32 Cute & Unique Doormats with Attitude!

Looking for a way to make an adorable and indelible first impression at your doorstep? Whether they happen to be funny, witty or just plain old snarky, cute & unique doormats will definitely capture attention and spark conversation. A doormat is the first thing a guest sees when they show up at your place and the last thing they see as they leave. As such, it should not simply be kicked to the curb!

It’s high time we made a transition from the boring old “Welcome” mats to trendier options that make unforgettable statements. Doormats with attitude add a dash of personality and spice to your entrance, in addition to their functional role.

Unique Doormats with Attitude

We have curated the ultimate collection of unique doormats to spruce up your stoop and add pep to your step. If you are feeling welcoming, sassy or a little of both, these doormats say everything that’s on your mind. Read on and discover some of the quirkiest & most unique doormats you can buy.

#1 Mother of Cats Doormat – Unique Doormats

Mother of Cats Doormat - unique doormats

For the crazy cat lady or the diehard Game of Thrones fan, this funny doormat would make a perfect gift choice.

Not only will it make your recipient smile, but it will spread good cheer to everyone around them as well. Even when they are not home, it says all that needs to be said. Give the world a reason to smile with one of these. Find it Here.


#2 Later Gator In a While Crocodile Doormat

Later Gator In a While Crocodile Doormat - unique doormats

Put your guests in the best possible mood even before they ring your bell with one of these rhyming doormats. Aside from its humorous aspect,

this piece is made from tough coir material. It can therefore withstand extreme conditions and remain as graceful as ever. This means you will be making your guests happy for a long time to come.

Find it Here.


#3 Pug Life Gorgeous You Are Yoda Doormat

Pug Life Gorgeous You Are Yoda Doormat - unique doormats

A Yoda-inspired doormat is an ultimate gift choice for all the Star Wars fans in the house. If the Star Wars enthusiasts in your house also happen to love pugs, it is the perfect combination to make their day, every day!

What makes this mat particularly special is the irony in its text and imagery. Remember to give guests a moment to catch their breath after all the laughter. Find it Here.


#4 For Fox’s Sake Doormat

For Fox's Sake Doormat - unique doormats

Unique doormats such as this one offer the opportunity to voice your feelings without being inappropriate. The only thing more annoying than an unwelcome guest is one who won’t wipe their shoes.

At least with this mat, you will have one less problem to deal with. And the boho appeal on its design is hard to beat especially for farmhouse enthusiasts! Find it Here.


#5 Live, Laugh, Love Doormat

Live, Laugh, Love Doormat

Give your doorstep a lighthearted appeal with this simple yet lovely design. What an amazing way to showcase your fun and happy side!

The message blends perfectly with the lovely purple flowers on opposite corners with a black border to encase its charm. For artsy homeowners, this piece would make the perfect addition to the front door and complete the picture. Find it Here.


#6 Deer Head Silhouette

Deer Head Silhouette - unique doormats

Animal-themed doormats are a great choice for nature lovers. With this piece, you can show off your love for the wild outdoors and your crooked sense of humor.

Employing a witty play on words, this mat walks the thin line between proper and inappropriate. Entertain your guests even before they venture in with this fun piece. Find it Here.


#7 Welcome to Crazytown Doormat

Welcome to Crazytown Doormat

Depending on where your allegiance lies, this mat could help vent your frustrations and keep you sane. The best part about it is that it says so much between the lines without actually saying it.

Made using eco-friendly and highly durable material, this mat will put your message out for all to see for as long as you want it to. Find it Here.


#8 Knock Hard Doormat

Knock Hard Doormat

Make a fun first impression with this humorous doormat. It has lots of personality woven into its design and is guaranteed to give guests a good laugh.

Hand painting adds a unique touch to the concept, and is consistent with the grammar on the text. What a great way to catch everyone’s attention and give them a warm welcome. Find it Here.


#9 Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming

Offer your guests the best Game of Thrones welcome, with the Winter is Coming doormat. The direwolf sigil makes it an instant eye-catcher, bound to thrill every fan of the show.

And this is a particularly great time to get it since winter is in fact coming. But even though the summer months and beyond, you can be sure that this piece will never go out of style. Find it Here.


#10 Wipe Your Paws!

