25 Cute Cocomelon Cake for Your Lovely Little Ones

Cocomelon, the famous American Youtube channel, has become every child’s favorite entertainment today. Its colorful set and cute characters with playful music make this show so addictive and fun to watch. If your babies grow up with this show, they must be happy to celebrate their new age with Cocomelon birthday cake. In addition, Cocomelon cake ideas have become the trend for girls or boys to celebrate their birthday parties. Whether it is a Cocomelon cake with fondant toppers or one without fondant that utilizes buttercream and sugar flair to create colorful themes, those Cocomelon cake ideas will bring joy and happiness to your little ones. Hence, they can have an unforgettable birthday party with their favorite characters.

In case this is your first time celebrating your baby’s birthday with a specific theme, then you must need Cocomelon cake ideas for your inspiration. Let’s take a look at this article below, and you will get amazing insights for your lovely child’s Cocomeln birthday cake.

From the special Cocomelon cake for 1st birthday to the unique Cocomelon cake design with figurines, we guarantee that you will find the best Cocomelon cake ideas for your kids. Let’s jump to the list!

Why Is Cocomelon So Addictive?

The entertaining music and colorful set make Cocomelon attractive. In addition, its repetition of songs and cheers also stimulates the brain, making it so addictive. Transitions in Cocomelon are also similarly quick. Scenes are continually chopping and morphing in time to the music, offering small doses of dopamine that leave you feeling depleted while yearning for more.

BEST Cocomelon Cake Ideas

1. Rainbow Sugarflair Cocomelon Birthday Cake

Cocomelon Cake Ideas
Source: Instagram (@wyntercakes )

Celebrate your baby’s birthday with this rainbow sugar flair Cocomelon cake. In case you want a colorful cake without fondant, it will be one of the best Cocomelon cake ideas. You can use sugar flair in your buttercream to create a rainbow effect.

Your loved ones will be delighted to receive this custom birthday cake with the Cocomelon character toppers they love and enjoy! Be more playful by adding cake toppers of Cocomelon characters and your baby’s name with age to enliven the torte.

2. Baby JJ In The School Bus Cocomelon Cake

Cocomelon Cake Ideas
Source: Instagram (@ritusbakehouse )

If you are going to celebrate your baby’s 1st birthday, then this concept can be one of the most unique Cocomelon cake ideas. Inspired by JJ, who is driving the school bus at the top, this two layers cake will be appealing stuff for your baby.

Using fondant decor with vibrant colors, this cake will be a focal point at the party. Don’t forget to put the number candle at the top of the bus! You can also replace it with a topper that describes your baby’s age in case you worry the candle will mess up the cake.

3. Butterfly Cocomelon Drip Cake

Cocomelon Cake Ideas
Source: Instagram (@bakes_by_zainab )

Butterfly accents to Cocomelon cake ideas for girls will definitely match the vibes. You can use pink cake fondant for the base color. We also recommend adding a white cream drip effect to your cake for a tasty and appealing look.

Don’t forget to put colorful rainbow ornaments and also Cocomelon character cake toppers as the highlight. For the final touch, place some butterfly cake decorations on the sides. You can dust sprinkle on top of the cake board to infuse colorful tones.

4. Starry Sky Cocomelon Fondant One Layer Cake

Cocomelon Cake Ideas
Source: Instagram (@cakesandmuffinshouseke )

Bring JJ to play in the starry sky with this adorable Cocomelon cake. This is one of the cutest one-layer Cocomelon cake ideas you can try. Although only using one layer, you can utilize the fondant to liven up the decorations.

Create amazing stars, clouds, and rainbow from fondant and decorate the cake with Cocomelon toppers. You can also add personalized fondant names around the cake to draw a smile on your kid’s face. We highly encourage choosing different colors for the fondant if she loves cheerful shades.

5. Baby Blue Cocomelon Cake with Balls and Candy Cane

Cocomelon Cake Ideas
Source: Instagram (@bakedbykanyeen )

If you are looking for unique Cocomelon cake ideas for boys, then this baby blue theme is an excellent choice. The concept is to decorate the blue cake with blue color small balls and blue candy canes for an extra sweet look.

You can put the Cocomelon characters all over the cake. Whether the character is hiding between the balls or climbing the candy canes, it will be a fun cake to show. Also, remember to offer some toppers to highlight the Cocomelon theme and make the scene less plain.

