25 Unique Moss Terrarium Ideas To Light Up Your Room

A moss terrarium is a real-life moss environment that can be easily maintained and used to generate lovely memories. Many moss terrariums ideas are typically made of genuine glass or wood and hand-finished to resemble a tiny garden. They have a low-maintenance reputation and offer the perfect earthy touch to any room’s decor. You can also take yours with you if you relocate. Although moss terrariums are commonly used to deodorize homes, they should be exposed to ample sunshine. As a result, we recommend moss terrarium ideas with an open top and transparent case, allowing enough sunlight to penetrate. Moreover, terrariums, as plants in a self-sustaining environment, provide fresh, breathable air, which is extremely advantageous to humans, particularly those who live in crowded cities. Fresh air also helps us think more clearly and be more productive while also calming our minds.

The best part about having terrariums is that you can use it as a desk plant, or hang it on a wall. It’s durable and portable, so you can easily decorate your space with one of the unique moss terrarium ideas. Let’s take a look at some moss terrarium ideas we have compiled just for you! We hope that these moss terrarium ideas will inspire you to add some greenery decoration in your house.

1. Bonsai Forest In Jar

Bonsai Forest In Jar

Add some nature to your home with creative but simple moss terrarium ideas!  All you need is a small bonsai to create your very own bonsai moss terrarium. The terrarium includes soil, pebbles, decorative stones and moss and is packaged in a large jar, making a beautiful forest scene indoors. This idea is not only good for your house but also great as a gift option too. If you have time and patience to create a lovely terrarium filled with ferns, mosses and bonsai, then you can try this fun project on your own!

2. Garden Scene Bowl Terrarium

Garden Scene Bowl Terrarium

Create your own mini-ecosystem in this handcrafted terrarium. Just simply put some dirt, water, and moss in a clear bowl. Arrange it like a beautiful mini garden. This lovely moss terrarium is easy to make, and looks stunning on any table or shelf. Don’t forget to add mini resin ducks to make your little garden more lively! 

3. Moss In The Glass

Moss In The Glass

It is fun to grow your own moss terrarium in the glass. This is one of the most simple moss terrarium ideas you can do at home. Utilize your old glass to place some soil, rocks, and moss inside. This moss terrarium idea will help you grow a beautiful, healthy moss garden that is sure to brighten up any room in an affordable way.

4. Florarium Moss Pendant Glass Bowl

Florarium Moss Pendant Glass Bowl

Thinking of hanging your own mini garden at home? Yes, you can! Pendant glass bowl is one of the unique moss terrarium ideas you can do to float your garden in the air. It is one of the perfect ways to bring a bit of nature indoors. This florarium offers a unique, low-maintenance option for adding greenery to any space. Hang it in your favorite room, or carry it with you as a charming reminder of the natural world.

5. Green And White Moss In Glass Pot

Green And White Moss In Glass Pot

This is indeed a glass terrarium that captures the beauty of a living white and green moss garden.The tasteful white moss covered with small white flowers comes in a traditional glass dome-shaped frame, making it the perfect place to display a collection of your favorite plants or flowers. The combination of green and white color is definitely going to pamper your eyes.

6. Moss Terrarium Round Vase

Moss Terrarium Round Vase

Time to turn a fish bowl into a more sustainable and eco-friendly place to live! If you are not lucky enough to take care of fish, use its glass round vase as a beautiful moss terrarium. These beautiful glass vessels are accented with the addition of the ideal amount of moss making it the perfect piece for your home or office.

7. Terrarium Small Garden Wooden Case

Terrarium Small Garden Wooden Case

Bring the natural beauty of a forest garden into your home with this attractive moss terrarium. Combining moss with mini assorted succulents makes one of the best moss terrarium ideas to create your own mini garden. When you want something special for your home or office, consider a wooden case as an accent to your room decor.

8. Moss Terrarium With Volcanic Rocks

Moss Terrarium With Volcanic Rocks

This beautiful moss terrarium is perfect to brighten up your home. The glass jar container comes with a spacious room and volcanic rocks, allowing you to choose your own selection of plants. A beautiful moss terrarium with volcanic rocks make for a great conversation piece and a place to display your favorite plants.

9. Mini Succulent Garden Glass Terrarium

Mini Succulent Garden Glass Terrariu

Bring your plant to life with mini succulent moss terrarium. This lush moss garden is the perfect medium for small succulents, cactus and air plants. This little jar is actually an easy way to bring the outdoors in. By filling them with soil, adding moisture and moss, you can create miniature ecosystems that look as if they were collected from the woods. It makes one of the most charming terrarium ideas that comes with everything you need to create an instant display.

10. Mini Succulent In Glass Cube

Mini Succulent In Glass Cube

Bizarre, yet beautiful, moss terrariums are the perfect way to showcase your love of nature. The unique glass cube makes an unusual position for moss to grow in a beautiful way. It will be one of quirky moss terrarium ideas but makes a delightful addition to your desks.

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11. Small Little Plants Decorate Lamp

Small Little Plants Decorate Lamp

You’re probably thinking, “A moss terrarium? That sounds boring.” But trust us, this project is anything but. Tuck a living terrarium into your home with this moss terrarium in a lamp. Handmade and thoughtfully designed, it is the perfect way to bring a little nature in. It’s the perfect addition to your desk or nightstand, and will help you reuse your old lamps.

12. Terrarium Flowers With Blue Sand and Rocks

Terrarium Flowers With Blue Sand and Rocks

Bring nature inside with this terrarium, which features blue sand  accents, whie rocks and moss. This is one of the creative moss terrarium ideas that will pop more colors in your room. You can safely cultivate live plants such as succulents and air plants in this unique environment!

