25 Amazing Hamster Habitat Ideas for a Happy Hamster

These days, hamster owners are getting more aware of hamster well-being. They would like to come up with ideas to create a gorgeous habitat for the pet hamster. Getting a hamster needs a lot of commitment and dedication.

Although a hamster is considered a small animal, it does not mean that it can be placed in a small cage with minimum care. Since your hamster might live in that cage for the rest of their life, you might want to give your max effort to make them as happy as possible in that cage. 

There are many amazing hamster habitat ideas out there that you can use as a reference for your little hamster. The most common hamster habitat idea is the natural type of enclosures, such as forest, desert, and swamp. This animal also needs a lot of space and needs to be similar to bigger animals like cats and dogs. So here are 20 amazing hamster habitat ideas that will be perfect for our little hamster buddy.

1. Natural Forest Habitat Ideas

Source: Pinterest (@NDH)

There are many hamster habitat ideas out there. But, building a miniature forest habitat for your hamster to live in all by yourself would be the best one. You will need a natural branch from your backyard to make the habitat look as natural as possible.

Make sure the branch is completely dry before placing it in the cage of your hamster to prevent the growth of mold. You can set up a number of hideouts crafted from wood or coconut to use as your hamster hiding places.

2. Fairytale House Habitat Idea

Source: Pinterest (@naomi Koning)

Create your hamster a little utopia by furnishing it with wooden furniture. You can also add some flowers and other plants. The addition of a ceramic home in the shape of a mushroom transformed the entire enclosure into a habitat like a fairytale kingdom. If you want the entire enclosure to have a more unreal aspect, you can add a backdrop that depicts a forest or some trees. 

3. Hamster Habitat with Flower Garden

Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

It was often thought that humans were the only creatures that enjoyed a nice walk in a flower garden, but it turns out that hamsters also find it enjoyable. Foraging is a natural behavior for hamsters. Therefore, this hamster habitat idea which includes a little garden in your hamster’s environment with a variety of hamster-friendly flowers and plant sprays might be a nice option given that hamsters love to forage.

4. Hobbit House Hamster Habitat Idea

Source: Pinterest (@3c.web.de)

A half-round hamster home not only makes this habitat seem more like one of the popular tv series The Hobbit, but it also provides great hiding for hamsters since it is neither too big nor too little. You might also include a few tiny wood slices, which make for an incredible pathway for your hamster. No doubt one of the most amazing hamster habitat ideas.

5. Two Tiers Hamster Habitat Idea

Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

You may give your little buddy more room to move about by creating many layers for them to explore and play on. A tier made out of the wood planks helps to create a hamster habitat idea that seems more natural, particularly when combined with the wavy wooden bridge. You may also provide additional excitement for your hamster by providing various different types of substrate, such as aspen and cocopeat, timothy hay, and bits of cork bark substrate.

6. Natural Swamp Hamster Habitat Idea

Source: Pinterest (@hamsternestnordwest-auffangstatio…)

This natural swamp habitat design is going to be a lot of fun for your hamster to explore since it is packed with a lot of wood that they can chew on, as well as a lot of sprays and green moss that they can play with. In addition, providing your hamster with some wood logs and tunnels made of wood might provide even more amusement for them.

7. Colorful Hamster Habitat Idea

Source: Pinterest (@Christine Marchington)

You may generate a vibrant environment for your hamster by using colored hamster tissue as their bedding. However, you need to check that your hamster does not have an allergy to tissue bedding and that the bedding is suitable for pets in general before you use it. To make the habitat more fun, also add colorful toys and furniture that they will enjoy.

8. Kindergarten-Themed Hamster Habitat

Source: Pinterest (@hamsterhideout.com)

Fill your hamster cage with a variety of toys to keep them active at all times. You should provide your hamster with a lot of toys to keep it stimulated and entertained so that it won’t try to get out of its cage. In addition to this, you need to make sure that the toys they play with are risk-free for them. If your hamster enjoys chewing on everything, you should definitely replace the plastic toys with a material that is safer for them to chew on.

