25 Cocomelon Centerpieces Ideas for a Merrier Party

Are you planning a Cocomelon-themed birthday party for your children, family, or a friend? A Cocomelon-themed birthday party is certainly enjoyable and memorable for children. A Cocomelon background-themed snack and centerpiece idea can be used to decorate the venue. Decorating can sometimes unexpectedly cost a lot of money. However, there is always another alternative to accomplish things, and the same is relevant to party decorating. A fun party does not have to be pricey if we can discover a cheap alternative, such as DYI-ing. 

DIY-ing is a great solution to make your party amazing without costing you a lot of fortune. Even better, you can customize and go as creative as possible to create the party of your dream.  Say no more, since we’ll walk you through 20 Cocomelon centerpieces ideas for a more festive party that you can make yourself. Take a look at the list below!

1. Cocomelon and Friends Cake Centerpiece

Cocomelon Centerpieces Ideas
Source: pinterest (@Gourmet Goodies, Cupcake & Bake Shop)

Nothing brightens up a celebration like a colorful Cocomelon and Friends cake as the centerpiece. A cake makes a fantastic centerpiece because it can be shared by all of the children that come to enjoy the party. This idea can be achieved easily at home by baking a round-shaped cake and decorating it with a lovely cake topper with Cocomelon and friends’ pictures.

2. Cocomelon Colorful Cake Centerpieces

Cocomelon Centerpieces Ideas
Source: pinterest (@superideasparafiestas.com)

A colorful cake with happy birthday lettering and a Cocomelon cake topper will undoubtedly be the star and centerpiece of any child’s party. This Cocomelon centerpiece idea is unquestionably the one you should get for a Cocomelon-themed celebration. It can be placed on the table for everyone to enjoy later or placed on the main table. You can also add a candle in the middle to add more spark to the party.

3. 3D Cocomelon Centerpiece

Cocomelon Centerpieces Ideas
Source: pinterest (@watermelonbyg)

This centerpiece is a terrific personalized Cocomelon centerpieces concept. You can have the most unique and awesome 3D picture of Cocomelon and friends centerpieces by adding a customizable name of the kids who are having the party. It is also possible to recreate this idea as a place card for the guest which surely makes the guests feel special and definitely will brighten up their mood during the party.  

4. Cocomelon Foil Balloon

Cocomelon Centerpieces Ideas
Source: pinterest (@Judithdecorballoons)

A large standing balloon is also a terrific Cocomelon centerpiece idea for any Cocomelon theme celebration. To construct a standing balloon, you will need regular balloons for the base, a number foil balloon to represent the age, and a Cocomelon foil balloon to round out the look. Certainly enhances the look of the venue party and makes the children happier.

5. Cocomelon Table Centerpieces

Cocomelon Centerpieces Ideas
Source: pinterest (@Michele Fernandez)

An idea like a table centerpiece made of Cocomelon cutout and crinkle paper in the shape of a flower is an absolute pretty piece of a table centerpiece. It is a wonderful addition to a table and it is quite easy to make. It is indeed possible that all you need to do is print a Cocomelon picture on photo paper or any other paper that is thick enough and stable enough to stand still. Make the base by assembling some scrunched-up paper and Styrofoam, and then cut the edges of the Cocomelon printables.

6. Cocomelon Centerpiece Stage

Cocomelon Centerpieces Ideas
Source: pinterest (@Partylandia)

This is a splendid centerpiece that will undoubtedly enhance any children’s Cocomelon theme party and make them jump for joy. It’s a fantastic idea because you can display all of the available snacks while also creating a fantastic photo booth. To make this idea a reality, you may need several tube-shaped cardboard pieces that you can later stick with Cocomelon images. For the background, print a large piece of  Cocomelon image and stick it to a base. The base could be made of wood sheets, styrofoam, or any other sturdy material.

7. Pastel Cocomelon Cake

Source: pinterest (@Eclair Cake)

A combination of cake and balloon is surely a spotlight stealer. It is unique and amazingly beautiful, especially with a pastel color. This cake idea as a centerpiece is the one you can use as a reference when ordering a Cocomelon-theme cake. You can also add a printed Cocomelon picture as the cake topper. In addition, do not forget to add the number of the number age charm on the cake. 

8. Cocomelon Cupcake Toppers

Source: pinterest (@Brandie Chiasson)

Cupcakes make an excellent centerpiece for any party. Even better if you have a cupcake with rainbow frosting and a Cocomelon cupcake topper. It makes a tasty snack for the guests as well as a fun and cute centerpiece for the table. You can make your own cupcake topper by printing any Cocomelon images and cutting them into your desired shape. You can also get pre-made cupcake toppers available via an online marketplace. Once you’ve completed all of the cutting, simply place them on top of the cupcake.

