25 Unique Christmas Tree Toppers for You to Try

Christmas is coming to town. You should start to think about your presents, house decoration, dinner’s menu, and not to forget your Christmas tree. It’s important to decorate your Christmas tree into something more unique and meaningful.  You may use your old tree topper but it will be too expected. Before it’s too late, we have 25 unique Christmas Tree Toppers recommendations for you to try. The right tree topper will make your family, friends, and neighbors envy your originality.

1. Rustic Rattan Star

Rustic Rattan Star

Almost everyone has a star ornament as their Christmas tree topper once in life and maybe, you grow up seeing that ordinary star in your parent house, too. But this Rustic Rattan Star is worth a try. The natural rattan ingredients will bring a fresh feeling to your tree. Moreover, the rustic look will make your tree look exceptionally unique. Turn on the lights to highlight your star.

2. LED Snowflake Projector

LED Snowflake Projector

You should add this LED Snowflake Projector tree topper to your cart now as it is selling fast. The snowflake shape might seem too basic and ordinary for your ideal unique Christmas tree but wait until you see all the snowflakes reflected in your room. This unique Christmas tree topper will be the extra touch to your extravagant Christmas tree. 

3. Star Wars Yoda Figurine

unique christmas tree toppers

Star Wars fans and collectors will not miss the Yoda figurine to be the center of attention in this holiday. This unique figurine Christmas tree topper comes with Santa’s clothes and hat to fit in the Christmas celebration. Placing a Yoda figurine on the top of your tree will be your unique way to show your love as a fan.

4. Papyrus Origami

unique christmas tree toppers

Never thought Papyrus origami paper can go on top of your Christmas tree? It is fortunate for you to know this object before your shopping time. This unique Christmas tree topper is handmade craft which adds elegance to your tree by its premium embossed surface texture. You can choose the suitable size of three options available that match your tree size.

5. Hogwarts Castle

Hogwarts Castle

Harry Potter theme for your Christmas tree will be magical. Decorate your tree with the wizard world ornaments and highlight it with Hogwarts Castle tree topper. This unique tree topper object not only shines with beautiful light, but also plays Hedwig’s Theme music when you turn it on. Get ready to be the talk of the town this Christmas.

6. Rotating Reindeer Carousel

Rotating Reindeer Carousel

Have you tried any moving object as your Christmas tree topper? This Rotating Reindeer Carousel will be the perfect choice for your first try. True to its name, this tree topper will spin around on the top of your tree. Everyone will flood you with amazement remarks for your tree topper’s unique features they never thought about before.

7. Snowman Hugger

Snowman Hugger

You know that Olaf loves hugs and so does this Snowman Hugger tree topper. He will not just plainly sit on your tree, you can flexibly pose him anyway you want since he has iron wire arms when you place him on the top of your Christmas tree. This tree topper will be different from any doll used as a tree topper in your neighborhood.

8. Clown Crown

unique christmas tree toppers

This small but impact-full Clown Crown should be your Christmas tree topper this year. The beautiful crown is fully handmade and surrounded with chandelier crystal that shows off its luxury look. You can also consider this unique tree topper as a gift for your loved one and make them feel special. 

9. Vintage Blown Glass

unique christmas tree toppers

Blown glass collector will be ecstatic to get this Vintage Blown Glass as their Christmas tree topper. The engraved glass comes all the way from Egypt. The red color states it’s Christmas spirit and will blend naturally with your decoration. You can add your blown glass collection on your tree and make it merrier. This unique Christmas tree topper will uniquely differentiate your Christmas tree from any others.

10. Santa Yarn Hat

Santa Yarn Hat

Forget about the traditional Santa hat on the top of your Christmas tree and get this Santa Yarn Hat as your tree topper. If you want to go with a basic Christmas theme but add a unique touch, this yarn hat tree topper will be the answer. The big yarn will give a fluffy and warm feeling that will match the Christmas holiday vibe. 

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11. Personalized Family Name Wire

unique christmas tree toppers

Personalized Family Name Wire tree topper that sits on your Christmas tree will bring warmth to every family member’s heart. The wire tree topper is made from the strong stainless wire that will represent the strong bond of your family ties. It is the perfect choice for any Christmas tree size.

12. Planet Lollipops

unique christmas tree toppers

Enough about the usual snowflake and angel upon your Christmas tree and build a galaxy with these Planet Lollipops. You will get a colorful solar system set, from Sun to Pluto. Make them into a bouquet of candies and place them on the top of your Christmas tree as a unique tree topper.

13. Red Letter Mailbox

unique christmas tree toppers

The Red Letter Mailbox as your Christmas tree topper can add new tradition to your family and friends Christmas party besides exchanging presents. You can secretly send your grateful messages, love confession and heartfelt letters to your loved ones. It can lead into guessing game after reading the letters. People will compliment your unique choice to liven up the festive mood.

