Sea Urchin Jellyfish Air Plants

Create an amazing hanging terrarium with a combination of some of nature’s best, the Sea Urchin Jellyfish Air Plants!.

The combo made up of sea urchin shells and air plants create the most magnificent jellyfish to decorate your interior space.

Suspend them with near-invisible threads and the result is your own little eight world wonder – the most incredible hanging gardens.

Air plants contravene every norm in the rulebook as they do not require soil in order to thrive. This is what makes them a particular favourite for indoor spaces

Sea Urchin Jellyfish Air Plants

But it also means that you do not have to play by the rules either, limiting yourself to regular pots.

They are a marvel of nature, designed to extract nutrients from the surrounding air, hence the name.

Sea Urchin Jellyfish Air Plants

They come in a wide array of sizes, shapes and colors meaning there is no end to what you can achieve. If you have been tearing your head out about a unique gift for a nature lover, then this is it!

Sea Urchin Jellyfish Air Plants

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