6. Cocomelon Number Sheet Cake

Cocomelon Cake Ideas
Source: Instagram (@designs_by_lilit )

Mark your baby’s new age with a cute number sheet cake. Its large surface allows you to decorate the number sheet cake with plenty of Cocomelon cake toppers. You create your own Cocomelon set with its large surface.

This cake design will be one of the smartest Cocomelon cake ideas for those kids who love merrier decorations. All you need to do is to find bright-colored toppers to spark colorful vibes to the cake. You can start with adding Cocomelon characters and add some rainbow and watermelon fondants to it.

7. Cocomelon Buttercream Cake with Balloons

Cocomelon Cake Ideas
Source: Instagram (@sweetanddulce )

Simple but elegant, it is a perfect phrase to describe this cake. Suppose you don’t want too much fondant; you can frost the cake with soft pastel green buttercream. Put some fondant decorations for the rainbow on the front side and also the mini balls at the top.

And for the highlight, add the JJ and Cocomelon with balloon cake toppers to make this cake stand out. Remember to stick your baby’s name at the front with a golden shade to make a contrast to the background. You can also add cotton candy to create a fluffy cloud appeal.

8. JJ In Soccer Field Cocomelon Cake

Cocomelon Cake Ideas
Source: Instagram (@senhorglace )

As your baby boy may be inspired by JJ while playing soccer, then you can bring that scene into his birthday cake. Use the green fondant to cover all of the cake for the amazing soccer field. Make sure to design the penalty mark using white fondant to mimic an actual football pitch!

And for the topper, you can add fondant decor of JJ with a soccer ball, making it one of the most creative Cocomelon cake ideas for boys that recreate the real scene on the show. Oh! Don’t forget your kid’s name on the cake board for personalization!

9. Cocomelon Green Buttercream Cake

Cocomelon Cake Ideas
Source: Instagram (@conmieledesserts )

Surprise your kids with a big Cocomelon buttercream cake! It comes with a Cocomelon logo on top that is made from fondant. However, you can find alternating light and dark green buttercream all over the cake.

Though it looks simple, this is one of the most playful Cocomelon cake ideas, as your kids can joke by smearing their friend’s faces with a lot of buttercreams. You can leave room for personalization by replacing the Cocomelon writing with your kid’s name.

10. Baby JJ with Animals Cocomelon Cake

Cocomelon Cake Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@M Cake Creations )

Introduce your babies with types of animals in their Cocomelon cake. Create your own zoo in this cake with a pig, monkey, and elephant at the bottom of the green base. Meanwhile, you can put a JJ figurine on the top of the cake with some cute ducks.

Instead of adding his name on the tart, you better make the alphabet using fondant and arrange them vertically on the cake board. Also, stick the number on the cloud to show his birthday age. Your baby will amaze with this cake while learning the names of animals. It will be one of the most educational Cocomelon cake ideas ever.

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11. Flying to The Sky with Balloon Cocomelon Cake

Cocomelon Cake Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@celebrate-with-cake.com )

Let the Cocomelon and JJ celebrate your kids’ birthday in the sky with this cake. Adorn the sky blue cake with fondant clouds and a rainbow. At the top of the cake, place the JJ and Cocomelon fondant figure with some fondant balloons at their back.

It creates a wonderful scene as if they are going to fly with the balloons! Moreover, you can create his name with colorful cube fondants and arrange them in front of the cake. While having the “TWO” on the board is awesome, we recommend adding the “2” number between the rainbow to fill the blank space.

12. Cocomelon Glitter Golden Cake

Cocomelon Cake Ideas
Source: Instagram (@delicious__delightz )

If you want luxurious Cocomelon cake ideas, then you should use gold sugar sprinkles, like this two-layer cake. Decorate the rainbow fondant with some golden glitter accents before applying the fondant to the cake.

Don’t forget to put Cocomelon cake toppers on the first and second layers! You can replace the “LEGACY” with your baby’s nickname to a add personal value. It is a perfect cake to mark your kid’s 1st birthday, celebrating your baby’s golden age.

13. Cocomeon Cake with Figurines

Cocomelon Cake Ideas
Source: Instagram (@aifenthen )

Get your kids a delicious Cocomelon cake which is also fun to play with. This rounded birthday cake portrays the real shape of Cocomelon, making it attractive and charming. On the base of the cake, you can add Cocomelon character figurines, protecting the cake.

