25 Cocomelon Cupcakes Ideas for Children Party

Parents with toddlers must have heard about Cocomelon. Well, who doesn’t know about the famous Cocomelon YouTube channel? Cocomelon is a YouTube channel that provides nursery rhymes and songs for children. In 2021, it became one of the most-watched channels in the United States and the world, second only to T-Series. Due to its popularity, Cocomelon has become a great inspiration for children’s parties, which may also apply to party decor and snacks, too. When it comes to children’s parties, it won’t be complete without cupcakes, and Cocomelon Cupcakes ideas are being hunted by parents who are planning a party for their children.

The channel itself has several characters, ranging from adults, babies, and animals interacting together in daily life. Of course, the notable characters include Cocomelon, the smiling watermelon who appears at the beginning of the video. These characters become an inspiration for room decoration, and party décor and even rise to the idea of Cocomelon cupcakes, which is one of the most popular desserts.

If you are looking for some Cocomelon cupcake ideas, you are in the right place!

AMAZING Cocomelon Cupcakes Ideas

1. Cocomelon Royal Icing

Source: Pinterest (@Leigh Ann Jarman)

Having icing as a cupcake topper, especially with Cocomelon themes, can be tricky if you intend to do cupcakes DIY projects by yourself. But if you are a beginner in baking and cake ideas stuff, you can make it easier by having Cocomelon royal icing sent to you.

All you need to do is to prepare the cupcakes, have a little bit of buttercream on top of them, and put the icing on the cupcake. The round shape would cover the buttercream, so you don’t have to worry about the mess. Now, arrange the cupcakes on the standing tower to make them look appealing to your kids.

2. Cocomelon Cake Topper

Source: Pinterest (@Maggie’s Sweets)

Another decoration you can do for your Cocomelon cupcakes is to have a Cocomelon cake topper to be part of the decoration. This Cocomelon cake topper is fantastic if you want to show a colorful party décor with the various cupcakes colors. Not only can you place it for the cupcakes, but you can also have it for snacks display décor, too. 

We recommend buying some toppers with various characters. Then, put each on the cupcake based on their colors. You can also make a contrast if you want. But if you celebrate your kid’s birthday, it will be best to match similar tones to introduce them to colors. To wrap it up, arrange the cupcakes on the cake holder.

3. Cocomelon Fondant

Source: Pinterest (@Whisk&Whip™ by: dyren)

Fondant is another type of decoration used by bakers to decorate cakes. It is often used to have that smooth and neat surface on a cake. You can have the fondant as your cupcake toppers, too, by having the Cocomelon printed fondant. Besides, it is edible and has a sweet taste the kids must’ve loved!

You can have it printed on A4 size fondant sheet or you can request it to be pre-cut, for efficiency. Though some kids love specific characters in Cocomelon, we think it will be nice to have several ones to make the cupcakes set look vibrant. To make it more personal, request personalization by adding your kid’s name and age to decorate the cupcakes.

4. Edible Wafer Topper

Cocomelon Cupcakes Ideas
Edible Wafer Topper

Similar to the royal icing, the Cocomelon wafer topper is also one of the options you can have for making your Cocomelon cupcakes come to life. The wafer topper is thinner and is made from starch. Thus, it is far lighter and suitable for extra buttercream since the wafer doesn’t add sugar level to the cupcakes. 

This idea is so simple and handy for those busy mommies who don’t have time to bake their kids’ birthday cakes. You can buy cupcakes with cream on top, then add the wafer topper. But make sure to put the topper alternately to create an amazing contrast with one another.

5. Your Own Fondant Toppers

Source: Instagram (@bake.patisserie)

A great option if you want to have cupcakes is to make the topper on your own. While you can’t make fondant from scratch, you can make it from a basic white fondant and add color to your liking. This idea is also good if you want to have a toddler party where the guests can make their own Cocomelon cupcake toppers. 

Just prepare white fondant and food colorant. You can also provide cute molds for the kids to creatively make their own fondant toppers and star-shaped sprinkles as decorations. And, of course, don’t forget about cupcakes with buttercream on top so that the kids can put the topper easily on the cakes.

6. White Topper Base

Source: Instagram (@mysdeluxecakes)

A 4A size Cocomelon fondant usually comes as a whole, meaning you should cut it yourself. Just in case this is happening to you, or you simply want to use a basic white fondant as a base decoration for your Cocomelon cupcakes, don’t panic!