13. Diamond Succulent Terrarium

Source: Instagram (@themosern)

Garden succulents in style with these unique moss terrarium ideas. It’s diamond glass design and natural moss interior provides a beautiful setting for all your favorite succulents. This diamond terrarium features lush green moss, which adds a pop of color and some greenery to any space. Add some water, light and air, and you’ve got an instant garden! 

14. Garden Scene Transparent Bottle Toy

Garden Scene Transparent Bottle Toy

Carefully crafted to bring a little bit of green indoors. This is one of the best moss terrarium ideas that is made with a glass globe. Lichens make a beautiful view of a large green field that comes out from the jar. Add a little house miniature to make this terrarium a masterpiece. It’s the perfect moss terrarium for someone who loves art and decorating with plants.

15. Tic Tac Terrarium Inception

Source: instagram (@bantam.earth)

Small in size, yet big in style, this mini glass terrarium is perfect for your desk at work or by your bedside at home. Recycling is one of the greatest moss terrarium ideas you can try at home. Use the packaging of your Tic Tac candy as the glass chamber. Add rocks and moss on each side of this packaging, and you will get a wonderful vertical moss terrarium.

16. Moss Terrarium Aquascape

Source: Instagram (@designs_by_tk1)

Aquascape theme makes one of the fascinating moss terrarium ideas you should try at home. This stylish, compact cube features a living space that’s packed with an abundance of moss, which will help to keep your home or office feeling fresh. With plenty of room, you can add rocks to create the mesmerizing coral scene inside the acrylic box.

17. Forest Scene Terrarium

Source: Instagram (@themosern)

This vibrant and whimsical indoor moss terrarium lives under light, making it the perfect addition to any space. This charming moss terrarium idea features colorful and realistic artificial plants, moss and rocks designed to look like a real woodland scene. The lamp provides the perfect amount of light for the small forest while adding extra style and ambience to any space.

18. Moss Terrarium Greenhouse

Moss Terrarium Greenhouse
Source: Instagram (@sikmul.sum.54)

A beautiful mix of different succulents, air plants and moss creates a stunning focal point on your desk or windowsill. This greenhouse terrarium is a fun way to add greenery to any room! This moss terrarium captures a moment in time, when sunlight shines down through the trees and dapples the greenhouse floor.

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19. Gamera In The Moss Terrarium

Gamera In The Moss Terrarium
Source: Instagram (@k.o.moss0301)

Add a funny forest scene to any room or desk in your moss terrarium ideas. Especially if you are a fan of Gamera, you can add this little monster into your moss terrarium to make a twist. Place this Gamera figure upside down, making this monster look trying so hard to get up in a funny way. It will be an eye-catching scene that will make you laugh watching this little planter everyday.

20. Easter Bunny In Small Forest Terrarium

Easter Bunny In Small Forest Terrarium
Source: Instagram (@nacchan_frogs)

Suppose you need more moss terrarium ideas to liven up the atmosphere, why don’t you add more animals in your small forest? Place some animal figurines such as easter bunnies along with frogs and ducks to play together in the forest. You also can add some mini props such as mini caves for easter bunnies to hide and buckets to collect easter eggs.

21. Pokeball Moss Terrarium

Pokeball Moss Terrarium
Source: Pinterest (@insnic.com)

If you are looking for some fun moss terrarium ideas, we recommend this style that incorporates pokemon! Fans of the series adore this theory: inside a Pokeball is a miniature green garden where your pokemon can sleep. Moss is the perfect medium to imitate the fresh grassy field inside the imagined Pokeball.

You need a ball-shaped glass container for the Pokeball and some mini figurine of your favorite pokemon. In this case, we choose Snorlax! Whether you use dried or live moss, you will have a cute decoration either way!

22. Mossy Buddha Terrarium

Mossy Buddha Terrarium
Source: Pinterest (@homeanddecor.com.sg)

Here is a moss terrarium that will bring a lovely zen vibe into your room! It incorporates a Buddha statue in the middle, surrounded by mossy rocks. 

We recommend live moss for this type of terrarium for a better result. You can combine the green Pleurocarpous and Acrocarpous mosses to create a natural scenery. It will be even better if you manage to grow some moss on the statue to make it look more weathered, enhancing its calming imagery.

23. Moss Terrarium Coffee Table

Moss Terrarium Coffee Table
Source: Pinterest (@Deal Your View)

Check out this unique combination of a moss terrarium and a coffee table! Your morning coffee will be even more flavorful as you take a sip while gazing inside the beautiful terrarium. 

It is as if you are outside, surrounded by the refreshing greeneries, yet you are inside your comfy room sipping a cup of fragrance coffee. It is clever to incorporate your terrarium inside a practical coffee table because it can save you some space!

24. Table Top Mini Moss Garden

Table Top Mini Moss Garden
Source: Pinterest (@bonsaigurus.com)

If you prefer something less permanent than the terrarium inside a coffee table, this miniature moss garden will be a good alternative. It acts as a tabletop decoration that you can move around. Simply create a terrarium inside a box and combine the green moss balls with white sand and rocks to create a unique contrast!

This non-enclosed terrarium is easier to maintain because you can spray and rearrange it anytime. For the container, you can use any type of box, including wooden ones. It will be unique decoration for your coffee table or kitchen counter.

25. Wabi Kusa Style Moss Terrarium

Wabi Kusa Style Moss Terrarium
Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

The Japanese Wabi Kusa is perhaps one of the best moss terrarium ideas to bring that untouched natural beauty into your room. It is rather minimalistic and is characterized by its usage of Seiryu or dragon stone as the centerpiece.

This type of terrarium is usually done inside a shallow circular glass container. You may combine the taller flame moss and some plants like Hydrocotyle or mini ferns to create a verdant forest floor vibe. The rock in the middle of the sea of moss looks so stunning seen from any angle.

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