To make this awesome torte an effortless focal point, you can add a purple antenna on the Cocomelon main character. With this concept, your kids can enjoy a tasty cake while playing with the figurines. If you want to highlight your kid’s name, create fondant cubes to replace the figurines.

14. Cocomelon Sprinkles Cake

Cocomelon Cake Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Adriana Ramirez )

Do you want merry but affordable Cocomelon cake ideas without fondant? Well, try to pour a lot of rainbow sprinkles into your cake! This cake features a simple baby blue frosting cake to adorn the torte edge.

But the colorful sprinkles at the top and the bottom radiate their own charm. Don’t forget to put a birthday cake topper with Cocomelon characters at the highlight of this cake.  You can also add one more Cocomelon sticker at the front part to create a focal point.

15. Melting Swirl Candy Cocomelon Dripcake

Cocomelon Cake Ideas
Source: Instagram (@customcakesfaringdon )

Make your Cocomelon cake look tasty and appealing with colorful drip accents. Use the white fondant to cover the cake, creating a pure canvas for a lot of drip effects. Put the swirl candy at the top of the cake! Choose bright colors, like red, yellow, and green, to offer a vibrant scene.

Using the same tones as the candy, add the dripping effect as if the sweet melts, and let the drips touch the Cocomelon’s face at the front side. Furthermore, you can create a Cocomelon character using fondant and arrange it at the front for the highlight.

16. Pastel Tone Cocomelon Cake

Cocomelon Cake Ideas
Source: Instagram (@thegourmetcakecompany )

Suppose you are looking for calm tones for Cocomelon cake ideas; we recommend you use pastel colors for the rainbow. Use baby pink, light yellow, baby blue, and lavender colors for the rainbow frosting cake to enliven the torte.

The lovely color combination adds cheerful vibes but is not overwhelming. Put white fondant clouds in this two-layer cake to add some textures. Don’t forget to add some Cocomelon toppers for an elegant cake design!

17. Cocomelon Party Cake with Mini Cupcakes

Cocomelon Cake Ideas
Source: Instagram (@fresh_bakes_bakery )

Surprise your kids with this Cocomelon party cake to make them smile ear to ear. Not only one single birthday cake, but it also comes with additional mini cupcakes with Cocomelon cupcake toppers to share with their friends.

This is one of the best Cocomelon cake ideas in case your kids don’t want to enjoy the cake without ruining the main cake decoration yet. To make the setting even more appealing, you can arrange cake toppers for every cupcake and fondant-made characters for the main torte.

18. Cocomelon White Buttercream Sheet Cake

Cocomelon Cake Ideas
Source: Instagram (@lil_cakesandcreamery )

Get this lovely Cocomelon sheet cake for a sudden birthday celebration. This is one one the perfect Cocomelon cake ideas in case you don’t have too much time for decoration. Just order a white buttercream sheet cake with a Cocomelon topper on top.

For extra colors, use the rainbow choco chips in the fringe cake, and your Cocomelon cake is ready! You can also go beyond by adding “Happy Birthday” and your kid’s name as well as a candle that represents your baby’s age.

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19. Lollipop Magic Song Cocomelon Cake

Cocomelon Cake Ideas
Source: Instagram (@butterhabit )

As your kids fall in love with Cocomelon songs, you can create a fantasy musical Cocomelon theme for their birthday cake. Use colorful fondant to create the rainbow stairs, stars, school bus, and lollipop decorations.

For the main character, add the JJ figurine wearing headphones as if enjoying Cocomelon songs. Also, offer a candle to represent the birthday party. When you present this cake, don’t forget to play some Cocomelon songs to enhance the musical vibes.  

20. Cocomelon Rainbow Cake

Cocomelon Cake Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@sellfy.com )

In case the rainbow fondant is boring for Cocomelon cake, you can try to create the rainbow inside the cake! Put six thin layers in different colors for making a surprising rainbow cake once it is sliced. Frost the cake with white buttercream and some sprinkles.

At the top of the cake, you can put JJ and friends’ decorations. Don’t forget to add the happy birthday cake topper, making a great wish for Cocomelon fans! You can also opt for smaller toppers to give space for one that features your kid’s name and age.