You need to cut it into the same size neatly. Be creative and use a cookie cutter to achieve the same size for your cupcake design. Next, put the fondant on top of the cupcake alternately. This method will make the cupcake arrangement more exciting for the kids! We also recommend having the cupcakes on the cake holder to make it eye-catching.

7. Green Buttercream Base

Green Buttercream Base

Every watermelon (hence the Cocomelon logo) needs something green, to begin with. You might have the toppers, but it can be more than that, too. Have the buttercream colored green, and use some decoration tips to décor the cupcakes.

Moreover, you can be creative and use every type of tip you have for buttercream. This idea is also perfect for those kids who don’t love other characters other than Cocomelons. To make the setting pleasant for the kids, you can arrange them on the cupcake tower. Then, add some colorful sprinkles on top. But that’s only an option!

8. Cocomelon Animal Toppers

Source: Instagram (@cakesonvalley)

As we follow the Cocomelon series, we are also introduced to the animal characters between the songs. These animal characters could have some recognition in your cake ideas, too, you know.

The animals could be an additional topper to add more variation to the characters presented on your cupcakes. Besides, we think you can add sprinkles on the buttercream to make the cupcakes look yummier! To have such a look, check out these Cocomelon animal toppers with various characters!

9. 3D Figurines Topper

Source: Instagram (@handmade.samira)

If a flat fondant or 2-dimensional toppers sound mainstream to you, you can try new cake ideas by having a 3D Cocomelon figurine sit as the cupcake toppers. The figurines may not be edible. However, it is a great option if you don’t want too much sugar intake in your Cocomelon cupcakes ideas but still want to have the theme for party décor anyway.

All you need to do to complete the cake arrangement is to prepare the base fondant. You can choose whatever color you love, but in our opinion, green will be the best pick as the color describes the Cocomelon theme perfectly. After that, put the fondant on top of your cupcake to allow the figurines to sit.

10. Personalized Name on Fondant

Source: Instagram (@house.ofcakes13)

Aside from the printed fondant you can have, you can be more creative with the fondant, too. Especially when it is your kids’ birthday, or you want to give the cupcake as a gift for another kid, have it personalized?

Print their name (and their birthday ages) on the fondant cupcake toppers with alphabet letter stamps. Having their name customized on the cupcake would mean so much to them. Then, decorate the edge with sprinkles or fondant you made into pearl-like shapes. As for the base, you better choose green colors to highlight the Cocomelon vibes.

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11. Watermelon Gummy Décor

Source: Instagram (@joelle_jacobs)

Just in case you have a sweet tooth, adding additional sweets on top of the cupcakes will be a good idea. Now we know that Cocomelon is a watermelon-inspired logo (hence the name), why don’t they have the cupcakes with watermelon toppings instead?

To do that, you would need the watermelon slices gummy to add as the topping. You can also have sprinkles on top to adorn the cupcakes and pamper your sweet tooth even more! But we highly recommend not making the cupcakes too sweet. Otherwise, you will feel sick when eating them all at once with the toppings.

12. Rainbow Topper

Source: Instagram (@nancy_party)

Another part of the Cocomelon channel that everyone would notice is that the Cocomelon writing is written in rainbow colors. Apart from the characters, we can use rainbow toppers to add, making the cupcakes rainbow-colored. After all, a child’s party décor won’t be complete without some rainbow, right? 

You can be more playful with colors by adding different tones for each cupcake. To not dump the green tone aside, we strongly suggest you include green in every blend of the buttercream. Next, add the Cocomelon characters and rainbow toppers for the finishing touch.

13. Green Cupcake Paper

Green Cupcake Paper
Source: Instagram (@gvbakeland)

When you are about to go all out for Cocomelon cupcakes ideas, it is best not to only focus on the toppers and cupcakes icing. While we are at it, we might as well pay attention to some other details, like the cupcake paper.

We know that the Cocomelon logo is dominated by green, so the best move is to have the cupcakes baked on green cupcake paper, especially if your buttercream icing goes green too. To make it a top-notch arrangement, you can put these cupcakes around the birthday cake with Cocomelo characters toppers as decorations.

