Creative Tips: How To Celebrate a Birthday When Sick?

Colds on birthdays are a sad thing. Some people may want to gather with family and friends, but they are afraid of spreading the virus to others. Don’t let your special day be wasted without fun activities to do because of sickness! Today, this post pandemic era allows you to do amazing things from home. Hosting a virtual party and games is the new normal you should try. In addition, it can be a great birthday surprise option if you still want to celebrate your birthday.

Let’s take a look at some brilliant ideas for birthday parties when having a cold in the article below. Make a memorable birthday party and fun activities that will cheer both the birthday person and the guests. Just pick one of the best ideas below to light up your birthday! Let’s check this out!

1. Join Virtual Tour

In case you need to cancel your trip on your birthday, then we’ve got the perfect solution! Gather a few virtual tours to see the world, a perfect vacation for sick people who can’t go anywhere. Explore places you have always wanted to visit. In addition, you don’t need a passport for this trip!

2. Take A Virtual Photoshoot

Take A Virtual Photoshoot

Mark your special day while sick by taking a virtual photoshoot. In a virtual photoshoot, the photographer is not just on the other side of the lens but is also on the other end of your phone, so the photo session takes place in the comfort of your own home. This is a comfortable option to capture your new age when you are sick.

3. Karaoke Day at Home

Just because you need to stay at home doesn’t mean you can’t have a lively birthday celebration. If your condition makes you can’t go out, you can set up a home karaoke and sing along during your birthday. Choose your favorite music and song to light up your special day.

4. Create DIY Craft

Don’t let the sickness ruin your mood on your special day. Release your stress of a canceled birthday party by making DIY craft at home. Making things makes you happy, healthy, and creative. Try to do knitting, painting, or even origami. When you are content, healthy, and not under stress, you will recover fast.

5. Play Outdoor Games

If you can’t cancel your birthday party while having a little cough and cold, then you can arrange social distancing games with your friends. Choose a large backyard to play some birthday games outdoors. This is a great way to still celebrate your birthday when you’re sick in a fun way.

6. Online Birthday Party

If you can’t meet your friends because you are sick, then you can host a virtual party. Use skype or other social media to network with your pals. For birthday meals, you can order them pizza and drinks delivered to their homes so they can enjoy it together at your online party. 

7. Late Birthday Surprise 

Make your birthday special by celebrating it after you are fully recovered. Especially when you are hospitalized, all you need is a rest instead of throwing a party. So, you can create a late birthday surprise as well as celebrating the day you were discharged from the hospital.

8. Order Pizza To Your Home

A box of pizza is a simple birthday celebration you can do while you are sick. You can use pizza delivery to your home in case you can’t go to restaurants to celebrate your birthday. Don’t forget to request special greetings on the top of pizza with ketchup! 

9. Prepare A Fruit and Vitamin Wreath

Make a DIY fruit and vitamin wreath to celebrate your birthday while you are sick. Besides making a memorable activity to do on your birthday, you can get the benefit of nutritious food.. Put the wreath as a room decor that will remind you to take those nutritious foods regularly.

10. Record A Video For Friends

If sickness makes you can’t meet your friend on your birthday, then you can create a video for them. Tell them your current condition and say sorry in case you need to cancel the birthday celebration. Moreover, your friends may use this chance to wish you speedy recovery. 

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11. Play Online Games

The best way to spend your time while you are sick at home is by playing video games. Even if you’re not a pro gamer, playing online games on your birthday might bring back pleasant memories of your youth. Moreover, you can ask your friends to play some games online and have fun together.

12. Throw Digital Watch Party

You can hold a digital watch party if you can’t get to the theater or don’t have enough room to set up a big enough screen. Instruct everyone to launch Netflix or another streaming service at the same time in each home. Start a conference call on your phones so you may talk to each other and view at the same time. 

13. Take Photos at Outdoor Landmarks

For those who want a private birthday celebration, try to travel to intriguing outdoor spots. Ask a few friends to drive in case you can’t drive alone while sick. Find interesting landmarks and stop whenever you want to take photos. In addition, you might discover a new favorite route or park to visit.

14. Buy Teddy Bears

Buy Teddy Bears

Don’t let sickness make you feel lonely on your birthday. Get a huggable buddy who can accompany you to celebrate your special day at home or hospital. Especially if you can’t meet your friends and friends, at least you will get a hug for the lovely teddy bear.

15. Home Visit with Best Friends

Home Visit with Best Friends

Large gatherings may be too risky and tiring for you when you are sick. Instead of having a birthday celebration in the cafe or restaurant, why don’t you meet and gather at your home for a mini birthday celebration? You can ask a few best friends to join, making a simple but memorable celebration.

16. Set A Fun Virtual Costume Party

Set A Fun Virtual Costume Party

During the virtual birthday celebration, you can provide a challenge to your guests using the concept of video-based social networking. Create a virtual costume by providing a plethora of random attire and props. Anything you can think of that everyone can participate in can be a fun group activity!

17. Pamper Yourself at Home

Pamper Yourself at Home

The best things in life are occasionally the most simple things. Prepare a relaxing bath and a quiet place for a snooze on your birthday. This is definitely the best option to celebrate yourself at home, even when you are sick. In addition, comfortable home treatment will help you to rest and relax, which will help you to recover faster.

18. Have Fun with Puzzles

Have Fun with Puzzles

Help yourself to kill the boredom while recovering at home or hospital by solving puzzles. You can purchase a custom puzzle that you like for your own birthday gift. As the genuine piece of art that it is, put it together and frame it. You will find joy and satisfaction as you complete the puzzle.

19. Car Celebration with Family and Friends

Car Celebration with Family and Friends

If you can’t go out for a party, an intimate birthday celebration outdoors will be a good idea. In front of your home, you can stay inside the car. Have family and friends pass by you home while blaring their horns and waving banners wishing you a happy birthday. 

20. Try A New Food To Increase Your Appetite

Try A New Food To Increase Your Appetite

Good food is always the best cure for sick people on their birthday. If you have a new food list to try, then you can grant those wishes on that day. Simply order the food with delivery service. You might also add a special wine and cheese to increase your appetite or even ask your mother to cook a dish you’ve been longing to taste.

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21. Get Some Fresh Air While Walking

Get Some Fresh Air While Walking

Sometimes, fresh air will help you for a speedy recovery, especially for those who have been staying home for days. You can try a hike or picturesque walk. Don’t forget to put on your masks and practice social distancing to avoid the risk. At the open spaces, you can take off the mask, get some fresh air, and admire the beauty of nature.

22. Play A Mini Scavenger Hunt at Home 

Play A Mini Scavenger Hunt at Home 

If you can’t go anywhere but home, this small activity will light up your birthday. You should find clues at home and complete the mission to get the birthday gift. Ask your siblings to create a scavenger hunt to find your birthday gift. So, you still can have fun at home during your special day.

23. Create Your Own Birthday Drink

Create Your Own Birthday Drink

Although you can’t grab a drink at clubs on your birthday when you are sick, you can make your own birthday drink at home. Buy some drinks and hone your mixology skills to create a special birthday beverage. That way, you can give it a try the following year if it’s that delicious.

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