Sea Urchin Air Plants

Create your own indoor sea urchin collection with these innovative Sea Urchin Air Plants. With lots of potential to add remarkable visual interest to any space, they would make the perfect gift for a nature lover.

The set of unique planters comprises multi-colored sea urchin shells, in green, pink, purple and alfunso, together with tillandsia air plants.

A creative combination of the two items provides the perfect illusion of colorful jellyfish. 

Hanging accessories included in the set give you the opportunity to complete the effect by hanging the four together in your indoor space. 

Sea Urchin Air Plants

Air plants’ ability to thrive without soil is what makes them the perfect choice for the ensemble.

Having the ability to absorb moisture and nutrients from the air is both the reason behind their name and their versatility, which allows them to survive virtually anywhere, even suspended from a sea urchin shell!

Sea Urchin Air Plants

The look on your guests’ face will be priceless when they first come across the collection and try to figure out how you got jellyfish floating mid-air. 

Crystal air plants

See also the 3-piece crystal air plant set in the image above.

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