9. Cocomelon-Shape Cake

Source: pinterest (@J@cky Pereira)

A cake in the shape of a Cocomelon makes for an adorable and impressive centerpiece idea. It is possible that children will eagerly want to gobble up the entire cake right away. This particular idea for a cake in the shape of a Cocomelon works wonderfully for placement on a table or on a display table.

10. Centerpieces in a Customized Cup

Source: pinterest (@etsy.com)

If you’re looking for an easy Cocomelon centerpieces idea, this centerpiece in a customizable cup is best suited. First and foremost, you might want to get a cup with the initials of your children, friends, or family. Then, using colorful craft paper, add dimension and volume to the inside of the cup. Then, print a Cocomelon-themed piece, cut it to shape, and simply attach it to the cup with a stick.

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11. Cocomelon Divider Centerpiece

Cocomelon Centerpieces Ideas
Source: pinterest (@kakicamaraweddings.com)

A table divider made of Cocomelon image would work wonderfully as a centerpiece for a table. This concept is also simple to put into action because you can make it easily by using styrofoam that can be easily accessible in many stores. In addition, it is practical because you can use it as a decoration but also as a divider to avoid children fighting over snacks or meals. 

12. Cocomelon Clay Cake  

Cocomelon Centerpieces Ideas
Source: pinterest (@Maria Hernandez)

If you’re throwing a Cocomelon-themed birthday party, a two-tier cake is an excellent centerpiece option. Later on, every guest at the table can also enjoy a piece of yummy cake during the party. You can also make a smaller size cake so you can distribute it on several tables. Undoubtedly it will make it not only a centerpiece but also a center of attention during the party.

13. Cocomelon Bus Centerpiece with Cup

Cocomelon Bus Centerpiece with Cup - p @etsy.com
Source: pinterest (@etsy.com)

This Cocomelon bus centerpiece is the ideal decoration for a party with a Cocomelon theme because it matches up the theme perfectly. You only need a cup, a stick, some printables of Cocomelon bus pictures, and some art paper in order to recreate this idea, which makes it incredibly simple to do so. You can also find premade Cocomelon printables or cake toppers available in marketplaces. 

14. Cocomelon and Animals Cake

Cocomelon and Animals Cake - p @Asheena Batra
Source: pinterest (@Asheena Batra)

Cocomelon and the animals are cute cake characters. It is also undeniably a tasty snack that can be shared with the other guests later on. A cake like this can be used as a centerpiece on each table or as a centerpiece on the main table where compliments and souvenirs are placed. This is definitely a great idea to make a table look more decorative and fun.

15. Cocomelon Balloon

Cocomelon Balloon - p @Essther Morquecho
Source: pinterest (@Essther Morquecho)

Flying Cocomelon balloons are also an excellent choice for a Cocomelon-themed centerpiece. It is very simple to make the entire party venue more entertaining. All you need is a foil Cocomelon balloon, which can be found in any e-commerce store. Then, to make it float, you need to fill it with nitrogen. To ensure that the balloon does not float away, tie it to a heavy object such as a piece of wood, a table, or a stone.

16. Cocomelon Standing Centerpieces

Cocomelon Standing Centerpieces - p @etsy.com
Source: pinterest (@etsy.com)

This standing Cocomelon decoration is a centerpiece that will make any table more colorful, fun, and festive. You can easily replicate this idea by getting a small box filled with a sponge or styrofoam as a base for the stick to stand on. Next, to make the box look fuller, you can decorate it with crumpled art paper. Then stick the Cocomelon and friends figure on top of it. For the last touch, you can add a ribbon around the box.

17. Cocomelon and Age Number Standing Centerpiece

Cocomelon and Age Number Standing Centerpiece - p @Nereida Huerta
Source: pinterest (@Nereida Huerta)

This is a cute and fun idea because you can use vibrant and contrasting colors to make this Cocomelon and age number standing centerpiece. For the base, cut a square of cardboard and fill it with shredded art paper in a bright color. Then, stick the age number made of wood, styrofoam, or cardboard, and finally, place a Cocomelon on top of it. You can add the initial letter of the person who is celebrating to make it even more personalized.