Wipe Your Paws

This is one of the cutest doormats ever, featuring a playful design that would melt any heart. Animal loving homeowners and guests alike cannot help but love the heart-shaped paws dominating the design.

It is the kind of mat that allows everyone to feel the warmth of an invitation extended with open paws. And more importantly, you will never again have to deal with muddy shoe tracks indoors. Find it Here.


#11 A Clean House Is the Devil’s Playground

A Clean House Is the Devil's Playground

Crack everyone up with one of these cute doormats. Employing a witty twist on the biblical reference to an idle mind, this funny doormat will spread lots of good cheer.

More importantly, it might be a great way to ensure guests excuse your less than stellar housekeeping skills. After all, who would want to invite the devil into their homes? Find it Here.


#12 Never Give Up, Never Surrender Welcome Mat

Never Give Up, Never Surrender Welcome Mat

Is there a Galaxy Quest fan in your life? Then why not brighten up their lives with one of these show-inspired doormats? As the perfect blend of function and appeal, it will add lots of value to their existence on the galaxy.

And who knows, it could be the conversation starter they need for awkward situations with unexpected guests. Find it Here.


#13 Beware of Wife Doormat

Beware of Wife Doormat

Celebrate married life in style with funny doormats such as this one! It goes the extra mile to make guests feel welcome.

Thanks to its list of cautions, everyone will know how to tread around every member of the household, including the horse. Give your guests a good laugh every time and inspire them to come back for more. Find it Here.


#14 There’s No Place Like Home

There's No Place Like Home

Make sure your guests do not get too comfortable by getting a humorous doormat to keep them in check. This has got to be one of the funniest doormats ever!

The second line jumps at you when you least expect it and drives you through a whirlwind of emotions. You can only hope that every guest will have a similar reaction. Find it Here.


#15 Better Stuff Doormat

Better Stuff Doormat

Looking for a way to redirect burglars next door? Look no further than this clever and cute doormat that does all the hard work for you.

This cheeky deterrent might be all you need to get them to think twice about breaking in. As a bonus, guests with dirty shoes will get an absorbent platform to wipe it all off before getting in. Find it Here.


#16 Wiggle Butt Funny Doormat

Wiggle Butt Funny Doormat

Let’s face it, every dog lover would love a furry companion who wiggles their butt in greeting. With one of these mats at your front door, your home would see no end to animal-loving guests, giving each one a reason to smile.

Entertain your guests as well as residents with this funny concept and you might make a lot more friends in the process. Find it Here.


#17 Unicorn Doormat

Unicorn Doormat

Bring your favorite fairy tale to life right on your front porch with these creative doormats. It does not simply stop at calling your house a castle but comes complete with a unicorn.

Whether you or someone in your household is young or young at heart, this is the ultimate choice. Travel to an alternate reality every time you step on it. Find it Here.


#18 Meh. Funny Doormat

Meh. Funny Doormat

There are days when you are just not in the mood for visitors. But since you cannot say that out loud, let this unique doormat say it for you.

In a single word, it captures all your negative energy and translates it into a reason for laughter. Be careful though, some of your more annoying friends will take this as an invitation. Find it Here.


#19 Don’t Let the Cat Out Or the Cops in Doormat

Don't Let the Cat Out Or the Cops in Doormat

It is so much easier to follow the rules when they are set out clearly from the get-go. Well, you cannot be any clearer than this, can you?

Let everyone who comes to your house know how much you love your feline. And if you have anything to hide from the law, you are much better off safe than sorry. Make your stand clear from the onset and there won’t be any trouble. Find it Here.


#20 Come In, Go Away Doormat

Come In, Go Away Doormat

Depending on your mood on any given day, this fun-filled doormat can send out the appropriate message.

Read it one way, it says “Come in” but when you turn it over, it says “go away.” To add to the fun, the message they get when walking in will differ from the one they get on their way out. How cool is that! Find it Here.


#21 Dead Inside Zombie Walking Dead Doormat

Dead Inside Zombie Walking Dead Doormat

Would you like to scare your guests stiff? If so, the “dead inside” piece is one of the most unique doormats to do the job.

With one of these spooky mats, you will have an easier time telling guests when it’s a dead time at your house. And when Halloween finally comes around, your house will be the trendiest one on the block. Find it Here.