14. Number Cupcake Arrangement

Number Cupcake Arrangement
Source: Pinterest (@Cakes by LaQuishia LLC 🧁)

However good the cupcake decoration is, it might go to waste if it is not in proper arrangement. Especially for a birthday occasion, you might want to try arranging the cupcakes for your kid’s birthday age. Having to do it with cupcakes might be easier.

When you use a whole cake, you want to have the number decorated on top of the cake, or you need to cut the cake accordingly, and that would cause you a lot of mess. With cupcakes, you can simply arrange them to form the number representing your kid’s age with colorful tones of the buttercream she will love.

15. Rainbow Buttercream

Rainbow Buttercream
Source: Instagram (@sweet.bs.bakery)

We’ve known earlier that the Cocomelon logo comes as a watermelon. If you want something more creative, you can play with the colors of the cupcake. Have the color yellow, pink, and green mixed in a piping bag.

Next, add the colors glide as you pour them into the cupcakes. This works great either you want to add more toppers or let it be as such. Either way, you still have your cupcakes watermelon colored. To spice them up a bit, it is always better to add Cocomelon character toppers!

16. Watermelon Cocomelon

Watermelon Cocomelon
Source: Instagram (@haifas_delights)

Mixing three colors of buttercream might be tricky, and if you are not careful enough, the color might not glide smoothly. However, if you still want to have that cupcake watermelon themed, you can still have the Cocomelon cupcakes ideas by having the green and pink colors go separately.

You can separate the two colors with a piece of fondant and have the pink buttercream decorated with chocolate sprinkles. Then, arrange them alternately to create a stunning contrast. If you don’t have a cake holder, you can simply arrange them on a white box or white plate.

17. Buttercream Toppers Frame

Buttercream Toppers Frame
Source: Instagram (@nabiladelights)

Sometimes, adding the toppers on the top of the cupcakes feels mainstream. It is supposed to go on the top alright, but you can have fun and try framing the character in the toppers with green buttercream.

Not only does that serve some creative media-framed character, but your cupcakes would have a neat appearance. If you think that all green is too much, you can have yellow or orange ones to balance the set. Besides, those colors add vibrant contrasts to your cupcakes. Just make sure you arrange them alternately.

18. Other Than Green Cocomelon

Other than Green Cocomelon
Source: Instagram (@mashadesserts)

Have you ever imagined that a Cocomelon is not a watermelon? Try some fun Cocomelon cupcakes by having another color go with the Cocomelon face. Cocomelon looks cute in green, alright, but who knows if it goes well with other colors, too?

You can do this idea while having a cupcake DIY activity with the children, too. Instead of green, choose blue and white tones to blend and create an amazing sky-like color. Then, add sprinkles before putting the Cocomelon face fondant or topper on each cupcake. We’d also recommend having different color combos to make a colorful arrangement.

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19. DIY Fondant Rainbow

DIY Fondant Rainbow
Source: Instagram (@andreas_bakes_and_cakes)

Some other fun Cocomelon cupcake ideas to try in cupcake DIY activities is to make the cupcake toppers together, too, such as this cupcake rainbow made of fondant. The children can have good teamwork together in coloring different fondant cupcakes colors and assembling them together to make the topper.

And as parents, you can do your job by preparing all the materials to have this fun activity. You can bake your own cupcakes and add the buttercream. Or, you may allow the kids to do it by themselves; just prepare the plastic, cream, and food-grade colorants. Don’t forget about the box to arrange the cupcakes once they have finished decorating.

20. All Green Cupcakes

All Green Cupcakes
Source: Instagram (@eclatqtr)

When green buttercream and green cupcake papers go well together, make the ultimate move by having the batter to be green too. It is a bold move, indeed, and the result might come out unexpectedly.

But when it goes well, you will have the prettiest color for your Cocomelon cupcakes ideas. Just make sure the food coloring agent is safe for kids. You can also introduce other accents and colors by adding toppers of Cocomelon characters. Besides, this decor will make the cupcakes eye-catching for the kids.

21. Colorful Cupcakes with Custom Cocomelon Topper

Colorful Cupcakes with Custom Cocomelon Topper
Source: Pinterest (@Kriszia Pavón)

Create a special cupcake topper for your little one’s birthday cakes! You can do it by having a custom cupcake topper that includes your little one’s name and also an image of his favorite Cocomelon character.