14. Farmhouse Barn

unique christmas tree toppers

The simple Farmhouse Barn tree topper will come and save your day for your country Christmas theme. The corrugated metal roof will emphasize its rustic and country accent that completes your Christmas tree as a whole. You can place suitable ornaments surrounding the tree topper like animal miniatures to get it livelier. 

15. Nose Dive Elf

unique christmas tree toppers

If you have the Santa, Snowman, and Angel tree topper already, why don’t you try to get the Nose Dive Elf tree topper now? This unique tree topper will show your funny side to enlighten the Christmas celebration. Since other tree toppers usually focus on their upside appearance, this tree topper will differentiate itself by focusing on the Elf’s legs.

16. Hand-Painted Ceramic

unique christmas tree toppers

Tree on tree! Let’s try something new by using this Hand-Painted Ceramic table top as your Christmas tree topper. You will be the only one that comes up with this creative idea for your Christmas tree. 

17. Scarecrow Hat

unique christmas tree toppers

Another unique ornament is coming to you. Try this Scarecrow Hat Christmas tree topper as finishing touch for your country theme for Christmas. The single sunflower, which sits on the bottom of the hat, adds adequate sweetness to the scary image of scarecrow to match the Christmas atmosphere. 

18. Wreath with Candles

Wreath with Candles

Vintage objects like Wreath with Candles Christmas tree topper can also emit a trendy look. This tree topper can bring you back to your art crafting activity in school years ago. Such nostalgia, right? The three candles inside will light up together with the wreath. They give you a peaceful feeling that is well suited to Christmas eve.

19. HMS Victory Model Ship

unique christmas tree toppers

The one of oldest naval ships HMS Victory Model Ship tree topper will be the greatest ornament to be placed on history buff’s Christmas tree. You can leisurely hang the magnificent model ship on the top of your tree. You can also share a snippet of its history before everyone opens their Christmas presents.

20. Crystal Star

Crystal Star

We save another unique tree topper especially for you. This 8-pointed Crystal Star with mosaic design will be your favorite of all classic star-shaped Christmas tree toppers. The multi color lights shine through the mosaic crystal and create a glamorous aura for your Christmas tree. 

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21. Angel Teddy Bear

Angel Teddy Bear

What if the angel Christmas tree topper comes in the form of a cute bear? Angel Teddy Bear tree topper will be out of the ordinary. No more angels with wide wings and dress on your Christmas tree. Your animal lover friends may try to bring it home with them, so keep your eyes on it. You don’t want to lose the unique object, do you?

22. Bird House

unique christmas tree toppers

Bird House tree topper is the right option for you who wants to revive the nature and wildlife ambiance into your Christmas tree. You can decorate the tree with other earthy ornaments like pine-cone or woody crafts to support the bird house as center of attention. The additional bird sounds in the background will be your sense of artistry to bring nature to the room.

23. Metal Deer

unique christmas tree toppers

The Metal Deer tree topper looks effortlessly beautiful with the carving all around its edges as the embodiment of simplicity at its best. The gold color emphasizes the elegance of carved metal on the top of your Christmas tree. By the nature of metal, this tree topper will have an excellent longevity. You can save this to be your family treasure into the Christmas tree decorating tradition. 

24. Personalized Photo Frame

unique christmas tree toppers

Christmas is often associated with family time, they become a set that cannot be separated. That’s why the idea of displaying your family photo with a Personalized Photo Frame on the top of the Christmas tree would be brilliant. Think about the words to be engraved that are suitable with your family photos. It will be memorable for you and your family.

25. Personalized Memorial Angel

Personalised Memorial Angel

Remember your loved ones who are no longer around to celebrate Christmas with you with this Personalized Memorial Angel. Let the memories of spending Christmas together refreshed by looking up to your personalized tree topper. No more sadness in remembering them, and bringing smiles to everyone’s face. This unique object will show how much love you have for them forever.

Latest Post:

Star tree topper will be the answer since it goes well with basic Christmas decoration and any kind of Christmas theme you choose. But to make it different and unique, you should try rustic rattan star or crystal star.

How do I choose a tree topper?

Pick the most suitable object to your Christmas theme this year. Going all out with the Harry Potter theme and placing the Hogwarts Castle tree topper on the top will be wonderful. The photo frame tree topper and star tree topper, either the rustic rattan star or crystal star, will never go wrong with any theme to cease your worry.

What are the 2 most popular objects to go on top of Christmas trees?

Based on its sold numbers and reviews, LED Snowflake Projector and Personalized Family Name Wire are the most popular objects as unique Christmas tree toppers. We recommend you to hurry before all of them are sold out.

Do you put the tree topper first or last?

Place the unique Christmas tree topper last to give you a more satisfactory feeling of finishing the Christmas tree decorating activity. You can give the honor of putting the object to your loved ones and make it a more meaningful Christmas.

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