9. Beach-Themed Hamster Habitat

Source: Pinterest (@Cassandre Gros)

It would seem that your hamster is having the time of their life, particularly given the fact that their bedding is designed to resemble a beach, complete with blue bedding designed to represent the ocean and sand bedding designed to represent the sand beach.

10. Sprays Heaven Hamster Habitat Idea

Source: Pinterest (@Georgia Phillips)

Hamsters are very adventurous animals who like going on adventures to hunt for their food. Because hamsters are naturally inclined to nibble on things, it is in your best interest to ensure that their habitat is well stocked with a variety of sprays. You are able to put a variety of sprays inside, including oat sprays, wheat sprays, flax sprays, and flax seed sprays, amongst many more.

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11. Green Plant Hamster Habitat Idea

Source: Pinterest (@hamstergehege.blogspot.nl)

To create an enclosure as natural as possible, you might want to add some real plants inside your hamster cage. Some of the plants that are safe for your hamster to nibble on are cat grass, coriander, and thyme. You can also add some green moss to several areas to add more texture as your hamster’s enrichments.

12. Rainforest Theme 

Source: Pinterest (@hamster.ifokus.se)

With several hamster tree houses and logs, you can create the dream rainforest theme cage for your hamster to explore and live in. However, it is also important for you not to forget to add some burrowing area or a thicker substrate for a happier hamster. Other hamster habitat ideas that you can apply in this enclosure are a bendy bridge and a pond-looking water bowl. 

13. Little Village Hamster Habitat Idea

Source: Pinterest (@Kinga)

Hiding is one of the Hamster’s favorite activities, particularly during the day. Therefore, having a number of houses as their hideout is definitely one of many hamster habitat ideas since your hamster may freely roam and hide from house to house as in a little town.

14. Clean Minimalist Hamster Habitat Idea

Source: Pinterest (@Kelyn Lau)

If you are a fan of minimalist design and you want your hamster to have an enclosure that is as simple, then this idea might be your first favorite. You may get a minimalist hamster enclosure by using a cage that is made from acrylic material and stuffing the inside with white tissue bedding. However, it is also essential to ensure that your hamster has enough chew toys to keep him or her happy.

15. Desert Themed Hamster Habitat Idea

Source: Pinterest (@Lisa)

A hamster home that is decorated in a style resembling a desert is an interesting and unique idea. The whole enclosure might be modified to appear like a genuine desert by adding a desert backdrop and various hideouts, such as ceramic cactus houses or a maze chamber made of wood. For the bedding, you can use aspen shaving bedding that already resembles the desert sand.

16. Hamster Habitat with Deep Burrowing Area

Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

Hamsters like digging into the substrate in order to form their very own cozy nest, allowing them to grind their nails and prevent them from becoming too long. It is possible that you will need to create multiple layers of substrate and hay in order to provide a suitable digging area for your hamster.

17. Hamster Habitat Grass Tunnels

Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Since hamsters have a natural tendency to dig and hide in tunnels, creating many grass tunnels where your hamster may play hide and seek is the optimal choice. You may even make one for yourself by recycling a toilet paper roll and covering it with green moss. Definitely a money saver and a fun way to make your hamster’s cage seem a lot better. 

18. Natural Woodland Hamster Habitat

Natural Woodland Hamster Habitat
Source: Pinterest (@Anette Loytomaki)

Your hamster will never get tired of running about in the forest since the natural wood has a variety of different textures, which will keep them busy exploring their environment.

If you want to recreate this hamster habitat idea, you probably need to gather a number of smaller branches to make a divider out of natural woods and also a few larger logs to be placed on the habitat.  You could want to include some pre-packaged green moss into the mix in order to give greenery to the habitat.

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19. Hamster Castle Habitat

Source: Pinterest (@hamster-wohnwelt.de)

A grand castle for the little hamster is surely a great thing to have as your hamster has more space and hideouts to explore. It is also a great hamster habitat idea to make use of the hamster castle by placing the food bowl or running wheel on the castle so your hamster still has a lot of empty space despite the fact that there is a huge castle on their enclosure.

20. DIY Hamster Bin Cage

Source: Pinterest (@Lixelle dal)

Are you having trouble finding a hamster cage at a reasonable price? You may create one on your own at a low cost by using a transparent bin cage, which is sold in a range of sizes and is readily accessible. After you have got the container, you may remove the front panel of the container and replace it with acrylic sheets in order to have a better view of your hamster.