For the cake, prepare your buttercream in three bright and fun colors that include Red, Blue, and Yellow. Then, arrange them based on the color or alternately, as you wish. Without a doubt, these cupcakes will definitely become the stars of the party, and all kids will be thrilled to taste them. 

22. Sparkles with Round Watermelon Topper

Sparkles with Round Watermelon Topper
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

This sweet-looking cupcake will definitely make any birthday party more memorable. It is so easy to recreate. Bake a chocolate cupcake, have white vanilla buttercream, and add some colorful sparkles on top of the buttercream.

As the final touch, add this super cute watermelon cupcake topper that comes in a watermelon pattern with the name of the happy birthday boy on it for personalization. This one is one of the super adorable Cocomelon cupcakes ideas, and we believe it’s going to be yummy, too!

23. Green and White Cocomelon Cupcakes

Green and White Cocomelon Cupcakes
Source: Pinterest (@Amanda Moore)

These custom-made cupcakes are the perfect cakes for a special 2-year-old who is about to celebrate her birthday! Create a box of 12 cupcakes with a Cocomelon-themed fondant, and she will be the happiest daughter for the day!

You can collect some of the most adorable images from the famous program and turn them into adorable fondants to decorate your cupcakes. Consider adding soft yellow buttercream, as the color does not overpower the topping character. Then, make one fondant base with your daughter’s name for personalization. Your little one will be super excited and just can’t wait to taste each of them.

24. Dancing Cocomelon Cupcake Toppers

Dancing Cocomelon Cupcake Toppers
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

If you are looking for fun and cheerful-themed cupcakes, these ones are perfect! The cupcakes are pretty easy to make, and you will need one type of buttercream only. Add some sparkles on top and put Cocomelon toppers in the form of the program’s characters who are in dancing poses.

Place the toppers a little bit higher than normal, and see how they will look as if they are celebrating the special birthday by dancing all the way! Next, you can arrange them on a long white plate alternately and serve these cute cupcakes as a birthday cake.

25. Colorful Buttercream with Cocomelon Toppers

Colorful Buttercream with Cocomelon Toppers
Source: Pinterest (@Marita’s cake)

Colorful buttercream will always look cute, making it one of the most favorite types of cupcakes for children’s birthday parties. Put some adorable colors and mix them together until they make a wonderful buttercream.

Once you have your cupcakes ready, add the buttercream. And for the final touch, place Cocomelon toppers in full colors, and voila! Your adorable Cocomelon cupcakes are ready to serve. To create a dramatic arrangement, you can put the cupcakes on the cupcake tower with a candle on the very top.

Final Thoughts

If you want to throw a birthday party with a Cocomelon theme but don’t want to deal with a messy kitchen, cupcakes are your best bet! You can simply decorate the cakes with Cocomelon character toppers to please your kids. In case you don’t find the favorite character your kids love, you can make them yourself with fondant. Easy peasy!

In addition, the buttercream is also helpful in creating an amazing rainbow affect as decorations. We highly recommend having a cake tower or standing cake holder to arrange the cupcakes, making them even more representable in your kids’ birthday party.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why are they called cupcakes?

Cupcakes, either named as such because it is made in a size of a small cup or named because it is baked in a cup-sized tin, all means that it is a small cake.

The idea of having a small cake sounds more practical since one cupcake serving is enough for one person. Also, having cupcakes avoids more mess from cutting a whole cake. Since cupcakes are usually baked in thin paper cups, decorating the sides might be hard, so the frosting usually focuses on the top of the cake. 

What kind of Cocomelon cupcakes do people like?

In having Cocomelon cupcakes, people might like the smart design and be pleased to eat the whole decorations. So, it is suggested to have edible decorations on cupcakes.

Another thing, people like is surprises. To do this, you might want to have something unusual but still related to the theme. Having a watermelon gummy or candies adds that surprise factor to the cakes. 

How do you describe Cocomelon cupcakes?

Cocomelon cupcakes should be sweet and pleasing to the eyes. Many people have different preferences on how a Cocomelon cupcake should be. One might say having a printable topper is enough to make the Cocomelon theme.

Others might prefer the attention to the detail, such as the colors, the different shades of the green Cocomelon logo, and the various characters present in the decoration. 

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