to celebrate 50th birthday.

15. Nike Sporty Men Party

Source: Instagram (@specialcreations_byadayg)

For all sporty men who need sport-related men’s party ideas décor, this concept will definitely be your favorite. Inspired by the famous sports brand, you can turn the birthday table into the Nike shoes box with the logo at the front.

Customize the logo with the birthday guy’s name, and create the merry vibes by giving a lot of black and red balloon garland.

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16. Blue and Silver Balloon Garland Party Decor

Source: Instagram (@ubuntu_decoracion)

In case you celebrate a birthday party at the restaurant, you need some recommendations on the attractive men’s birthday themes.

You can choose blue as the main color for the food display and the tablecloth instead of black. Then, complete the decoration with blue and metallic silver balloon garland for a fantastic look.

17. Whiskey Obsessed Party

Source: Instagram (@paperlove1)

Celebrate your 30th birthday or 40th birthday like a grown man with whiskey birthday themes. You can adorn the table with whiskey bottle decor and decorative balloons in black, white, and gold color.

In addition, it would be merrier to add wooden bottles and bars for a rustic and vintage look.

18. Luxurious Red Champagne Theme Party

Source: Instagram (@moments_event_design)

If you want to throw a luxurious men’s party idea for him, then you can choose the red champagne theme.

You can print vintage background décor to surprise your men after the red curtain is opened.

Decorate the background with a red, gold, black and white balloon garland for a lively birthday idea. For the main food display, you can put some cupcakes and several bottles of champagne to enjoy together.

19. Minimalist Gray Theme Birthday Party

Source: Instagram (@partycoutureuk)

Surprise your man with a romantic but minimalist birthday party. The first thing to do is to combine gray and white as the main color tones for elegant and clean decoration.

Then, put gold name decoration in the gray background as the focal point. Put some white flowers for a romantic touch and place the gray and white birthday cake in the low table. Adorable!

20. Abstract Golden Rainbow Background Décor

Source: Instagram (@partymood_mzt)

Bring colors to your man’s party ideas décor with abstract themes that will impress art lovers. However, we’re pretty sure you will need creativity and art skills to combine several shades of blue and red for making an impressive “Happy Birthday” background.

To make it more elegant and full of art, add gold glitter paint for a luxurious finish touch.

21. All White and Gold Dinner Party

Source: Instagram (@aiishablue.events)

Reminisce the good old times with a romantic birthday surprise for a special husband in your life.

We love this idea as this is one of the most elegant men’s party décor ideas since it’s all about white and gold decoration, showing your pure love in his mature age. Decorate the main stage with gold and white balloons, choose all white chairs and table cloths with white flowers in gold vase decorations.

22. Super Mario Theme Party

Source: Instagram (@jackyes_party_decor)

If your man’s favorite game is Super Mario, then you can bring back his childhood memories with the amazing concept. You should put Super Mario standees to welcome all the party guests.

For the main stage, choose the green grass like background with Super Mario theme garland balloons.

23. Rustic Men Party Décor

Source: Instagram (@mada_arte)

Celebrate your man’s birthday who loves nature in this rustic men’s party ideas décor. Use wooden log tables in several sizes for blue themed birthday cake and sweets displays.

Decorate the circle wooden background with blue balloon garland to show the birthday vibes and get blue flowers and succulents to add some greens to the look.

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24. Motor Racing Theme Party Décor

Source: Pinterest (@mimisdollhouse.com)

An appealing spot that all men just can’t resist, the men’s party idea décor is indeed all riders favorite place.

Inspired by F1 competition in motor racing themes, the men’s party idea features real motor-racing ornaments such as black and white checkered flag, a big tire, and even the winning podium. You can display all of your favorite sweets on the table, making the party merrier.

25. Casino Card Game Theme Party

Source: Instagram (@_ideaslopez)

Today is your day! Bring all your good fortune while playing casino in this concept. Use all black balloon garland for masculine birthday vibes. Decorate the garland with casino balloon décor, portraying 4 types of cards: clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades.

Make sure you don’t forget to place the king and ace card to show the real monarch at your birthday party.

26. Black and Silver Party

Source: Pinterest (@janyyfranco)

If all-black is just too dark for you, then you can mix it up with a touch of silver to make your party look more colorful yet elegant.

The combination of black and silver will never go out of style, and it will not make your party look too feminine as well although it has some elements of glitters and shimmers.

27. The Great Gatsby Party

Source: Pinterest (@eventundhochzeitblog)

Who doesn’t want to look like the Great Gatsby on his special celebration? You can create a party with the Great Gatsby theme and ask the guests to dress up as if they are in the 1920s and ready to have a wonderful party.

To apply this theme you can create a decoration that combines gold, black and sparkling white as the main colors. Don’t forget to add some bling, too!

28. Jack Daniel’s Birthday Party

Source: Pinterest (@pinterest)

Who doesn’t love Jack Daniels? Every man loves this legendary liquor and that is exactly why we think that it deserves to become the main theme of your party. Of course, you can’t just use Jack Daniels as the theme only, because you must also include the product for all of your guests, too.

Use vintage used barrels as the base for your tables or standing desks. Also, use wood and metal elements for maximum decorations.

29. Cuban-inspired Party

Source: Pinterest (@shawnayamamoto.com)

For a man who finally reached his 40s or even 50s, then having a tropical vacation is something to dream of. However, while waiting for the perfect moment to go to Cuba, why not create your own Cuban-inspired party at home?

Ask friends to come and dress as if they are having a fun time in Cuba and serve them cuban food and drinks.

30. Party Full of Cigars

Source: Pinterest (@Katie C)

People say that cigars are old men’s bestfriends. Well, we can’t argue on that, and we even suggest a party full of cigars for a special man who just turned 30, 40, or even 50! Let the party be full of various cigars for everyone to enjoy together.

As for the snacks, you might want to be creative in making cigar-like chocolate bars.

Final Thoughts

Parties are always fun! Whatever the special occasion might be, having a party will always be a great way to celebrate the moment. However, there are certain ways to throw an awesome men’s parties and one of the best ways is to create a special party décor or theme to make it more fun and memorable.

We hope you can find the best recommendations for your next party ideas from our list. From elegant to fun birthday décor ideas, we have it all and we believe you can find the best idea for you in no time!

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What should you do for your birthday men?

You can surprise them with cool mens party ideas decor that suit personality. If your man is a funny person, you can make a prank or hilarious twist for the surprise birthday.

Moreover, you can go romantic with flowers and all white and gold decorations. Or, if your man has a favorite superhero or hobby, then you can bring the theme for his birthday surprise.

What are good party themes for adults?

It depends on the personality of each person. For example, extroverts must love colorful and big birthday parties, whereas introverts prefer minimalist themes.

Moreover, both men and women have their own colors to express their personality for the birthday party. Women love more feminine and pastel colors such as pink and peach, while men prefer more masculine themes with black and golden colors.

How can you celebrate your husband’s birthday differently?

Try to surprise him with an unusual birthday theme. For example, if you used to simply say happy birthday only every year, then you should treat him like a king for this birthday.

You can take him for a romantic dinner with charming decorations to celebrate his birthday. Later, you can invite his friends to enjoy drinks together, making an amazing boys session.

How can you celebrate you boyfriends birthday at home?

You can use his favorite color or hobbies as the birthday decoration for him. For example, if his hobby is motor racing, then you can bring a motor racing theme for the men’s party idea as a surprise birthday.

In addition, you can invite his friends and families to celebrate his birthday together, showing he is blessed with so much love. At night, you can have intimate conversations together while enjoying his favorite drink.

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