21. Yellow Cocomelon Cake

Yellow Cocomelon Cake
Source: Pinterest (@instagram.com)

Is yellow your kid’s favorite color? If so, here is one of the best Cocomelon cake ideas just for your boy or girl! Little kids love stimulating colors, so this bright yellow cake will undoubtedly steal your child’s attention.

For the flavor, you can go with orange to train your toddler to get accustomed to the taste of fruit. Alternatively, go with rainbow filling for extra flair. Either way, the topper should feature your kids’ favorite adorable Cocomelon characters. The yellow Comelon cake is perfect for celebrating your kid’s first birthday.

22. Cocomelon Bus Cake

Cocomelon Bus Cake
Source: Pinterest (@Sumptuous Treats By Anna Yiu)

Previously, we had a Cocomelon cake with JJ riding the yellow bus as a topper. Now this time, the whole cake comes in the shape of a bus! The fun yellow bus will surely captivate your children’s attention. The kids will be excited to cut and eat this cake, thanks to its toy-like appearance.

Adorned with various Cocomelon characters, this yellow bus cake is something special. There are Ello, Boba, and other animal friends, riding along the bus. You can place the candle above the bus and next to the melon!

23. JJ and Animal Friends Cake

JJ and Animal Friends Cake
Source: Pinterest (@instagram.com)

Cocomelon is so addictive because it features a wide variety of characters. Of course, your kid would love JJ, the cheerful baby. However, his animal friends are also just as fun. Which animal is your kids’ favorite? In any case, incorporating the birthday cake with animal characters from Cocomelon is a great idea.

And here, we have a different variation of Cocomelon cake with JJ and animal friends. We have the figurine of Pepe, Ello, and Mochi sitting on the cake! And on top, there is JJ and an army of rubber duckies! The little statues can be made from a chocolates and cookies combination for edible decoration.

24. Cocomelon Cake with Lolipop Topper

Cocomelon Cake with Lolipop Topper
Source: Pinterest (@Nina Erdie)

Make your kid’s birthday extra sweet with Cocomelon cake topped with lollipops! Your child and his or her friends can enjoy the candy after they are done with the cake. A birthday party is a good occasion to go a little bit overboard!

Not just sweet, the candy also makes a good decoration that complements the cake design. JJ’s figurine would be a lot merrier when you stick some balloon-shaped lollipops. You can also add some rainbow candy canes for an extra splash of color.

25. JJ and Cocomelon Mascot Cake

JJ and Cocomelon Mascot Cake
Source: Pinterest (@chucakes.com)

Even though JJ is the main character, the Cocomelon mascot is just as adorable! The watermelon-shaped tv-like character has such an adorable design, loved by millions of kids. Hence, a birthday cake that combines the two characters would be super awesome!

You can have a Cocomelon-shaped cake as the base and JJ standing and waving on top. Creating the Cocomelon base would not be as difficult because you only need to play with your frosting. For JJ, you can have a figurine toy if it is too complicated to make. Don’t forget to add the ladybugs on the Cocomelon! The end result would be simple, yet your kid would absolutely adore it.

Final Thoughts

Cocomelon birthday cakes can be amazing ideas to pamper your kids in their most beautiful time of the year. Not only it celebrates their birthdays, but having Cocomelon cakes will enliven the happy moments you spend together. Instead of buying one, you can make your own to adorn the torte exactly like your kids prefer creatively.

We have some of the best Cocomelon cake ideas above, but if you are busy with your schedules, you can buy Cocomelon toppers for the first start. Then, opt for colorful sprinkles and buttercream to decorate the edge and introduce bright colors. We also recommend preparing fondant you can transform into Cocomelon characters. Don’t forget to add a candle to mark their birthdays!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How much is a Cocomelon cake?

The price will vary, depending on the materials and techniques used to make Cocomelon cake. The buttercream Cocomelon cake may cost up to USD 100-120 for 6-8 inches round. Meanwhile, your fondant Cocomelon cake costs higher than the buttercream one, USD 200-220 for a similar size. If you are looking for Cocomelon cake ideas, please check in the article above.

What ages is CoComelon for?

Cocomelon music videos are geared toward the very young, and they cover common preschool themes. However, it is recommended for those above 18 months. This is because watching the show will increase the baby’s screen time which will have a negative impact on those below 18 months.

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