21. Up in the Clouds Hamster Cage

Up in the Clouds Hamster Cage
Source: Pinterest (@Ulyssa Anne)

Your happy little hamster will be a lot happier to live in a beautiful habitat like this one. It has everything that your little hamster needs! Without a doubt, you will see your little friend running around the stairs, bridge and spinning wheel all day and night. Add cute and adorable cloud decorations to make it look like your hamster live a wonderful life up in the clouds.

22. Futuristic Style Hamster Habitat

Futuristic Style Hamster Habitat
Source: Pinterest (@SofiTheCookie)

If you’re into futuristic themes, then you might want to create a futuristic habitat for your hamster to live in, too. To create this adorable cage, you will need to include futuristic decorations and items such as UFO-themed decorations and some extra lamps to create that hi-tech ambience. 

23. Zen-inspired Hamster Habitat

Zen-inspired Hamster Habitat
Source: Pinterest (@X’s & O’s)

This type of hamster habitat will allow your little guinea pig to enjoy a free space to run around and play in the sand. To own this cage, it’s recommended that you include bamboo aspects to make it look like a zen-environment. You will absolutely have a pleasant and calming experience when you’re looking at your little hamster run around the area inside the cage.

24. Minimalist Hamster Habitat

Minimalist Hamster Habitat
Source: Pinterest (@Ashley Rose Botero)

Another cage that can create a calming ambience is this minimalist hamster habitat. It includes soft colors with some greeneries that will be a nice place for your hamster to stay and spend its days. The good thing about this cage is that it has several spots for your hamster to hide, which will give it a perfect home everyday.

25. Aesthetic Hamster Cage

Aesthetic Hamster Cage
Source: Pinterest (@Hamster_guinea-pig_girl)

Having this type of hamster habitat will not only be great for your hamster, but also nice to be placed inside your living room or even bedroom. As the name says, this cage is super aesthetic, which will make it a perfect room decoration, too. Use modern and soft colors to make it look even more aesthetic, and see how your hamster happily runs around the cage all day long.

Latest Post:

What is the best habitat for a hamster?

The best hamster habitat idea is a cage that can fulfill their needs. First, a hamster needs a large cage for them to run around. Second, a hamster needs a deep substrate or digging area because it is one of their natural habits. Third, a hamster needs a running wheel and chew toys to keep its body fit and happy. Last and most importantly, hamsters need a good supply of water and food. 

What size bin is good for a hamster?

Any hamster habitat idea that you would like to apply on your hamster cage, you will need a good size cage. According to Hamster Society Singapore, a dwarf hamster needs a minimum of 70 x 40 cm, and Syrian hamsters need a minimum of 80 x 50 cm cage size in order for a hamster to live a good life where all of their amusement and needs can fit. However, if you have more space for your hamster, you might want to make a bigger cage because the bigger the better. 

How do you make a natural hamster habitat?

In order to employ the natural hamster habitat idea, you will need timothy hay, a good unscented aspen bedding, other substrates for enrichments, and furniture or toys that are made from wood. For the decoration, you can give a backdrop with the scenery of your choice, and do not forget to put several different sprays inside because sprays can give a more natural environment and also great enrichment for your hamster. 

Can I put plants in my hamsters’ cage?

Sure, you can put live plants inside your hamster cage. Some of the recommended plants or herbs that can be applied to your hamster habitat idea are plants that are easy to grow, need minimum care, and are safe for your hamster, which includes cat grass, thyme, and coriander. But beforehand, it is important to know what plants or herbs your hamster is allergic to or does not like before filling their enclosure with plants. 

What is poisonous to a hamster?

There are several things that you need to pay attention to when it comes to recreating a great hamster habitat idea. When you are using wooden toys and furniture for them, make sure that the wood is unvarnished because varnish is poisonous to hamsters that love to chew on things. It is also important to have a little research on the herbs and plants that might be poisonous to hamsters before placing them inside the enclosure such as rosemary, cilantro, catnip, etc. 

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