18. Cocomelon M&Ms Tube

Cocomelon M&Ms Tube - p @Jackie c
Source: pinterest (@Jackie c)

Children’s favorite snack is candy, and birthday parties are the day when they can eat more candies and chocolate. As a result, this Cocomelon M&Ms tube is a great way to make a party more fun. You can make little stickers for the Cocomelon theme by printing Cocomelon pictures on sticker paper. Because it is DIY, you can make as many Cocomelon stickers as you want and stick them wherever you want, such as in plastic cups, popcorn baskets, and so on.

19. Cocomelon Cake Pops

Cocomelon Cake Pops - p @Arisleidy Perez
Source: pinterest (@Arisleidy Perez)

A Cocomelon cake pop not only looks great as a table centerpiece but also works well as a party snack. Cocomelon cake pops’ small bite size makes them a tasty snack as well as a cute piece of decor. Another snack option that you can turn into Cocomelon-themed snacks is biscuits and cupcakes.  To turn these snacks into a centerpiece, you can place them on an acrylic cupcake stand. To find an acrylic stand, you can get it easily in a marketplace.

20. Mini Cocomelon Stands

Mini Cocomelon Stands - p @etsy.com
Source: pinterest (@etsy.com)

You should get this mini Cocomelon stand for a Cocomelon-themed decoration. It is extremely simple to make and does not require a lot of materials. You will only need a few pictures of Cocomelon and friends, and then you will need to cut them according to their edge, stick them onto a stick, and then attach it to the styrofoam base. 

21. Cocomelon Surprise Balls Centerpiece

Cocomelon Surprise Balls Centerpiece
Source: Pinterest (@m.youtube.com)

This Cocomelon centerpiece will be a wonderful surprise for the kids because you can turn the little balls inside the box into surprise balls. Prepare little gifts and write the name of the gifts on each ball, and ask the kids to pick one ball each to see the gift that they will get. Have this surprise centerpiece in all tables and see the excitement when they pick their surprise balls.

22. Cocomelon 3D Cake Topper with Buttons Shaker

Cocomelon 3D Cake Topper with Buttons Shaker
Source: Pinterest (@chixclusive.nl)

Little kids would love to play with this unique Cocomelon centerpiece that comes in the form of a cake topper with buttons shaker. Add some colorful buttons that kids can play with. Use the Cocomelon character as the frame of the shaker and add images of its other characters as decorations. You can also add the name of the birthday boy into the centerpiece to make it more personalized.

23. Wooden Box Cocomelon Centerpiece

Wooden Box Cocomelon Centerpiece
Source: Pinterest (@FoamelisPartyDecoreAndMore)

What is better than a wooden watermelon box to become a Cocomelon centerpiece at a special birthday celebration? This adorable wooden box comes as a base with adorable pins of Cocomelon characters on top. Put some shredded green art papers that look like grass inside the wooden box, and you can also add tiny toys inside to create an element of surprise.

24. Cocomelon Cake Pop Centerpiece

Cocomelon Cake Pop Centerpiece
Source: Pinterest (@Ashley Hogan)

Let’s make edible Cocomelon centerpieces! Try something different by creating a special edible Cocomelon Cake Pop centerpiece for a special birthday celebration. Make a cute round Cocomelon cake pop and put them in each seat so all kids can have one. Don’t forget to also add the little bug as part of the cake pop to make it look even cuter! 

25. Simple Cocomelon Centerpiece in Frame

Simple Cocomelon Centerpiece in Frame
Source: Pinterest (@Melissa Denzer)

This simple Cocomelon centerpiece is perfect for a sweet little girl’s birthday celebration who just turns 1. Ths sweet image looks simple and sweet in a white frame with a cute Cocomelon theme. To make the centerpiece looks more colorful, add some small accessories like a colorful rainbow with the little girl’s name and a cute art paper in the form of the iconic Cocomelon.

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How do you make a Cocomelon centerpiece?

There is no doubt that you will need a picture of a Cocomelon to make a Cocomelon centerpiece. Cocomelon images are easily accessible and free on the internet. You must then print it on paper. Any paper, including photo paper, will do the work. Next, to make your centerpiece sturdy enough to stand on a table, adhere it to a thicker material or any material that you prefer, such as a wooden stick, cardboard, or styrofoam. 

How do you make a Cocomelon centerpiece with a Cricut?

To print a Cocomelon centerpiece in a Cricut, first, find an image of a Cocomelon that you want to use as a decoration. You can then upload the image to Cricut Design Space. Next, place your material on the Cricut mat and place the mat in the Cricut machine to have it cut the design for you. When the process is complete, use tweezers to remove any excess material. Then you can use it for any Cocomelon centerpiece idea you have in mind.

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