#22 Proceed With Caution Doormat

Proceed With Caution Doormat

Show your guest your humorous side with one of these unique doormats. This is one piece that holds the guarantee of eliciting a reaction every time.

It especially works perfectly with guests who take themselves too seriously. Probably, it’s all you need to loosen them up and get them to have some fun, right from the doorstep. Find it Here.


#23 Welcome to Middle Earth Doormat

Welcome to Middle Earth Doormat

Showcase your love for The Lord of the Rings and Hobbits who live in the middle earth with this fantasy doormat. It would be the perfect way to welcome fellow hobbits into your abode.

For homes whose décor derives inspiration from the show, this mat would be the perfect way to complete the picture. Celebrate your favorite fantasy world in style with this piece. Find it Here.


#24 Mother of Pugs – Unique Doormat

Mother of Pugs - unique doormats

Though your favorite fantasy might involve Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons, life might have handed you pugs instead. Celebrate them with this adorable doormat that gets inspiration from Game of Thrones.

Everything from the concept to the font is based on the show. But the introduction of pugs, complete with an image, brings in a humorous twist that guests cannot resist. Find it Here.


#25 Amoosing Doormat

Amoosing Doormat - unique doormats

A witty, moose inspired doormat would go a long way in amusing your guests, young and old. Employing a clever pun on the word moose and amuse, this mat is a great way to brighten up your porch.

Whether you happen to be an animal love or simply have a great sense of humor, this cute doormat would make a great addition to your doorstep. Find it Here.


#26 I Drink and I Know Things – Unique Doormats

I Drink and I Know Things Funny Doormat - unique doormats

Let the world know that you are great at entertaining guests, but only after you have had a drink or two. It could be the motivation they need to supply drinks and turn you into the life of the party.

And if they happen to be Game of Thrones enthusiasts, then this inspired mat will serve as the ultimate invitation to a fun-filled visit. Find it Here.


#27 You’re So Vain, Doormat

You're So Vain, Doormat - unique doormats

Remember the 1972 song by Carly Simon “You’re so vain”? Well, if you never quite got enough of it, here is a way to relive the good old days.

With one of these cool doormats, you can both brighten up your entrance and cheer up guests. Catch them off-guard and give them a reason to laugh out loud before ringing the doorbell. Find it Here.


#28 Party in the Back

Party in the Back - unique doormats

Offer your guests a glimpse into your split personality with this funny doormat. This is one of the cute doormat sayings that you can bet will never go out of style.

The mullet says it all; together with an added touch from the 1970’s cop glasses and the moustache. Enjoy the effect this creative masterpiece will have on your guests. Find it Here.


#29 Door Bell is Broken

Door Bell is Broken

In as far as funny doormats are concerned, this one has got to take the day! If you are totally into practical jokes and love to watch people make fools of themselves, this is your best bet.

You might in fact want to wait and see how far your guests take it, and probably get it all on tape for evidence purposes. Find it Here.


#30 You Shall Not Pass Doormat

You Shall Not Pass Doormat - unique doormats

No one would do a better job of keeping out unwanted guests than Gandalf, the wizard from the Lord of the Rings.

With one of his most highly renowned phrases eternalized into this mat, only those deemed worthy will find a way in. For ardent fans of the show, this would make a truly memorable gift. Find it Here.


#31 No Coffee, No Entry Doormat

No Coffee, No Entry Doormat

Keep your priorities clear for all guests to see with one of these unique doormats. Not only does it create a fun and charming entryway. It also serves as a keen reminder for guests to come bearing the right kind of gift A.K.A coffee.

Does not sound like asking for too much, now does it? Well, try it out and see if it yields positive results. Find it Here.


#32 If You Didn’t Call First, I’m Not Home

 If You Didn't Call First, I'm Not Home - unique doormats

If you are an old school type of person for whom unannounced visits just won’t do, this mat was made just for you. Uninvited porch dwellers might get the hint and learn to call in advance of their visits.

Of course, we all have a few annoying friends who will not simply be deterred by this humorous mat. But hey, it’s worth a shot, right? Find it Here.

Say goodbye to boring old doormat concepts and embrace these creative designs that are sure to speak volumes. With these unique doormats adorning your entryway, you can be sure to welcome all your guests with a wink, a giggle or a prank depending on the choice you make.

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